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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 11: To War

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

QC: Kirio

Ye Shao stiffened the moment he was held by a warm woman’s body, and his black eyes were afraid to look in front, where he was almost squeezed into her chest. Except for feeling his mother’s body warmth when he was a child, he had never had such close contact with any woman.

But before he had time to think about what to do next, he was dragged to one side by a strong arm. The owner of the arm strongly encircled his waist and firmly clasped him in his arms.

Long Yuan looked at Delia, who was still smiling, and showed dissatisfaction in his eyes. His eyes silently indicated that the person in his arms was his own private territory.

Delia put her hand behind her back, playfully looking in the direction of Ye Shao. Her green eyes looked at Long Yuan’s, which were full of warnings, then tilted her head. “Is this the person you like now?” As she said it, she put her head in front of the more embarrassed Ye Shao. “It seems that you don’t like him very much, so how about you fall in love with me instead?”

Long Yuan’s lips pressed into a straight line, and a dark blue storm was obviously accumulating in his eyes. His hands around Ye Shao tightened, and his eyes silently warned Delia.

Delia obviously knew how to quit whilst she was ahead. She immediately stepped back and stopped flirting with Ye Shao, who was held by Long Yuan. Her green eyes blinked a few times, “Okay, please don’t take my words to heart. Now the time is tight. Please come with me directly to the warship and explain to me the situation on Alpha.” With that, she turned around and moved towards the warship again.

Only then did Long Yuan release Ye Shao and turn to follow Delia.

Ye Shao stood in place for a while, relaxed himself, took another breath, and then walked onto the warship. Now, he had to go back to face those tough and disgusting creatures again.

Ye Shao, looking at the beautiful and majestic warship in front of his eyes, secretly clenched his hand. At least this time, they were well prepared and with such advanced equipment compared to those used back on Alpha. With this kind of preparation, it was impossible to feel the feeling of powerlessness due to being unprepared when facing such monsters that appeared. 

The warship slowly took off, gradually turning into a small black spot in the eyes of the people below, and then disappeared.

As soon as Ye Shao walked into the warship, he saw a ripple on the smooth wall opposite him. A young man in military uniform emerged out and quickly walked in front of him and Long Yuan. Then he smiled at them, “Hello, because it’s your first time to ride Q1, please stand still. I need to collect your information. It won’t take long. It will take less than ten seconds. Please relax.”

As soon as the youth’s voice stopped, Ye Shao could feel that a bunch of circular blue light fell from above his head, and became larger and smaller along the curves of his body. It quickly scanned his body and disappeared when it hit the ground.

“Mn, the information has been collected. You can now move freely in the warship.” The youth said and his body melted into the wall again, and then he seemed to remember something and came out again. “Do you need me to help you familiarize yourselves with the ship?”

“No, Yanni, I’m here.” Delia blinked at the youth, then reached to pat the youth’s head.

“Colonel Delia, I have no substance. You can’t touch me.” Although the youth said so, his body still retracted, and then he pulled down his military cap, “In this case, I will return to the main brain.” The whole body of the boy melted into the wall, but he waved at them with one hand before disappearing.

Delia took Ye Shao and Long Yuan to a place similar to a meeting room on the warship. There were already several men and women in dark blue military uniforms waiting. Seeing Delia come in, they immediately turned their eyes to her. After seeing Long Yuan who came in, although they had been told, several people still wanted to stand up and give Long Yuan a salute.

Long Yuan quickly stopped them with his eyes, and then sat on the side with Ye Shao.

Delia sat down on the main seat and clasped her hands under her chin. “These are the military staff officers sent to us this time. If you can tell about the situation of Alpha carefully, we will be able to come up with a good strategy for the war.”

Ye Shao pondered for a moment, closed his eyes while recalling his hellish week on Alpha, organizing his thoughts quickly, thinking clearly and explaining the situation concisely.

“The monster appeared without warning, as if it suddenly fell from the sky, and appeared in front of us in such a huge posture. As far as I can see, it is about 15 stories tall or even higher, and it has infinite force. Like an octopus, it has many tentacles and suction cups…”

After listening to Ye Shao’s narration, the conference room suddenly fell silent.

At the beginning of the founding of the Empire, there were giant monsters in the depths of the interstellar. However, since the establishment of a stable regime, the Empire had been at peace and calm for nearly a thousand years, and there were no cosmic monsters that required troops to challenge.

Now that none of the emperors had not been through any rituals for the war, this time, the war would not be easy.

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