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Chapter 2: D, E, F

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“And then you just said yes?” The Prince asked me this early the next morning, on my way out with the Prince.

Apparently, he could never get over the awful reason why I was forced to die with the Hero. He said that it would be much easier to choose to take out my brothers (which would make no one oppose my succession) than to take out the Hero, and that I would be dead no matter who I faced on either side anyway, and that the chances of surviving against my brothers were a little better, and he just couldn’t understand why I chose the Hero in hard mode.

I think it’s obvious… I didn’t think of this at first.

By the way, the Prince also told me last night “if he were me how to do” – the disaster is easy, find a way to lead the Hero to kill my brothers, and then reap the benefits, and may also be able to take advantage of the chaos to kill the Hero.

I have only one thought about this: Royal Highness, you are so ferocious, your righteous side is scary, you know? What happened to the good guys these days? Must even the bad guys go together, so that the bad guys have no way to be happy?

“Yes, yes, I am that stupid. You already said this once last night, and now you’re happy to hear me say it again?” I was in a really grumpy mood, because I was up and about, and because I was forced to strut around with the “princess” who was a “hostage” as a “wanted criminal” on the mainland. I don’t want it! I looked at the Prince beside me with a sly look in my eyes, “Do you want me to die so badly?”

“Knowing nothing about the outside world will make you die faster, we need to come out and ask for information about the Hero and the Magic Kingdom,” the Prince looked at me with a “stupid commoner” mocking face, “Besides, thanks to a certain ‘genius’, I bought all the wrong brand of household goods I’m used to. You really don’t have any idea of how to live a high quality life. You have the nerve to tell me that you are also a Prince, and what Prince kidnapper would not even bring a fighter? The black dragon who only sells stupidity doesn’t count.”

A Prince who wasn’t loved by his mother and father! Like me! No, the Prince doesn’t just kidnap people! Nor would he be so active in helping the “kidnappers” to prevent being found by rescuers after being kidnapped!

The Prince and I had a separate session to get information.

I learned that the Hero and his buddies were on their way to the Magic Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom… There was no news coming out. To put it simply, I got no news, and just being careful to conceal my appearance had exhausted all my ingenuity.

Fortunately, I soon realized that I was not spy material and happily gave up the mission early on, without wasting much time.

When the Prince returned to our pre-negotiated rendezvous point, I was already sitting there waiting for him, sipping my fifth drink in my hand.

The Prince held back, trying not to speak too venomously, “Shouldn’t I give you a medal for slacking off? At least you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to escape.”

Me, “…” Yes! I could have taken advantage of the opportunity to escape! Why did I have to wait for him here meekly? Ah, I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy, I’m so sorry, can we rewind and do it all over again?

The Prince, “Huh.”

On the way back, the Prince, while hitting my IQ in multiple directions because I hadn’t heard anything, shared with me the news he had gotten: the Hero had taken his buddies to the city.

The Hero took his buddies to the elves, and the elven queen is counting the troops. Magic domain side was using my brothers as cannon fodder.

This is how to see how to start a war rhythm ah. I fell deeply into thinking I will cause a continental war of self-reproach, I will definitely become a thousand year devil crime demon.

The Hero thought that I and the “kidnapped princess” were in the Magic Kingdom, but in fact, we were not there at all. When I was afraid of being found by the Hero, my hostage – the kidnapped Prince – gave me an idea: the most dangerous place is the safest place, the Hero would never expect me and my hostage to be hiding in the Hero’s house, with the key provided by the Prince.

“You don’t think this is all because you ‘kidnapped’ me, do you?” the Prince said.

I stared, “Or what?”

The Prince sneered, “Let’s just say you really think you’re important enough to start a war between two races?”

Although what he said irritated me, it really sounded reasonable, “But if not because of me, then because of what?”

The Prince gave me a pitying look, as if he was silently ordering wax for my IQ, “It reminds me of how you and I met.”


Before I went to take out the Hero, I was crying in the magic palace with my only pet black dragon who was by my side because I received this test mission. The magic life was tough and I really couldn’t live.

I guess there are only two results of this trip, either the Hero finished me off, or I… killed myself while waiting for the Hero.

Anyway, I certainly don’t have long to live, there is nothing to be ashamed of, I decided to cry in my only remaining magic life. As a result, as I cried, I suddenly didn’t want to die again. My beautiful magic life has only gone through 1,700 years, I was not yet an adult, I can not just resign myself to fate!

At least I was going to be Demon King ah, the evil kind! It should be others who fear me, not me who fears others. It is said that a lie told a thousand times becomes true, so I began to shout inwardly, I am a bad demon, I am a bad demon, I am a bad demon as bad as I can be!

While saying this, I accidentally spilled the water in my hand onto the carpet and had to hastily stop and apologize to the maid in charge of cleaning. But minus this hiccup, I quickly said it a thousand times and left the Magic Kingdom with my black dragon in a huff, heading to the human city to ambush the Hero.

Ahem, there was one more problem that needed to be solved before I was ready to take down the Hero – I didn’t know who the Hero was.

I know that the Hero is the reincarnation of the legendary Seven Heroes, and I also know that he is the Prince of the Elves, with his trademark pointy ears, blond hair and blue eyes, who grew up bathed in divine light in the Temple of Light. It is said that his smile is very gentle, and then the darkness of the mind can be healed and was the idol of thousands of girls.

But I am absolutely face blind ah.

This cannot be blamed on me, should be blamed on the magic continent’s eight races looking the same. The barriers between races are not so easy to break. Do you know the interracial effect? Perceptual narrowing? Simply put, in the eyes of most people all foreigners look the same.

I also suffer from it.

So, how can I tell who is the Hero in a group of blondes and blue eyes?

Of course, with the cleverness of His Highness, I finally locked a target and followed the other party in disguise for three days and nights.

As a result, following the follower… I lost my dragon!

It should have followed me step by step, which thought that the stupid thing but followed someone else. Followed a few hundred meters to find something wrong, hastily flapping wings to accelerate forward, turn back, squinting for several seconds to identify it to be sure that it really followed the wrong person, and I stood behind it expressionless to watch his stupidity. So it ran wildly and quickly retreated.

It took a few seconds to identify the person.

This kind of pet really can’t be wanted.

Then, the black dragon recruited the person it followed at the beginning.

“That man is me.” His Royal Highness recalled the third day of his adventure on the road with his small group of friends, when he met the stupid dragon that had been hovering above him in the square. He thought the other party was waiting for an opportunity to hurt him, and he was almost done chanting his spell quietly before he realized that the other party was actually just following the wrong master, and had never seen such a stupid dragon, which was a disgrace to the dragon family.

His Royal Highness was a little curious about who would have such a stupid black dragon as a pet, so he followed, and then found an even stupider owner than the stupid dragon. That stupid owner even clashed with him.

His Royal Highness thought, “I’m ashamed to bump into a stupid person.”

I was thinking, “Hey, why does this guy in front of me also seem to fit the Hero’s persona?”

“So, this is the truth about why you kidnapped me? You think that I am the Hero?”

“No, you think I’m stupid, don’t you? Your ears aren’t even pointy, okay?”

“…” Your racial criterion for judging a person is really chic. Have you really not thought about the fact that there is a magic potion in this world called Transformation Potion? There are thousands of ways to hide or disguise your ears, thousands of ways!

Anyway, this was my first encounter with His Royal Highness, who I thought was a cross-dresser, but was actually a race-dresser.


When I learned that the Prince was one of the pals who were adventuring with the Hero group, I began a months-long stalking. Then I came to the obvious conclusion: I couldn’t beat anyone in the Hero’s group, not to mention the Hero.

Since I couldn’t kill the Hero openly, I had no choice but to go dark. Sneak attack, poisoning, planting evidence, I thought of all the schemes I could think of … None of them I dared to use.

I’ve never killed anyone, and I’m really afraid of killing.

Forced to do so, I was lucky enough to kidnap the weakest force in the team, using her to threaten the Hero, concealing my identity as the kidnapper and leading the Hero to a remote place to kill himself. This way I neither have to kill, nor will the Hero’s buddies retaliate, but also to complete the task. I think I simply cannot be more resourceful.

As for who is the weakest in the Hero team, I made a common mistake that all normal male demons make, I underestimated the identity of women.

There are two blonde members of the Hero team: one looks very decision-making power and very heroic, should be the Hero; the other is the guy who bumped into my shirt in the square that day. His alchemy is incredibly beautiful, and he looked like he should be a woman dressed as a man.

And like all those who have read novels about dragons and knights know, in the Hero’s team, a knight, a wizard and a princess will always form the most solid triangle in the team.

True, the Hero’s team is not exempt.

So I chose to kidnap the Prince, who is very much like a woman, but in fact truly not a woman.

After volunteering to account for all this, my first reaction was to hold my head, protect myself, and beg not to hit my face!

The Prince did not hit me, he just stayed silent, waiting a while before his expression became fierce again, then lost, and finally like a “snake” like laughing, “so this is the truth of why you followed me, I’m so stupid, really.”

I looked at the Prince with a bewildered face. I’ve seen people who think they are the smartest people in the world (my brothers are), but I’ve never seen anyone say they are stupid. Truthfully, the world out there is a real eye-opener for the devil, and there is nothing like it.

“You don’t remember me?”


The territory of the elves and the magic domain are very close to each other, with only a very shallow river separating them. Across a path full of hydrangeas, there was a small area where the two realms were even interconnected.

There was an isolated and beautiful gazebo there, with cream-colored marble columns embroidered with thorny vines. It was a secret base of my childhood that few people knew about, and few people went to.

In mid-summer, I would often spend the whole day hiding there, doing nothing but enjoying the breeze blowing across my cheeks.

Ahem, no laughing, I also had a very literary early childhood, okay? Be serious!

I love my secret base because I picked up an elf child there, the kind with a cute face.

I was so happy that I wanted to drag him to my mother and ask if she could allow me to raise him.

Unfortunately, this idea did not work out in the end, because the elf child told me that elves are not pets, I cannot just raise one, he also has his own family, even though he is not well off in the elven land and also wanted to be raised by me, but he still cannot.

I thought it was incredible, “Why are you having a bad time?” You’re so beautiful! You know this is a world of faces.

“You have such a strange focus.” The elf child said this to me, but he answered my question patiently, “Because I’m a male and the elves need a queen.”

Wha, what? I froze for a long time before I realized that my worldview had been refreshed. The elves are really different, preferring women over men.

As I followed my memory, the Elf child’s face gradually overlapped with the Prince’s, both so beautiful, androgynous, with a natural elegance and nobility.

I pointed at him and exclaimed, “You’re that elf? No, you’re human.”

“Who told you I was human?”

“You’re not human?”

“No, I’m not. But I don’t know why, I feel that you are scolding me for asking that.”

“Oh, how can that be? Look at my pure eyes.”

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