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Chapter 3: G, H, I

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Since we are old childhood friends, let’s sit down happily as potted friends… I thought His Royal Highness would say that at the time, I was soon glued to the face with reality.

Keywords: the Prince, elf, blond, magic and martial arts.

What can we come up with as a result of the equation?

The Hero!

“You, you, you…”

“It seems you’re not too completely stupid. Hello, let’s get reacquainted, I’m the Hero, and also the person you want to kill.” The Prince smiled as beautifully as ever, “By the way, the real princess is the ‘man’ that you defined as very heroic looking and having decision making power, who should be the Hero at first glance. She will be especially, especially, ‘grateful’ when she hears you say that about her. I’ll introduce you to her after she leads her team to level the Demon’s Domain.”

“…” Now say my words a few days before were all in jest do you believe it?

“No, I believe it.” The Prince smiled gently, but I don’t know why, how I heard his tone with a certain sense of danger that I will die soon.

Calm down, I told myself in my heart, do not be afraid, you still have a chance to save yourself, anyway, first look for the time machine!

“We were little friends who played together when we were kids.” Hero, please let go. I’m going to die if we fight.

The Prince cupped my chin, forced me to look up at him, smiled, and said, “Remember how you treated me at the end of our playtime?”

I blinked, and then blinked again. I have no memory of it.

“It’s okay, I’ll help you remember, you pushed me into the river.”

Did I even turn out to be such a brave bear devil child when I was a kid?!

When thinking this way, I also seem to gradually recall the situation: the river was swift, the blond elf was constantly rising and falling in the river, crying out for help, he could not swim, and I…

Where was I?! My head suddenly hurt a little, as if something was stopping me from uncovering that memory.

The Prince’s gentle yet dangerous voice continued in my ears, “The river was really cold that day, my body became stiffer and stiffer, sinking more and more, no matter how hard I tried, I was inevitably falling. Am I going to die? I asked myself, am I really going to die? So dying is such a thing, it’s so hard, it’s even harder than being bullied by other elves.”

And then, then… I managed to become stunned.

The last thing I thought before I fainted was that the Prince would retire from saving the world, and he would be able to make a fortune as a bard specializing in horror stories, and his tone was really too damn scary!

When I opened my eyes again, I was changing back to my original form, flying in the air on the black dragon, together with the Prince.

I can’t believe I’m still alive! Thank the great God of Darkness!

The Prince raised his eyebrows, “You should be thanking me, right?”

“Thank the Prince for his mercy.” I’m very good, “From now on, you’re my boss. You let me steal the chicken, I will never touch the dog! Do what you want. By the way, can I ask, boss, where are we going?”

“To defeat the bad guys and save the world.” the Prince revealed a mouthful of small white teeth, which looked exceptionally white under the night sky.

“Oh, so that’s saving the world.” Wait, what? What did the golden the Hero, the Prince just say? Defeat the bad guys? I’m the bad guy! My whole family is a bad demon! “You’re not going to merge with the princess in the demon realm and start a war against the demons under the pretext that the whole continent thinks the princess has been kidnapped, are you? You good people have no limits!”

The Prince looked at me for a long time, “Is that who you think I am?”

No, it’s much worse than that. I thought. But I didn’t dare to tell the truth to the Prince.

“Yes, you are right, I am going to exterminate the whole demon race.”

No, no, no, strong man, you calm down, do not say angry words, I just teased you.

The strong man said, I don’t listen, I don’t listen.


The Prince soon showed me what an honest and trustworthy man he is.

The black dragon opened its terrifying carnivorous wings and exerted a strength it had never achieved in my hands, sweeping across the quiet night sky like a bolt of lightning invading the magic realm.

The demon and elven armies were already at war, in a dogfight, indistinguishable from each other.

I saw that Her Royal Highness the Princess, whom I thought was a man, was wielding a huge sword, fighting in full swing, with bold movements, one for one, more manly than me, no, more manly and powerful than my brothers. To be precise, this princess had just broken the neck of my seventy-seventh brother when the Prince was leading me, the black dragon and the elven army to merge.

“…” The Princess and I looked at each other, and we were all embarrassed.

The black dragon, however, slowed down the frequency of wing vibrations without any eye contact at all, and slowly landed, the Demon King hit the red center and was dropped into the enemy’s encirclement. I couldn’t help but leave tears of emotion for my luck.

But miraculously, the elves around me acted as if they didn’t see me, and they continued to howl their way to the opposite demons.

With the Hero joining the elven army was as strong as ever, taking out one of the legions of demons that stopped the army, and my ninety-eight brothers were cut down one by one in front of me.

That was the night of the blood-stained full moon, the Hero and my black dragon became a lifelong nightmare in the hearts of many demons.

What was this all about? I remained dumbfounded and shocked the whole time. Watching the elves win, watching the demons lose, watching my brothers die one by one.

At the end, I watched the Prince kneel down on one knee and say, “Your Majesty, the rebel demons have all been removed, you are safe, congratulations on taking back your magic domain.”

All the elven soldiers followed the Prince and shouted, “Take back the realm!”

Huh? Huh? Huh? What the hell is going on here? Aren’t you here to save the world?

“We saved the world, Your Majesty.”

Soldiers cheered, “Save the world!”

Before the celebration, the Prince delivered my mother’s letter to me, which he said explained everything.

I looked at the letter and was sure that it was my mother’s handwriting. She is the only person in the world who would use the most complicated and fancy sentence to express a simple sentence, and if you don’t think about it, you probably don’t even know what she wrote.

After reading through the mother’s letter once, I briefly summarized what she meant, which reads as follows.

Dear son,

In fact, your brothers are not your brothers, nor are they my sons, I only have you, the others are my brother’s sons, that is, your cousins. This was originally a secret, at present the whole magic tribe and even the whole continent … Probably you are the only one who has not yet discovered this secret.

When you were very young, my brother and the elf queen’s sister teamed up with the rebellion, wanted to capture you and the Prince as hostages, the Prince escaped and gave me and his mother a message, to save the day.

You were unfortunately captured and almost died, but fortunately finally just lost your power, but was strong enough to survive. (I’m not sure that’s a good thing.)

I took out my brother and raised his sons, not realizing that many years later these little brats inherited their father’s legacy and hit me hard not long ago, joining forces to prepare for a rebellion. The situation was urgent, I thought of all the ways to finally find a suitable reason to send you away, that is, to arrange for you to assassinate the Hero (elven Prince), they thought you were dead, they agreed.

I secretly contacted the elf queen, she said she and her son would help us mother and son, and now they have kept their word and helped us take back the magic domain.

PS: see your and the elven Prince’s feelings were so good, mom is really touched, and then think about me and the elven queen who wasted so many years. I can not wait any longer, I want to go around the world with her, regain our youth. So, you just simply really ascend the throne.

You must understand me, right? Love you~

No, I don’t get it! Serious face.

Mom, come back and explain, my relationship with the elven Prince is actually not good at all.


“I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out by now, your intelligence really takes my breath away.” the Prince mocked.

“No, I understand ah, my brothers rebelled, mother was seriously injured. She sent me to kill you is just an illusion to paralyze them into sparing me. I found you, you pretend to be kidnapped by me, take me to hide so as to attract the attention of my brothers, while the princess and your little friend took the opportunity to touch into the magical realm together with the elven army, under the banner of saving the world to finish off the rebels, and by the way, whitewash me and my mother. When the last battle starts, you take me to the battlefield in the night, win the war and push me to the throne. My mother and your mother will retire with credit. I get it, I really do.”

“No, I mean the misunderstandings about my relationship with you, the things you forgot about you and me as children.” The Prince was helpless.

“I didn’t actually push you in the river?” OH YEAH!

“No, you did, and I almost died,” the Prince laughed and moved closer to me.

“So where’s the misunderstanding?!” I kept leaning back until I couldn’t escape, I felt like I was going to end up here today, mom.

The Prince laughed and cried and went up to me… He pinched my face.

This Prince, ah, no, from today onwards I am Demon King, the King’s face is not something you can just pinch? Bold commoner!

“Back then your mother’s brother and my mother’s sister joined forces to rebel to kidnap you and me, you pushed me into the river in order for me to escape to find the Lord for help, you stayed and they circled, stalling to keep them from catching up with me.”

So I used to be such a resourceful little potty mouth!

“Eh, except for not taking into account that I can’t swim, and after you stay…” Losing the magic core that can condense magic elements.

I didn’t listen carefully to what the Prince said, I just fell into my own fantasy, “the Hero saved the world, I saved the Hero, doesn’t that mean…”

“You saved the world ah, I told you, congratulations.” The elven Prince couldn’t have smiled more gently.

I’m really a great demon destined to call for the glory of the demon race, roar.

I finally became the greatest of all Demon Kings, as the High Priestess had predicted.

The demons have changed from the villain camp to both good and evil, and the elves have established a friendship. After such and such friction, smoothly on the honeymoon period. No more brave people in the name of justice to challenge me, my ass on the Demon King throne is particularly secure.

The only downside is…

“Why are you still here?!” I pointed at the Prince, who was diligently correcting papers for me on the desk next to me, and shouted, “Where are your buddies? Where are your elves? Is it really okay to be without the Prince?”

“I’ve retired and am no longer the Hero. As for the Elves, remember? They want the Queen, there is no spare food to feed a Prince.”

“The Magic Kingdom doesn’t have spare food to feed idle people either!”

“That’s why I’m working.” the Prince shook the papers in his hand, the paperwork I was most annoyed with was currently being done by him.

“Can’t you just take the paperwork with you?”

“Does pie fall from the sky?” the Prince asked rhetorically.

“…” There is a give and take, I understand. I want to let the demon clan flourish, but also do not want to work, so I can only tolerate the Prince’s presence, “you do not get too proud, not my clan its heart will be different, but where I find you have a little suspicion, I will, I will throw you out.”

The Prince teased, “Oh, dear, you know very well that you only have to give something, and I will always be loyal to you.”

Ahem, from then on, Demon King and the Hero lived happily ever after.

–The End–

Addis note: There is an addition that is a separate short story, but, as it is hetero, I will not translate it. Thank you for reading this short little gem!

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This is such a cute and funny story. I bet that if there was a smexy part to it the Demon King would be the shou for the Prince. Oh, and the mothers are also together? COOL! I like it! Thank you for translating the story!! 💖💖💖

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Thank you for this short, sweet story.

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