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The Interstellar’s Expert Plant Tamer 

By Humble Servant Girl

Year: 2019

Genre: BL, plants, mpreg, interstellar

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 111 Chapters, 3 Extras (Finished)

Translator: Addis

Editor: GaeaTiamat

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



In the post-apocalyptic world, Xie Sen was bitten to death by a zombie and woke up again as Xie Sen, the famous wastrel of Beast Star City – a child abandoned by the Beast God. After his 18th birthday, the contract beast did not awaken.

This world did not have zombies, the air quality was also good, Xie Sen was very satisfied. As for the vegetables and plants, they were few and expensive. But he did not care, he had a plant system, so what was he afraid of?

The only thing is, the system had insufficient energy, and if Xie Sen wanted to plant, he needed to provide energy.

System: Another strategy is to let people appreciate you. When the gratitude energy reaches a certain amount, you can unseal a plant.

PS: The difficulty of each person’s appreciation is different, the return of gratitude energy is also different, with a value of 1-10.

Xie Sen was willing to put himself out there to get points. 

But his strategy stalled when he met a handsome man. 

Xie Sen: What’s your name?

Handsome man: Maine Cox.

Xie Sen: Why does it sound familiar?

┌(。Д。)┐ Ah! I’m so fucked! Wasn’t this the novel he just finished reading? The one where the ultimate villain boss led the alien race and almost destroyed the Beast Planet?

Xie Sen thinks, this kind of villain, it is better to kill him in the cradle!

Later, Xie Sen ╭(╯^╰)╮: Who dares to touch him?!

Maine: My boyfriend is super unbelievably cute!


Chapter 1: Rebirth

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen ate vegetables and fruits all day long. He hadn’t eaten meat for a long time.

This was no good! Xie Sen finished eating a baked potato and looked out through the door with a face of vegetables. Outside the door, it was so quiet that he could only hear his own breathing.

He lay on the backside of the door from dawn to dusk. The quiet outside the door gave him a great sense of security, so the next morning he strengthened his heart, opened the door, and with the fastest speed, he ran to the pond two hundred meters away.

It took him a long time to catch a fish. But when he was walking back with it, a pale, bloodless humanoid zombie and a giant zombie dog suddenly flashed out of the grove on his right. He was so scared that he held the fish tightly.

Then, he began to run frantically. As he ran he used his System’s Plant to attack, but he hadn’t encountered a real human for a long time. He was low on energy, and the System was soon out of action.

A fishy smell came over him. He stared at the bloodied maw of the zombie dog that held his fingertips, and was unable to restrain himself from shouting out.


“Beep, beep, beep…”

The mournful scream activated the quiet alarms in the room. Xie Sen, dizzy from the sound of his own voice, sat up in the hospital bed like a spring.

Xie Sen held his head, full of heavy vertigo. His eyebrows wrinkled into a Chinese character, and his body stiffened as his eyes swept across the ward.

Where was this place? Wasn’t he eaten by a zombie dog? The dream he just had was exactly the same as the real situation. He took his hand off his head and repeatedly looked at his palm, which was white and slender and beautiful. Where did the wound he got two days ago while planting go?

The room’s door, located on the left-hand side, was pushed open and a man in white came in. He asked as he turned off the alarm that kept ringing at the head of the bed. “Hey, you’re awake! How are you feeling? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” 

Seeing the man’s dress, and the style of the room, Xie Sen was sure that this was a hospital ward.

The sound of the machine stopped. He felt a lot more comfortable. He smiled at the doctor, and asked the question at the top of his mind, “Is this the new base? The situation was so dangerous, I thought I would die for sure. Who saved me? I must thank him properly.”

He couldn’t hide the surprise in his eyes, since he knew that the environment was extremely harsh for human survival after the end of the world. This ward was even bigger than the ward before the apocalypse, and the equipment looked very advanced, so he could just imagine how powerful this base was.

The doctor handed Xie Sen a headset-type measuring device. He was surprised by his words, “Didn’t you try to kill yourself on purpose?”

Xie Sen, “Nonsense. I just wanted to eat fish.”

The doctor gazed at him with a complicated face, and shook his head with compassionate eyes. “What a good boy. Looking at you, you’ve never told a lie, right?”

Xie Sen, “…I’m telling the truth.”

The doctor looked at him with amusement. “No one will believe that explanation.”

He saw that Xie Sen hadn’t taken the measuring device, so the doctor simply reached out, and put it on him. Xie Sen subconsciously ducked. “What is this?”

“You fell from a high place. Although you didn’t endanger your life by landing in the water, your brain suffered a strong concussion. This is a brain meter.” The doctor said. With a slight force he put the instrument on him, and flipped the switch.

Xie Sen frowned. “Aren’t you mistaken? I didn’t fall from a height, I was–“

“Impossible,” the doctor interrupted him firmly. “Student, Star City’s First Hospital would never make such a mistake, and would not get the cause of any patient’s illness wrong.”

Xie Sen searched his mind quickly, but he had no recollection of it. Nor had he heard of Star City.

The doctor removed the measuring device, read the results, and smiled at him. “You’re recovering well. You’ll have some slight dizziness for the next two days. Don’t do any strenuous exercise.”

Xie Sen was relieved that his body was fine, and was about to ask for more information when a sudden vibration came from his left wrist, accompanied by the beeping of birdsong. He looked at his wrist. The light blue bracelet on his wrist was glowing with a text message icon.

He thought it was a patient bracelet, but it turned out to be a cell phone bracelet. Only…he had never bought it. Ah, and this style, he had never seen it in the ads.

The doctor smiled when he saw he was frozen. “You’ve been in a coma for two days. Your friends and family must be worried about you.”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth pressed down, and his expression stiffened a bit. After the end of the world, his friends and family were long gone.

He clicked on the text message icon. A blue light burst from the bracelet, and a virtual screen the size of a sheet of A4 paper hovered above his wrist with a line of white words.

[This is a group message. The graduation examination day for the Plant Department is March 28. Please prepare in advance. For the examination room arrangement, click on the attachment.]

Xie Sen froze when he saw the virtual screen. When he looked back at the SMS message, his heart beat uncontrollably faster and faster.

Something was wrong!

He looked at the doctor with a serious expression. “Where the hell is this?”

“The First Hospital in Star City.”

“Which province is Star City?”

The doctor froze and said anxiously, “Do you mean that you have not only a concussion, but also memory loss? Do you remember what your name is?”

“Xie Sen.”

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s good that you still remember your information. Star City is the most powerful city among the three main cities of Brandt Star. If you forget, you can go to the light network to check the information.” He paused and said, “You can leave the hospital in your current condition. Go home and recuperate for two days.” He patted Xie Sen’s shoulder. “You are still young, think twice about it.”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched, and he thought about it openly, “I really wasn’t thinking about killing myself.”

“Yes, you haven’t thought about it,” the doctor said smilingly.

Could it be any more obvious than that?

“By the way,” the doctor reminded him. “Your medical and hospital bills have been tallied. Check the bills before you leave the hospital. Make sure they are correct and pay them. Contact us if you have any questions.” He opened his personal bracelet to check the details of Xie Sen’s bill, and sent it to Xie Sen after confirming that it was correct. “The extra hundred is for the nutrients. Your underlying health is very poor. To ensure your safety, we gave you nutrients. You should remember to take at least one every week.”

Xie Sen imitated the doctor’s action to open the bracelet, and clicked on the bill. He had stayed for two days in total, so the total cost was twenty-eight thousand eight hundred.

That’s too expensive, right? He pressed the payment button, followed the instructions on the payment screen, pressed his finger, and paid with his fingerprint. Then a text message came.

He clicked on it. [Balance: five hundred and sixty-three star coins.]

“Your fee has been paid, so you can be discharged at any time. If you have any after-effects, come for an examination as soon as possible,” the doctor said.

Xie Sen nodded, and went through the discharge procedure with the doctor’s help. Twenty minutes later, he was standing on the wide street with a confused look on his face. The street in front of him was wider than any city he had ever visited, and there were all kinds of cars on the street, almost all of which he had never seen before.

In addition, there were different kinds of birds everywhere. Those birds were huge, and when they passed by, Xie Sen saw people were sitting on their backs. Xie Sen pinched the back of his hand. The pain came. He took a deep breath to try and calm down, but still couldn’t help it and burst out, “Damn!”

He had a vague suspicion when he was in the ward, but he thought it was too unbelievable to consider it. With the facts in front of him, he had to admit it. He was afraid he had been reborn in another world. He opened the bracelet and looked at the profile. The name and photo were exactly the same as his, but the rest was different.

Xie Sen, a third-year in the Plant Department of Star City University. Eighteen years old. 1.83 meters tall. His adoptive parents were plant researchers, and were killed three years ago during an interstellar expedition.

Xie Sen finished reading the information, then his eyes fell on the only blank column after the name column. Contract beast?

What’s with the information here? There was no gender column but there was a contract beast column. What did contract beast mean? He was confused, but then his stomach protested. Since he had spent two days in a coma, he was really hungry, so he decided to go eat first, and then check the information.

When he thought about the balance text message he received earlier, he was at a loss. He walked along the street for a while, chose the cheapest fast food restaurant and bought a box lunch for ten star coins.

The tall, sturdy owner enthusiastically handed him the boxed meal. “My food is delicious. Remember to come here often.”

Xie Sen reached out to receive the lunch box, and the boss stared at his wrist cheerfully. Xie Sen hesitated for a second, held the lunch box in one hand, and extended his left wrist. The boss took the payment device and quickly swiped it over his wrist. A message came through. Xie Sen looked at it. His balance was reduced by ten star coins.

At that time there were many people eating. The store was small, and almost full of people. When he saw one person had finished eating and got up, Xie Sen quickly walked over, and sat down. The waiter quickly came over to clean up the table. Xie Sen was satisfied.

Xie Sen was stunned when he opened the lunch box. This store was too honest. It was actually all meat. He checked carefully. The prices here were similar to his time, and one star coin was equivalent to one dollar.

He picked up the chopsticks, and secretly sighed. Ten star coins couldn’t be bought at a loss, but also couldn’t buy a fool! He hadn’t eaten meat for too long. The smell of meat came to him. He picked up a piece and took a big bite, but then he couldn’t help but frown.

After the apocalypse, he tasted heavy flavors and ate spicy food almost every day. Now there was no spicy taste in the meat, so he wasn’t used to it. However, after having experienced the apocalypse, he wasn’t a picky person. After he frowned for a while, he quickly stretched out a hand and happily ate the meat.

However, as he ate, he couldn’t help but use his chopsticks to pick apart the remaining meat. He looked at the bottom of the blank lunch box. Then he saw that all the diners around him only had one lunch box, so he inclined his head and exclaimed to the owner, “Boss, did you forget to add rice?!”

Although he hadn’t eaten meat for a long time, who could bear it to only eat meat?

After his words fell, the lively store went silent for a moment. Xie Sen sensed the stares around him, and saw the tall, bullish boss was walking toward him with an unpleasant look on his face.

He immediately put a bright smile on his face. His whole face was written with friendliness. “Nothing. Nothing. Sorry, I was just a little loud. I don’t want to make a scene, just add a bowl of rice. A small thing!”


Bursts of laughter suddenly exploded in the store. Xie Sen’s face turned a little red, and he straightened his back. No one could blame him. The boss was more than two meters tall and if there was any conflict, he wouldn’t have a chance!

“Dream on! Ten star coins, and he still wants to eat rice!”

“Kid, are you making fun of my store?” The boss walked over to Xie Sen’s table, and looked at him from a high position.

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January 1, 2022 10:33 pm

An interesting start. I’m looking forward to discover this world with Xie Sen.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 2, 2022 3:21 am

So meat is plentiful and veggies, rice too, seem not to be, in this novel world.
His future boyfriend sounds a handful; looking forward to his introduction.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
February 21, 2022 6:00 pm

Oops…how would I know that rice is a high end food here? Very interesting start.👍👍

March 4, 2022 8:45 pm

My interest is pique…gonna read this one😍😍😍😍

April 6, 2022 8:50 am

Interesting 😍

June 12, 2022 10:59 am

When in a new country (or world), never EVER question the behaviour of others. They are living by their rules. Learn those rules and adjust your behaviour accordingly. And don’t assume you are entitled to something just because that was the case back home. Instead of “why didn’t you give me…?” try “can I have some…?” or “do you have any…?”. Basically, don’t be THAT tourist.

October 23, 2022 11:56 am

Ahh so he didn’t go the amnesia route

April 16, 2023 3:30 pm

Interesting hospital. You’re awake? You’re fine. Get out.

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