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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Time passed. For the news media, it had been really lively recently. There had been a big event, and they were in a rush every day to not repeat headlines.

After a few days of rest, the flying eagle beast had recovered very well. It wasn’t dragging its wings when it walked, but it still couldn’t fly. After it was able to walk, it immediately visited the fae. When it saw them in their cages, its mood instantly changed for the better.

There was no comparison, before there was no smile.

The beasts were also becoming more stable. Even without tranquilizers, they were no longer growling and manic. They didn’t know what was going on in the heart of the flying eagle beast, but they were happy that it could walk, and talked to it about a lot of things.

They came from different places, and had seen and heard different things, so Xie Sen was listening with great interest.

The beast masters also brought their contract beasts to visit them from time to time, so the contract beast accommodation area was very lively every day. Xie Sen had nothing to do but sit on the recliner, eat fruit and watch them play.

Today, he was half-leaning on the recliner when he received a communication from Ma Qun, who spoke in a relaxed tone with obvious pleasure, “Sen, the chili seedlings are ready. Do you want me to have someone to pick them up, or should I send them to you?”

Xie Sen counted the time. From when he gave the chili seeds to Ma Qun until now, his fields were almost done. He used a hand to push himself upright. “Can I pick it up in a while?” 

Recently, there was so much going on that he had forgotten about the recruitment. He’d deliberately studied the format of the recruitment earlier, but had forgotten to post it.

“Okay, I’ve notified the other three companies today, so their seeds are being shipped out now. I’ll put yours away for you.” Ma Qun was very nice to talk to.

Xie Sen thanked him, and with a twinkle in his eye, he asked, “Dean, I saw on the news that Professor Lu found a lot of plants. It’s been a few days. Have the plants been cultivated?”

Ma Qun’s voice was a little excited, “Mn, they’ve all been cultivated, and there are several kinds of fruits!”

Xie Sen said, “Can you give me some fruits when they are ripe?”

Ma Qun said, “For your farm products company, it will be a priority to cooperate with you for any variety of plant. You know, you have planted pepper land, which is more suitable for the rest of the plants. Don’t worry, the other fruits should do well.”

Xie Sen said, “Thank you, Dean, I will plant the peppers well.”

He ended the communication and sighed. Lu Qingxing found those plants, but it would take several months until they matured. He wanted to plant them openly, but he still had to wait.

He reminded himself to be patient. Anyway, he was eating vegetables and fruits already through energy exchange, and he wasn’t short of money. He wasn’t in a hurry to farm plants to make money. He touched the beak of the flying eagle beast, and said, “I have to go out. You can play by yourselves.”

He said this to all the contract beasts, and after he heard their various responses, he got up with a smile and went back home to find Maine.

Maine was setting up a program in his office on the second floor. He had designed an all-purpose cleaning robot this time, which could do all the housework except for the cooking, including sweeping the floor, washing dishes and weeding, and so on. Xie Sen had just stepped on one of the steps when Maine came down. Xie Sen looked up at the sound of his footsteps, smiled and joked, “Not serious about your work!”

Maine laughed lightly, “I heard you talking. Going out?” He took three steps to reach Xie Sen, and took Xie Sen’s hand.

Xie Sen had told the contract beasts with great certainty that the money they earned was now enough, so they didn’t have to fight to make money on the live stream.

To help Gu Luo study the fae beast, he had been staying in the accommodation area, eating fruit and drinking juice from time to time. It also wasn’t convenient to be watched doing that, so the live broadcast was closed during the day. But then Maine couldn’t watch him, so when he was in the accommodation area, Maine would watch him through the monitors, and occasionally glance at work. If he needed Maine for something, he could just shout.

Xie Sen nodded, “President Ma said the pepper seedlings are ready for transplanting, so I’m ready to go to the school to recruit.”

Maine pulled him over to the couch, and they sat down. “There’s no rush. Post it now, then go to the school this afternoon. At this time of the year, many students are looking for jobs everywhere, while the school is empty. It’s useless to go there directly.”

Xie Sen slapped his head. “I almost forgot. I’ll post first.”

He had seen a lot of job postings, so he opened his bracelet, went directly to the school forum, and quickly posted on the recruitment company page with the eye-catching title, [Recruiting 1 Plant Department and 1 Finance Department graduate.]

Since he was only using seed peppers right now, he was only prepared to recruit one Plant Department student for the time being. His recruitment requirements for the Plant Department were very simple. A good reliable character. The Finance Department professional requirements were stricter.

He finished posting, and rested his chin on Maine’s shoulder. “So I won’t go out now. You keep working, and I’ll keep you company.”

Maine touched his ear, stroked down the side of his ear, then finally his palm landed on his abdomen. “Go to the hospital. It’s been a month.”

Xie Sen’s eyes widened. “How do you know?”

Maine coughed softly in his ear. “I only forgot once, so it must have been that time. I remember the date.”

Xie Sen’s head shrank back, and he rubbed his ear hard to get rid of the tingling sensations. There was a difference between the fact that he had already done intimate things, and hearing Maine say so. He couldn’t help blushing as the wild memories of that day unfolded in his mind.

Just as Maine said, Dr. Bai was smiling after he examined Xie Sen. “Congratulations. The baby is healthy. You are also in good health. Just continue your usual nutrition, and keep your mood good.”

Xie Sen thanked him, and Dr. Bai reminded him. “Your tastes may change in the next two months. The things you usually like to eat may smell bad, and upset your stomach.”

Xie Sen nodded. Maine wrinkled his nose. “Is there any way to reduce the reaction?”

Dr. Bai sighed. “Vegetables and fruits are more acceptable to a pregnant husband. You and President Ma should know each other, so ask him to sell some to you. After two months, the situation will be much better.”

Maine’s eyebrows relaxed. The vegetables and fruits that were hard for others to get weren’t a problem for Xie Sen.

The two thanked Dr. Bai again, and left the hospital after agreeing to come back in a month for a checkup.

When they got back home, Maine asked Xie Sen what he wanted to eat, then Xie Sen exchanged the ingredients and put them on the kitchen counter. Maine hugged him from behind, and kissed him. “Go on. Have some juice and rest. I’ll have it ready soon.”

Xie Sen turned his head. “I’m fine. It’ll be faster if we do it together.” He elbowed him. “I’m not fragile. If you didn’t know I’m pregnant, you wouldn’t be able to tell, right?”

Maine put his hand on his belly. “The baby is too young to show.”

Xie Sen twisted his waist away. “Anyway, I’m not affected at all.”

However, he soon had to eat those words. At lunch, for the first time, he felt the effects of his pregnancy keenly.

When Maine asked him what he wanted to eat, he ordered potato stew, which he ate with little reaction. But when he ate the meat, he took two bites, threw up, and then kept dry-heaving.

Since he had activated the ginger and garlic, they used it to cook meat dishes, and the potatoes were from the System. It was particularly fragrant, and so the fishy taste of the meat was almost completely covered up. Usually Xie Sen couldn’t taste the fishiness at all.

However, when he ate the meat, just as meat was cut by his teeth, that faint taste was infinitely magnified, and he suddenly had the urge to vomit. It was completely out of control.

“A’Sen,” Maine wrinkled his brow, as he rubbed his back up and down with one hand, while he offered him a glass of water with the other. “Rinse your mouth.”

Xie Sen drew a piece of paper to wipe his mouth. He was glad that the trash can was at his feet, and he didn’t throw up on the floor. He didn’t want to smell the trash can at that moment, so he kicked it away from him with his foot, and tilted his head in disgust. He reached for the glass of water. Then he got up and went to the bathroom. He rinsed his mouth several times before it felt fresh again.

Maine stood next to him, his eyebrows still knitted. “Don’t you like meat?”

Xie Sen slowed down, and gave him an unhappy look. “Yes, but this is probably the legendary pregnancy vomiting.”

Maine rubbed the side of his face twice. “No more meat.”

Xie Sen grabbed his hand, and walked out. “No, you can still have it.” He saw his worried look, and squeezed his hand. “It’s okay if I don’t eat meat. I can still eat other things.”

After they ate, Xie Sen was relieved to find that he didn’t react to any of the dishes except for the meat.

After the lunch break, the two of them went to Star City University. Maine gave Xie Sen a lecture. “Every year starting in July, there will be companies recruiting at the school one after another. The recruiting location is the sports field, which is very large. There aren’t many students playing sports during the holidays, so the school uses it for companies to recruit.”

Xie Sen thought of the modern job hunting scene. “Do we have to borrow tables and benches later?”

Maine, “I’ll find a bench for you to sit on later. We’re only recruiting a few people, so we’ll be done soon.”

When the shuttle was about to land, Xie Sen looked out of the window, and was surprised to see that the parking lot was filled up. “Are there that many people recruiting at the school today?”

Maine scanned the scene, and drove around the school for a while before he found an empty spot to land.

“No, don’t get off yet.” Maine saw Xie Sen was ready to get down, and locked the door. Then he opened his bracelet.

Xie Sen propped himself up on the back of his seat, and poked his head over. “What’s wrong?”

Maine entered the forum, and saw Xie Sen’s post with a big fire word on it. Xie Sen froze. “Even if I’m recruiting people from the Plant Department, they don’t have to react so much, right?”

Maine clicked into the post. At the top was the basic information for the recruiting company: Peony Agricultural Products Company.

Maine didn’t even scroll down, just pointed to the company name. “You registered the company under your identity, right?”

Xie Sen nodded and suddenly understood. He reached out and swiped the screen as he said, “You mean they found out that I own the company, and that’s why there’s such a big reaction.”


Xie Sen quickly scanned the comments, and had to say that his title was really obvious. After all, there were no companies hiring plant students, then one suddenly appeared, so it was extraordinarily conspicuous.

Once he posted, in less than a minute, someone replied. The first replies were discussing what agricultural products were, and some people suspected that it was a scam.

They knew that with the current situation of plant scarcity, only the Institute could grow plants. What fool would open a farm products company? To sell air?

Only the Plant students who were affiliated with the Plant Research Institute said that it might be true. The Institute had previously sent out an announcement to find cooperative agricultural products companies. However, this reply couldn’t catch up with the suspicious students, who checked the company information when they suspected that Peony was a fraud. They knew that it was simple on Brandt Star Star to open a company, but the information must include a real name which was public.

When they saw that the owner was Xie Sen, the students didn’t immediately calm down. Others wondered if it was the same name, but when they saw the identity information, they knew it must be the super popular anchor, Xie Sen.

In a flash, the news spread, and people from outside schools were motivated to fight for the position.

Was it hard to become an employee of the anchor and see the contract beasts? Definitely not difficult. In fact, viewers who watched the live broadcast had seen the large area of land near the house, and assumed that the employees recruited by Xie Sen would work there in the future.

This meant that they could meet the contract beasts every day, and could observe them up close. Maybe even play with them after work, which was exciting to think about.

Xie Sen raised the corners of his mouth. These people really knew how to dream! He was hiring employees to farm, not to play with the contract beasts!

He stopped sliding through the comments, put his hand on Maine’s shoulder, and chin down on the top of the seat. “What should we do? There might be a lot of people there at the sports ground.”

Maine, “You can’t go. You’ll be mobbed. I’ll send you home, and come back later. I’ll video you during the recruitment, and you pick the ones that look good.”

Xie Sen laughed. “It’s for work. I need to see them.”

Maine, “If I don’t like them. You don’t need to see them.”

Xie Sen poked his face. “If I like them, won’t you be jealous?”

Maine grabbed his hand, and nibbled on it. “There are more females than males in the Plant and Finance Departments. I’ll choose two females.”

Xie Sen looked at him obliquely. “Females? Then if they are applying for the job, maybe they have other plans.” He blinked. “It seems to me that you have the same females and males here, just a difference in height.”

Maine raised an eyebrow, and looked at him intently. “You didn’t have a gender difference in your old world?”

“No, it’s a bigger difference than yours. Look, don’t your females and males look the same except for their appearance and animal prints? Not in modern times.”

Maine realized something and laughed lightly. He held his chin and rubbed his fingers over it. “So you like me, like a male with a male?”

Xie Sen nodded, and thought of Gu Luo. “It’s legal for males to pair up with males here, right?”

“Mn. Marriage is free. Even if someone wants to mate with a flying shuttle, no one cares. However, two males together is relatively rare. Males have a strong sense of individuality, and it’s difficult to tolerate a partner who is stronger than they are,” Maine said.

Xie Sen hummed softly. “So although you didn’t know I was a female before, you thought I was weak. That’s why you didn’t reject me?”

Maine tilted his head, and looked at him with a smile.”What do you think?”

Xie Sen couldn’t help but smile back, his chin lifted. “It’s because I’m so handsome.”

Maine laughed lightly, then frowned. “If there is no difference between female and male for you…No more recruiting. I’ll make something. I have the tools anyway.”

Xie Sen gave him a blank look, then patted him on the face. “Be confident, Honey. You’re so handsome, who else could I look at?”

Maine smiled at him, turned to kneel on the seat, and kissed Xie Sen on the lips. He was about to continue when Xie Sen’s bracelet rang.

Xie Sen tilted his head to look at the communication alert, and froze. It was actually his teacher. He subconsciously pushed Maine away, and returned to his seat, “Hello, Teacher.”

The teacher greeted him. “I saw the post on the forum. Is it true that you’re recruiting?”

The forum chat was so hot, Xie Sen wasn’t surprised that the teacher knew. “Yes.”

The teacher’s tone was emotional, “You are really great. Out of the whole Plant Department, you are the most promising. If you haven’t arrived at school yet, don’t go to the sports field. It’s crowded and you’re pregnant. It’s not safe.”

Xie Sen, Surely everyone knows he’s pregnant!

The teacher continued, “Tell me what you want. I know the students in the Plant Department best, and can give you recommendations. I can also ask the Finance Department for you.”

Xie Sen hesitated, but didn’t refuse. “Thank you, Teacher. Anyone with a good personality is fine. It’s not a requirement for the Plant Department, but for the Finance Department I’d prefer that they be female.”

The teacher smiled. “Your requirements are simple, and there are many people who meet them. Come to my office and take a look?”

With the teacher’s targeted recommendation, Xie Sen soon found suitable employees. Two very quiet and shy females, whose families weren’t very well off. He exchanged contact information with them, arranged to meet them at the farm the next day, and left the office with Maine.

Just before he left the office building, he was spotted and mobbed as they left the school.

Xie Sen listened to the voices that were shouting his name everywhere, looked down and frowned. They used to whisper bad things about him, but after only a short time, their attitude had changed drastically.

The animosity coming off of Maine’s body was getting stronger and colder. His hard eyes swept over the people that were gathered around, and slowly retreating in front of them. “Get out of the way!”

Some people were forced to move aside because of Maine’s powerful aura, while some others brashly shouted at Xie Sen, “Xie Sen, I want to see the contract beasts! For the sake of a school, let me go there!”

“Xie Sen, I want to go too.”

“Xie Sen…”

Xie Sen at first thought he had misheard, or that the people who spoke had accents, with flat and warped tongues, but after he listened to all the different voices, he finally understood that he had heard correctly. His classmates’ name for him had really changed from ‘Scrap Xie’ to ‘Xie Sen.’

What fickle young people!

Xie Sen immediately understood what Maine was going to do, and hastily pulled his hand. “No.”

Maine’s plan was obviously to summon the flying lion beast. The roar of the flying lion beast was powerful. If they were surrounded by so many female students that didn’t move away before the flying lion beast roared, there would be an issue. 

Maine looked down at him, let go of his hand and slid it around his waist. “I’ll carry you out.”

“Son!!!” Xie Sen was about to refuse when a shrill and excited voice came from the front.

The students huddled together in front of him were pried apart from behind like double doors, and some grumpy ones immediately started cursing. However, the person who pushed through didn’t care, he just quickly rushed through the gap to the front, while several others followed behind him. 

The one who scurried to the front was a thin, dark-skinned man who, when he saw Xie Sen, shouted excitedly, “Son, I finally found you!”

Right behind him was a pale, dark-haired, dark-eyed female with tears in his eyes. “Baby, Dad thought he’d never see you again in his life.”

Xie Sen was confused. What was going on?

“A’Sen, they are your real parents. They suffered a lot to find you. You can’t disown them!” The crowd brought forward the last two people one after another. It was the parents of Xie Sen’s adoptive father. That statement from Grandfather Xie.

There was a lot of chatter around, and it all expressed great enthusiasm for the sudden drama.

The black-haired female looked at Xie Sen with teary eyes, as he talked about how much he missed him. After a few words, he tried to pull Xie Sen’s hand forward, but Maine chided him coldly, “Stay away!”

The black-haired female’s body trembled and tears fell. He didn’t dare advance. He took a small step back, and looked at Xie Sen with a heartfelt expression. “Son, why did you find such a fierce male? Did he force you? Don’t worry, you’re not an orphan now. Father and Dad will support you–”

Xie Sen raised a hand to stop his words. “Sorry. Actually, I think my male is too gentle. Just now when you stepped forward, he should have simply kicked you out of the crowd, but he just heckled you. I’m actually quite dissatisfied.”

The dark-haired female stared at him, dumbfounded. When he realized the meaning of his words, his body shook and he took a step back.

Maine took Xie Sen’s shoulder, and asked in his ear, “Dissatisfied? I can fix that.”

“Son, he is your Dad. How can you do this to him?!” The tall, thin male yelled. Then he softened his voice, and choked up, “I’m sorry. We were careless and lost you. If you had grown up with us, you would have been a good, filial boy.”

Many sympathetic voices rang out. Males were always tough, so it was easy to get people to sympathize with males who succumbed to tears,

The black-haired female also spoke through sobs, “Dad doesn’t blame you. Dad knows you must have suffered a lot as a child. Dad will make it up to you in the future.”

Xie Sen rolled his eyes. “My adoptive parents’ parents are bad, but my adoptive parents were very good. I didn’t suffer. By the way, you do not get to open and close your mouths saying son, dad or father. You could be looking for the wrong person.”

Grandfather Xie said, “No. Look how much you resemble them. Also, the time their son was lost, and the time you were brought back coincide. They are your parents.”

Xie Sen looked at him, sneered, and felt rather unhappy about him. “What difference does it make if they are or aren’t? I’m an adult, and I haven’t seen anyone in eighteen years. So what if they’re both my parents?”

“You…” Grandfather Xie choked, and then cursed. “You really are heartless! My son and daughter-in-law raised you for so many years and how much money did it cost! You ignored us when you got rich, and now you won’t even recognize your parents!”

Xie Sen continued to sneer. “The lawyer already told you last time, right? That we have no relationship at all. For the sake of my adoptive father, I’m not going to trouble you, but you don’t seem satisfied with that.”

“Son,” the black-haired female said while he wiped his tears. “I know you have complaints against us, but you can’t disown us. Give us a chance to make it up to you.”

Xie Sen whispered something to Maine, who let go of him and quickly plucked a hair from the dark-haired female and the tall, thin male and put them in his pack.

The two who had their hair plucked, covered their heads and looked at Maine with wide eyes. “What are you doing?”

Maine ignored them. Xie Sen said, “Although it doesn’t matter to me whether you are related to me or not, there are some things that should always be investigated.”

Grandfather Xie said loudly, “We have already done the identification. You are their son. Are you trying to deny it by falsifying the identification?”

Xie Sen didn’t bother with him, and said to Maine, “Let’s go!” He summoned two vines, one on each side, tied up the people in front of him and pulled them out of the way.

Maine picked Xie Sen up, and left the crowd with great speed. When no one was obstructing their path, Xie Sen recalled the vines.


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Are those old people really have no shame? Try to con in broad daylight. The tech is so high, but the cheat is so cheap.

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Recruitment over and with 2 females, Maine should be happier ☺ Disgusting people. Let’s see what comes of the hair Xie Sen had Maine pluck out… if he’s having a DNA test done, as he is not the original XS, might there be no match? That would shut them up permanently and no one would believe anything else they said.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thanks for the chapter! Where did those leeches come from?

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