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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Meyer’s reaction made HanZheng more and more uneasy. His face tightened. He didn’t speak for a moment, so Admiral Qiao answered for him, “It’s Admiral Qiao. When the research base personnel escaped, Lieutenant Colonel Qiao Ke heard the other side contacting you.”

“Impossible!” Meyer said categorically. He was the person in charge of contact. There were absolutely no outsiders there. “He’s lying.”

He panicked. He couldn’t imagine where the flaw was. Qiao Ke couldn’t have heard the communication, so how did they know the research base was connected to him?

Admiral Aben smiled. “It doesn’t matter. Your bracelet data has been restored, and we will soon review it. If you are wrongly accused, you can sue him for slander. A lawsuit is acceptable.”

Admiral Qiao looked at him, and said to the chairman of the Supervisory Board, “Forty-eight hours of information. Multiply the speed of playback.”

“No!!!” Meyer shouted, as he completely lost his composure as a lieutenant general, “Father, you can’t watch it!”

HanZheng’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, and he ended the communication. Qiao and Aben looked at each other. The members of the Supervisory Board maintained their expressionless faces, but everyone had one thought. No need to look.

Meyer’s reaction had said it all.

Soon, the screen behind the chairman replayed Meyer and the chief’s conversation. Due to rapid playback, the sound was somewhat distorted, as it skipped useless information. The bracelet information played quickly, and the conference room was unusually quiet.

When it reached the picture of the ship explosion, a loud noise broke the silence. HanZheng’s clenched fists had smashed the desktop hard. His eyes were tightly closed, and he had instantly aged a dozen years.

Qiao and Aben looked at each other. They absolutely hadn’t expected Meyer to be that bold. They originally wanted to investigate the research base, but never thought there was another harvest.

The star pirates who hijacked the civilian ship before, turned out to be an arranged attack by Meyer. His rescue of the hostages was a self-staged trick to enhance his reputation. No wonder not a single star pirate was caught, and not a single hostage died. Due to the swift rescue, the netizens didn’t question why the star pirates weren’t captured, but instead praised Meyer for the lack of casualties.

No one in the meeting room said anything. Everyone looked at HanZheng. Qiao and Aben saw his pale appearance, and couldn’t help but think of their own families. They vowed in their hearts to be strict in educating the next generation.

If there was a child like Meyer, one of them would be killed, so as not to make a fool of himself.

HanZheng opened his eyes. The veins on the back of his hands stood out, but his voice was steady, “I propose that Meyer Cox be arrested immediately, stripped of his rank, and handed over to a military court to be dealt with severely.”


When Xie Sen watched the news after his nap, he was surprised. He hadn’t expected Meyer to fall so quickly. The Starrnet was abuzz with the news about Meyer, and the military issued a bulletin that made public all the evidence of his guilt.

Not long ago, Meyer was praised profusely, and now he was being scolded just as profusely.

Xie Sen flipped through the news, and saw a picture under his hand. It was a picture of Meyer as he was being escorted back to the city. He had just gotten off the shuttle, and his face was full of blood. The people next to him were waving to hurry up, and there was a small bird in the air above them. As it was flying fast, there was only a glimpse of it in the picture.

Although it was mostly just a shadow, a hint of white head feathers and a black body could be seen, and the size was very obvious.

Xie Sen knew at once. It was Tuan Tuan!

He looked at the comments under the picture, and many people expressed surprise.

[Wow, what kind of bird is this? So fierce! Peck a hole, look at it and feel pain in the face.]

[The speed is too fast, right? The escorting officers are all military experts, and they actually didn’t even touch it.]

[Uh…does anyone feel that it’s a little familiar?]

[Seen around the flying eagle beast! Must be getting revenge for the flying eagle beast!]

Xie Sen was at a loss. Tuan Tuan often showed up in the live stream. It was only to be expected that it was recognized. He was a little worried. He didn’t know if it would be okay. He continued to look through, and was relieved to see no comments that were bad for Tuan Tuan. When he saw a comment mentioning Mu Lin, he clicked on the link and jumped to Mu Lin’s message.

The message Mu Lin posted was simple. A copy of the previous message, a picture of Meyer getting pecked all over his face, and finally the phrase, [I told you so!]

Xie Sen lost his smile. Mu Lin had copied the message. One of the sentences was that the contract beast was smart enough to know the person who hurt it.

It was clearly pointed out that Meyer had hurt the contract beasts, and was now pecked, which was deserved.

Before this, Mu Lin also spoke officially at the Institute without saying dirty words. Now he cursed at Meyer, harshly attacked his actions of hurting the contract beasts, but finally still called for the love of the contract beasts.

Xie Sen turned off his bracelet, got up and walked out. He met Maine who was just about to enter the house. Maine rubbed his tousled hair. “I was going to wake you up. If you keep sleeping now, you won’t be able to sleep at night.”

Xie Sen said, “I just watched the news.” They walked in and sat down on the sofa in the living room. Maine handed him a glass of juice. He took a sip and smiled. “I didn’t expect it to happen so fast.”

“The military department always moves quickly when the evidence is solid, and the circumstances are bad.”

Xie Sen took two thirsty sips of the juice, and was in a good mood. “Meyer’s identity is special. I was worried that it wouldn’t end, but you guys are good here,” he said, and looked around. “By the way, have you seen Tuan Tuan? I just saw it on the news.”

Maine’s eyes flashed with appreciation. “I saw the news too. It’s doing great. It’s gone to see the flying eagle beast.”

Xie Sen finished his juice. “I’ll go see it too.”

As the flying eagle beast said, it had a very strong constitution. Although it did have four trauma scars, and the wing injury was serious enough that It wouldn’t heal for a while.

When Xie Sen went over, he heard it say with regret, “If only my wings weren’t injured. I’d like to get revenge along with my buddy, and take a few pecks.”

Xie Sen’s mouth curved. With the size of the flying eagle beast, if it pecked Meyer, the man would die.

“Sen!” Tuan Tuan was standing on the beak of the flying eagle beast, but when it saw Xie Sen, it waved its wings and circled around Xie Sen happily. “Hahahaha! I pecked that bitch! Wasn’t it great!”

Xie Sen raised his hand, and Tuan Tuan stood on his wrist. He squeezed its little wing. “Yes, it’s great, but where did you learn ‘bitch?’”

Tuan Tuan cocked its round head. “That’s what they show on TV. Humans fight and call the bad guys ‘you bitch’ and ‘you little bitch…’” Tuan Tuan said with its wings stretched back. It was difficult for it to do a cross-waist action. “Especially imposing, chirp…”

Xie Sen held his forehead, stretched out his index finger and pointed at its head. “No more watching those dramas.”

Tuan Tuan stared. “It’s very good. The giant tiger also likes it. We even learned to scold each other!”

Xie Sen, “…” It seems that I need to forbid it, or else these contract beasts are going to learn how to misbehave!

Bai Jiao and Gu Luo were there, as well as a tall male he didn’t know. They were standing in front of the giant bear with long teeth as they discussed something.

Bai Jiao turned around at the sound of movement, smiled and greeted him. When he approached, he introduced the man. “This is my father.”

Xie Sen hurriedly said, “Hello, Uncle.”

Father Bai was handsome, tall and looked serious, but his voice was gentle, “Hello. I’ve heard A’Jiao praise you many times. He rarely praises people like that.”

Xie Sen was a bit formal in front of his elders, and smiled shyly.

Gu Luo said, “You are just in time. We are going to do a more detailed examination of them, and need your help.”

Xie Sen nodded, and followed Gu Luo’s instructions to soothe the beast. They looked at the teeth in the beast’s mouth that didn’t belong to it, then looked at the four fae contract beasts next to it. Xie Sen couldn’t help but ask, “Can they recover?”

Gu Luo drew blood from the beasts. His face was tense while he kept an eye on the beast’s reaction, and he waited until the blood was drawn before he exhaled and answered Xie Sen’s question. “Dr. Bai said yes.”

Father Bai said, “The extra organs have to be removed. The process will be painful, and their mental state isn’t good. To ensure success, we have to adjust their mental state first.”

Xie Sen said, “I will do my best to take care of them.”

Father Bai looked at the rest of the contract beasts. “They have been much quieter since you arrived. You are a natural calming agent for them. With you, they will recover well, and the success rate of the operations will be high.”

Xie Sen breathed a sigh of relief. “It will be good to have them recover.”

To better calm the lab beasts, Xie Sen’s chair was moved from the grounds to the accommodation area. The giant tiger often returned to the accommodation area as it played with balls, climbed, and chatted with the fae from time to time.

The fae were getting calmer and calmer. They lay in their cages, and their eyes glowed while they watched the tiger play.

After dinner, Xie Sen and Maine sat together to watch the news. Meyer’s fate had been announced. Deprived of military rank, and sentenced to prison for life. Maine’s voice was cool when he saw it. “That’s good. It would have been too easy to just give him the death penalty.”


As Maine said, when Meyer got the news, he lost his temper and shouted in a fierce voice, “No! I’ll take the death penalty! I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison!”

No one would listen to him. The death penalty on Brandt Star was strict, and not easily decided upon. He was quickly escorted to a makeshift prison chamber.

HanZheng looked old and tired as he stared across the room at Meyer, who looked agitated. “Father, get me out of here! I don’t want to go to prison for life!”

The prison for prisoners with life sentences was called the Lifelong Prison, and located on a small planet near Brandt Star. The environment was extremely harsh and full of vicious villains, but even more vicious people went in and in less than a year, their hostility would change, as if they became demented.

HanZheng had finished being angry, and his face looked exceptionally calm. “Why did you do this? I reminded you not to do illegal things. Not to make a move on contract beasts.”

Meyer was stunned, then laughed. “You ask me why? Don’t you know that I am about to succeed? If I succeed, my giant lion will become a flying lion, and I will be the master of the flying lion! Haven’t you always looked down on my ability? I’m going to show you that I can do it.”

HanZheng’s jaw tightened. “I’ve never looked down on you.”

“Heh,” Meyer gave a short laugh. “You didn’t? How could you not, knowing that Maine was the master of a flying lion? Didn’t you immediately want him to take over the Cox family?” He sounded angry. “No matter how hard I tried, even if I became a lieutenant general, just because I wasn’t an S class beast master, I was easily dismissed. You’re one, so was grandfather and great-grandfather. All the people in the family, they only recognize a flying lion beast master!”

HanZheng closed his eyes, his voice heavy with fatigue, “No one denied you. I‘m disappointed in you not because you are not an S class beast master, but because your private life is a mess. I can’t believe that you would think that.”

“Of course I thought that!” Meyer exclaimed. “You’re simply lying. You think so too. If it had been just a little longer, if I had also become a flying lion beast master, I would have been able to see your attitude change, just a little bit!”

HanZheng took a deep breath. “What kind of attitude do you expect me to give you when you do something like collude with the Star Pirates?”

Meyer shouted, “I did it all for the Cox family–”

“Shut up!” HanZheng got up, then said word by word, “You are destroying the Cox family. You did this to yourself.”

“Father, don’t go. Save me! Let me die!” Meyer tapped on the transparent window and shouted.

HanZheng’s footsteps stalled for a moment then he continued to walk out.


The next day, HanZheng’s initiative to step down from office caused a huge stir. The Cox family legion would be handed to HanZheng’s brother, Cuomo’s grandfather. The military ministries underwent huge changes.

HanZheng’s stepping down speech was short and earnest. He had made great contributions to Brandt Star in his life, and his resume deserved every bit of respect. HanZheng concluded by conveying to everyone his profound remorse, stating outright that he had been a failure as a parent.

The Cox family had been in the limelight because of Meyer’s accident, but the wind soon calmed down because of HanZheng stepping down. HanZheng was a truly strong and experienced military man, and many people expressed their regret.

A lot of ‘on the importance of educating children’ topics appeared on the Starnet.

Xie Sen looked at HanZheng’s resume, and looked at the video. HanZheng’s face looked pale. He sighed and he did feel some regret.

Maine’s expression didn’t fluctuate. “He isn’t an innocent person. Meyer did those things, and he couldn’t have been unaware of it. Meyer was his son and subordinate. He didn’t step down willingly. It’s difficult to escape the charge of inadequate supervision. By choosing to step down now, and diverting the attention of the masses, the Cox family’s losses will be greatly reduced. He will also be considered strong, since he is willing to let go of power.”

Xie Sen nodded with deep empathy as he hugged Maine’s shoulders, and half hung on him. “They’re ending now, right?”

Maine twisted his head, and kissed him on the cheek. “I didn’t care about them long ago. I only care about you. They all had it coming. I didn’t even have to do anything.”

Xie Sen smiled, and kissed him back. “That’s good. I like it when they do themselves in so they don’t get your hands dirty.”

Maine’s eyes were tinged with laughter. He reached out, scooped Xie Sen into his arms, then sat him down on his lap for an intimate kiss.

The next day, while Xie Sen was eating breakfast, he received a communication from Bai Jiao, who sounded excited. “A’Sen, have you seen the news?”

Xie Sen was a little surprised. Bai Jiao has always been quite calm. He was curious, “What’s going on?”

Bai Jiao said, “Professor Lu woke up. He found a lot of plant seeds in the ruins of Force City. Almost 20 kinds. According to President Ma’s research, most of them are plants that aren’t available now. The seeds are well preserved and active, so it is likely that they can be planted.”

Xie Sen heard the next words before he realized that the Professor Lu that Bai Jiao was talking about was Lu Qingxing. Bai Jiao knew that he had plants here, so he wasn’t prepared to hide this matter from him. He coughed lightly, “That, you’ve actually seen those plants.”

Bai Jiao was silent for a moment, then there was a helpless, light laugh. “So it seems.”

Xie Sen whispered, “Confidential. In order to rationalize the planting, I came up with this idea.”

Bai Jiao, “Mn. Don’t worry, I won’t speak about it.” He laughed. “This attention is good. I watched the news, and Professor Lu’s technology is very good. He made them look old, and also used the standard preservation techniques, so his credibility is very high.”

Xie Sen didn’t know that Lu Qingxing had done so much. He was very relieved. “Still, I was very lucky to meet Professor Lu.”

After he ended the communication, Xie Sen opened his bracelet to watch the news. He saw the live broadcast with the name of ‘Professor Lu’, and immediately clicked in.

In the live broadcast, Lu Qingxing’s lips were slightly white. It was obvious that he hadn’t fully recovered, but his voice was gentle, “I didn’t know there was a research base there. It was purely by chance that I came across it. The discovery of the plant seeds and the ability to escape was all due to my contract beast.”

His tone was sincere, “I would like to thank the anchor, Xie Sen. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to make the contract. Without the contract, without the giant armored beast, I wouldn’t have found the plant seeds, let alone the research base, and I wouldn’t have been able to escape from the bad guys.”

Xie Sen shrugged helplessly. Maine said, “He didn’t want to take credit for you.”

Xie Sen nodded, and couldn’t help but laugh. “Professor Lu is too nice to be involved in these sorts of twists and turns.”

The live broadcast soon ended. Not long after that, Xie Sen received a call from Lu Qingxing, who seemed a bit embarrassed. “Sorry. I still think I can’t take all the credit away from you. I just mentioned you to the reporters. I hope it won’t cause you any trouble.”

Xie Sen laughed. “I just watched the live broadcast. It’s okay, I’ve been in the news quite a lot lately, so it doesn’t matter.”

The flying eagle beast was injured, the fae were shipped to him, Tuan Tuan went and pecked Meyer, and he was mentioned in the daily news. However he didn’t go out, so there was no impact on him.

Lu Qingxing breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good. Can I bring A’Jia to see the flying eagle beast? Without its help, both me and A’Jia might have been in trouble.”

“Of course you can, and thanks a lot this time. I’m really sorry for getting you frightened and injured.” Xie Sen hadn’t expected things to develop like this at all. Originally he thought it would go well.

Lu Qingxing, “No need to be polite. No one would have expected this, and I’m glad. Otherwise I don’t know how many more contract beasts would have been studied!”

Xie Sen couldn’t resist sending a good guy card. “You’re a great guy.”

Just after he ended the communication, Maine’s voice sounded in his ear, “You admire him?”

Xie Sen scowled as the heat hit his ear. Maine continued to come closer. Xie Sen cupped his face in amusement. “That’s not worth being jealous over.” He kissed him on the lips. “Only you.”

Maine wrapped his arms around the back of his neck to keep him from retreating, and deepened the kiss.

In the afternoon, the accommodation area was extraordinarily lively, because the dust had settled and the physical condition of the flying eagle beast had stabilized again. Also, the masters of the other contract beasts had brought their contract beasts to visit their injured friends.

Lu Qingxing was the first to come, accompanied by the giant armored beast to visit the flying eagle beast, then he looked at the new fae beasts.

Xie Sen looked at the giant wolf beast who was running towards him from Huo Feng’s side, and his eyes sparkled. The giant wolf beast’s jasper eyes shone under the sunlight, its snow-white fur was fluffy and smooth, and the white fur flew naturally as it ran. It was too beautiful.

“Sen!” The giant wolf beast jumped in front of Xie Sen, then lay on the ground and cocked its big head, as its pointed ears twitched towards Xie Sen.

Xie Sen rubbed its ears and its paws. “Xue Yue, you seem to have become more beautiful.” He couldn’t help but feel a bit vain. He looked at the cheering and joyful giant tiger beast. Was he too brown?

Xue Yue raised its paws in delight. Its big tail whipped from side to side, and was casually grabbed and squeezed by Huo Feng who came over.

“Sen is so discerning, I also think you’re so beautiful. Sen’s affinity has also become stronger, yeah. So comfortable.”

Xie Sen stifled a laugh. The giant wolf beast was definitely the most beauty-loving of all contract beasts, but it was also the most pampered.

Not long after that, Yan Qi and the flying rhinoceros beast, then Zhao Hao and the giant rhinoceros beast walked in. Xie Sen touched the two rhinoceros horns. A dragon roar came from overhead. Long Teng hugged Bai Jiao as they jumped down. He laughed. “Wow! Really hilarious.”

Xie Sen wondered, “How did you know that?”

Long Teng said, “I saw it live!”

Xie Sen was stunned. “The live broadcast is on?”

The giant black leopard beast came over. “We discussed this morning. The flying eagle beast’s treatments, and our new friends’ treatments cost a lot of money. Food also costs money, so we decided to open the live stream to make money.”

The giant tiger beast added, “The new friends said that when they recover, they will come to perform a show to make money.”

Each contract beast master couldn’t help but laugh when they heard the translation from their own contract beast. Xie Sen was embarrassed. “I didn’t say to them that they were short of money!”

The viewers in the live broadcast room had expressed too much happiness.

[Ahhhhh! I finally saw the giant wolf beast again, the spring of the face dog!]

[Too happy, right! So many contract beasts, and the beast masters are so handsome. Lick the screen!]

Xie Sen finished, and received another communication from Jay. He remotely opened the door, and not long after, Jay walked in with Gold Yao. Gold Yao ran to him, raised its paw, and he rubbed it. Gold Yao’s eyes squinted comfortably, and it twisted its head to look at the rest of the contract beasts.

Xie Sen smiled and called out to the giant lion beast to take Gold Yao to meet its new friends.

The two of them were of the same breed, so they easily played together. The contract beasts were excited to see their new companions and asked questions all around.

Jay laughed. “You’re so lively here. I was just watching the live stream and Gold Yao’s paws were all over the screen, so I brought him here.”

Xie Sen asked, “How is he doing now?” Gold Yao wasn’t affected by the energy, but it had been hurt by the reversed bonding, and that mental injury was even worse than the rest of the contract beasts.

Jay’s expression was relaxed. “It’s recovering well. It’s rarely manic anymore.” He looked at Gold Yao. “It seems to be doing better here with you. There are so many strangers around, and it’s still calm.”

Xie Sen smiled, and knew secretly that it had to do with his increased affinity.

After they visited the flying eagle beast, the contract beasts played around. The giant black leopard beast took the contract beasts that hadn’t lived in the new accommodations to climb around the sleeping area. The giant tiger beast played with a big ball like an acrobat, and the giant bear beast turned on the music and danced.

The contract beasts played until it was almost dark, and only then did they follow their beast masters and said goodbye to Xie Sen.

The flying eagle was lying on the ground, as it screamed, “Don’t come to see me, you bastards! You are having so much fun, have you ever thought about the injured person’s feelings?!”

When the contract beasts saw that he was in good spirits, they left in peace and said, “We’ll see you tomorrow.”


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