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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


In the late afternoon, the sun was shining brightly and the air was hot and dry. However, there was one place that was exceptionally cool. The land near the contract beast accommodation area had changed, near the fence stood lush tall trees, while tree shadows were printed on the ground, and a layer of green grass had grown on the earth. At a glance, it was full of green.

At this time, the contract beasts were neatly arrayed along the side of the man-made river, as they leisurely waved their tails and whispered. Not far from the river, there was a superb sunflower. The petals were like natural sunshades, and the river was hidden in the shadow of the petals.

In the river, two huge curved petal shells were opened to ninety degrees, and revealed a large and round white pearl. The pearl held a piece of light, and the white light and the colorful light inside the shell reflected in the water and was extraordinarily beautiful.

In the bottom edge of the pearl’s light arc, near the edge of the piece of shell as it floated across the surface of the water, a white child lay on his side. With his black hair and black eyes, he was extraordinarily delicate and lovely looking, with eyelashes as long as a brush, as his eyes blinked, and wavered a little.

A small part of the python’s tail fell in the water, as it gently swung, the shell was like a boat, with small undulations, inside the shell of the doll was shaken as he lay comfortably, and gave a small yawn.

“Bao’er, do you want to sleep now?” The big tiger lying on the shore asked. “I’ll go get Sen. Sen said not to let you sleep by the water. You’ll catch a cold.”

Bao’er rubbed his eyes, climbed up and sat down, as he tried to open his big eyes, and said milkily, “I’m not sleepy, I still want to listen to your stories.”

The giant lion beast said, “You can’t let us go, and want to stay with us for a little longer, right?”

Elephant trunks moved in the water, lifted up in front of Bao’er, and sprayed a water mist. The water misted in the colorful light, and the shine was particularly nice. Bao’er reached out to touch, and got a wet hand.

The second elephant said, “You are still small. We know the story you want to listen to for a long time. It is your father and dad’s story. You have to wait and let Gold Yao speak of it, for it is was first to know A’Sen.”

The giant python said warmly, “Yes, haven’t you been looking forward to going to Blue Planet for a long time? A’Sen said that at most you’ll stay a month. When you come back, you can see us.”

Little Silver advised in a soft voice, “Big Pincers and I will also go together with you. The blue whale will definitely like you a lot, and it’s particularly big. Haven’t you always been curious?”

Bao’er rubbed his fleshy face, “But so sad…where is the big crab?” He looked around and didn’t see it.

The giant crocodile beast waved its tail. “It is excited. Tomorrow it gets to go to Blue Planet. It has been cutting branches since this morning. A’Sen said earlier he would hire someone to trim, but now there is no need at all. Big Pincers has finished.”

Bao’er giggled, and clapped his little hands, “The big crab is great!”

“Why so spirited?” Xie Sen walked to the shore, and smiled. “I thought you would fall asleep. It’s almost three o’clock. Aren’t you sleepy?”

Bao’er was now more than one year old. He was used to going to sleep at 1:30 every day, so this was the first time that he hadn’t taken a nap. Bao’er excitedly reached out to him. “Daddy hold. Big Tiger is telling me a story.”

Python’s tail swept the water, and the shell was pushed to the shore. Xie Sen reached out and hugged Bao’er and rubbed his little hands. He found that he wasn’t cold, and put aside his worry. “Is it too much?”

Bao’er wrapped around his neck, and nodded. “Mmm.”

The big tiger and a few others again comforted him, while Xie Sen smiled and pinched Bao’er’s nose. “You don’t want to go to Blue Planet?”

“Yes.” Bao’er said in a milky voice.

“Big Tiger and the others are here, and when you come back you’ll see them. You’ll go to many places, and many places will have friends. With friends, you don’t have to see them every day. They are attached to you, but not tied.” Xie Sen said in a soft voice.

Bao’er blinked in confusion.

Xie Sen smiled. “If you are unhappy, Father will worry. So will Big Tiger and the others, so do what you want to do and be happy, okay?”

Bao’er nodded. “Good.” He waved his hand at the contract beasts. “I will miss you.”

The contract beasts, “We’ll miss you too.”

Xie Sen said in amusement, “We’ll meet again tomorrow morning. It’s not like we’re leaving now.” He recalled Little Aoi, and said to the contract beasts, “Thank you for your hard work. You guys go play.”

He hadn’t thought before that the contract beasts would be so good with children. He had long planned to go to Blue Planet, and then they were delayed by one thing after another. After he had determined they would go tomorrow, he had some temporary matters to deal with. He had to help bring the planting information of various plants from the Research Institute to Lanny, then Ma Qun also had some planting ideas that he wanted Lanny to test.

Maine’s new robot design had just been produced, so the maintenance department had some problems and were looking for him, so after lunch, he went out.

Bao’er knew that after tomorrow there would be more than a month when he couldn’t see the big tiger, so he asked to play with them. Xie Sen dealt with things before he left Bao’er to the contract beasts.

This wasn’t the first time that the contract beasts took care of Bao’er. Before he had worried that Bao’er falling into the water would be a problem, so he was always on guard, but the contract beasts were on the spot to show him a quick rescue from the water. He saw that they had patience with Bao’er and they communicated without hindrance, and he liked to listen to them tell stories. So when something happened, Bao’er would be left to their care.

Maine also came back not long after that, and kissed Xie Sen on the cheek. “Where is Bao’er?”

Xie Sen was helpless. “He just went to sleep. He has been playing with the big tiger and the others. In half an hour, I’ll go wake him up. Are things all taken care of?”

Maine nodded, “Mn, I talked to Huo Feng. He’ll look after the big tiger and the rest.”

Bao’er woke up and was confused for a while before he truly woke up. He sipped his juice, and his eyes rolled. He saw the fruit kernels on the table, and scooted himself next to Xie Sen. “Daddy, when will Tuan Tuan come back?”

Tuan Tuan was now about the same size as the flying eagle beast, and was especially sharp. Since it had grown, it was obsessed with hunting everywhere to train itself, and went out from time to time, and then came back after a while.

Xie Sen thought of the information about bird contract beasts that he had read before. They had difficulty bonding with people because they were born to be free. In fact, for the flying eagle beast, and the Tuan Tuan to have stayed with him for a long time, was already considered rare.

“I don’t know, but it will definitely come back, and maybe bring you gifts.” Xie Sen rubbed the top of his hair. Every time Tuan Tuan came back, it would bring some small things to Bao’er.

Colorful stones, beautiful or strange flowers, delicious fruits, etc. It had brought back just about anything.

Bao’er pinched the fruit pit, “Mn. Bao’er hopes to see Tuan Tuan when he comes back.”

The next day, after everything was ready, Xie Sen and Maine took Bao’er to say goodbye to the contract beasts, loaded Big Pincers and Little Silver into the space buckle again, and then took a private spaceship to Blue.

This time, in addition to the three of them there were two pilots, both military personnel recommended by Yan Qi.

Bao’er was very excited on the way, but when he got tired he started thinking about Big Tiger and the others, then he fell asleep not long after.

“Earlier, I heard Yan Qi say that a leap point is being built to connect with Blue Planet. After it’s built, it will be much faster to go to Blue Planet, right?” Xie Sen asked, as he leaned on Maine.

Maine, “Mn, but it will be at least another year. The distance is too far.”

Early on the morning of the fifth day, the ship landed at the Blue Planet Spaceport. Lanny sent Simeon to pick them up, and they made it all the way out of the port smoothly, then directly into The Phantom of the Sea VIP suite, while the pilots lived next door to them.

Simeon still had the same serious face as before. “The Grand Prince said you had a hard journey. Rest first, and he will treat you to lunch at noon.”

The long journey was indeed a bit tiring. Xie Sen and Bao’er took a shower, then went to sleep. Maine was in good spirits, as he wore pajamas and sat next to them on the sofa to organize the photos he took on the way there. From time to time he looked up at them with a gaze full of warmth.

Bao’er woke up earlier than Xie Sen. He got up from the bed, and first held his little face to look at Xie Sen for a while, and then crawled towards Maine. He opened his hands, and after he sat firmly on Maine’s feet, he stretched out his fingers and shushed.

Maine smiled, kissed him, and looked at the photos with him. Bao’er was overjoyed to see the photos, and nodded at the screen.

When Xie Sen woke up, he saw father and son as they looked at the photos, and a smile subconsciously appeared on his face. “What time is it?”

“Eleven twenty. Still early.” Maine said.

“Is Daddy asleep?” Bao’er asked in a milky voice.

Xie Sen smiled, and got up to change his clothes. “I slept well. When did Bao’er wake up?”

Bao’er looked to Maine, who turned off the bracelet and stood up. “Half an hour ago.” He changed Bao’er’s clothes first, put Bao’er on the sofa, and then started to change himself.

Xie Sen changed and stood aside, as he admired his good figure. When he saw Bao’er was looking down and curiously fiddling with the shell buttons on his clothes, he reached out, touched Maine’s waist, stood on his tiptoes and kissed Maine on the chin, “So handsome!” Then he quickly withdrew.

Mayin eyes were dangerously dark.

Bao’er looked up, and followed by shouting ‘really handsome.’ Xie Sen smiled, Maine looked at him for a moment and exhaled lightly.

Lunch was a sumptuous seafood hot pot plus juice. Bao’er was excited. However he couldn’t eat any of those, only milk powder and fruit puree. He liked to eat fruit puree, so he didn’t make a fuss. He became very interested in Lanny. It was the first time he had seen someone with blue hair, blue eyelashes and blue eyes. Lanny liked him a lot, hugged him, and let him carefully touch his eyelashes and hair.

Lanny squeezed Bao’er’s white arms. “So soft.”

Xie Sen was curious. “Aren’t your mermaid babies soft?”

Lanny, “I haven’t held one, but certainly not this soft. Something so soft can’t live in the sea.”

“But you guys have human forms too, huh?”

Lanny looked at him. “You don’t know that mermaids are born as baby mermaids?”

Xie Sen really didn’t know.

Lanny held Bao’er, and poked his soft arms, as he explained, “Mermaid females choose to give birth in the water. If the baby is a mermaid, they will stay in the sea for at least a week, that way the baby’s body will be stronger.”

Xie Sen could not help but marvel at the richness of species forms in this world.

After they ate, Xie Sen and Lanny talked about business, and covered all the things that needed to be talked about. Then the family headed to the Deadly Waters. The aircraft stopped at the edge of the Deadly Waters. Next they changed to the flying lion beast to travel to the interior area of the sea.

Soon after they entered the Deadly Waters, the surface of the sea suddenly rose with close to thirty meters of waves. A definite warning.

Bao’er giggled incessantly, and his little fat hands clapped, he was especially excited.

The flying lion beast nimbly dodged the waves, and Xie Sen shouted to the bottom, “Little blue whale! Help me convey the message. I’m looking for the little blue whale.”

The color of the water gradually darkened, as some big guy floated up from below, but didn’t show his head, just swung his tail. The water formed a white line at the tail, as it abruptly scampered forward.

The flying lion beast soared in the air, roaring and shouting the name of the blue whale. The sound was penetrating so at least the creatures of the nearby waters could hear. Since the water energy coverage had been very large, it was reasonable that there were many creatures that could understand.

Not long after, the long whale calls came from far and near. Xie Sen looked around for the sound, and saw reflected in the water the strange shape of a huge black shadow that was approaching them extremely fast from a distance.

“It’s big. Daddy, is it a blue whale?” Bao’er stared at the water with huge eyes.

“No, it’s not just that.” Xie Sen squinted for a moment, to make sure he saw the tentacles waving in the air.

When the oddly shaped huge black shadow moved below them, Xie Sen finally got a good look at what the shadow was.

A blue whale and a megalodon swam side by side. A large octopus and squid were entangled into one, two were tied and deformed, but also hadn’t forgotten to each leave a tentacle free to wave in the air.

“A’Sen..” Several different voices came from below.

The flying lion beast landed on the back of the blue whale. Xie Sen summoned vines, knotted them into the shape of stairs, handed Bao’er to Maine, and the two walked down the vine stairs down to the back of the blue whale one after another.

The blue whale was surprised. “Is this A’Sen’s baby?”

“Bao’er is Daddy’s baby.” Bao’er looked at the blue whale with wonder, and answered seriously.

The sea monsters’ surprised voices came again at the same time, “He can understand us?”

Xie Sen laughed, “Mn. He can, and I can understand you guys directly now. Are you playing together?”

Blue whale, “No, some acquaintances said someone was looking for me, then I heard the roar of the flying lion beast, so I knew you were coming. They also heard the movement and came over. We met along the way.”

Xie Sen squatted down and touched the smooth back of the blue whale. “Thank you for the wedding gift. I like it very much.” he said, then released Big Pincers and Little Silver.

Little Silver instantly whimpered and cried, “Big Tail, I miss you so much.”

The blue whale also cried, “I also miss you.”

The big squid flung a tentacle at the blue whale. “No crying. I saw you and the Megalodon racing and swimming yesterday. You were laughing like a fool.”

The big crab said slowly, “Don’t get too excited. We should be happy.”

The blue whale was admiring, “Big Pincers, you are still so calm. It’s awesome!”

Xie Sen stifled his laughter. If he hadn’t seen all the pruned branches, he would have believed that. The big crab spoke in tune, it had the divine skill of pretending to be calm.

After they met, the blue whale had endless words for them. They were in the center of the sea, with sea monsters swimming around, and it really wasn’t a good place to talk, so eventually they moved to a remote island nearby to chat.

Bao’er was very curious, and held his small face to listen to with interest. He didn’t know enough to understand, anyway, he was just listening to the taste of the words.

In the following days, Xie Sen and Maine took Bao’er all over Blue. They went to various depths of the sea, saw a lot of beautiful coral and different forms of water creatures. During this time, they also saw a newborn baby mermaid, and a silver mermaid, who was particularly beautiful. Bao’er wore a life preserver, and spent more than an hour near the baby mermaid.

They also often went to play with the blue whale. The big squid and octopus were very interested in Bao’er, and were always wanting to take Bao’er out to play.

Xie Sen remembered that they were poisonous, but he was too afraid to let them wrap their tentacles around Bao’er, and only let Bao’er stand on the back of the megalodon or blue whale and chat with them.

Megalodon was the oldest, and knew a lot of sea stories. Usually it, the giant octopus and the big squid would chat, as it wanted to tell its memory of a story. It often did get to say more than a few sentences before it was interrupted, and then inexplicably they had an open fight.

However, now the king of the audience was Bao’er, and they were happy to tell the story one by one. Bao’er didn’t necessarily understand, but he was unusually patient, and not only wanted to hear the wonderful plot, but also applauded and cheered.

Xie Sen and Maine were seated on the beach. Aoi stood on the edge of the beach, and had blocked out a large area of the sun. Xie Sen drank a mouthful of watermelon juice, while he looked at Bao’er who was sitting on the head of the megalodon, and bumped elbows with Maine.

“He’s like you. He has good patience. If it were me, I would have given up.”

Maine’s tone was doting, “Mn. He is very smart and curious.”

Xie Sen put the watermelon juice aside, and held his chin. “According to the blue whale, the megalodon has lived for a long, long time. How long do you think it will take for its story to be told?”

Maine, “No matter how long it takes to be told we are only staying here for a month at most. We will come back later. When the leap point is built, it will be easy to come over.”

Xie Sen nodded, “Bao’er will definitely be sad to leave.”

After half a month on Blue Planet, Xie Sen received a communication from Long Teng, who sounded particularly excited, “A’Sen, you guys hurry back. I’m going to have a birthday!”

Xie Sen raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you usually don’t have birthdays?”

“Hey, this year’s birthday is different. I have something very important to announce, so you must come back quickly, ah.”

Xie Sen counted the days left. “Okay. I’ll be back before June 1.”

Long Teng said happily, “That’s great,” He couldn’t stop himself from asking, “You aren’t curious about what I have to announce?”

Xie Sen, “What is it?”

Long Teng laughed heatedly. “I can’t tell you. I’m going to give you a big surprise. Hahaha!”

After he ended the communication, Xie Sen couldn’t hold back a laugh as he took Maine’s arm. “Long Teng is going to have a birthday. Let’s go back. He said he has a big surprise to announce.”

Maine said, “Announce the wedding date?”

Xie Sen laughed again. “Shh. We have to pretend not to know.”

He knew what it was when Long Teng said there was something to announce. Before they came to Blue Planet, Long Teng asked him every day to help with how to propose to Bai Jiao. As soon as he heard Long Teng’s excitement, he knew the proposal was successful.

As they left Blue Star, Bao’er was really very upset, but he knew that they would see each other again in the future, and after being told about Uncle Long’s birthday, he was soon happy. When they returned to Brandt Star, it was exactly June 1st, so after they went home to rest, they headed straight to Long Teng’s birthday party in the evening.

Long Teng was smiling extra brightly, and his mouthful of white teeth was particularly dazzling. He announced on the spot, the happy news that he and Bai Jiao would have an August 8th marriage.

After the announcement, he ran up to Xie Sen and Maine and asked with a smile, “Hahaha! Is it a surprise?”

Xie Sen, Maine, and Bao’er moved in perfect unison and nodded, “Special surprise.”

Long Teng said, “The beer you said before, A’Jiao made it. Wait a minute, I’ll get some for you.”

After Long Teng walked away, Bai Jiao lightly and helplessly smiled, then asked, “Did you guys already know?”

Xie Sen smiled up, “Guessed. After all, A’Teng was so happy, it wasn’t difficult to figure it out.”

Bai Jiao glanced in the direction Long Teng had left, and laughed, “That fool still thinks everyone else doesn’t know.”

Long Teng was fast, and brought the beer over. Xie Sen took a sip and gave a thumbs up towards Bai Jiao. “That’s the taste. It’s awesome!”

The four poured a glass each, raised and clinked their glasses, which make a crisp crashing sound. Xie Sen laughed and said, “Happy birthday!”


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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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