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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After Huo Feng made his contract, he deliberately asked someone to fix up his villa. On the first floor, except for the kitchen, dining room and living room, all the other rooms were opened up and remade into an exclusive bedroom for the giant wolf beast. The bedroom was large and equipped with central air conditioning, so it was at the optimum temperature at all times. A snow-white cushion was placed by the wall, which was the giant wolf beast’s bed.

The right corner opposite the bed had a large door that opened to the backyard of the villa, where an open-air oversized swimming pool was located. Huo Feng had the pool expanded and divided into two, so one side was for himself and one side was just for the giant wolf beast.

Xue Yue climbed up from the soft cushion, shook its long fluffy fur, ran to the other side of the wall and looked at itself in a mirror that took up half the wall. It carefully surveyed itself, as it twisted its body in the middle. Its fur was smooth, its eyes were a gorgeous turquoise, it was beautiful and divine. It expressed its satisfaction.

A small movement came from the living room. Its furry pointed ears twitched, and it rushed out like a phantom.

Huo Feng took a pair of cotton slippers from the shoe rack, but only got to change one shoe. He was squeezed against the wall by Xue Yue, who skillfully plopped down on the floor, then rubbed its head against him. Huo Feng raised his hand to block it, as a smile appeared on his serious face, “Xue Yue, don’t make a scene.”

Xue Yue unhappily continued to rub. “You didn’t take me with you when you went out!”

Huo Feng rubbed the side of his face. “It’s just business. There’s no danger. You just had a bath in the sun and your fur isn’t even dry. Stay home and be comfortable.”

“Hmph.” Xue Yue hummed. “I want to follow you. You promise me. Next time you go out, if I fall asleep, you must wake me up!”

Huo Feng was helpless, “Okay, I promise you. Get out of the way.”

Xue Yue was satisfied. It got up and retreated to the side. Huo Feng changed his shoes, then rubbed the side of its neck. He casually took off his suit jacket and threw it on the sofa, then opened the topmost button of his white shirt and pulled off his tie. He poured a glass of water, sat on the sofa, took a sip and breathed out lightly.

Xue Yue plopped down behind the sofa. Its turquoise eyes blinked as its head rested on the edge of the sofa next to Huo Feng’s shoulder. “Feng. You’re not happy?”

Huo Feng casually rubbed Xue Yue’s big head. “No.”

Xue Yue angrily inclined his head. “Liar. I feel that you’re slandering my intelligence. I told you, I’m smart.”

Huo Feng laughed a little. He rarely laughed. His voice was low and dark, while his smile was fleeting but magnetic. “Nothing. Just a little tired.”

The Huo family was a business family with a large and complex staff. Both his parents died early, and many people had their hearts set on having the company. However, he took over the Huo family at a very young age with the help of his grandfather and granddad.

But who would have thought that soon after he took over the Huo family, his grandfather had another son. His little uncle was only eight years old this year.

Little uncle’s dad was his grandfather’s caretaker, from a few years ago. So, although his grandfather favored his youngest son, it very clearly screwed up the big things. In the last two years they both had suffered from ill health, and needed a more intimate caretaker, and were compelled to move and share a property. Granddad firmly disagreed. The family was a mess every day.

He had gone out before, and his business was quickly negotiated. The reason for the delay was because he was called away by his granddad. Granddad was a rare strong female, and his granddad had been looking for him, for only one purpose. He was told to not let his young uncle take a single benefit from the Huo family, and not get any shares.

“If your grandfather is heartbroken, let your grandfather give him his private property.”

Huo closed his eyes. He could still see his granddad’s red-eyed, resigned and resentful look as he spoke.

His grandfather and granddad were the pillars of his teenage years, the two people he valued most. Now this situation had developed, and he had a deep sense of exhaustion.

Along with it came irritation.

The two seniors, for whatever reason, were suddenly actively trying to help him with his matchmaking. He pushed them off many times, but they were always happy to bring it up again. They were fighting with each other as if his marriage had become another battleground for them, so if he agreed to marry a person he was introduced to, one side would win.

He found it amusing that the warm memories of his childhood seemed to have become false, and that everything had changed since the death of his parents. Only at the cottage could he feel the stones in his heart loosen, so that he could take a breather and not think about anything.

Xue Yue’s ears twitched. It was sensitive to the change in Huo Feng’s breathing. He was asleep!

It carefully moved its head away and gently moved to stand in front of Huo Feng. It looked at the wrinkles in Huo Feng’s thick sword brows, and felt very unhappy and difficult. It stood contemplating things for a moment, and decided to get a blanket to cover Huo Feng. It had seen various dramas. The people in the dramas who fell asleep without blankets could easily catch a cold.

However soon it realized that this wasn’t a simple matter. It stood in the middle of the living room, its head just alongside the second floor corridor. It had been quite happy before. Huo Feng was able to rub it every time he woke up from a nap before he came downstairs.

But now, it was very depressed. It was too tall to go to the second floor, which meant that it couldn’t retrieve Huo Feng’s usual blanket. It ran to its bedroom, turned around, and found nothing suitable to cover Huo Feng. It ran to the living room again, and hit the idea on the suit jacket Huo Feng took off, however, it quickly dismissed the idea. Huo Feng was lying on half of the suit. If it dragged the suit out from under him, Huo Feng would surely wake up immediately.

It was very smart, and its five senses were particularly sensitive. Huo Feng’s recent sleep was very bad, and he always slept in the early morning, sometimes he even slept on the balcony with the blowing wind.

It thought, if sleeping was now very difficult for Huo Feng, it couldn’t wake him up.

It lay on the ground. Its big head rested on its front paws, as it stared at Huo Feng. If it were human, it could go upstairs and get a blanket, or just carry Feng upstairs to the bedroom, where he would surely sleep more comfortably. It was suddenly a little disappointed that it wasn’t human. Maybe it was because it wasn’t human, that Feng said it was okay before and that he was tired, but wouldn’t tell him what happened.

As it thought about it, its tail unconsciously swayed. It lifted its head, twisted its head towards its own back so it could look behind it, and suddenly had a good idea.

Huo Feng was woken up by the heat. The more he slept the hotter he felt, so he moved impatiently. Eventually, he couldn’t resist opening his eyes. In front of him was snow white, he took a deep breath in surprise, and some long white hair was sucked up to his nose. He abruptly tilted his head and coughed.

Xue Yue opened its eyes, and twisted its head. “Feng, you’re awake?”

Huo Feng grabbed its big tail, and sat up. “What are you doing?”

Xue Yue said smugly, “I was afraid you’d get cold, and covered you on purpose.” It inclined its head, a little angry. “Hmph. I can’t go up to the second floor, and you had your coat pressed down.”

Huo Feng was stunned. He daily marveled at Xue Yue’s high intelligence. His heart was warm, as he rubbed its tail. “Thank you.”

Xue Yue waved its tail and swept it across Huo Feng’s face. Huo Feng smiled and avoided it. He didn’t bother to think about anything else, just ordered a takeaway, and got food for Xue Yue.

Xue Yue wasn’t happy, but Huo Feng said, “You’ll see the event live. when you’re in the space buckle, you can’t see anything, but at home you can still see me.”

Xue Yue thought about it, and agreed.

When Huo Feng brought it back the first day, he said he was a businessman, not a soldier. He didn’t need to fight, he just needed a partner who would not betray him. He didn’t have to follow him all the time, as he was not in danger.

Xue Yue watched a lot of videos alone, and watched a lot of shows. It understood a lot of human emotions, and finally understood why Huo Feng wanted to bond with it. He didn’t want to be alone.

Huo Feng prepared a day’s worth of food for it. He also turned on the oversized electronic screen on the wall, so that if something happened, Xue Yue could contact him or Xie Sen by pressing a button on the screen.

After Huo Feng left, Xue Yue lay on the floor and watched the event live. It hadn’t started yet, so he pressed the bone toy and nibbled on it for its own amusement. After a while it felt bored. It used to have a great interest in this matter, but it thought about it and came to the conclusion that it had become smarter again.

With that in mind, it ran to its room and admired its beautiful face in the mirror for a while. It felt that it looked good everywhere, and returned to the living room in a happy mood. It looked at the people on the screen, and couldn’t help but think that if it were smaller, it could always be with Feng without having to stay in the space buckle. If it was also a human, A’Feng can follow it wherever it goes, and maybe it can help. After all, he was smart and pretty. Pretty and smart people in the shows were great!

The event Huo Feng was attending was a summit on science and technology. Xue Yue didn’t understand much, and it didn’t care, anyway it only stared at Huo Feng. Occasionally it glanced at passers-by, and after that, it waved its tail and thought with relief that really, it was still Feng who looked best.

But after seeing a female and Huo Feng stand together while the person who was broadcasting the news talked and talked about how well-matched the two were, its pleasant mood vanished into thin air. It stared at the female for a while, sighed long and put its head sorrowfully on his front paws.

Feng’s vision was too bad. He could choose such a handsome contract beast. Why would he choose a person whose appearance was so bad?

It’s not right, even if it’s pretty online? Not even.

Xue Yue scratched the floor with its paws, it’s mind in a tangle. Did Feng want to find a mate? When it thought about it like that, it felt hurt. It was logical that a beast master should cheer and rejoice when he had a mate.

All it wanted to do was howl in anger!

Hm, it was too much. Feng had it, why did he still want to think about a mate? It was handsome and pretty and smart. Was it just because it wasn’t human?

It scratched the floor and hummed softly. A human was a beast yet, how could they look down on beasts?

Huo Feng came back and smelled of alcohol. Xue Yue was familiar with the smell. It had smelled, and secretly tasted it, in A’Sen’s house. It was very strong and didn’t taste good.

Xue Yue wasn’t very happy. It didn’t pounce on him in greeting, but when he saw Huo Feng frown as he pulled on the tie, it still couldn’t help but run over, and raised its paws. The cotton slippers Huo Feng often wore were pulled to the ground.

Huo Feng took a look at the bottom of the slippers, smiled and rubbed the side of Xue Yue’s neck. “So good.”

He supported himself on Xue Yue to change his shoes, pulled the tie out and threw it on the sofa, then rubbed his forehead and sat on the sofa. His hand casually hit the plush flesh pad of Xue Yue’s foot. It was very soft, and very warm.

His whole body relaxed, and it didn’t take him long to fall asleep.

However he didn’t sleep soundly. The scene of his grandfather attending the meeting while ill during the day, then introducing him to females in front of many people made him frown uncontrollably. The scene shifted to his grandfather’s angry face when he asked yet another female to take him back to the villa and he refused.

Finally, the scene stopped with his grandfather and granddad as they greeted him with false smiles, pampered him, and even the actions of the females around them, who behaved as if they were familiar like lovers, as they cared for him. He tried to endure his irritation like a shadow. If they were any other people, he would have thrown up his hands and left, or asked someone to blow them off.

Xue Yue, who was laying on the side of the sofa, stared at Huo Feng. The stress on Huo Feng’s face was obvious. It spit out its tongue, and wanted to try Huo Feng’s forehead temperature, but was afraid to wake him. It retracted its tongue, and glared angrily with its pretty turquoise eyes, as it rested its head on its paws and sulked.

It couldn’t do anything. If Feng were a fighter and needed to fight, it could help fight, but what Feng needed wasn’t a fighter at all. He needed a companion, one that could keep him company and ease his boredom.

It was angry. Angry with itself. It would have been better if it had been human.

Unhappy, it closed its eyes. In a daze it felt that its body was burning. Heat swept through it. It couldn’t feel where the heat came from, only that it was hot everywhere. Its limbs were hot, sore and aching. It wanted to move, but it seemed unable to use its strength.

Time seemed to have become incomparably long. It was like it had jumped into a furnace, its whole body was hot and painful. It didn’t know when it lost consciousness.

Xue Yue was awakened by Huo Feng’s scolding voice. “Who are you?” 

Huo Feng’s voice was harsh, with the hoarseness of a hangover.

Xue Yue’s eyelids moved, and to its surprise, it found its body was particularly relaxed with no remnants of last night’s unpleasantness.

It looked over at Huo Feng, and glared at him discontentedly. “I’m Xue Yue. Have you been drinking yourself silly?”

As soon as the words landed, it was stunned. This was not its voice. No, it should say the tone was the same, but, it was human language. It jerked its head down, and there was a white shimmer in front of it, but instead of its fur, it was human skin.

It stood up, only then did it realize that the paws that were propped up on the ground were no longer pads of flesh, but human palms, and its field of vision, too, had become much shorter.

“You…” Huo Feng looked in shock at the beautiful teenager who sat in front of him without a stitch on. The teenager has the same long white hair as Xue Yue’s fur, a pair of clear turquoise, and delicate, almost demonic features. He was pure and charming.

He noticed the teenager’s movements. He wasn’t standing like a human, but on all fours, the same as Xue Yue. He started to believe a little in what the teenager had just said.

After Xue Yue’s shock, he looked up sharply. “I’m an adult?” Perhaps he was too surprised. The white ears that had been submissively hidden in his white hair, suddenly stood up and twitched.

Huo Feng’s breath stagnated. He never knew he had a certain bad fetish, but the scene in front of him was too much.

After Xue Yue froze, he laughed again. His feet exerted themselves. He scampered to the sofa, and jumped straight into Huo Feng’s arms, as he hugged him, “Ahhhhh, great! Feng, I can finally hold you.”

Huo Feng subconsciously wrapped his arms around him, then his hand touched him, and the sensation of smooth skin instantly came from his hand. His heart skipped a beat, and he immediately lifted his palm to avoid touching the teenager. He tilted his neck, and did his best to put some distance between the two of them. “You get up first. I’ll go find a set of clothes for you.”

Xue Yue wiggled his legs. Huo Feng gritted his teeth and stifled a grunt, only to decide that the teenager was too stubborn. Xue Yue said, “No clothes. It’s not comfortable.”

Under Huo Feng’s assertive attitude, Xue Yue finally put on Huo Feng’s black sweatshirt. Huo Feng looked at the teenager, and regretted it. With the teenager’s white hair and pure snowy skin, to have him wear black was too foul.

When he saw Xue Yue bend down and want to get on all fours, he hurriedly grabbed his hand. “Walk with your feet. I have contacted A’Sen, and we will go to his house later.”

Xue Yue propped himself up with hand and walked two steps, unhappy. “I’m not used to it, I feel like a cripple.”

Huo Feng was deeply helpless. “Humans walk on their feet.”

Xue Yue shook off his hand, and tried to walk with his feet. He only took one step before his body fell forward, and he automatically tried to land on his front paws as well.

Huo Feng caught him in time, looked at his angry puffy face, and felt amused and helpless. He could only gather the person in his arms. “I’ll take you to A’Sen first, and ask what’s going on.”

Xue Yue happily wrapped his arms around his neck, and kicked his feet. “Being human is just right. Otherwise A’Feng couldn’t hold me at all.”

Huo Feng thought back to the huge size of the giant wolf beast and lost his smile. He indeed couldn’t hold it.

Xie Sen was stunned, as he watched Huo Feng carry a beautiful teenager into his living room, “Your boyfriend? Foot injury?”

Huo Feng put Xue Yue on the sofa. Before he could say anything, Xue Yue pounced on Xie Sen like a gust of wind, his head rubbing the side of Xie Sen’s neck, “A’Sen…!”

Maine, with a cold face, grabbed the back of Xue Yue’s collar and threw the person onto Huo Feng. “Watch him. Don’t blame me for being rude if he dares to do that again.”

The almost two-year-old Bao’er held a cantaloupe, looked at Xue Yue, and then at Maine. “Father, is someone trying to steal Daddy?”

Xie Sen wiped the melon from the corner of his mouth. “No, you continue to eat melon.”

“Oh.” Bao’er bowed his head, and continued to nibble on the melon.

Huo Feng held Xue Yue’s waist to stop him from moving around. Xue Yue nestled in his arms, and was instantly well behaved. Huo Feng told them what happened, and Xie Sen gaped at Xue Yue in surprise. He blinked, and revealed his pointy, fluffy ears. “A’Sen, the ears are still there.”

Xie Sen communicated with Adam in his mind, then spoke, “I don’t know the exact reason. Before, Dr. Bai said that the current humans once turned into beasts, so it was possible that contract beasts could become human. Especially those who had been affected by energy. However, Dr. Bai has also said that the current stimulation conditions are difficult to meet, and there also needs to be an opportunity. At least, the contract beast itself has to be eager to become human.”

Huo Feng looked to Xue Yue, who nodded. “I wanted to become human. I want to hold Feng. I want to follow Feng everywhere, and I want to take care of Feng.”

Huo Feng was stunned, and couldn’t resist rubbing his ears. “Take care of me?”

“Hmph.” Xue Yue hummed softly. “You don’t know how to take care of yourself at all!”

Xie Sen’s eyes flickered over the pair. “Many contract beasts have only been affected by energy once, but Xue Yue has had it twice. Initially with the red energy, and then on the mining planet, where he was exposed to earth energy. Also he wanted to become human, so he probably became human.” He smiled. “Ask Dr. Bai, he’s the expert.” He redeemed some more fruits and vegetables from the system. “Eat these. They will help Xue Yue.”

Huo Feng said thanks, then  left and went directly to Dr. Bai, who said, “After I saw the high IQ contract beasts, I purposely did more research. The current environment here is very different from the past, and now it is reasonably difficult to change into a human. But A’Sen mentioned some energy. I went through my research and found that contract beasts affected by energy have a higher rate of resemblance to humans than those not affected by energy.” Finally, he concluded, “I agree with A’Sen’s statement. This should be related to the fact that he was affected by both energies and has a strong desire to become human.”

Huo Feng, “So, will he change back?”

“No. A reverse change would put a lot of pressure on the skeleton, and is theoretically impossible.”

Huo Feng asked again, “What about his ears?”

Dr. Bai said regretfully, “Sorry. We can only infer from the current situation that if he has a strong idea that they should become a normal ear, they might be able to change.”

Huo Feng said thanks, and took Xue Yue back to the villa. He had only just put Xue Yue down when he ran on all fours to his original bedroom. He was stunned and hurriedly chased after him. “What do you want? Take it easy.”

He ran to the door, glanced inside, and immediately averted his gaze.

The teenager had undressed, and stood in front of the mirror as he looked left and right, while his body writhed like a goblin in a picture book.

Xue Yue was satisfied with his image. In his eyes, he hadn’t changed his appearance at all. He was still the same as his beast form, beautiful and handsome. He turned his head and saw that Huo Feng wasn’t looking at him, and felt dissatisfied. “I don’t look good?”

Huo Feng was deeply helpless. “First put your clothes on. You are a human being from now on, so you have to get used to human life.”

“So do I look good or not?” Xue Yue asked stubbornly.

Huo Feng cried and laughed. Xue Yue used to love beauty. Now it seemed that despite becoming human, he was the same. He quickly said, “Good looking. Now put on your clothes.”

Xue Yue hummed lightly. “Your lying to me. How good-looking can I be if you won’t look at me?”

Huo Feng was thinking about how to give him a lecture on modesty, when he was hugged by Xue Yue who moved so quickly that he didn’t even have time to dodge.

Xue Yue cupped his face, then padded around on his feet to face him. “Look at me. Do I look good?”

Huo Feng looked at his turquoise eyes. “Good looking.”

Xue Yue sized him up, raised his smile proudly, and said joyfully, “Then do you like it?”

Huo Feng’s throat twitched, as he secretly sighed and took off his jacket to wrap him up. “Yes.”

Xue Yue hugged him, then kissed his face. “Then don’t mate with that female. He is not as good-looking as me.”

“Which one?” Huo Feng froze.

Xue Yue wrinkled his nose. “The one in green who was standing with you!”

Huo Feng rubbed his hair, and hugged him as they went back to the sofa. “Mn. I’m not prepared to mate with him.”

Satisfied, Xue Yue touched his stomach. “So hungry.”

After he finished eating, Xue Yue scampered to Huo Feng’s bedroom and wandered around. He waited for him to stop when he was tired, and he finally leaned against Huo Feng’s shoulder in confusion. “Hum. When you fell asleep last time, I especially wished I was human and could enter the bedroom.”

Huo Feng gazed at Xue Yue. There was such a sense of unreality, as he asked softly, “Why did you want to become human?”

It was clear that while the question was asked once, he wanted to ask again. Xue Yue closed his eyes and frowned. He rubbed against his shoulder. “I want to stay with Feng, so Feng is not alone.”

Huo Feng stared at the sleeping Xue Yue for a long time, then had a rare good night’s sleep.

The next few days were very lively for Huo Feng. He had no time to take care of the family’s affairs. He just firmly maintained his grasp on the Huo’s business as he meticulously finished his work, then hoofed it back to the villa. The company’s employees were extraordinarily surprised at how the workaholic suddenly wasn’t a workaholic anymore.

Huo Feng returned home, and was immediately hugged by Xue Yue. “Feng, you’re back!”

Huo Feng changed his shoes, then Xue Yue pulled him to sit on the sofa and turned around, “Look. Does it look good?”

He was wearing a pair of seven-point shorts and a white V-neck T-shirt. His slender body and delicate collarbones were visible. Huo Feng nodded. “Good-looking.”

This was Xue Yue’s new hobby, as he tried all kinds of clothes, and it was what motivated him to wear clothes.

Xue Yue smiled brightly. He ran to the wall in one fast blink, then back in another. He pounced on Huo Feng. “Look. Don’t I walk well?”

Huo Feng smiled, and stroked his head. “Yes.” He had to admit that, Xue Yue’s limbs were very coordinated. After practicing for only a few days, he was used to walking on two feet, just as he was for sleeping on his stomach.

Xue Yue smiled and said, “Then you can take me out, right?”

Huo Feng, “You want to go out so badly?”

“I became a human to follow you at all times.” Xue Yue wrapped his arms around his neck. “You said you would let me go out as soon as I could walk on two feet.”

Huo Feng rubbed his ears. He immediately put them away, as he plucked at his hair and glared with his turquoise eyes. “So you can’t see!”

Huo Feng laughed lightly, and thought about it. “Okay. You will follow me out in the future, but if your ears show, you should wear a hat!”

“Okay!” Xue Yue was very excited.

The next day when Huo Feng woke up, Xue Yue was no longer in the room. But when he went downstairs, he saw Xue Yue was wearing white pants, the same color leather shoes, together with a waist-skimming blue shirt, while his white hair draped behind him. He was an elite model with a lot of charm.

“Does it look good?” Xue Yue asked as soon as he took a look at him.

Huo Feng, “Good looking.”

Xue Yue raised a smile, then put on a checkered style beret with some disgust. “Does this make it ugly?”

Huo Feng looked at him and sighed. “How can you possibly look ugly?” When the hat was put on, it just looked playful. With Xue Yue’s looks, even if it was a tattered shirt, it would become something else.

Xue Yue hugged him, and kissed his chin. “A’Feng is so nice.”

The employees of Huo’s company were floored when their ascetic/lusty boss suddenly brought a stunningly beautiful teenager to work. Then once he had done it for a week, and spoke and behaved in such a doting manner, the employees immediately understood that the prospective boss’ wife had appeared!

Xue Yue excitedly followed Huo Feng to work for a week, and had a basket of words to share with his friends. When the weekend came, he got up early in the morning. He and Huo Feng had agreed to go to Xie Sen’s house today. But before they even left the house, Huo Feng’s grandfather and granddad each brought a female to the door.

Xue Yue’s eyes suddenly lit up. Huo Feng couldn’t help but smile, which left him stunned. It hadn’t been not long ago that whenever he saw the two elders, he was full of irritation, but now he was actually able to smile. He looked at Xue Yue, and asked in a quiet voice. “What are you thinking about?”

Xue Yue raised his chin, and the corners of his mouth curled up playfully. “Look at me.”

Huo Feng then watched a personal show of Xue Yue’s charm, as he compared himself to the two females to the point where they couldn’t lift their heads.

Xue Yue took Huo Feng’s arm, and smiled with a happy face. “Feng is so good-looking, that no one can match him except me.”

His grandfather and granddad didn’t look too good, as they asked about Xue Yue’s family history. Huo Feng embraced Xue Yue. “It doesn’t matter what his family history is, I just like him. Sorry, we have to go out for something. You guys can take a seat.”

Xue Yue sat on the flying shuttle, while his eyes glowed, and he smiled with joy. “I heard you. You said you like me.”

Huo Feng raised his hand, and rubbed the top of his hair. “Do you only know now?”

Xue Yue raised his chin. “I’m so handsome and good looking, you must have liked me a long time ago, right?”

Huo Feng lost his smile. He looked at him, and said in a slow voice, “As long as it’s you, even if you weren’t good looking anymore, I would still like it.”

Xue Yue was stunned and blushed for the first time. His heart was beating fast, but he didn’t know why. Huo Feng didn’t hold back. He leaned down and kissed him. Xue Yue found for the first time that there were activities that he liked very much, as he wrapped around Huo Feng and kissed for a while.

When they arrived at Xie Sen’s house, they met Maine rushing out with Xie Sen in his arms, while Bao’er followed behind sitting in the baby mover.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Feng asked.

Xie Sen was a little embarrassed. “Feel free to let Xue Yue and Big Tiger play. I have to go to the hospital.”

Maine looked at Bao’er. “Please help watch Bao’er. Tuan Tuan will also watch him.”

Huo Feng nodded. After they left, he picked up Bao’er. “Don’t worry, your dad is fine.”

Bao’er nodded. “Mn. Daddy said that there might be a little baby.” His eyes were bright. “I’m going to have a brother!”

It didn’t take long for Maine and Xie Sen to come back. Xie Sen was indeed pregnant.

Bao’er hugged Xie Sen, “When is my brother going to meet me?” Xie Sen smiled and taught him about the pregnancy cycle.

Huo Feng and Xue Yue stayed until three o’clock in the afternoon. When they got back, Huo Feng went to the study to deal with work, while Xue Yue went on the balcony to look at the scenery. As he was looking, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he waved up towards the air. A huge black shadow came from afar then drew near, and flew to perch on the balcony railing. It was extremely large. Its whole body was black, while only the top of its head was white.

“Tuan Tuan, how did you get here?” Xue Yue asked joyfully.

Tuan Tuan, “I came to look for you.”

“Hahahaha! Do you think I’m so interesting that you came here and want to learn more?” Xue Yue asked, stroking its claw.

Tuan Tuan shook its head, “No, I wanted to ask you how to become human.”

After Xue Yue explained, Tuan Tuan asked many more details. Only after it was clear on all of them were clear, did it wave its wings and fly away.

Huo Feng came out of the study, went to the balcony, and hugged Xue Yue from behind. “Tuan Tuan?”

“Mn.” Xue Yue was a little curious. “Does it want to become human too?”

Huo Feng looked at the black shadow flying away, “Maybe.” If there was anyone other than Xue Yue who was most likely to turn human, it would be Tuan Tuan. It had followed Xie Sen, and collected several types of energy.

After leaving Huo Feng’s villa, Tuan Tuan returned to Xie Sen’s house. It skimmed through the window and when it saw Bao’er nestled in Xie Sen’s arms as they talked, it flew away again.

Bao’er grew up. Tuan Tuan had always been with him until after Bao’er went to junior high school. Then Tuan Tuan suddenly disappeared.

Meanwhile, in Bao’er’s class, a new student suddenly appeared. The new student had short black hair with white highlights here and there. His features were particularly handsome, but his eyebrows were stern, and no one dared to talk to him.

Under the worried gaze of the class, the new student walked up to the delicate white baby and suddenly smiled. The harshness between his eyebrows dispersed, and he was all doting. “Hello, my name is Tuan Tuan. Can we be friends?”

Bao’er’s eyebrows arched. “What a coincidence, I have a friend also named Tuan Tuan.”

Tuan Tuan smiled deeper, as sunlight spilled in from the window.


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December 18, 2022 1:58 pm

thank you for the story!! my heart is so soft now ~~

Aeanbelle Frost
Aeanbelle Frost
December 19, 2022 8:59 pm

Oh my~ they turned into a human and accompanied their special ones! So adorable <3

December 20, 2022 4:26 am

thank you so much for the translation ☺️💛I’m happy I wish there was some more details the future of the characters and the planet but it’s enough for me to be satisfied. this was a very good novel there is healthy communication and the male lead wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be 💙

March 26, 2023 3:18 am

Not Tuan Tuan plotting on MaineSen’s kid lmfaooo. Happy for Huo Feng, he deserves it after that back story. 😓 His grandfather so nasty. Unfortunate how his relationship with his granddad turned out though. Shout out to the commenter who called FengYue from way back!!

Didn’t even realise we were at the end 🤧 Thank you to the translator and editor(s) for all their hard work. And, of course, to the author. You wrote wonderful relationships. The adventures were simultaneously exciting yet chill.

April 23, 2023 2:43 pm

What a great ending. No idea if Tuan Tuan wants Bao’er as his future mate or just as a life long friend, but either would be amazing.

Thank you to the author, Addis and Gaiea. This book is now one of my all-time favorites. I’m floored by the author’s imagination and ability to tie so many characters and events together. It’s been a pleasure.

May 13, 2023 12:31 pm

Awwww 🥰
Thnx u everyone, soo much for translating this story. Such a cute and wholesome story💖

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