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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Maine picked Xie Sen up, kicked open Xie Sen’s bedroom door and then closed it with a kick. He put Xie Sen on the bed, then lay down next to Xie Sen, rolled over and put Xie Sen underneath him. He propped himself up with one hand, and pulled on the waist of Xie Sen’s pants with the other.

Xie Sen subconsciously curled his feet. As he looked at his direct action, he couldn’t help but laugh. Maine looked down at him. His voice was low, “What are you laughing at?”

Xie Sen took him by the neck, pulled him down and kissed him. “It’s not a mission. No need to rush. There are other things to do.”

An hour or so later, Xie Sen was lying on his bed as he bit the corner of his pillow. He wanted to beat the him of an hour ago into a pig’s head.

There was a lot that could be done and Maine, a man with zero experience, had made a qualitative leap in the last hour or so. He was tossed around, and nibbled on by Maine, who looked like he had found a fun toy, and was eager to leave his mark on every corner of his body.

The good thing was that he still remembered the warning he received from the Institute of Contract Beasts after the physical examination, so the two didn’t make it to the last step. Although it was only one step short of doing everything.

Xie Sen moved his foot, and looked down at the handsome man who was licking and biting his ankle. That was no different from a big dog in his eyes. He was speechless. “Stop it, I want to take a nap.”

He was so tired after two times, and his thighs were still hot and sore, but the other guy was so refreshed after three times. He hammered the pillow. The difference in strength was too great!

The tingling sensation moved from his ankle to his calf. Xie Sen rolled his eyes. He had already gone from his shoulder down to his ankle, now he was doing the reverse as well?

He finally couldn’t hold back, and kicked Maine’s shoulder. “That’s enough. You’re giving me a spit bath!”

Maine looked at his calf with reluctance, then jumped to his side and reached out to hug him. His eyes were shining brightly, and his mouth was smiling. He was obviously in a good mood. “You get some sleep, I’ll make dinner.”

Xie Sen was satisfied. “Yeah, yeah. Go, go, go, I’m starving.”

Maine held him for a while longer before he left the bedroom, and Xie Sen soon fell asleep.

Xie Sen slept for an hour before Maine woke him up, then they had dinner together.

When he entered the Starnet, he saw a popular news item was floating at the top with a headline that mentioned someone he knew. [Contract Beast Information Registry announces that the youngest S class bonded person is now –Yan Qi.]

He clicked in to see the specific information. [The Information Registry has registered a new bonded person, the S class contract beast flying rhinoceros beast master, Yan Qi. He has successfully bonded with the flying rhinoceros beast, while refreshing the record of the youngest S class contract beast master.]

[Ai, this is too lucky!]

[Not long ago there was the youngest A class contract beast master. I’m envious of him, but now there is another S class one. Do you want people to live?]

[People are so angry with each other. Where is my contract beast?]


A series of wailing comments expressed great envy for Yan Qi’s lucky encounter with the contract beast, and the smooth formation of the contract.

[Compared to the Yan family’s ancestors, it is indeed too lucky. I remember that the Yan family has not had a bonded person for a long time.]

[Yes, in the history books there are still a lot of things about the Yan family. His family had the most powerful warrior family in the Star Tribe during the tribal period, but now it has fallen so far that the family cannot even rank.]

[That can’t be helped. With no contract beast, their ability will be greatly reduced. How can they compete with the rest of the families?]

[The Yan family now has an S class bonded person. It is likely to be able to re-emerge, ah!]

[Strength determines everything. I am optimistic about the Yan family. Now, many families who follow them feel powerless. I feel this will go downhill.]

[Upstairs plus one.]

The netizens commented, and the topic suddenly turned to the history of the rise and fall of each family. Then they chatted about the future prospects of each family. Xie Sen read on at a glance, until he saw a family he seriously wanted to know about.

[The Cox family…It’s an embarrassing situation. The one you hold in your hand is wasted, the one you don’t care about is on the rise, and neither of the two offspring can be counted on.]

[That may not necessarily be correct. I have gossip. I heard that Julos was sent to the training camp by Admiral Cox to become strong. He is an A class contract beast master. His base is good, and with some strict training, he may be able to transform.]

[But forget it. Your news is too late. He has been sent back. This is the first time the training camp took the initiative to send someone home. Although the matter is not widely publicized, many people know and the Cox family’s face has been ruined by him.]

[There is such a thing? Isn’t the training camp known as hell mode, and they do not care about relatives? Why send him back? Afraid he can’t hold out?]

[No, I heard that he couldn’t stand it after half a day in the training camp, and looked for every opportunity to escape. He even shot at his companions, but he didn’t succeed in running away. As a result, after the first two days of training, he caused trouble. Even several companions were injured. The instructor could not bear to keep him, and made him go home.]

[In that case, the Cox family is dying.]

[Dying plus one. This makes everyone doubt his family’s ability. As an A class contract beast master, he was raised to be a waste. I dare not imagine what the soldiers under his command would be like.]

Xie Sen read to that spot while Maine finished washing the dishes, then sat on his left side. He reached out, took him by the shoulders, and watched the news with him. Maine’s eyes swept quickly over the lingering pages. He grunted softly in mockery, but didn’t speak.

Xie Sen looked at him, his eyebrows knitted. “So, Julos is in Star City now. He did something to Gold Yao before. Now with the giant lion beast in Gold Medal, will he do anything else?”

Maine said, “I’m afraid he doesn’t have the guts to do that anymore. The last time it backfired on him. He wouldn’t dare try again.”

Xie Sen considered that, and thought it made sense. “What if he tries something else? I’ll remind Manager Sun at work tomorrow to be more careful.”

Maine nodded in agreement, looked at him and asked, “Was the thing you’re looking for in the forest the horn of the flying rhinoceros?”

“No,” Xie Sen leaned against him, and explained, “It’s just that the thing I was looking for was attached to its horn. So when I took the rhinoceros horn into my hand, I absorbed the thing.”

Maine thought about the scene. The red rhinoceros horn had indeed been in Xie Sen’s hand when it swiftly returned to its original color. Maine asked, “So, did your body recover?” 

Xie Sen shook his head. “Not yet, but the situation is more stable than before. Now, I’ll be fine if I rest every twelve hours.” He concealed the consequences of not recovering the energy within the time limit.

Maine looked at him in concern. “Do you need anything else?”

“Yes, but we can’t be sure where the stuff is for now. We won’t know for a while.”

Maine took his hand and said, “I’ll look for it with you.”

Xie Sen smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

Maine took him into his arms, and rested his chin on his shoulder. His expression was extraordinarily soft.

Xie Sen casually chatted with him about the news he had read earlier and lamented, “Yan Qi’s family used to be very powerful, but now he doesn’t seem to be in a good situation.”

The first time he met Yan Qi, Yan Qi was with Julos as a kind of bodyguard. The second time he met Yan Qi, he was with Qiao Shao. Although his situation seemed to be better, that was probably because of the different personalities of Qiao Shao and Julos. In reality his situation was still the same as before. He remembered very clearly that when they met in the forest, he proposed to let Yan Qi go along, and Yan Qi didn’t directly agree, but first looked at Qiao Shao inquiringly, as he gave the decision to Qiao Shao.

Maine, “The Yan family hasn’t had a contracted person for a long time. Their strength was affected, and their decline was inevitable. Yan Qi may be able to change the Yan family’s status quo.”

Xie Sen laughed. “You and the netizens say the same thing.”

Maine pondered for a moment. “What do you think of him?”

Xie Sen wondered, “What do you think? From his character? I feel good.” He saw his pondering expression. “What are you thinking about?”

Maine said, “I want to help him.” There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. “The positions of the three families, it is time for a move. Didn’t you say that the most painful thing is for someone to lose what they value most?”

Xie Sen immediately understood what he meant. “You want the Yan family to take the Cox family’s place?”

“Hmm.” Maine reached out, picked him up and walked with him to the bedroom. “Take your time. The Cox family can’t be brought down overnight, and I have more important things to do than get back at the Cox family.”

Xie Sen wrapped his arms around his neck and smiled. He was so happy that Maine thought this way. When they first met, he hoped Maine wouldn’t involve the rest of them in his revenge. Now, he hoped that Maine wouldn’t make his own life unpleasant because of revenge, and that he would live his life as he wanted to. He could strengthen his abilities while carrying out his revenge plan wisely.

As for ignoring the Cox family, it wasn’t possible. They might do more bad things, so they should be prepared to be punished.

“What are you doing?” Xie Sen was put on the bed by Maine, and saw that he was about to press him down. He hurriedly braced his shoulders against him, and rolled across the bed until he reached the edge and sat up.

Maine caught his waist in time to prevent him from putting on his shoes. He leaned his head over, then licked and nibbled along the side of his face. Xie Sen’s body shuddered, and he reached out to block his face. “Little brother. You’re only just an adult. You have to behave yourself, you know?”

“Brother?” Maine’s voice was slightly hoarse as he whispered in his ear, “Brother, I still want you to touch me.”

Instantly, Xie Sen was lost. His knees went weak, and the heat in his body rose. “No, don’t whisper. I want to take a shower.”

Maine’s eyes were hot and bright, as he picked up Xie Sen and headed for the bathroom. He  put Xie Sen directly into the bathtub, as his hands reached for Xie Sen’s collar. Xie Sen hurriedly grabbed the collar, and stared at him with a red face. “Get out.” He then added, “Go back to your bedroom and sleep.”

Maine looked at him dangerously. Xie Sen’s thighs still hurt, and he didn’t want to go crazy again.

Maine bent down to look at him. “No good.” Then he gave him a kiss on the cheek, his gaze straight and hot. “I don’t want to lose sight of you.”

Xie Sen thought, This guy’s inexperience is definitely fake! He tilted his head back. “You go take a shower first. You just cooked dinner.”

Maine hesitated for a moment, then did as he said and went back to his bedroom. Xie Sen breathed a sigh of relief, and took a quick combat shower.

He patted his face. He had been seen everywhere by Maine, but taking a shower under Maine’s watchful eye…Just thinking about it made him feel embarrassed, so he felt more comfortable washing alone. He finished his shower, and took out a new set of bed sheets from the closet, but got them out just as Maine came in.

Xie Sen looked at his arms, and shook his head. He was what people called a white chicken.

The two of them changed the sheets and covers together. Xie Sen threw the changed ones into the bathroom. As soon as he turned around, he was picked up by Maine and put on the bed, which was followed by a kiss.

Maine looked deeply at him, lowered his head and kissed him on the lips, then gradually moved down.

Xie Sen’s hands grabbed Maine’s hair subconsciously, while his feet gradually curled up.

With little strength, Xie Sen was held in Maine’s arms, as Maine continually kissed and rubbed his face and neck. His hands lingered over him in a loving manner.

Xie Sen grabbed his hand. “Stop it. I have to get up early for work tomorrow,” His ear was licked by Maine, his body trembled a little and he pulled his head back slightly. “What are you going to do tomorrow?”

“Talking about cooperation.” Maine followed, and got closer. “The program for the companion robot is ready. Now we need to cooperate with the manufacturing company to produce the finished product.”

Xie Sen exclaimed again, “You’re amazing.”

Maine had a smile in his eyes, and rubbed against him affectionately. Xie Sen hugged his head, and muttered helplessly, “I didn’t realize you were so clingy before.”

Maine hugged him tightly. “You’re mine.”

“If I wasn’t yours, would you be less clingy? Hiss…” Xie Sen covered his jaw. “You’re a dog, and you bite!”

Maine stared at him with dark eyes, and said stubbornly, “You are mine. Mine.”

His eyes were bottomless, like the deep sea before a storm. Calm on the surface, but brewing stormy waves at any time. Xie Sen’s heart tightened. Maine’s appearance reminded him of a word – paranoia.

He couldn’t help but worry. This wasn’t normal. But he hid his concern, and reached out to pinch the side of Maine’s face. “Mn, I’m yours.”

When he came to Brandt Star, he knew it was all male and had no idea who he would be with. He had been prepared for a lonely life, but Maine was his accident. Although he didn’t know what would happen in the future, at least for now he was willing to be with Maine.

Maine’s face eased, and he looked at Xie Sen intently. “A’Sen, be my mate!”

Xie Sen blinked, was he being proposed to? He saw Maine’s serious face, and said as gently as he could, “We’re both still young. It’s not right.”

“You don’t want to?” Maine frowned.

Xie Sen poked his cheek, and then his forehead. “No. You’re still so young. Marriage is a lifelong thing, so you can’t decide too easily.”

“Not so easy.” Maine stared at him. “I just want you to be my partner.”

Maine’s stare made Xie Sen feel that he was the only one in Maine’s world. He could barely contain the urge to say yes, since he had already decided to be with Maine anyway. But when he thought about his physical condition, and the energy he hadn’t recovered yet, he restrained the urge to nod his head.

“Let’s talk about it in two years.” Xie Sen smiled, and put his arm around him. “If your mind hasn’t changed in two years, we’ll get married.”

Maine wrinkled his brow at him. “Why do we have to wait two years?”

Xie Sen thought for a moment. “It’s a test period for both of us.” When he saw his dissatisfaction, Xie Sen smiled and patted his face. “We’re living together now. Nothing really changes after getting married.”

Maine wrapped his arms around him, and kissed him on the lips. “Don’t lie to me.”

“Yes, I won’t lie to you.” Xie Sen returned the kiss. Maine lowered his head, ready to continue the kiss, but Xie Sen hurriedly reached out to block him. “Sleep! No fooling around!”

Maine saw the tiredness on his face, and resisted the urge to keep touching him. Instead he held him in his arms, and watched him sleep.

Xie Sen was awakened by the alarm clock the next morning. He rolled over, rubbed his pillow, then suddenly realized something, and half-opened his eyes to find that the person he had been sleeping next to was gone. He woke up instantly, and sat up violently in the bed, just as the door was pushed open by Maine. He walked over the bed, hugged him, then kissed and rubbed his face. “Breakfast is ready. You wash up first.”

Xie Sen saw that person, and instantly his mind was put at ease. He yawned and slowly moved to the washroom.

Maine followed him like a worm, as he hugged his waist.

Xie Sen was now sure that Maine was a clingy person. He had felt it yesterday, and wondered if it was because it was new to him, but now it just seemed that he was clingy! As he brushed his teeth, Maine pulled back his collar to expose the back part of his neck, kissed the back of his neck, then moved down to his shoulder blades and back.

Xie Sen’s knees were weak. His left hand was propping him up on the vanity. He stomped on the feet behind him. His voice was slurred because of the foam in his mouth. “Get out.”

Maine looked up from his back, and wrapped his arms around his waist. His body pressed against his. “A’Sen, I’m uncomfortable.”

Xie Sen felt his reaction and rolled his eyes, speechless. Didn’t he know he was impulsive in the morning? The morning was looking for sin, but also pulled him into the pit.

“Go to your room, and fix it yourself.” He finished rinsing his mouth, put the automatic toothbrush back in place, and casually pulled the washcloth off the towel rack.

Instead of going back to his room, Maine hugged him tighter. His breath caught, and his hands probed under the hem of his shirt. Xie Sen wiped his face with the towel, then casually twisted it and threw it back to the towel rack. He reached out to halt his hand with his own, and glared back at him. “Get out, I’m changing. Mn…”

Maine kissed him, and didn’t let go until he couldn’t breathe. As he licked his lips, his eyes gleamed slightly. Xie Sen leaned against the vanity, as he grabbed Maine’s arm to catch his breath. His gaze shifted downwards, and his head ached at the other man’s exuberant energy.

Maine picked him up, sat him on the sink, stood between his legs and kissed his face. His breath was hot and sharp. “Brother, touch me.”

Xie Sen’s scalp tingled, and he was helpless.

At breakfast, Xie Sen’s hand still trembled slightly as he held his knife and fork. He blushed and looked at Maine warningly. “From now on, don’t call me brother!”

Maine’s eyes sparked with laughter. “Didn’t you want me to call you brother before?”

Xie Sen wanted to beat his old self up again. He took a big bite of the roast. “You said it was impossible!”

Maine’s mouth curled into a smile. “For you, there is no impossibility.”

Xie Sen’s ears turned red, and he didn’t dare to look at him. He cut the meat and thought, This isn’t right!

Even if he had no experience in love, he had seen a lot of movies, so how could he be defenseless in front of Maine who had no experience at all! He looked up and pointed at Maine. “Tell me honestly. How many times have you been in love? How many boyfriends have you had?”

Maine said, “You are the first. The first.” He added, “and the last. The only one.”

Xie Sen, “So smooth with the love talk. There’s nothing like it.”

Maine lowered his eyes, coldness and mockery in them. “Have you forgotten who I am? They don’t even dare to talk to me, and I don’t want to care about them.”

Xie Sen paused while he cut the meat, and laughed. “Then they lost a lot of money, and I took advantage of them.”

Maine looked up at him with gentle eyes. “I was lucky to have met you.”

Xie Sen muttered, “Don’t give me a buzz.” He took a sip of water, and got up. “I have to go. I’m late.”

Maine said, “I’ll walk you.”

Xie Sen looked at him with amusement. “No. I was fine working alone before. You go do your own thing.” When Maine was about to say something else, he said, “I’m a male…Androgynous. I’d be uncomfortable if you were too careful with me.” He made a fist and punched Maine’s shoulder. “Now that we’re a couple, we’re equally brothers and partners. I don’t need you to cajole, coddle or protect me. We’re equals.”

Maine took his hand, kissed the back of it, and looked up at him with a deep gaze, “We are equal, but I want to coax, spoil and protect you. Not control.”

Xie Sen’s heart moved slightly. He bent down, and kissed him on the cheek. “Got it. Uncles are sticky. Bye. See you tonight.”

Maine watched him go out, then raised his hand to touch the side of his face where Xie Se had kissed him. There was a rare smile of delight in his eyes.

Xie Sen arrived at Gold Medal and rushed into work at the last minute. He was glad that he had made it, because he would have had his salary docked for being late. In a short while, he received his work schedule, to treat an injured wolfhound beast. He was already familiar with cleaning and dressing wounds on a contract beast, which was always docile under his touch, and he took care of it smoothly.

The owner of the wolfhound beast looked grateful, and reached out. “Thank you so much.”

Xie Sen looked at the 1 energy prompt in front of him, and shook his hand with a standard polite smile on the corner of his mouth. He was ready to withdraw his hand, when the wolfhound beast master took his hand in his with force, and looked at him with hot eyes.

“Can we exchange contact information? In the future when my contract beast is sick, I can consult you.”

Xie Sen pulled his hand away. “Gold Medal has a customer service department or you can directly log on to Gold Medal’s official website. Sorry, I have other work. I have to go first.”

“Eh, wait.” The owner of the beast scurried to him in two steps. A large bouquet of handmade roses, red and conspicuous, suddenly appeared in his hand. He offered it to Xie Sen. “I am twenty-one years old and single. I want to chase you. Give me a chance?”

Xie Sen took a step back. “I have a boyfriend.” He side-stepped him, and walked quickly outside.

The beast master tried to chase him again, but was stopped by Xie Sen’s male colleague. “Dude, give up. A’Sen and his boyfriend are very close.”

This little incident didn’t stay in Xie Sen’s mind, but when the three jobs that followed all ended in a confession, it annoyed him to no end. He turned down another male, frowned and went back to the lounge. On the way he met Sun Mao, who teasingly patted him on the shoulder. “Hey, you are now the famous flower of our male department.”

Xie Sen gave him a dark look. Sun Mao stretched out his hands. “Those who wanted to give gifts alone were stopped, but those with contract beasts that needed care were allowed. Medical care can’t be stopped, but don’t worry. I’ll only give you the more difficult work. I’ll also arrange for someone to work with you, so you won’t suffer.”

Xie Sen sighed, “Thank you, Manager Sun.”

Sun Mao smiled. “You’re welcome. Your ability to handle general work is really too big to use.”

After that, Xie Sen did not receive any work for a while, and rested in the lounge. One after another, his colleagues came in and complained to him, almost always with the same words, “Why did they make an appointment to dress the wound of a C class contract beast, claiming it looked like there was something else going on?”

Xie Sen was relieved that Sun Mao had made his job more difficult.

Not long after that, he received a task to bathe a B class lion beast, which seemed to react strongly, and had scratched several caretakers.

Sun Mao told him, “The lion beast was brought by Young Master Cox. I’ll let A’Qiang accompany you. Be careful of yourself.”

Julos? Xie Sen frowned, and said as he walked out, “Yeah, I know.”

Outside the lounge, he ran into his colleague A’Qiang, a B class contract beast master. He was tall, and smiled as put his arm around Xie Sen’s shoulders. “This is the first time I’ve ever been an escort!”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. “Don’t mention escorts, okay? I’m a big man. It’s creepy to hear.”

A’Qiang laughed out loud, then whispered, “Your boyfriend and the Cox family have a conflict. Young master Cox may be here to pick a fight. If there is a conflict, you run first.”

Xie Sen laughed. Was he that weak? However, he didn’t refuse A’Qiang’s kind offer, and nodded. “Okay.”

The two entered the B class contract beast VIP bathing area. It was full of separate large bathing pools, as well a rest area for the beast master. The two went directly to the third bathing pool according to the work notice.

Xie Sen swiped his card and walked in. He looked at the chaotic scene inside, and suddenly had a sense of familiarity.

“You’re so slow,” Julos grumbled as he stood to the right of the pool and stared at them.

Xie Sen looked over and froze. In just ten days or so, Julos had lost a lot of weight. His skin had darkened, the baby fat on his face was almost completely gone and there was a hostile expression between his eyebrows. He was accompanied by a familiar face, the chestnut-haired teenager who was with Qiao Shao and the others in the forest.

Xie Sen subconsciously frowned, as the chestnut-haired boy waved at him. “What a coincidence.”

The corners of Xie Sen’s mouth turned up slightly. “Is it really a coincidence?”


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I like how Maine so desires Xie Sen and his words about them being equal and wanting to “coax, spoil and protect you, not control” ~ are quite something.
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