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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen was angry and distressed at the sight of the flying eagle beast. He ran over to touch the side of the beast’s neck. When he saw its beak open, he said, “Don’t say anything. I’ll have someone come to treat you.”

The condition of the flying eagle beast seemed really bad, so he didn’t dare to delay. He quickly contacted Sun Mao. “Send me the best contract beast trauma doctors. I want all that are available. Come to my house, and hurry!”

Sun Mao heard his voice trembling. “What happened?” he asked as he opened the live room. When he saw the flying eagle beast, his expression immediately changed. “You take it easy, I’ll bring someone over right away.”

The movement of the flying eagle beast was not small. Maine was, as usual, hanging out in the live room while he designed programs. When he heard the eagle cry, he looked up at the screen, saw blood on Xie Sen’s forehead, jerked up and dashed downstairs.

Xie Sen had just ended the communication with Sun Mao when he was hugged by Maine, who wiped the blood off his head and said, “Take it easy.”

Xie Sen took a deep breath, and thought of all the people who could save the flying eagle beast. “Mu Lin and A’Jiao. A’Jiao knows the flying eagle beast better. Ask them to help.”

The contract beasts were very defensive when they were injured, and it was easier to treat them with someone they knew. While Mu Lin was a contract beast researcher, knew the contract beasts best, and understood how to make them comfortable.

Maine said, “I’ll make the calls.”

Xie Sen stroked the flying eagle’s feathers. His natural aura was now strong and soothing when he touched it. The eagle’s eyes closed for a moment, then opened again with unmistakable sharpness.

It opened its mouth and cried out. “When A’Jia was digging a hole in the ground, he found an underground research base with many injured contract beasts and humans in white clothes. After A’Jia was discovered, they kept chasing him and Lu Qingxing.”

“When Lu Qingxing and A’Jia came up from the ground, they were both injured. A’Jia took Lu Qingxing away first and I waved my wings to cover them, but the bad guys later changed to a very strong weapon. I couldn’t flap my wings and got hurt.”

The flying eagle beast sounded angry, and its wings subconsciously moved. Xie Sen hastened to calm it, “Don’t move, the wound will deepen.” He stroked the flying eagle beast’s feathers. “You are so great. You were so badly injured, and still flew back.”

The flying eagle beast said sharply, “When we were separated, Lu Qingxing told me to come back for you. He said those people will never let them go. They will hide at most for a while, they will always be found, we must get someone to help.”

It sounded weak, but very eager, “A’Sen, hurry up and save A’Jia and Lu Qingxing. Those people are so bad! A’Jia said that our companions underground are in pain.”

Realizing the urgency of the situation, Xie Sen told Maine what the flying eagle beast said, “I’m going to save them.”

“Roar!” The contract beasts were furious, and roared loudly when they heard the flying eagle beast’s words.

“A’Sen, I’m going!”

“A’Sen, I’m going too!”

The contract beasts roared, and asked Xie Sen to take them to the giant armored beast.

Maine said in a solemn voice, “Judging from the wounds of the flying eagle beast, the weapon that wounded it should be a particle cannon. That weapon is under the jurisdiction of the military department. It’s more appropriate to let someone from the military department go.”

The giant black leopard beast said, “A’Sen, we’ll go find A’Jia. You stay here and take care of the flying eagle beast.”

“Right, A’Sen, you open the door and we’ll go ourselves.”

Xie Sen looked at the flying eagle beast’s wounds, and was uneasy about letting the contract beasts go by themselves. He thought a little, then he turned off the live broadcast, contacted Zhao Hao and told him what happened.

Zhao Hao’s voice was full of anger, “This is definitely illegal research. I’ll bring someone over right away.”

“The contract beasts want to help. Is that okay?” Xie Sen asked.

“Of course, they find people faster than we do,” Zhao Hao said. “But they have to use the space buckles to travel there. Are they willing?”

Xie Sen asked the contract beasts and got the expected answer. He said to Zhao Hao, “They’re willing.”

The contract beasts quickly made a decision. The giant tiger beast, the giant lion beast, and the two giant leopard beasts, four contract beasts that were known for their speed, would follow Zhao Hao to the Force City ruins. The giant black leopard beast seriously told the remaining ones, “Protect Sen.”

They guarded the flying eagle beast, and waited for Zhao Hao to pick them up.

The first to arrive was Bai Jiao, who landed at the gate with Long Teng on the flying dragon beast, and swiped his bracelet directly into the yard. The flying dragon beast went to the flying eagle beast and let out a furious dragon roar.

Long Teng was so angry that he shouted, “Who did this?”

Bai Jiao’s jade-white face was tense as he took out a series of things that he needed from his spatial pack, “A’Teng, go get water.”

Long Teng grabbed a bucket and returned with a bucket of water. Bai Jiao sprinkled harmless germ-killing powder into the water, wetted clean gauze and prepared to wipe the blood near the flying eagle’s wound.

Xie Sen was quick to reassure it. “It’s A’Jiao, my friend. You know him. He’s treating your wound, so don’t be nervous.”

The flying eagle beast closed its eyes again. Its wings flattened against the ground, and Bai Jiao carefully cleaned its wounds.

Soon, Zhao Hao arrived and loaded the four contract beasts into spatial buckles. Long Teng saw what was happening, and asked about the situation. Without saying a word, he got on the back of the flying dragon beast and followed Zhao Hao.

Not long after, Sun Mao and four contract beast doctors arrived almost simultaneously with Mu Lin and Gu Luo.

The flying eagle beast was repulsed by the touch of strangers, but luckily Xie Sen was there and his current affinity was strong, which successfully allowed the flying eagle beast to drop its wariness.

The flying eagle beast was very large. When its wings were open, they spanned several meters. Its body had both large and small wounds everywhere, there were many wounds especially on its abdomen. Even with four doctors as part of the treatment, it took almost two hours.

Mu Lin’s expression was angry, and he said someone must be held accountable for the flying eagle beast.

Gu Luo took the instruments and gave the flying eagle beast a full body examination, then quickly worked out the most suitable standard food and daily routine.

Sun Mao left a large amount of contract beast trauma medicine. “I still have things to do, so I can’t stay long. If something happens, contact me again. The four of them will come on time to change the medicine for the flying eagle beast.”

Xie Sen thanked him, and Sun Mao left with the four doctors.

Gu Luo said, “It is better not to move it now. I will come over every day to check its body.”

Mu Lin looked at Xie Sen with a tense face. “Do you know if the other two were found?”

Xie Sen shook his head. “We don’t know yet. We have to wait for news from Zhao Hao.”

Mu Lin said, “If there is any news, let me know first.” Xie Sen nodded, and Mu Lin and Gu Luo left.

The flying eagle beast half opened its eyes, “A’Sen, your natural aura is stronger. So comfortable.”

Xie Sen sniffed, and smoothed its feathers. “You rest well. I’ll stay here with you.”

The flying eagle said, “No, it doesn’t hurt anymore. My recovery ability is strong. I’ll be fine in a couple of days. Sen can’t keep standing like this. Go back home and rest. The giant elephant beasts will stay with me.”

At this time, Maine moved Xie Sen’s recliner to the flying eagle beast. “A’Sen, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can sit here.”

Bai Jiao also said, “Rest.”

So Xie Sen sat on the recliner and touched his feet to the wings of the flying eagle, who rested with its eyes closed, while the other contract beasts stood by, and moved around very carefully.

“Chirp!” Tuan Tuan flew back from outside. When it saw the flying eagle beast, it was extraordinarily angry, and kept screaming, “Who hurt you?”

Xie Sen calmed it down, and told it what had happened. Tuan Tuan was so angry that it flew up and down, before it finally landed on the beak of the flying eagle beast and gently rubbed it.

Not long after, Xie Sen received a communication from Zhao Hao. He immediately turned on the external broadcast so that Maine, Bai Jiao and the contract beasts could hear Zhao Hao’s words.

Zhao Hao said, “We found Lu Qingxing and the giant armored beast. The giant armored beast is fine, but Lu Qingxing was wounded by a gunshot. I had them sent to the nearest hospital, with Long Teng to guard them. They will be fine.”

Xie Sen was just starting to feel relieved when Zhao Hao continued with anger in his voice, “Some of the other side has retreated. We’ve captured a few people, but gained no useful information. They are using military weapons, and most likely they have relations with the military.”

Xie Sen asked, “What about the rest of the contract beasts?”

Zhao Hao paused for a moment before he spoke in a low voice. “Excluding the dead, the rest are in cages. The situation is very bleak. Most of them are having mental riots. My people are attacked as soon as they get close. I have contacted Mu Lin and have applied for contract beast tranquilizers.” He couldn’t help but burst out with a harsh tone. “It’s too cruel! The contract beasts have been mutated. You can’t even see the prototype. Rhino said you might be able to calm them.”

Zhao Hao didn’t use any modifiers, but Xie Sen could imagine the scene. He said angrily, “It must be reported. Do you know a reliable reporter?”

Zhao Hao said, “Yes. The most authoritative military reporter. I’ve contacted them already.”

Xie Sen, “That’s good. I’ll contact you again if something happens.”

He ended the communication, and the flying eagle beast opened its eyes. “A’Sen, I’m fine. You go check on the injured contract beasts!”

Xie Sen stroked its wings, then stood up and looked at Maine. He said in a firm tone, “I’m going to go check on them.”

Maine didn’t immediately agree, but when he saw his determined look, his lips pursed slightly. “I’ll go with you.”

Bai Jiao said, “You guys go. I’ll watch the flying eagle beast here. You don’t have to worry.”

Xie Sen smiled, “Thank you.” He instructed the rest of the contract beasts to listen to Bai Jiao, then he and Maine went to the Force City ruins while Tuan Tuan followed along. They went in a flying shuttle, even though the flying lion beast would be faster. Xie Sen now had a special body and it wasn’t suitable to have strong winds blow him around.

Zhao Hao shared the location with them. They set the shuttle program and flew directly to the destination.

Xie Sen sat in the back seat, and opened his bracelet to brush the news. The headline that praised Meyer had been replaced by the flying eagle beast’s injury, and the news came with a screenshot from the live broadcast. Due to the overhead angle, it showed the flying eagle beast as it lay on the ground, its wings curved and still broken with big holes, while its whole body was bloody, as if it was already dead.

[It’s too much. What did this?]

[As a combat student, I can tell that the wing wound was caused by a particle cannon!]

[Could it be the abominable contract beast dealers again? Shouldn’t the military tighten its control over weapons?]

Maine said to Xie Sen, “Lie down. It will be more than an hour to our destination.”

Xie Sen hmmed. He switched to the live stream to look at it. There were countless private messages on his personal page. There was no exact value because there were too many. It only showed 999+.

He opened the top one, which was sent twenty seconds ago, [Anchor! Open the live broadcast. Woohoo! Is there anything wrong with the flying eagle beast?]

When he finished reading this one, there was another one, [Anchor, why did you turn off the live broadcast? Is the flying eagle beast dead? Are you afraid that we will be sad to see it?]

Xie Sen read a few more letters, all of which were concerned about the flying eagle beast, and  were asking to open the live stream. Most people guessed that he turned off the live broadcast because the flying eagle beast was in such bad condition that he was afraid that the live viewers would be scared.

Xie Sen hadn’t expected to cause such a misunderstanding. He had needed to contact Zhao Hao to explain the situation. Zhao Hao knew he could communicate with the contract beasts, but the live audience didn’t know that, and he wasn’t ready to share either.

He made an announcement, [Thank you all for your concern. The flying eagle beast is fine. It needs to recuperate and we are temporarily off air.]

After he posted the announcement, he laid down in the back seat to rest.

At 5:30 p.m., the shuttle landed at the remains of Force City. It was a remote and barren place with sparsely growing tall trees.

Tuan Tuan said, “Hmph, I’m going to find my little buddy and get everyone who escaped!” Then it flew out the window.

There was another civilian shuttle, as well as three military shuttles, where their shuttle landed. Xie Sen jumped off the shuttle, and a man in an army uniform came towards them.

Xie Sen was stunned, “Qiao Ke?”

Qiao Ke had changed a bit. His face was thinner, his smile was still gentle, but his aura was much more severe. He smiled, “I joined Hao’s special operations team. They are in the underground research base. Do you want to go there now?”

As he was speaking, the giant tiger beast ran up from the right, “A’Sen, go see the imprisoned beasts!”

The giant black leopard beast roared, “If I find out who did this, I’ll tear him apart!”

Qiao Ke’s eyes visibly lit up when he saw the giant tiger beast. Xie Sen told him, “Come on, let’s go check it out.”

Qiao Ke led the way, while Maine and Xie Sen followed a bit behind. The four contract beasts followed Xie Sen, as they growled lowly, and exchanged angry emotions.

Soon after they passed the entrance, they met up with Mu Lin, who looked grim. Gu Luo and Zhao Hao were beside him, along with a tall male dressed in a light green uniform who held a miniature filming device. He should be the reporter Zhao Hao knew.

Mu Lin saw him and breathed a sigh of relief. “Go ahead and try. We can’t get close enough, not even with the injection gun. It’s all busted.”

Xie Sen nodded, and looked at the reporter. “Are you done shooting?”

The reporter looked at him with some curiosity. “I just broadcast a live news segment, can you broadcast it live?”

Xie Sen thought for a moment. “Yes. If it doesn’t work, we’ll figure it out. If it works, and the process isn’t broadcast live, the netizens will speculate. They may think that the Institute and the military have used some kind of profiteering device to subdue them.”

The reporter smiled. “You think very comprehensively. Do you need to prepare? If not, I’ll contact my colleagues and go live.”

Xie Sen shook his head, and followed Mu Lin towards the interior. “Just start filming it now.”

Viewers who had just finished watching the news were angry and worried about what had happened to the contract beasts. As the infield host spoke, they posted comments saying they wanted to continue watching the contract beasts.

Emotional viewers even spoke to urge the military to hurry up and catch the killers. Others questioned the military’s ability, and some even suspected that the decrease in contract beasts were due to this research.

The crowd was agitated, but the infield host kept a smile on his face as he anxiously thought about how to handle the situation. Then he received a reminder from the guide and breathed a sigh of relief. “The picture now goes to the reporter on the scene.”

The audience immediately noticed that there were two more people in the news.

[Isn’t this the contract beast anchor? These four contract beasts are also from the live broadcast!]

[Wow, the anchor is actually here. The live broadcast suddenly closed in the afternoon. I was guarding the live broadcast to brush the news. I did not see the anchor, but actually saw him in the news!]

[So envious, when can I also follow behind four A class contract beasts? Ah, too much of a brand.]

[The front shuffle. Do not dream.]

[Huh…I can’t believe it’s really calmed down!]

Before Xie Sen even walked into the lab where the beasts were kept, he heard all sorts of harsh and manic growls, but as he got closer, the growls got smaller and smaller. By the time he got into the lab, all that was left of the dozen or so caged beasts was a low growl as they lay against the side of the cages and slapped the bars.

Xie Sen’s face instantly turned white when he saw the beasts. The one directly across from him was supposed to be a giant bear beast, only with two sharp teeth that looked like boar tusks around its mouth, a head that was much larger than a normal giant bear beast, and large, red eyes that were very frightening at first glance.

With a sweeping glance, he saw that almost every contract beast was like that. He could see their original form, but together with the characteristics of other contract beasts. It seemed that someone had deliberately combined them, as if they were trying to fuse the strongest parts together.

Maine noticed that his expression was’t right, and held his hand as he said soothingly, “Should we go out first?”

Xie Sen shook his head. He turned his head to look at him, then reached out and touched his face. His expression gradually calmed down. He wasn’t frightened by the appearance of the contract beasts, but the moment he saw them, he remembered the description in the book about the fae that attacked Star City with Maine.

The leader of the fae was an adult white-headed eagle beast, and the fae, which were called ‘fae’ because of their appearance, look extraordinarily gruesome. In the eyes of the Brandt Star people, they were simply four-headed monsters.

He didn’t finish the book. He only read to see the protagonist and the villain after the fight, and even then he had doubts. How did those foreign beasts come to be?

He hadn’t gotten the answer because of the sudden end of the world, but now knew the answer! They were artificial!

The attack on Star City in the book was a few years later than now. There were so many fae already, and in a few years, there would be even more.

No wonder the beasts hated humans so much. These beasts were all contract beasts. They had  high IQs and could think completely independently. They knew that humans had hurt them, and it was very normal for them to want revenge.

He took a deep breath. Maine hadn’t gone black, Tuan Tuan was also very cute, and wouldn’t lead the fae to attack the city for revenge. He would get their revenge, and it would just no longer affect the innocent.

“I just came in, and it wasn’t like this. Their roars were getting louder and louder, and they were trying to break out of the cages and tear me to pieces. How come when you are around, it’s completely different?” Mu Lin sighed. “I’m really starting to get envious.”

Gu Luo’s eyes glowed as he looked at Xie Sen. “You’re definitely a born researcher of contract beasts. It’s so fitting.”

Xie Sen smiled and walked up to the giant bear beast directly opposite. The contract beasts on both sides still roared a bit, but the contract beasts near the giant bear beast and in the middle all quieted down, and looked at Xie Sen expectantly.

The giant black leopard beast growled softly, “They say it’s comfortable.” It growled again at the giant bear beast, “Get down. Sen is here to help you, so don’t scare him!”

The bear slowly got down in the cage, its right paw retracted and its claws weren’t extended. It was very docile.

Xie Sen smiled at Maine and stepped forward to put a hand on the giant bear’s fleshy pad. He raised his voice and said, “We are here to save you. Your mental condition is not right. I will give you an injection. It is a mental sedative. It won’t hurt you.”

The redness in the eyes of the bear gradually dissipated, and Xie Sen’s touch gave it a sense of comfort it had never felt before. Even more than in its mother’s belly, and it had a feeling of peace it hadn’t had in a long time.

Mu Lin took out a syringe, and handed it to Xie Sen. “Tranquilizer.”

Xie Sen took it, gently rubbed the beast’s paw, and soothed it while he gave it the tranquilizer. The beast was extremely cooperative, and if it hadn’t kept its eyes open, one would have thought it was asleep.

Xie Sen finished giving the bear its injection, and went to the next cage. The contract beasts were extraordinarily submissive when he approached them, and even more docile than sheep when he touched their paws.

Mu Lin saw that the contract beasts had settled down. “You are too slow alone. I’ll come too.” He went to the next cage, but before the paws of the contract beast, the contract beast roared and swung its claws at him.

Gu Luo’s expression changed instantly, and he ran over to grab his hand. “Are you okay?”

Mu Lin spread his hands. “Yes, just a little shocked.”

Gu Luo glared at him. “They are already repulsed by strangers when they are injured, and you being a male makes them even more insecure. That’s common sense!”

Mu Lin touched his nose. “They seem to be very honest.”

Xie Sen turned his head to look at him. “I’ll do it. Have you found a way to open the cages?”

Mu Lin shook his head. “I can’t get close enough to study it.”

Xie Sen nodded. “Have someone take them back to the Institute or put them at my place, but they can’t stay here forever.”

Mu Lin, “I’ve already sent someone over.” He paused. “Do you have enough space? If so, it’s safer to put them at your place. They probably won’t eat even if we try to feed them.”

“Enough, let’s put them at my place!” Xie Sen said, as he continued to calm the contract beasts one by one, then inject them with tranquilizers.

The news viewers looked at Xie Sen with a glow in their eyes. [The anchor is amazing! He’s like a friend of the contract beasts!]

[Yes, and so gentle, wooing. If I were a contract beast, I’d like it too!]

[Oh my god, I wish I knew the anchor earlier! Maine is so lucky!]

[I’m sour. The anchor has money, looks and contract beasts, and is pregnant at a young age. Did Maine save humanity in his last life?]

After Xie Sen finished sedating all the contract beasts, it was already past six o’clock and the sky was dark.

The beasts, under the dual effect of the sedative and Xie Sen’s presence, were quiet and even began to relax and sleep. The reporter turned the screen over to the infield host, and turned off the live broadcast.

Gu Luo said to Xie Sen, “You go back and rest first! Let’s search for any leftover research materials. If we can find that, we can quickly develop a suitable method to treat them. When the transport team arrives, the Dean and I will send them back.”

The giant tiger beast roared softly, “A’Sen, you go back first. I’ll keep watch here with the giant lion beast.”

Xie Sen was in good spirits, but had been hungry for a while. He had eaten quite a lot early that day, but had not eaten all afternoon and now it was dinner time. He agreed, and Maine swept him out of the lab while Zhao Hao followed along. The two giant leopard beasts followed them, while the giant tiger and giant lion beasts stayed behind.

The reporter said goodbye to Zhao Hao, offered to interview Xie Sen if he had the chance and then left.

Zhao Hao sent the two to their shuttle. “My people searched around. The other side didn’t leave any traces. It was handled very carefully. Based on the remains of the weapons used, and inferred weapon models, they are common models of the military department.”

Xie Sen pursed his lips, “That means the military department is suspect?” He thought for a moment, “Who has jurisdiction here?”

Zhao Hao looked at Maine. “This is the Cox family’s jurisdiction. Lieutenant General Meyer is currently stationed in the Kling border fortress, while the Kling energy station is near here.”

At that moment, Tuan Tuan flew back and landed on Xie Sen’s shoulder. It waved its wings very angrily. “A’Sen, my little buddy found the escapees. They’re reporting to the bitch. Lieutenant General Cox!”


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