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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When Xie Sen heard ‘bitch,’ the corners of his mouth twitched. Like the giant black leopard, Tuan Tuan also had sequelae from watching too much tv. He began to seriously consider whether it was time to ban them from watching certain shows.

But after Tuan Tuan’s words, Xie Sen’s expression instantly changed and he couldn’t help but grit his teeth. It was Meyer again!

Maine’s eyebrows moved slightly, since he knew that Zhao Hao was clear about Xie Sen’s abilities. Without evasion, he asked directly, “What did Tuan Tuan say?”

Xie Sen looked at him, hesitated for a moment and then said, “It found the one who escaped, and they are contacting Lieutenant General Cox.”

Maine looked unmoved, and sneered, “It really fits his style, this kind of thing.” He looked at Zhao Hao. “Are you sure that you can act if it’s against him?”

Zhao Hao was righteous and serious. “No matter what your status, if you break the law, you will be punished by the law.” He looked at Tuan Tuan. “Where are they?”

Tuan Tuan waved its wings and flew forward a bit. Zhao Hao contacted his men and took four with him, while the rest stayed behind. Xie Sen was ready to go over as well, but was stopped by Tuan Tuan.

“A’Sen, you need to rest,” Tuan Tuan said. “I’ll just take the Rhino Beast Master, there are only four bad guys.”

Zhao Hao summoned the giant rhinoceros beast out. The giant rhinoceros beast lightly rubbed against Xie Sen, and first congratulated Xie Sen on his pregnancy then said, “You go back to rest. Don’t worry, I can convey Tuan Tuan’s words to A’Hao. I will definitely catch the bad guys.”

Tuan Tuan waved its wings. “Yes, hurting our contract beast partners. We won’t let them go!”

Xie Sen looked at Zhao Hao and his men. Several of them were tall and muscular without being cumbersome, and it was easy to tell that their physical fitness was excellent. Although he felt physically fine, Zhao Hao would certainly want to take care of him if he followed along, then he would drag them down.

He said, “Contact me if you need anything. I’ll go back first, but you have to be safe.”

Zhao Hao took his men, and followed Tuan Tuan in leaving.

The head of the research base was sitting in the passenger side of the shuttle with his headphones on, as he listened to the roar coming from inside.

“We didn’t even manage to kill the flying eagle beast with particle cannons! Waste! The flying eagle beast ran away, Lu Qingxing actually wasn’t found, and Zhao Hao brought people!”

The chief’s voice trembled, “The giant armored beast is too good at digging holes. After we solved the flying eagle beast, we searched for a long time underground, but the passages were full of twists and turns. We couldn’t help–”

“Shut up. Now how many men are left?”

Chief, “Two more men and the main researcher, Lieutenant General. The return route is guarded by Special Ops, so we’ll have to go to the Kling border.”

Meyer almost laughed. This idiot. If they went to the Kling border, wouldn’t people know that he was related to the research base? He said in a tone of controlled anger, “There is a small ship twenty kilometers east of the energy station. Take the main researcher to Planet Blue, and I’ll contact you afterwards.”

The chief breathed a sigh of relief, and said abruptly, “Lieutenant General is wise. So you have a backup plan. The base also has a spaceship. Zhao Hao came so suddenly that we had no chance to use it.”

Meyer grunted. “Didn’t you report a lot of progress in your research before? Send me the research data, and protect the main researcher.”

The chief and the main researcher looked at each other. “Lieutenant General, you won’t give up on us?”

Meyer spoke with certainty, “Of course not. When things settle down, we’ll find a place to continue our research. You have the experience, so I need you.”

The chief, “It is our honor to work for the Lieutenant General.”

“This ship is exempt. You guys move fast, and don’t let Zhao Hao catch you. We’ll be in touch when you get to Planet Blue.”

As he ended the communication, the main researcher made a copy of the research information and passed it to Meyer. Soon, they arrived at the place Meyer indicated, and indeed, they saw a small spaceship.

The four were in lousy shape, but their eyes glowed when they saw the ship. They ran towards it.

“Ah…” The chief was running in front, but before he got more than a few steps, he was pecked by a black bird the size of his hand. Still, it was more shocking than painful.

The remaining three were also pecked by black birds. These birds were common birds on Brandt Star, and never actively attacked people. Their attacks were weak, and this sudden action was very strange.

“Chief, what’s going on?” A man who was trying to drive a bird away asked.

The chief took his gun and fired a shot at the black bird, which quickly dodged and flew away. He ran forward. “Whatever it is, get on the ship first.”

The lead researcher followed suit, and also used a gun to scare back a black bird. He panted as he ran. “Birds can communicate with each other. They are probably here because of the flying eagle beast.”

“Heh,” the chief sneered. “If I can drive away the flying eagle beast, then these small birds aren’t strong enough to cause trouble.”

A sharp bird’s cry rang out, when he said the bird wasn’t good enough. It flapped its wings and flew up near his face, as it pecked the right side of his face until it was bloody. The chief exploded with foul language, and waved his hand to fight, but the bird flew far away with a flap of its wings. He rubbed his face, and said in a hateful voice, “Let’s get out of here.”

The main researcher also realized that something was wrong. “Don’t worry about anything. Just  get on the ship quickly. They seem to be trying to prevent us from leaving.”

When his words fell, the remaining three were shocked. The birds were that smart?

They didn’t dare delay any longer. They took off their clothes, and waved them to keep the birds away as they ran. If there was a reckless rush of birds, they would use their guns to scare them away.

Four people got into the spaceship. The last person closed the door, and fell on the seat with a big gasp.

Tuan Tuan flew ahead to show Zhao Hao the way. Along the way, occasionally birds flew over to communicate with it.

Tuan Tuan headed to the location being relayed in real time by his little friends, and took Zhao Hao and the others forward. Ten minutes later, another small bird flew over, and Tuan Tuan called out anxiously after the exchange.

After listening to the giant rhinoceros beast explain the message, Zhao Hao’s eyes were hard. “Speed up. They’re ready to leave by spaceship.”

They arrived at their destination just in time to see the ship take off. Zhao Hao thought nothing of shooting twice, but failed to stop the spaceship.

A flock of small black birds chattered and talked to Tuan Tuan about the situation, as they said they tried their best. Tuan Tuan thanked them, and with a wave of his wings, the black birds scattered and flew away.

Zhao Hao’s face was ugly. He opened his bracelet to contact the nearest spaceport guards. The four people on the ship laughed in triumph when they saw how Zhao Hao’s small group had become ant people.

“Hahahaha, chase! Chase again if you have the ability–”

“Boom!” The laughter and the unspoken words were swept away by an explosion. There was no chance to say it again.

“Boss!” Zhao Hao’s men subconsciously shouted, and Zhao Hao stopped his actions and looked up in the air.

The ship was blown to pieces. There was a ball of gray smoke and red fire that quickly expanded in the air, as the wreckage fell to the ground with a clatter.

Qiao Ke stared at the explosion. “Destroying the bodies.”

Meyer looked at the scene in the video. The corners of his mouth curled up in satisfaction, and then the video footage was destroyed. Nothing was left behind, and no one would suspect him. He tapped his bracelet. When he went back, he would be in the clear after the secret data then complete erasure of the data transfer. With that research data, his research could continue and everyone would praise him when the moment of success came.

While Xie Sen and Maine were on their way, they received a communication from Zhao Hao. When they learned the result, they looked at each other. Xie Sen asked, “Is there no evidence pointing to him?”

Zhao Hao, “No. He was very careful.”

Xie Sen thought of the contract beasts turned into fae, and slapped the back of the front seat. “There can’t be any trace at all. He built that base for illegal research. It’s impossible to lose everything. The research data couldn’t have been completely destroyed.” He paused. “Is there a way to hack into his bracelet?”

“General officer’s bracelets are closely protected, and they are impossible to hack. Forced invasion is a crime, but…” Zhao Hao thought of something. His voice got slow. “I have an idea. I’ll contact you when the time comes.”

Xie Sen ended the communication, and poked Maine’s back. “Will he get away with it?”

Maine said definitely, “No.”

Xie Sen hesitated and asked, “Are you…Will you be sad?”

Maine’s eyes flashed coldly, and he grabbed his hand with his opposite hand. “If the sentence is too light, I’ll be angry.”

Xie Sen sighed in relief, and squeezed his fingertips. “I will be too.” He smiled. “I’m your family, and so is the baby.”

“Mmm.” Maine’s eyes filled with warmth.

The two went to the nearby hospital to see Lu Qingxing and the giant armored beast. Lu Qingxing’s life wasn’t in danger, but he was in a coma.

Long Teng sat at his bedside. He greeted them, then looked behind them. “Where’s A’Jiao?”

Xie Sen briefly explained what happened, and Long Teng immediately said, “I’m going to go find A’Jiao.”

Xie Sen pulled on Long Teng, who was running out the door, and gestured to Lu Qingxing. “Have you contacted his relatives?”

Long Teng scratched the back of his head, and whispered, “I forgot.”

Xie Sen laughed helplessly, and let go of his hand. “You go first. I’ll contact them,” he finished  and looked at Maine inquiringly. Maine had investigated Lu Qingxing, so he must have the contact information for his relatives.

Maine said, “I’ll contact them.”

The giant armored beast was at the bedside as well. It was covered in mud with big eyes as it whispered, “A’Sen.”

Xie Sen touched its phosphor armor. “Aoshi is really good. That was hard work.”

The giant armored beast shook its head. “I was digging a hole at the time, and I wasn’t paying attention. I couldn’t protect Qingxing. If the gun had shot me, I would have been fine,” it blamed itself. “I wish I had reacted faster.”

Xie Sen soothed it, “It wasn’t part of your responsibility. So many people were looking for you, but you and Lu Qingxing were able to escape thanks to your tunnel digging. You’re already very good.” He laughed, “Don’t worry. I’ve asked the doctor, and there were no critical hits, just too much blood loss. He’ll wake up tomorrow.”

Giant armored beast, “Mn. A’Sen is pregnant with a baby, so he has to hurry to rest. I’ll be fine here.”

Not long after that, Lu Qingxing’s brother came to the ward, and thanked Xie Sen when he saw him. “Qingxing should have thanked you properly for the deed, so thank you for helping with this incident.”

Xie Sen felt guilty. He had a lot to do with Lu Qingxing going to the Force City ruins. “You’re welcome.”

Lu’s brother said, “It’s late. You should rest early when you’re pregnant. I’ll just keep watch.”

Xie Sen nodded silently. He had the feeling that every living creature knew he was pregnant. He said goodbye to the giant armored beast, and left the hospital with Maine.

On the shuttle, Maine mapped out the flight path as he asked, “What do you want to eat for dinner?”

Xie Sen thought about it. “I had half of the potatoes for lunch, so I’ll have potato stew plus a stir-fry with vegetables. Also tomatoes and eggs.”

Maine said, “When we get home, take a shower while I make dinner.” He looked back at Xie Sen. “Don’t make me worry.”

Xie Sen raised his hand and put it on his shoulder. “Okay. I’ll do as you say.”

When they got back, Xie Sen first went to see the flying eagle. When he saw that it was in good condition, that put his mind at ease. He asked Bai Jiao, “Have you eaten dinner?”

Bai Jiao, “I ordered take-out and ate, but Teng hasn’t eaten yet.”

Long Teng was looking at his bracelet, and struggling with what to order. When he heard this, his eyes brightened, “A’Sen, have you and Maine eaten?”

Xie Sen laughed. “No, we’ll eat together later.”

Long Teng finished his meal and sent Bai Jiao home, while Xie Sen took a short walk around the house then went to bed.

The next morning, while Xie Sen was eating, Maine told him that all the lab’s contract beasts had been sent to the accommodation area, while Tuan Tuan and the giant tiger had both returned.

After breakfast, he went to check on the flying eagle beast, who was recovering well as it listened to Tuan Tuan’s story about last night’s events. He went to see the fae. The effect of the sedative has passed, and a few of them were manically tapping the cage bars, but in general, the situation was much better than the previous day.

The giant tiger walked around and chatted with them. Perhaps it was because of the presence of their own kind or not being stimulated by strong pressure, but they had relaxed a little.

Xie Sen had entered the accommodation area for just a short while, and the ones who had been patting the bars stopped. They obediently lay down and stretched their paws out of the cages, as if they thought Xie Sen would still touch their paws like he did yesterday. Xie Sen hadn’t intended to do that, but when he saw that scene, he went forward to touch them. 

Maine stopped him, and pointed to a box in the corner. “There is a tranquilizer to calm them down.”

Xie Sen agreed. Maine went to get the medicine, then tried to help but was stopped by the fae.

Xie Sen went to the rightmost fae. “I didn’t hear any movement last night.”

Maine said, “You were too tired, and slept a lot.”

Xie Sen didn’t feel very tired, but then he thought, maybe it had something to do with pregnancy. He had heard before that pregnant people got sleepy.

After he sedated the fae, he asked, “Has their food been ordered yet?”

Maine, “Mn. It will be delivered with the giant tiger’s.”

It didn’t take long for the four caretakers from Gold Medal, Bai Jiao, and Long Teng to arrive. Xie Sen smoothed down the flying eagle’s feathers to soothe it while the caretakers and Bai Jiao changed the eagle’s medication.

After they treated the flying eagle, the four doctors left, and Bai Jiao asked, “Do you have the lab’s contract beasts? I’ll go check them.”

Xie Sen went with him to the accommodation area. “They don’t have any external injuries, but their mental condition is very poor.”

When Bai Jiao saw the beasts, his eyebrows couldn’t help but tighten. “This is too much!”

Xie Sen sighed lightly. “I don’t know if they can recover.”

Bai Jiao opened his bracelet. “I’ll continue to observe, and see if there’s a breakthrough.” He looked around the cages, and made notes as he studied them.

Not long after that, Mu Lin and Gu Luo also arrived. They checked the flying eagle beast and the fae contract beasts’ bodies.

Xie Sen watched from the sidelines, as he used his natural aura to soothe the contract beasts. While he was watching, his communicator rang. It was Zhao Hao calling. He accepted the call. Zhao Hao said directly, “I’m searching for evidence and need your help.”

Xie Sen asked, “What kind of help? Tell me?”

The bracelets of Brandt Star’s general officers were protected by law, and classified as first-class secrets. No one could hack into them privately.

Every military department personnel’s bracelet authority was still under the military department’s total control. Of course, there were private secrets. It was only after being charged and an application was made to the superior authority that they could be opened. Even though the majority of the audit team agreed, only the military department had the authority.

If there were special personnel arrested on business, once the team agreed, they could access then destroy the data.

If the person in charge of the investigation didn’t go through the proper procedures and privately took control of a military department’s personnel bracelet, they would be severely punished.

Therefore, the bracelets of military personnel were absolutely private and secure, as long as they didn’t break the law and weren’t charged.

For the general officers’ bracelets, moreover, only the three admirals had the right to approve the application, and the person must be charged. The three admirals had to convene a meeting and two or more generals must agree to investigate the general officer’s bracelet. Then under the observation of the Supervisory Council, they could break all the protective layers of the bracelet, and directly access the information.

Zhao Hao said, “Qiao Ke convinced Admiral Qiao by letting him hear the fugitive. Lt. Gen. Cox was only willing to see evidence personally. We contacted Jay, and Jay was willing to help, but Admiral Aben has made a request.”

Xie Sen straightened out his thoughts and didn’t answer directly. Instead he asked the question at the top of his mind, “Will this work? What if he uses a private communicator?”

Zhao Hao explained, “In order to avoid military personnel knowing the law and circumventing it, the Ministry of Military Affairs stipulated that it is illegal for military personnel to have private communicators. If he had used a private communicator, he would have been reported.”

This was what the late Chancellor who made the rules had said, Why do you need private communicators if you don’t do anything untoward?

Zhao Hao added, “Relatively speaking, a general officer’s bracelet is very safe. He surely won’t guess that we know that he is the mastermind, let alone that he will be charged. We have to be fast. If he comes back to tamper with the bracelet, there may really be nothing we can do.”

Xie Sen then asked, “What does Admiral Aben want?”

Zhao Hao said, “Jay will talk to you personally.”

Xie Sen soon received a communication from Jay. Jay said, “Sorry. I’m very willing to help. It’s only that grandfather said that there are risks in this matter. If nothing can be found, the Aben Family and Qiao Family will be branded as being jointly against the Cox Family, and will be investigated by the military department. So he wants some benefits.”

Xie Sen wasn’t familiar with the Ministry of the Military and hadn’t expected it to be so risky. He said, “I understand. What is Admiral Aben’s request?”

“The Aben Family’s subordinate legion has a lot of outstanding generals. Grandfather hopes that they can have the opportunity to bond with your contract beasts.” Jay added, “Only free bonding, never forced. Grandfather said, he just wants to fight for the opportunity. Whether they have the ability, they will have to rely on themselves.”

Xie Sen said, “Yes, I promise. This isn’t too much to ask. However, the number of people can’t exceed the number of contract beasts.”

Jay said excitedly, “Good, I’ll tell Grandfather later.” He hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Well… Actually I have another question. Zhao Hao and the giant rhinoceros beast can communicate. Is there a way for me to communicate with Gold Yao?”

Xie Sen froze. For Zhao Hao and later the bonded beast masters, their contract beasts were affected by the energy, so they could communicate with their beast owners after the bonding, but Gold Yao was different. It hadn’t been affected by energy. He pondered and thought about how Adam separated a piece of the red energy, but then the energy hadn’t been completely collected. Now it was and the five elements were merged into a whole, so he wondered if it could still be dispersed.

“I’m not sure about that, but if there is a way, I will help you,” he said.

Jay, “Thank you. If there is a way, be sure to tell me. Gold Yao is my good brother, and it would be great if I could communicate with him!”

After he ended the communication, Xie Sen mulled it over for a while, then simply asked Adam directly, and told him Jay’s idea.

Adam sounded smug, “Of course there is a way!”

Xie Sen explained his previous idea. “Do you mean to separate the energy and let the contract beast stay with the energy?”

“Of course not,” Adam said. “The five elements of energy have merged and become one power. It is a huge energy body, and even I can’t easily separate them. The reason why they scattered when they came to this world was to save you, and they were subjected to a temporal shock.”

Xie Sen understood, “Then the method you have is?”

“Give them a System plant to eat,” Adam said. “A System plant is the energy transformed. They can eat a plant which is the same as staying next to the energy, but by eating it, it makes it easier to control the amount. “ He paused and added, “And after the energy is integrated into the plant, the aura is mild and much less stimulating to the mind.

Xie Sen asked, “Then does it increase their IQ, and let them communicate with their beast master? Roughly how many plants do they need to eat?”

Adam, “I don’t know. The IQ of each individual is different, so it depends.”

Xie Sen thought that made sense, and hmmed.

Adam reminded him. “You’re pregnant with a baby now, so you need to eat more vegetables and fruits. The energy hasn’t moved much these days. You can’t just use energy!”

Xie Sen reassured him, “Don’t worry, I’m paying attention. I won’t use it casually.”

Adam said, “A’Sen, don’t slack off. Collect more energy! Activate more plants. Think about the previous world! There were so many plants. You’ve only activated 70 kinds now, don’t be lazy!”

Xie Sen coughed sheepishly. He was indeed a bit lazy. “Mn, I will cheer up. I’ve already thought of a good way to get energy, I’ve just been busy lately. I will continue to collect after these things are finished.”

Adam breathed a sigh of relief. “Sen is the best! Go for it!”

Xie Sen looked at the remaining energy value, then looked at the activated plants and turned off the System. The current energy was barely enough for him to last until he gave birth to the baby, and he still didn’t know if he could implement the plan to make food to earn energy during pregnancy. Energy really couldn’t be used indiscriminately for the time being.


When Admiral Cox received the request for a level one priority meeting, he froze. He hadn’t received an urgent situation communication from the military department. When he saw the reason for the request, his eyebrows knitted. [Senior general charged.]

The other two admirals on the request prompt had already agreed. He looked at the countdown on the page, and pressed yes. If the other had two agreed, even if he refused he would automatically enter the meeting at the end of the countdown.

“What’s going on?” He swept his eyes over Admiral Qiao and Admiral Aben.

Admiral Qiao, a refined man who looked to be in his forties despite being over a hundred years old, said, “Lieutenant Colonel Zhao Hao was involved in a special operation yesterday that revealed something appalling. That contract beasts have been researched illegally.”

Admiral Aben said, “It’s all over the Starnet. I know.”

Admiral Cox also nodded, but his heart jumped at the mention of contract beasts. “This has something to do with the Military Department?”

Admiral Qiao, “Yes. When they were tracking down the fugitive, Lieutenant Colonel Qiao Ke heard that the fugitive contacted the military. The other party was Lieutenant General Cox.”

“Impossible!” HanZheng retorted in a hard voice. His forehead veins jumped violently. He took a deep breath to regain his composure, then said again, “Impossible.”

Aben smiled. “Lieutenant General Cox has a special identity. The reason we called this meeting is to obtain his bracelet information and help clear these suspicions.”

HanZheng’s eyes swept over the two men, and he snorted, “You say it’s a meeting, but you’ve been planning it for a long time, haven’t you? As long as you both agree, there is nothing I can do even if I refuse! You are in violation of military regulations. You are colluding!”

Admiral Qiao, “No. We weren’t in contact beforehand. We simply treated this matter with a unified opinion.” He presented the command document. “Do you agree to access Lt. General Meyer Cox’s bracelet?”

Instantly, two consent signatures appeared at the bottom of the order. HanZheng’s face was extraordinarily ugly. Aben smiled and said, “Man, you’re so nervous. You do really have something to hide, do you?”

HanZheng pressed agree, and stared at him. “You two together are targeting the Cox family, so you just wait for the Military Regulatory Council’s investigation!”

Admiral Qiao, “Lt. General Cox’s bracelet authority has been transferred to the Regulatory Council. I will see both of you at the military headquarters building.”

Soon, the three admirals, along with six members of the Regulatory Council, met at the Military Department’s Special Affairs Office. The chairman of the Regulatory Council signaled to the group. “Activate the recovery process.”

There was a huge screen behind him, which rapidly played the status of Meyer’s bracelet. Deleted information was restored and various data scrolled by. When the percentage bar on the screen jumped to 100 percent, the president asked, “For what time period is the information being viewed?”

At that moment, Admiral Cox’s bracelet vibrated. As a rule, in a meeting of this size, any communication and information must be made public to prevent anyone from speaking with the outside world, and destroying the facts.

Admiral Cox saw the communication alert. His jaw tightened and he was forced to connect. The next moment Meyer’s voice was heard. “Father, my bracelet access was disabled! How did this happen?”

Admiral Cox said in a hard voice, “The military department rules state that when a senior general is charged and two or more admirals agree, the military department takes over the accused person’s bracelet access for investigation.”

“No!” Meyer shouted in panic. “How can that be? Who accused me?”

He didn’t leave a single trace. Anyone who knew the truth was dead. No one could have known!


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Consequences and karma, Meyer 😏
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