Principle Cover
Artist: Sachimo
Language: English
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Chapter 2Mediafire
Chapter 3Mediafire
Chapter 4Mediafire
Chapter 5/Extras might come out in following Api releases or tankoubon release (date unknown), if/when they do, we will work on those too.


Everyone has a set of principles that they live by. Whether this means to always say thank you or to never say never, everyone has at least one.
Yamashiro has a set of thirteen principles he tries to adhere to. Among them is a rule to make every one night stand just that: a one night stand. But what happens if those principles are broken?

Kami-sama no Iutoori 2
Hate, hate, hate

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  1. i haven’t downloaded the chapter yet. I just felt like saying how delicious looking that banner is…. good job to rara and addis! …..ummm itadakimasu😝

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