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Chapter 640: Escape

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

With the core destroyed, the expected ancient barrier from the TongTian Palace’s hopes was shattered.  

You XiaoMo didn’t feel the danger of the situation inside the tower, but almost everyone outside had their hearts in their throats, about to jump out. That was because, just as You XiaoMo was about to destroy the tower, the TongTian Palace was engulfed by a shining bright light. The ancient barrier appeared and disappeared. Some who accidentally touched felt that it almost bounced back. As for those in the Absolute-Death Array, the energy from their bodies was almost depleted by half, even He Dong felt despair.   

Seeing this, that overcast expression of the TongTian Emperor finally showed a slightly blood-thirsty smile, because at that moment, he felt uneasy, as if something out of his control happened.

Just then, the middle-aged man hadn’t told him about the stone-table being broken yet, probably afraid of the Emperor’s wrath. But, their hopes were once again shattered by You XiaoMo. The appearing and disappearing barrier only flashed for a few times before dying down, as if it had no more power.

The smile on the TongTian Emperor’s face was frozen in place.

For a second it was as if the time had stopped in the TongTian Palace, but then a new round of fighting exploded, in greater heights than before. Although they didn’t know what happened, but seeing the surprised expression of the TongTian Palace people, they knew it was something in their favor.

“High Priest!” The TongTian Emperor roared angrily to down below.

But before the middle-aged man could response, Ling Xiao’s flame surrounded him. The scorching flame roared, as if an evil beast unleashing it’s claws.

The TongTian Emperor, who got cut off, looked at Ling Xiao with hostility. Suppressing his feeling of growing unease, he said, “Since you guys like it so much here, then stay. This time, I’m not letting anyone of you off the hook.”

Ling Xiao was expressionless. Although he didn’t know what happened, but he had a feeling that it had something to do with his wife.

The conflict exploded on the trigger and this time, the TongTian Emperor went almost full force right from the start. When Ling Xiao fought against You ZhenTian, he had already seen the power of a seven star, but clearly the TongTian Emperor was stronger than You ZhenTian.  

The surrounding air was filled with a despair-inducing-pressurizing-feeling. Even those close by was effected and movements halted, almost resulting in decapitation by their opponents. The hurricane blew Ling Xiao’s clothes in all directions. The TongTian Emperor in front of him seemed to be planning on using his domain. His power was the strongest in the Continent, and no one knew of his domain powers. Those who were caught in it was either dead or badly hurt.

Thinking about it this far, Ling Xiao stopped worrying, there was only one way to stop the TongTian Emperor and that was with the domain explosion he used before.

No matter what, the TongTian Emperor couldn’t have predicted Ling Xiao to do something this crazy.

When they faced off against You AnTai before, Ling Xiao wasn’t as strong as he was now, so the power of the domain explosion was much weaker. But now, a clash between a six and seven star domain, the resulting explosion and effected area would be immense, even their comrades would be affected.

But, Ling Xiao wasn’t someone who rushed in without a plan, when he made this decision, he quickly told everyone to leave the area and proceeded to lure the TongTian Emperor higher into the sky.  

Before they departed, they made some preparations as to keep in contact, and now it was finally paying off. Other than some who was still focused on their opponents, most started to consciously back off.  

On the other hand, when You XiaoMo destroyed the tower, the white-robed person went crazy, even more so than before, as if he was about to go mad. Ignoring the crumbling tower, he came at You XiaoMo, madly swing his scythe.  

You XiaoMo dodged left and right, after all the core was destroyed, there was no reason for him to fight him.

Seeing that the Absolute Death Array was no longer capable, He Dong and the others were considered saved. No matter if they still had the power to make it out of the TongTian Palace, what happened after was none of his concern.

The white-robed person seemed to have seen through his plan and continuously stood in his way. Every time, he just barely managed to dodged the scythe by the skin of his teeth.

“Die, how dare you destroy the TongTian Palace’s plan! Just go die!” The white-robed person stared at him with a ferocious expression. His eyes felt as if they were going to pop out of their pockets as he stared at him venomously. His teeth were showing and once he finished yelling, the spiritual energy around him suddenly went on a rampage, as if a tornado, it kept rotating.

The only thought in You XiaoMo’s mind was that this person had been brainwashed very thoroughly. When everyone else was rushing to escape, only he kept trying to contain him, even risking his life to do so. That was so stupid, there were plenty of beautiful things in this world.  

But being plagued by someone like that, even a Buddha would get frustrated.  

You XiaoMo simply went into his dimension. The white-robed person was nowhere near the level of You ZhenTian. The only reason You ZhenTian could easily find his dimension and attack it was because for one, he was in his domain, and second, You ZhenTian was way too strong. But, although the white-robed might predict his movements, there was no way he could break through it.  

Without much surprise, once he disappeared, the white-robed person instantly turned towards the direction of the dust. He raised his scythe high above his head and swing down with malicious aggression.  

Not only did the black glow not slice open the dimension, it bounced back to the white-robed person. The latter was stunned but quickly dodged it and didn’t dare to attack randomly like that again.

You XiaoMo instantly started controlling the dimension to leave.

However, the white-robed person wasn’t about to stop there. Without a second thought, he threw away his scythe and swing his fist at the dust particle. Much to his surprise, a man suddenly appeared from the position of the particle, and using the element of surprise, grabbed a hold his fist. With a pull, the fist changed directions.  

The white-robed person couldn’t react in time. First, You XiaoMo had a sudden explosion of pressure to suppress him for a moment, rendering him motionless, and then smashed his fist into his head.  

No matter how strong the practitioner, they couldn’t train their head to be unbreakable. Even if they were to block in time, getting hit was definitely going to cause a concussion. But the white-robed person managed to get hit on the temples with ten percent of his strength and no defense. The result was expected.  

The white-robed person could no longer think, his greatest mistake was to let go of his scythe, and his body felt to the ground.

You XiaoMo let go of his wrist. He had enough confidence in his strength that with such a close-distance smash, if he wasn’t dead, he was going to be brain dead.

Just as he was about to turn around, the once barely-alive white-robed person, suddenly opened his blood-shot eyes and threw himself aggressively at You XiaoMo’s unprotected back. As if the final hit, the last struggle before death.

You XiaoMo noticed it instantly and just as he was about to strike back, a massive force, as if a huge wave washed over them from the sky, tumbling them around. The sky-breaking noise broke through the black mist that had once covered the sky. Itt was as if the sky had been split in half.

The white-robed person was thrown away by the impact.

Without another word, You XiaoMo went into his dimension.

Just as he disappeared, a destructive force engulfed them and the white-robed person died before he could let out a single cry.  

It must have been Ling Xiao who created such a huge commotion!

Due to the fact that Ling Xiao had told his people to leave beforehand, his comrades weren’t affected by the domain explosion. However, that couldn’t be said for the TongTian Palace people. It was devastating, especially the ones close by, they weren’t even left with a corpse.

You XiaoMo controlled the dimension to leave, although with difficulty. He only came out when it was safe and as he turned to look around, the structure that had been the symbol of the holiest place in the TongTian Continent had been mostly destroyed. With broken walls, the TongTian Palace was gone.

“Once I go back I’m going to go calm my nerves.” You XiaoMo said to himself. This whole year had been like a dream. Suddenly going up against the TongTian Palace and fighting with them to the death, he even had the ‘this is just a dream’ kind of feeling.


You XiaoMo turned around and was tripped by something he didn’t notice. As his body leaned forward, his quickly caught himself with one hand and used the force to stand up again.

When he turned around, he realized that it was a ‘corpse’. Just as he was about to brush it off and took a few steps, he suddenly turned around, aggressively. Wait, this ‘corpse’ wasn’t a white-robed person so he wasn’t a member of the TongTian Palace.

Quickly, You XiaoMo turned the ‘corpse’ over and took a sharp breath in. Wasn’t this guy the black-robed person he and Ling Xiao met in the Peach Blossom Ruins? He just left after saying something weird, even now he didn’t know his real identity.

Why was he here?

You XiaoMo was confused, he remembered Ling Xiao saying he wasn’t an enemy, but he was here. Could he be a helper Ling Xiao got?

Isn’t he a bit weak to lose here, even though he looked so strong before.  

Checking for breathing, You XiaoMo realized that he hadn’t died yet, he was just exhaling more than inhaling and unconscious. If he left him here, he was bound to die.  

“Well, good thing you’re lucky.” You XiaoMo took out a life saving magic pill and made him eat it, then threw him into the dimension. Since he was unconscious, he shouldn’t wake up anytime soon.  

When he left with great care, he didn’t notice that not far away was a white-robed corpse underneath a huge boulder. There was a hole in his chest and he was dead as one could be. He was the blacked-robed person’s opponent, a Sacred Realm three star.

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