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Chapter 2: His Basement and Big Black Things

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Myka and Morning Mist arrived at the valley forest near the little Iron Tower city, connected with the sneaky emissary of the Lansuo Elves, and then went to a semi-underground cave at the forest border.

This situation made Myka think it was like they were really plotting something important.

Morning Mist was introducing Myka to the elves. Myka didn’t pay attention to whether she directly introduced him as a ‘pink robed mage’ or the like. Instead, Myka was more curious about what was going on with his partner, the dragon. Morning Mist did speak of the dragon, even though they were despised from the beginning to the end.

Myka looked forward to it. If Morning Mist really deceived a young dragon, it would be a rare experience in life.

After they had dinner in the cave without any meat, two elves knocked on the door again. It seemed that the other actor, Myka’s partner, had arrived.

Morning Mist warmly stood up to greet him, reached out, and made a gesture of pouncing.

“Oh, my dear Sylar! I missed you so much! Thank you for helping us!”

Myka craned his neck to look at the door and saw a man wrapped in a dark green cloak shyly avoiding the hug from Morning Mist.

The man in the cloak came in and sat on the wooden bench opposite Myka. He held a long wooden stick with vines and oak leaves, and some berries Myka didn’t know.

“Hello,” a hand slowly reached out of the dark green cloak. “I’m Sylar. I, I have heard of you. Um… Hi, hey…”

This guy’s voice was thick, but his tone was soft and shy, with a strange sense of incongruity.

When Myka shook hands with him, he also took off his hood the red-haired man looked neither too young nor too old, but a little too old to guess his age. His semi-long hair was naturally curled, slanted on one shoulder, and he had a straw rope tied around his forehead. On the rope was a small, cream-colored wildflower.

Myka sucked in a breath of cold air what was this?

He was sure he was not a dragon. Myka could see that.

No matter what he was, in short, intuitively, this was… Red hair and green cloak, strong body and shy face, little wildflowers on his head, awkward speech, and even a name that sounded feminine.

Myka immediately thought of two customers he had met, a same-sex couple: the skinny one always wanted to emphasize his heroism, while the muscular one kept twirling his hair, wringing his little thumbs up and pretending to be a sissy.

“What is he here for?” Myka turned to Morning Mist. The friends that the fancy atypical elves knew are usually also weird people.

Morning Mist nibbled on her apple and replied calmly, “Your partner, the dragon.”

“Dragon? But he” Myka was painfully aware that his conjecture had been confirmed.

Yes, this partner was not a dragon of course. He was a druid. They were the kind of people hidden in the countryside and doubted by urban residents.

But it was impossible, Myka thought, because even druids couldn’t ride dragons. Dragons were magical creatures and weren’t animals. Myka had heard that druids had the ability to instantly morph into an animal, faster than transmutation, but it seemed that they didn’t have the ability to become a magical creature…

In the face of Myka’s eyes, druid Sylar who sat there, his head bowed and hands rubbing together, looked like a girl on her first date.

“Don’t tell me he is a dragon, I don’t believe it.” Myka stared at Morning Mist.

“Of course, he is not. Do you think I have the ability to find a real dragon?”

“But he can’t become a dragon! Druids can only become happy and lively animals with little intelligence!”

Sylar put up his hand and interposed, “The IQ after transformation is still my own.” 

“I didn’t study the subject!” After that, Myka continued as he turned back to face to Morning Mist, “Do you want me to turn him into a dragon? Yes, I can prepare such magic… But, first of all, the magic lasts for a short time; second, Morning Mist, you know, I’ve only studied ‘those’ spells for years, and my ability to cast may have become worse…”

“I didn’t ask you to do that,” said Morning Mist, giving Myka a ‘rest assured’ look. “Let’s leave it to Sylar to figure out what to do. We have already agreed on this. You don’t care where the dragon comes from.”

The elf woman and two other elves led the actors to the simple couch. “Rest, time is short.”

After a night in the cave, before dawn in the early morning, these people were secretly received by the elves in Lansuo City.

The light of the fire and cold flames flickered between the tree houses. Myka, who came to the Elven city for the first time, looked at these wonderful architectural houses. As he stepped carefully over the tangled ground, the druid nudged Myka with his elbow. When Myka looked back at him, he shrunk his shoulders and smiled. It made Myka sick. It was disgusting for a tall adult man to smile like a girl.

“Myka…Can I call you that?” Sylar touched the mage’s arm again.

“You already called me by it.”

The red-haired druid looked down again and smiled, “I often hear Morning Mist mention you. She said you used to be a battlemage and that you were very good at it.”

Good heavens… Myka cried in his heart, what’s with the tone like a little girl?! However, the druid’s words hit a small weakness in Myka’s heart, which was that he couldn’t stand praise, so he calmly asked and answered Sylar.

“I used to be a battlemage, and then I became a merchant. I can’t stand that life from before.”

“What do you mean? Too hard?” Sylar asked.

Myka shook his head with his mouth open, “I’m not afraid of hard work. Although I really don’t like it… The main reason is that I can’t find a good job.”

Sylar waited for him to go on.

“If I don’t help others, they say, ‘You don’t care! You’re selfish and indifferent! How evil!’. When I offer to help them, they say, ‘You must have a plan! How evil!’. And if I wait to help once I’m needed, then they say, ‘You mages are so proud!’. Either way, I’m not doing anything right.”

Sylar thought hard and sighed, “I see. My countrymen have never been in this situation. Maybe it’s because people rarely contact us.”

“Of course you don’t,” Myka waved. “You can turn yourself into something fluffy and lovely. If you turn around and roll around, most people will fall in love with you.”

Myka used this tone to end the conversation. Who knew that this druid was not angry at all, but looked very happy. It was like Myka had praised him for being cute.

They were taken to the scene of the play that the Elven King intended not the mountain castle, not the mage tower, not the tomb maze but a basement.

It was just a basement, not even a suite.

It was obviously below a grocery store that had been temporarily emptied. There were several bookshelves and tables, and the books on the bookshelves were also children’s books.

“This is the lair of the evil mage and dragon!” Morning Mist announced, spreading her arms open in a poetic tone.

The elves who led the way stood by in silence, with inexpressible sadness on their indifferent faces.

“What a joke!” Myka couldn’t help crying and laughing. It was no wonder that people outside said that the Lansuo Elves were the most stingy elves. City Elves and Forest Elves despised them.

“I’m not kidding,” replied Morning Mist gravely. “This is your nest for the time being. Or do you expect us to actually prepare a mage tower?”

“You said there was a dragon!” Myka took a look at the druid, who was running to the bookshelf to look at children’s books! “Whether it is true or not, the dragon should be a big creature, okay?”

At this time, Sylar said, “It can be accommodated here. Really, this warehouse is very large. I think that something as big as a dragon can lie here.”

“Yes!” Myka held his forehead, “And then the dragon will fill up the basement, while me and the princess drill through the cracks since it’s squeezing us out!”

“It doesn’t matter. I think it will be a very oppressive sight and lovely to watch.” The druid, with a thick but thin voice, added.

Anyway, it was not his fault that he was not like Myka who wanted to shake his head and put his little luggage away.

Morning Mist was going to report to the Elven King and left with several other elves. Before leaving, they patted druid Sylar on the shoulder and told him something.

At this moment, Myka was a little distracted. He thought of some of the old images the experience of being a battle mage.

Myka’s attack magic was very common, but he was quick and had a good concentration. At that time, he was responsible for supporting a group of fighters. They wanted to lead the enemy to specific areas. Myka’s task was to follow everyone and provide protection magic at any time.

However, few people remembered this. Everyone only remembered that he was a researcher of pink magic and was good at making small potions with indescribable functions. He hadn’t been involved in any crisis for a long time. Looking at the Elven soldiers with weapons, Myka felt it was nostalgic.

But now he was just a businessman… Myka snapped out of it and took out his magic notes

Then he froze.

He found himself bringing recent spell notes not the old ones.

In the dark rose leather notebook, all the records were, for example, illusions to arouse people’s happy thoughts, methods to make greasy cream, magic words to add strange effects to close-fitting clothes, potions to make people continuously feel each other’s enthusiasm, and methods to add maintenance and cleaning effects to some ‘tools’.

In short, the notes were all about pink magic.

He had been in a hurry when he set out with Morning Mist. So Myka had taken his backpack directly. He was eager to go home to change them, but as Morning Mist said before, it would be too late to immediately carry out the plan of kidnapping the princess this afternoon.

Meanwhile, druid Sylar was changing his clothes: inside the thick robe was a leather breastplate without shoulder armor and armguard. Myka could see that the muscles on Sylar’s arms were high and bulging, and the lines on his back were strong.

Feeling Myka’s eyes, Sylar smiled back shyly. Myka felt his pores clenching.

Then, Sylar began to stretch his arms, stretch his muscles, do push-ups, jump high, squat down… Myka’s mouth convulsively twitched, wondering what this druid was doing.

After a series of actions, Sylar motioned to the mage and said, “Come on!”

Myka froze. “What are we doing?” 

“We’re going to kidnap the princess this afternoon,” Sylar said, taking Myka’s arm and dragging him out. “Let’s rehearse a little. I… I’m afraid I’ll have stage fright.”

“Rehearse what? What do you mean stage fright?!” Myka wanted to despise the girlish tone, but couldn’t resist Sylar’s strength.

The mage was more concerned about the fatigue from the journey having not faded than the pain of being scratched on his arm. Now he didn’t want to do anything but mend in his sleep.

The druid dragged him out, looked left and right in the morning light, and found a path to walk. They walked up the cliff along the neat and stable plank road, into the dense forest in the middle of the hill, and came to a grassland.

Sylar finally let go of Myka and stepped back, biting his lips and smiling, just like a little girl who was going to dance on stage.

“Why on earth did you agree to do this?” Myka looked at the high elf Sylar incredulously. “You’re a druid! You’re a druid, right? You should be isolated from the world, lonely and indifferent, only love grass and trees! Don’t you seem to be over-enthusiastic?”

Sylar also showed shyness when he was praised, and he turned his head and smiled while doing chest expansions, “It’s not like that. I’ve been working with the Lansuo Elves to protect this valley forest. You see, I’m doing a favor this time for the Elven family. Okay, let’s start.”

“What are we starting?”

Myka’s question had just come out when the druid in front of him suddenly disappeared in a flash of smoke. His huge black back bulged, and his armor rose and fell in the smoke.

Now he was not the red-haired druid with flowers, but a creature with sharp teeth and claws, more than twenty feet long——

——A huge black crocodile.

…Fuck you.

This was the first thing that crossed Myka’s mind when he saw the ‘dragon’.


Ths author has something to say:

In fact, druids have magic that can turn them into dragons (and many other things), but that magic is very complex.

Natural transfiguration is not transfiguration, it’s different from a mage’s transfiguration.

Druid’s natural transformation ability can only let them turn into animals, not magical beasts. A giant crocodile is not only a relatively large crocodile but a special crocodile (from the monster guide).

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July 25, 2020 2:45 am

Thank you for the chapter!!! I was gaping dumbfounded while reading. Do the elves really think that this will work?! And I thought about something else. What if the runaway groom decides not to save the kitchen-disaster princess? Will they let her go after holding her in that basement for a while, saying that the kidnapper got bored?

July 26, 2020 7:08 am

Hahaha a crocodile that is definitly a kind of dragon 🐊

August 3, 2020 10:45 pm

This Sylar is really interesting… aaand he can be fierce as a cocodrile, but that’s not a dragon. The princes will laugh her head off with these kidnappers.

Thanks for the chapter!

April 18, 2021 12:14 pm

I’m like what plan is this!! It’s hilarious! I think Sylar is so sweet! A crocodile, I laughed so hard! I don’t know why Myka is so critical with Sylar!

July 29, 2021 9:57 am

Funny. I like these 2.
Thank you for translating.

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