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Chapter 1: Playing the Evil Mage

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The next day, pink robed mage Myka’s peaceful life was broken.

Just as he was about to go out, an elf woman stood in front of his house in a very charming manner. This was Myka’s old acquaintance, Morning Mist. She hadn’t seen Myka since he had become a merchant.

Many people who knew elves said that even after more than ten years, the elves in front of you don’t seem to change at all. But this sentence couldn’t be used to describe Morning Mist. Since knowing her, Myka clearly remembered that the image of this woman would completely change every time, and each time it would be too exaggerated to look at directly.

So Myka closed the door directly.

The elf woman started to howl and hit the door with her fist. Myka came out to face her again.

“God, what are you doing? Tomorrow the whole village, no, the whole city will start gossiping about me!” After saying so, Myka noticed that the windows of the adjoining houses were being shut.

“We’ve known each other for many years, so I’ll tell you straight out. I kidnapped the princess.” Morning Mist brushed her thick hair back to show an expression of ‘humph.’

Myka wanted to close the door again. This time, the elf woman wedged herself between the door and the door frame, with the complicated look of ‘a mere mage can’t compete with me’.

Myka, as a merchant, had a good temper and was seldom rude to others. He sighed and looked at the elf whose shoulders and chest was bare, wearing a skirt that looked like a grand flower cart, before letting her in the door.

Morning Mist ate Myka’s snacks gracefully and rudely while telling her old friend about her intentions for arriving.

In short, she needed an unknown mage.

Morning Mist had lived in Maple Forest of Lansuo for a long time, but in fact, her hometown was in the valley near the Iron Tower city. The elves there call their hometown Lansuo, which meant ‘delicate little kingdom’ in the dialect of the elves in this area.

They were different from the elves in the vast sea of trees in the South. There were many small clans besides the southern elves, and the elders of each clan would gather to discuss major issues; the Lansuo Elves were just like City Elves, with a king and ministers.

The Elven King of Lansuo had a strange daughter, whose name was Hyacinth. The princess had a betrothed, the son of a young Elven aristocrat and an Elven warrior, Inkoso. Originally, they had decided to live together, but in a contest, the soldier, Inkoso, lost to a fledgling teenager in front of the public. Then, without even paying homage, he ran away with a very funny gesture, and no one understood what he was doing. All this made the elves around laugh. The princess was so ashamed and angry that she threatened to cancel her engagement.

“Wait a minute, let me say something. So… Why on earth did you kidnap her?” Myka was still in a fog.

“Don’t worry, listen to me.” Morning Mist leaned against the table, brushing away her hair and stroked her thigh.

The truth was that the fiancé’s strength was not bad, and the young soldier was not as strong. The source of the tragedy was that Inkoso had eaten a table of food prepared by the princess at noon.

According to the maids, the food cooked by the princess could make people shudder or even run away. If someone ate a few mouthfuls, even if they didn’t scream or faint, they would start to question life.

But the brave and strong soldier, Inkoso, ate all of the lunch prepared by the princess.

The elf maids and servants all thought that the young man must have suffered from the double torture of body and soul, so he lost the competition.

In the face of his wayward daughter, Elven King took both hard and soft measures, exhausted all the ways he could think of, and failed to let her take back her decision of canceling the engagement.

One day, Morning Mist, who had been away from home for more than fifty years, came back to her hometown and found out that the Elven King wanted to find an evil guy to pretend to kidnap the princess and let the soldier, Inkoso, defeat the evil and save her so that the princess would fall in love with her fiancé again.

“Why do you know the king?” Despite this fact, Myka had secretly inferred that the country must be very small.

“Because I’m very famous,” Morning Mist took out a letter and handed it to Myka. “This is the terms and conditions of appointment and treatment written by the king himself. You can read the elven language, right? Let me tell you. We are looking for an evil mage. I think you are a good choice.”

“I’m not evil!” Myka frowned and took the letter. The Elven King’s letter was sincere and tearful. Especially the promised reward which was quite desirable.

Myka looked up at Morning Mist and asked, “I get the idea. However, the letter also says… an evil mage and a dragon are wanted? Is this the king’s request? Where can I find a dragon? Magic may work, but I don’t think it’s enough to fight the soldier. It will not be that realistic.”

“Don’t worry about it. We have another partner and he’s also here to act. He won’t hurt the princess or you.”

Myka sucked in a cold breath. Was this person a child dragon that had been harmed?

“Myka, it’s worth it. Remember when we were fighting in Gaolin?” Morning Mist continued, “We served the same master. We have seen a real dragon… You’ve also been a battle mage, and have some experience. This time it’s just acting. The princess is a naive little flower and she doesn’t study magic seriously and doesn’t want to learn swordsmanship. We will be very deceitful but it’s an easy way to make so much money… and it’s not a lot of money, it’s mainly precious stones and seeds!”

The battlemage of the year now pink robed mage nodded, “I didn’t say I didn’t care. But I have to make sure I’m safe.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is it only the princess that the king is hiding this truth from? I’m afraid most of the ordinary Lansuo elves are being kept in the dark. I don’t want to play a role that will leave me hated by so many elves.”

“I have thought about this problem with His Majesty, the king,” said Morning Mist, raising her eyebrows. “We will make up a fake background identity for you, and make up a very sad past for you. Your evil and cruelty are all caused by psychological distortion after being deeply hurt by others. You need to get revenge against the whole world… In the end, we will wash you white and make you feel pitied rather than hated and you didn’t kill any elves! You just kidnapped the princess. You didn’t hurt her at all!”

“… Okay, fine. I accept this task.” Myka put down the Elven King’s letter. Morning Mist cheered and clapped, and offered to help Myka pack up and leave right away.

When he packed his belongings and clothes, Myka suddenly thought of something, “Wait, if I have not killed an elf or even hurt the princess… Um, excuse me, then what am I doing with her?”

“It doesn’t matter. Bad guys don’t always need a reason to kidnap a princess.” Morning Mist’s answer was quite true.

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July 22, 2020 6:48 pm

Morning Mist is not wrong. Just think about Bowser and Princess Peach. Does anybody know why he kept abducting her? I know I can’t. Anyway, this story has my attention. Great work!!!

July 22, 2020 9:27 pm

Hahaha. That won’t go smoothly, I bet.

Thanks for the chapter!

July 22, 2020 10:28 pm

OK, mission established, but I bet it won’t go as smoothly as Morning Mist plans it to go. Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 22, 2020 11:45 pm

Interesting story! Definitely will be waiting for the next chapters. Just when I was so bored and looking for new novel to read and thought, why there is no new novel from Exiledrebelsscanlations? And here you are! I’ve always love magics, elves, mages, knights, and dragons. So, this is a perfect story. Thanks a lot for picking this novel! 😊

April 18, 2021 12:11 pm

I love how the mage is trying to keep her out the door first lol his way of thinking is hilarious! Can’t believe he agreed to the plan lol

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