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Chapter 67: Puff Pastry

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to see Shuo Han interact with the other cubs too uwu


The next day, the morning in Utopia was different from all other places. The first one to wake up was the fairy who delivered letters and newspapers. Before dawn, he fluttered his wings and flew to thousands of families. When dawn arrived, the dwarves woke up, came out of their underground cave and hit their iron. The first sky train started, and then all the branches and leaves of the World Tree unfolded…

The whole world lit up.

It was a very different day. The World Tree was covered with colorful berries. The leaves turned yellow and golden red. The whole world was covered with a bright color. The weather was very good. The mirror-like moon lake reflected the light of the blue sky in the morning.

The water people living in Moon Lake came up quietly to breathe, and they were startled by the strange noise in the tree house, and then “plop” drew back to the bottom of the lake.

In the small tree house in the center, there was another confused sound, “Ou-wang, Aowu… Awoo…”

The little husky was half-hanging on the rattan floor. He was in such a precarious position that he seemed to have been fooled by someone. It was a pity that he could sleep all over the place. The little fellow was spewing his tongue silly, as if he were talking in a dream, and occasionally gouging his paws in the air.

“Er’er?” Gu YuMian picked up the strange little guy, put him back in the bed, and let him sleep next to the head of little Tangyuan and the little fox, “Why are you here, did you sleepwalk?”

The snow leopard rolled his head on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. He pushed Gu YuMian’s cheek with his claws, and imitated a ‘swimming’ posture perfunctorily.

Gu YuMian realized his meaning, “Er’er thinks he’s a fish now?”

Gu YuMian was helpless. On the first day they met, the little husky was like a lonely wolf, and his cries were all “awoo”. But he had nothing to show for it. After coming to Utopia, it may be because he saw the dragon and all kinds of magical water creatures, he immediately changed his race at will, and wanted to fly in the sky and swim in the water… It was a little dangerous.

Why couldn’t he accept the fact that he was only a dog?

“I will pay attention…” Gu YuMian held TuanTuan up under his ribs and looked at him carefully, with a little smile in his eyes. At first, the little snow leopard looked at Gu YuMian indifferently, until he couldn’t open his eyes and the tip of his ears turned red. Gu YuMian kissed his ears and said, “TuanTuan, I’m glad you care so much about them.”

Gu YuMian had always been worried about the little snow leopard’s character. Although YuanYuan and QiuQiu had their own small shortcomings, they were all cheerful. Only the little snow leopard didn’t get along with the other children all the time — he didn’t get along with everyone unilaterally.

I didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to care about the little husky. Gu YuMian was really pleased and a little relieved.

Snow Leopard, “…”

His grey-blue eyes narrowed unhappily. Who cares about those fools?!

I’m clearly concerned about you…

“Mn, is TuanTuan sleepy or not?” After getting a negative answer, Gu YuMian continued, “Then let them sleep a little longer. Let’s get ready for breakfast.”

Gu YuMian held the snow leopard in his arms and descended from the second floor of the tree house to the first floor. On Moon Lake, from early morning to late night, it reflected the sky in broken waves. The lake was covered with a thin layer of fog in early autumn, which had a very simple and charming scent.

Today, he was going to make puff pastry covered soup. Some of the ingredients needed to be prepared in advance. Gu YuMian had prepared the shortening, flour, sugar, salt and oil used to make the puff pastry dough. He was just going to make a simple pastry.

At this time, he received an official communication application from… Utopia Amusement Park?

He was sure that’s what it said, not Starry Sky, but Utopia.

[Hello, this is Gu YuMian.]

Gu YuMian’s hands were not empty. He had the little snow leopard help him connect with his paws on the light screen.

“Mr. Gu, are you free now? I’d like to talk to you about something.”

An amusement park official is looking for me? What can I do for them?

Gu YuMian’s hand stopped and looked at the snow leopard with some doubts. He guessed vaguely that it might have something to do with the hidden plot and said, “I’m free, say what you need to.”

Gu YuMian didn’t make a mistake. It was really related to the hidden plot.

“I’m sorry. I messed up before. Is the ‘City Lord’ okay?”

The official had received a special call from Mr. Fennick, and his attitude at this time was extremely cautious, saying, “Of course, you don’t need to worry about that.”

The little snow leopard was satisfied with the answer and nodded slightly.

“… Mn, what is it that you want to discuss?”

Utopia’s official micro-blog had been in the habit of selecting some high-quality photos of tourists and sending them to the micro blog. Last night, they picked the photos of Gu YuMian, and the response was amazing. It was no exaggeration to say that since Utopia established a micro-blog, that photo had the highest number of comments.

“So we would like to invite you to have a live broadcast when you play in Utopia. And about the promotion fee…”

“Cough.” Gu YuMian held the snow leopard and rubbed his ears, giving a slight cough. He didn’t want to talk about this topic in front of children. In his ideal situation, children didn’t need to know much about their family’s financial situation before they went to junior high school. He just needed enough money.

And Utopia was so great, he would like to promote it for free.

The other side immediately understood his meaning and said, “Let’s talk about that later. About the hidden plot, you can open it at any time in the process of playing. Is this acceptable?”

The official made a comprehensive assessment of Gu YuMian’s popularity, commercial value and live broadcast mode. This hidden plot was explored by Gu YuMian, which was more suitable than all the ways once envisaged.

Although Sky City was not finished, it was not the only way to open it.

Gu YuMian thought casually, “Okay.”

I think it’s quite interesting. Most of all, the children should like it.

There was a big sigh of relief.

Although it was a harmless thing, if Gu YuMian didn’t want it, it was totally out of the question. Fortunately, he did.

“Is there anything else?” Gu YuMian smiled.

“Yes, one last thing.” 

Gu YuMian, “Hmm?”

“We all like you very much. Can you… sign some photos?”

Gu YuMian, “……”


Half an hour later, the baby panda woke up, rubbing his eyes, and slowly swayed down from the rattan. He held Gu YuMian’s hand and asked him to help wash his face. The little fox and little husky woke up earlier. One was helping Gu YuMian prepare breakfast, the other was sitting on his buttocks and playing with water.

Gu YuMian glanced and brought back the little husky. He felt that he was almost ready. At eight o’clock in the morning, he opened the live broadcast on time.

“Hello, I’m anchor Gu YuMian.” Looking at the rapidly rising audience, Gu YuMian could not help bending his eyes, “After breakfast, we will officially start our Utopian journey.”

Because a lot of viewers set their alarm clocks ahead of time, just one minute after the broadcast, tens of millions of people had poured in.

[No Don’t, No Don’t: Aaah!! Breakfast, Utopia!! I don’t know what kind of itinerary the anchor will have today! 2333]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I set my alarm clock, I was squatting at six in the morning, my legs were numb. QAQ]

[Marshmallow is not as sweet as MianMian: It starts at eight o’clock. The Utopian journey is usually from nine o’clock to nine o’clock in the evening…  Is today’s live broadcast super long?! Suddenly excited!!!]

Utopia was an immersive amusement park, which was not the traditional model of buying tickets, queuing and planning their own itinerary. The amusement park planned the itinerary for every tourist, and the tourist would have a thorough understanding of every kind of Utopia in the process of playing as if they were living in this real city-state.

“Yes, we should be live for a long time today.” Gu YuMian nodded.

After all, he had agreed with the Utopian authorities.

The audience was immediately moved and didn’t know what to do——

Although Starry Sky’s full-time anchor’s daily average live time was more than ten hours, Gu YuMian had always been such a Buddha, and more than five hours were rare, and ten hours was never before done.

[I’m up there, MianMian. Look at the moon in the sky, it’s not round. Over ten hours today!] 

[It’s finally going to be long. I’m crying.] 

[I think I’m dreaming. Who will pinch me?]

Gu YuMian, “……” Why is everyone exaggerating?

Were his live broadcasts really too short? Gu YuMian couldn’t help feeling guilty.

“Let’s make breakfast and eat,” Gu YuMian said, holding the paw of the baby panda and rubbing it. The baby panda hugged his finger and rubbed his head against it. “Actually, it’s almost ready. We can eat it in a little bit.”

As the name suggests, he was making a kind of seafood cream soup with a layer of pastry on top. It was available in both Chinese and Western styles, but it was a Western dish. It was divided into two parts: cooking the seafood cream soup and preparing the puff pastry. The ingredients prepared for the seafood soup this time included shrimp, crab leg meat and scallops.

The shrimp and crab leg meat had been shelled, and were kept together with the scallops on the ice to keep them fresh and ready to use. The soup he was going to make was a fish soup, with a little ginger and cooking wine, which had been boiled on the small stove, showing a slightly milky white color.

“Let’s first cut the garlic and potatoes into small pieces and cook them in the pot where we are going to make the soup.” Gu YuMian thought about it and then said, “Generally speaking, there are also onions, but many will have adverse reactions to onions, especially cats and dogs. Be careful.” 1

Gu YuMian slid the chopped garlic and potatoes directly into olive oil and turned on the heat. Soon, the garlic and potato’s surface was an even and bright lustrous gold, and very fragrant.

Gu YuMian added flour and butter in turn and continued to cook it. The butter melted and caused crackling sounds. There was an attractive fragrance that couldn’t be ignored. It followed the white steam into the nose!

The few children were immediately attracted by the scent, and they moved their noses, squeezed in Gu YuMian’s arms, and looked into the pot.

“Don’t worry.”

Gu YuMian rubbed their small heads, one by one, then poured the clam stock into the pot while stirring it, and then boiled it on a high heat. Gu YuMian held the long spoon and stirred it until the soup boiled. Then poured in a few spoonfuls of brandy. 2

Then he added the potatoes and cinnamon sticks. 3 After the potatoes were cooked until they were soft, he added corn, cut Saint George’s mushrooms, celery and carrots in turn.

After boiling, Gu YuMian put in the shrimp, crab legs and scallops, poured the fresh cream in and mixed it well, and finally added salt and black pepper to taste.

The few cubs and the audience could not help but hold their breath and watch the soup in the pot on the alcohol stove——

Before long, a pot of thick seafood cream soup was simmering on the stove until it was bubbling, occasionally popping with a transparent bubble. The soup in the pot was a very mellow cream color. The light red and tender shrimp, crab leg meat, the snow-white scallop meat, carrot pieces and green celery were an embellishment to the colors. 4

It was easy to stir up one’s appetite just by showing off the appearance. What’s more, the steam continued pouring out, carrying the strong milk scent and the salty fragrance of the soup. They could even smell the little bit of brandy.

“Chii!” The baby panda’s paws were also holding Gu YuMian’s clothes, greedily swallowing saliva. His head constantly arched into Gu YuMian’s arms, the little snow leopard discontentedly pushed at his round head.

The little husky could not help grinding his claws and shaking his head excitedly. If he hadn’t been stopped by the little fox, he would have buried his head directly in the hot pot and drank tons of soup.

Layers of bullet screens rolled by with special effects, which directly set off a heat wave.

[Vivian: My God, isn’t it too fragrant? It’s a bowl of soup that looks fresh and thick, full of color, and the fragrance…]

[No less than 90 Jin, no change of Name: Aaaaah!!!! Anchor, you won. I didn’t plan to eat today. Now I ordered takeout, and the weight-loss plan is broken again… QAQ]

[Juyi: I want to eat it! Now! Please!!! Crazily sucks saliva.]

[Junior B: Brother, will this dish go to Elbet Restaurant? Isn’t it too fragrant? I silently took out my VIP card.]

This morning, the number of spectators had gone through several rounds of dramatic increases, at this time, it rushed over 60 million in one stroke, and continued to climb!

“We will add a layer of pastry, too.”

The pastry dough had long been made of flour, shortening, sugar and salt, with a layer of yolk to add a golden color on top. Gu YuMian ladled the seafood soup into five baking bowls, covered the bowls with a layer of pastry dough, and baked it in the oven for a while. This time, it was complete.

The crispy, full and crunchy crust refracted the luster, covered the thick soup under it, and sent out a strong fragrance.

The little husky’s tongue was puffing, his two forepaws were on Gu YuMian’s wrist, his voice could not stop, and his tail soon became a fan leaf. The little snow leopard also stepped on Gu YuMian’s palm and raised his chin to show that he wanted to eat now.

The audience, like the children, couldn’t resist it. In a second, thousands of bullet screens flew by at the same time. The atmosphere was extremely warm!

“Mn, you can eat it.” Gu YuMian thought that his family’s children were so lovely. He couldn’t help laughing and a dimple appeared near his lips.

The little snow leopard was mad for a moment, and the cream soup nearby suddenly became unattractive.

“What’s TuanTuan doing?” Gu YuMian gently pinched the tip of the snow leopard’s nose, handed the bowl to the children, and demonstrated with a child’s spoon and fork, “First, put the pastry into the soup with a fork, soak it until it is slightly soft, and then eat it with the soup.”

The little fox swallowed his saliva and curled up in Gu YuMian’s arms. His two claws were clumsily trying to hold the fork. According to Gu YuMian’s words, he poked the pastry into the cream soup

The little fox and the baby panda closed their eyes happily at the same time.

——The crispy and full crust absorbed the soup, which was soft and slightly crispy. The mellow and warm seafood soup flowed between the lips and tongue. The rich and mellow cream, the fresh and smooth shrimp and crab meat, and the clear and sweet brandy. The taste of the thick soup was creamy, soft and glutinous. It was sweet, fresh, mellow and thick. All kinds of delicacies were in this small spoon of crispy soup, which made people want to suck their fingers in the bowl after drinking!

“Oh, awoo! Aowu!!” The little husky rolled around and rubbed against Gu YuMian’s trouser legs to show his happiness. The little snow leopard squinted contentedly.

On the screen, the snow like bullet screen rolled by wildly.

[User aiuf: Aaaaaaah!!! Screaming like a groundhog!]

[Qingqing wants to pass cat language level 4: Shit, I think I’m dreaming. Is such delicious food real? ]

[Hahaha or Huo: It feels like bunny has reached its peak. The taste of the crispy layer is very good, especially the soup. Although it’s fragrant, it’s not greasy. I’m very happy to drink it in the morning.]

[Cat’s meow: Meow, meow, meow! I can’t blow a rainbow fart. So, I’ll give you the rest of the gifts. =333=]

[South China tiger will never blind date: I really want to eat it. I also want to lie in the arms of MianMian and eat breakfast, leaving lemon around like saliva.]

On a weekend morning, many people liked to sleep in, and the traffic of the live platform was not very good. But the popularity of Gu YuMian’s studio was dramatically increasing!

The half an hour shielding period just passed at this time. The air drop in the studio made the popularity list of the day, and at the same time, it directly rushed into the top three of the real-time popularity list, and it would take the first place soon.

At this moment, the bright Moon Lake in the morning reflected the light blue sky. The breeze on the lake carried the unique taste of water vapor and autumn leaves. They could hear the sky train rumbling through the center of Utopia. All of Utopia had begun to move.

Morning markets, shops were open and bards were singing with their accordions in hand, and their journey was about to begin.

The little tree house was very close and far away from the whole world. Gu YuMian’s shoulders and arms were full of the fluffy children, who were chittering while eating the crisp soup, unconsciously leaning closer to him.

The children were all attached to him.

This autumn morning, relying on their favorite young man’s arms, their whole body was surrounded by his gentle and fresh breath and body temperature. Drinking a bowl of warm crispy soup leisurely was pleasant as they felt the wind blow.

It was a very hard temptation to resist.

The snow leopard lay lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, unconsciously leaning his head, and his ears rubbed against Gu YuMian’s neck.

The number of viewers soared to 90 million.

“Let’s eat slowly and be full.” Gu YuMian caressed the children’s heads, “Our itinerary —”

Just as he was saying this, a carrier pigeon with a small package on his leg flew in from far away. Under the cold threatening glare of the snow leopard, he gingerly handed Gu YuMian a letter and fled.


[2333 it’s clear that TuanTuan has built up his vigilance against all black and white creatures], 

[Today’s lemons are just as good], 

[making vinegar out of nothing.]

Gu YuMian, “……”

“What’s TuanTuan mad at a pigeon for?” Gu YuMian rubbed his little ears, and the snow leopard yawned indifferently. Gu YuMian sighed and unfolded the letter, “This should be today’s itinerary.”

The baby panda pulled the little fox to lean over, and the little husky had something in his mouth. He was also shaking his head and squeezing around Gu YuMian. Everyone looked at the letter curiously.

Gu YuMian also looked forward to it. After all, there was a child in everyone’s heart, not to mention a hidden plot that would be opened when they began.

[Dear Mr. Gu:

Welcome to our city. Today is the annual Berry Festival in Utopia. We have sent a fairy to pick you and the children up. I think when you see this letter, he will have already arrived.]

Already here?

Gu YuMian looked around and saw no flying fairies. Confused, he looked at the husky with a blank face. “What are you holding in your mouth?”

Little husky, “Aowu! Aowu! Aowu awoo!” Human, this is the new friend I just found. He fell asleep somehow! 

He wagged his tail and put down the thing he held in his mouth like a treasure. It was obviously the fairy who had fainted from the shock of the husky putting him in his mouth.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Random fact: Dogs and cats cannot consume onions or garlic (even though GYM adds garlic into everything he cooks but is suddenly worried about onions. IDK. Author didn’t do research.) For dogs, several common human foods have a high chance of causing a dog to die if consumed. They are: Xylitol (the ingredient in sugar free gum), Caffeine (note: Addis is allergic to caffeine too), grapes (raisins even more deadly since they are the concentrated form), Macadamia nuts, and, as a lot know chocolate (however, chocolate has to be consumed in a high amount, around ⅓ of your dogs weight, and it has to be a dark chocolate.)
  2. Chef recommendation, if you are making a soup, cook your onions and garlic in very little oil. Once they turn a golden color, add the alcohol of your choice (I usually use wine). This is called deglazing your pan. The alcohol causes all of the stuff stuck to the bottom of the pan to come up, adding more flavor to whatever it is you are making.
  3. Cinnamon sticks are more commonly used in Chinese or Indian foods. While I think it’s odd to use it in a fish soup (I’d rather use bay leaves) it’s quite common in China to add cinnamon to a lot of their savory soups.
  4. He made a very commonly known Seafood Chowder.


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