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Chapter 68: Berry Festival

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is enjoying Er Ha’s antics (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


At the center of Full Moon Lake, the little fairy woke up and saw the horrible “devil” as soon as he opened his eyes — the elusive behavior pattern, which resembled the ferocious contemptuous eyes of wolves, the wide-open mouth and sharp teeth. Wasn’t that the devil?

The little fairy was shaken, but soon he saw a man next to the devil.

“Er’er. Apologize to him.” Gu YuMian was hugging the husky’s neck and caressing his head. “He said he didn’t mean it, he just wanted to say hello. I’m sorry he scared you. Are you okay?”

The little husky listened to Gu YuMian. Although he didn’t think he was wrong, he also wagged his tail and nodded positively. He then turned to look at the little fairy, reached out his claws and clapped him sheepishly, “Woo woo, woo woo.” I’m sorry.

The little fairy didn’t answer. He looked at Gu YuMian on the left and couldn’t help but be fascinated.

Was this a human?

He had never seen a human being. If he wanted to describe him in his own barren metaphor, his eyes were as bright and gentle as the stars bestowed by the gods, his lips were as full and beautiful as the fruits written in the poems, and his skin was as delicate and white as the moonlight.

The little snow leopard sat on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and looked down at the little fairy’s fascinated expression with cold eyes. Then he took back his sight lightly and looked at the little husky. There was a light in his grey-blue eyes, and then it disappeared.

The little fairy watched with interest for a while, then turned to look at the little husky on the right. Suddenly, he felt, that under the human filter, this “devil” was not so terrible, even a little inexplicably cute and honest——

Until the next second, when he, once again, was in the mouth of the little husky.


The baby panda covered his mouth with his claws and his round belly shook. He was trying hard not to laugh out loud.  But the little fox was stunned, then immediately worried, looked at them disapprovingly.

Five minutes later, before officially starting the day’s journey, Gu YuMian received a ticket.

——In the case of ‘maliciously intimidating the staff and causing mental loss’, a fine of 1,000-star coins was imposed.

Originally, the little fairy was to be the tour guide. Now, the little fairy was covered in spit and had fainted. There were no other little fairies who were willing to come, and he could only rely on himself.

“Er’er,” Gu YuMian rubbed his little husky’s ears and was patient. “How can you bite others?”

Little husky was wronged, “Awo! Aw, aw, awu!”

He really didn’t want to bite, he was not stupid… Not that stupid. The little husky looked at the snow leopard with a strange daze. He felt it was strange. It seemed that someone had ordered him to do it in his brain.

The snow leopard yawned lazily, with an ironic look on his face.

Gu YuMian looked at the little husky helplessly, and thought to himself, I’ll watch you closer.

And from the beginning to now, the audience has “hahaha” swiped the screen for several rounds, almost laughing silly.

[cat’s meow: Ha ha ha ha! I’m laughing so hard I have a stomach ache!!]

[HPPC: Hahahahaha, although I feel sorry for the little fairy… but it’s really funny. He left a mental shadow on the little fairy. Hahaha.]

[Blue Water Fox: The anchor’s character is really good. If that kid was in my family, and was such a bear, I guess I would have beaten him to the ground. Now, the anchor has worked hard to save his dog’s life.]

[Vivian: 23333 Mianmian has worked hard + 1]

The audience not only laughed by themselves, but also with micro-blog friends. Several funny moments had been quickly captured as gifs, and others were used as expression packs——

For example, Gu YuMian’s “smile.jpg” after seeing the little husky bite the little fairy for the second time, and little husky seeing the little fairy faint in his mouth, his face blankly “obviously, the little fairy was not bitten by me.jpg” and so on.

In this way, a ton of people came from the micro-blogs to the live broadcast.

Of course, it was also thanks to Gu YuMian’s good-looking face and temperament, as well as the pleasant atmosphere when Gu YuMian and his cubs were together.

The audience easily broke one hundred million.

After having fun, they still needed to get back to business.

“Would you like to go to the Berry Festival first? It should be over by the World Tree,” Gu YuMian thought about it. “How can we get there? “

The little snow leopard began to think lazily, was he going to call out the gigantic dragon again?

During the day, it was too obnoxious to ride a dragon. Gu YuMian may not like it.

[MianMian is sweeter than marshmallows: MianMian can go to the nearest platform and wait for the sky train. There are also witches and unicorns passing by occasionally, which will take you there.]

This was a small colored egg, which was not written in the strategy. Gu YuMian nodded gratefully, “Thank you for telling me. I’ll try. Let’s go now.”

Everyone’s bags were packed, and bottles, kettles, emergency medicine, insect repellent water and summer snacks were ready. Holding the snow leopard on his shoulder, carrying both QiuQiu and Er’er in his arms, and pushing on the baby carriage with little Tangyuan, they set off.

A few minutes later, Gu YuMian intended to go to the platform and wait for the train to try his luck, but the situation was different from what he thought. He pushed the pram and was still standing on the platform. Just as he was about to reach out, three witches and four unicorns stopped in front of the platform, seven pairs of bright eyes looking at him.

“My broom is beautiful. It’s a great ride. I’ll give you a lift, man.”

“Who are you? My broom has a large displacement and a fast speed. It’s driven by the most advanced engine. It’s ok to go at high speeds. You can bring your children too.”

“How is a witch’s broken broom comparable to a unicorn? My horn is colorful.”

Gu YuMian, “……” He couldn’t help thinking, was there any problem with the amusement park’s preference setting? Why do you like me so much?

Originally it was supposed to be a free ride, but it was not good to choose anyone over the others. He took the sky train back to Utopia. Gu YuMian didn’t know. In fact, the preference settings of Utopian residents were collecting big data from interstellar residents. Originally, the preference for Gu YuMian was high. In addition, he got a hidden buff yesterday, which was a “blessing of Mermaid”, and a layer of pink filter. In the case of Utopia, he could go in without the children being troubled.

The return sky train clattered toward the center of the city, and the autumn sky was high and blue. In any case, after some stumbling, the journey of the day finally began.


Meanwhile, Starry Sky headquarters.

“It’s over today.”

“It wasn’t easy. We’re going to be free at last…”

“Everyone worked hard, too.”

In the New Year’s special team, the leaders and team members all slowly had a cup of coffee, behind them were the open data statistics program, and they looked at it with their nostalgic eyes.

——Today was the last day of the New Rookie’s, the final.

“Anchor Gu is also very supportive,” said the director. “He will be broadcasting live for a long time today, from 9:00 to the evening, and we will later thank him for his support in the Rookie Competition.”

“It was not easy for us all along the way.”

After that, everyone was silent for a while.

Yes, it was not easy.

At the beginning of the trials, Gu YuMian entered the preliminary competition from Takk as the first contender. Then the first round finished and he was directly promoted to the top 20, then the top 20 finished, the top 10 finished, and two more rounds passed. There was no need for him to participate in any of the rounds.

They didn’t even bother to tell Gu YuMian about the match system, because he really didn’t need to know. It was not easy for them to try to keep the rookie competition interesting and explosive even when there were so many other players.

Gu YuMian wasn’t involved in the rookie competition except at the beginning.

A member of the team, “…” Why would they thank Anchor Gu for supporting the rookie competition? Wasn’t he a competitor himself?!

Another team member,  “Are you sure he knows that today is the night of the final?” Didn’t he do a live longer because he promised Utopia?

After a pause, everyone began to comfort themselves:

“The reason doesn’t matter.”

“Don’t be too inquisitive in your life, or you will be tired and easily bald.”

“Yes, the result is the same anyway. We still want to thank him.”

It was about nine o’clock, and the final night’s competition area would be officially opened, and the eight “hard to give up” and “fierce competition” anchors would enter the competition area. At that time, Starry Sky would also follow up a wave of large-scale publicity — opening screen, micro-blog promotion, full platform lottery bullet screen publicity, etc.

Everyone cheered up and victory was near.

“He didn’t come to the top 100 anchor conference before,” one of the staff said. “The victory banquet of his own championship is coming, right?” I want to see him offline.

Another retorted, “He hasn’t won yet.”

“…” Let’s look at the background data statistics. The number of gifts for bullet screen, the average growth rate of the audience, the duration of each popularity list and so on — Gu YuMian’s stats were more than twice as much as the second place, and the total popularity calculated by comprehensive calculation was more than three times.

“He hasn’t won the title yet,” the man quickly changed his course. “It’s up to nine o’clock in the evening. Isn’t it 12 hours before he wins the title? Let Sugar Sugar ask him then.”

“… Okay.”

“Ready, at nine o’clock,” the man in charge stood up and took a long breath, “It is the last day, then you will all be liberated. Then I’ll take you to buffets, amusement parks and to see a certain human being.”

Everyone immediately burst into a frenzy, “Let’s do this!!!”

“Countdown, three, two, one —”

It was 245, September 15.

At 9:00 am, the “final night” competition of the Starry Sky Live platform rookie competition was officially opened, and the flow from all channels flooded in.


Then, in a short ten seconds.

In Gu YuMian’s live broadcast room, it was easy for it to land first place. There was a huge gap with second place!


[ If you don’t pass the birdsong level 4 test, don’t change your name: He’s from the rookie competition, this enthusiastic anchor?? What’s the data? Seriously, hahahaha!]

[User 19728: Is MianMian actually in the rookie competition? I thought MianMian was one of the top streams on Starry Sky.]

[Throwing Cosmetics: MianMian did promote the rookie several times before. 2333]

[South China tiger will never blind date: Today’s the final, we can have the result tonight, MianMian rushes for first place!]

Gu YuMian looked at the bullet screen and was stunned.

“Is it the final today?” He said to himself, “What a coincidence.”

Audience and official staff, “…” He really didn’t know.

The little fox shook his big tail and said seriously, “Jii.”

“Do you want me to win?” Gu YuMian pinched the little fox’s paw and couldn’t help laughing. A small dimple loomed next to his lips. He picked up the little fox and caressed his head, “I’ll cheer up, so continue to work hard to be cute.”

The little fox was stupefied, and then he lowered his head and rubbed his ear against Gu YuMian’s palm, “Jii. Jii.”

The snow leopard stood aloof and looked at him coldly.


[He’s really cute. MianMian and Qiuqiu are so cute. Aaah!] 

[Anchor doesn’t need to cheer up. You just laughed, and the audience hit three million.] 

[You’re in charge of cute, I’m in charge of making lemon juice.]

Just as they were talking, the sky train rumbled through the tunnel at the bottom of the mine, and the whole field of vision lit up. They came to the World Tree in the center of Utopia——

In autumn, under the blue sky, the World Tree connecting heaven and earth was full of colorful fruits, and the golden leaves fell with the rustling wind. Under the World Tree, there was a lot of bustle. People who set up stalls, performers, tourists or Utopian residents came out for the festival.

The whole world was golden, brilliant and beautiful. The orc girls with painted totems on their faces were selling berries to passers-by with baskets in their hands; the grumpy dwarfs were picking and haggling on the stalls, and little fairies flew in the air struggling to hold the berries, singing in loud voices.

“The station is coming. We need to get ready to get off…” Gu YuMian looked out of the window, stunned, picked up the cubs and took them to look out of the window. He couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s so beautiful.”

Little Tangyuan immediately sucked his paw to express his approval, and the audience was also amazed by such a beautiful Utopia.

No wonder autumn was the most beautiful season in Utopia.

The little husky had just been very aggrieved, wilting his head in Gu YuMian’s arms. At this time, he forgot everything that just happened, grinned and looked out of the window happily.

The World Tree was a play area in itself. There were several attractions, mainly for children. There was a merry-go-round and ferris wheel similar to the Ancient Earth amusement parks, as well as “World Tree Fairyland”, similar to the previous haunted houses.

Gu YuMian just got out of the train with the children, and hurriedly received a few berries and a bunch of wild flowers. The little Orc girl smiled at him freely, “Welcome to Utopia, human. Your eyes are beautiful.”

The little fox immediately became alert, stretched out his claws and pulled a bit, and made sure that there was no contact between the berries and the wildflowers.

“Thank you.” Gu YuMian was embarrassed to accept the berries. He thought that every tourist would be sent away like this, but all the tourists around cast envious eyes.

“What are we going to play first? What do you want to play first? What about the two?”

Little snow leopard didn’t care. Little Tangyuan took Gu YuMian’s hand and took a big sip. He looked left and right and wanted to play.

The fox said that he wanted to play the merry-go-round. Er Ha grinned in a silly manner, but he didn’t understand what Gu YuMian was asking.

“Then let’s go and play the merry-go-round. Let’s play a milder project first.”

Gu YuMian picked up the cubs, didn’t need to wait in line, entered their fingerprints on the light screen and opened the protective measures. With four cubs, Gu YuMian chose a carriage.

Gu YuMian was just thinking about the difference between the amusement parks in the interstellar age, when then the music started——

The ‘wooden horse’ dragging the carriage suddenly made a loud noise and kissed Gu YuMian in the palm of his hand.


Before the little snow leopard got angry, the ‘wooden horse’ was no longer near Gu YuMian. Instead, it took four steps and flew into the air. Around the sky tree appeared a transparent rotating step. The horse walked on the transparent step in a circle and ran towards the top of the sky!

“Awoo, Awoo!” 


Little Tangyuan and little husky shouted excitedly at the same time. The little fox stayed, curled up tightly in Gu YuMian’s arms, and was gently comforted by Gu YuMian. The little snow leopard immediately raised his face and angrily pushed the fox’s head.

This thing was scheming, acting so pitifully. 

Gu YuMian, “……”

“TuanTuan.” He hugged the snow leopard helplessly.

In other words, was the entire tree part of the carousel in this “rotation”? I’ve learned a lot.

The audience was also surprised.

[Hahaha, what kind of ‘mild project’?] 

[It’s teasing me.] 

[So rotation means rotating around the sky tree up…] 

[I’m afraid of heights, but I’m not afraid at all now.]

Although everyone was joking, it was really interesting. All kinds of bullet screens never stopped. There were thousands of bullet screens pouring in every second, obviously enjoying it. At this time, the audience was from the fox’s perspective.

The carriage shuttled among the dense leaves of the World Trees. A little fairy fluttered his wings and gave them berries. It felt like, by reaching out a hand, they could touch the sky, the autumn sunshine was warm and the lake wind was cool.

They were a little scared at first, but it soon disappeared. The higher they went, the closer the large blue sky felt, the oxygen thinned at the same time, and their hearts suddenly became light.

Gu YuMian, in particular, was worried that the fox would be afraid, so he kept holding him gently in his arms, rubbing his head and neck, and then smoothing his back. Gu YuMian also took out the little fox’s kettle and poured him a cup of hot and sweet fruit tea to drink.

His nose smelled the scent of fresh berries, leaves and sunshine. Gu YuMian had a very light and warm fresh fragrance. All kinds of scents combined to define autumn.

The little snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder lazily and satisfied, little Tangyuan sucked his finger, and the little husky looked out in surprise and howled loudly.


Not everything was going smoothly. But it was very lively, and everyone was very satisfied. They took a deep breath. Their chests seemed to be filled with many happiness factors, flowing to the whole body with the blood. All the audience thought the same thing.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: I’m so happy. I really want to go to Utopia with MianMian to play. QAQ]

[A Bunch of Lights: Every time I watch the live broadcast, I feel cured and free.]

[Baa Baa is circling in a spiral: I have to work overtime this weekend. Fortunately, I have this live broadcast. The only fun of a dog life is watching the live broadcast from Mian Mian. I can lie down happily on my desk.]

[Good Boy Mio: After playing on the merry-go-round, there will be the ferris wheel, mirage and more! Today I can stay with MianMian for a long time, aaah!!! I’m happy!!!]

The final night competition area was in full swing, while the audience of Gu YuMian’s live studio soared to 150 million. Directly to first place on the homepages real-time popularity list! For most of the morning, Gu YuMian and the children played on several attractions near the World Tree, and there was still the “World Tree Wonderland”.

They were very happy to come to the amusement park with Gu YuMian because he had taken everything into consideration.

Whether they were thirsty, hot, or sleepy, they could be held in his arms as he gently coaxed them to relax for a rest. He wouldn’t complain. He would just wipe off their paws and let them go play.

As a spectator and a participant, the audience experience was inexplicably good. From the beginning of broadcasting to now, the audience had seen a dramatic increase.

“Let’s rest, drink some water and eat something to supplement our strength.”

The little husky and little Tangyuan were full of energy. Gu YuMian and little fox were a little behind them. They were a little tired at this time.

Under the World Tree, there was a large expanse of grassland. There were maple leaves on the green and spiky grass. This was a rest area. There were also tourists or Utopian residents sitting directly on the ground. Gu YuMian spread the picnic cloth and sat down with the excited children.

“Are you two really not tired?” Gu YuMian laughed and laughed. He rubbed the chin of little husky and little Tangyuan.

“Aowu!” The little husky thought Gu YuMian was boasting about him and he proudly held his chest up.

“What would you like to eat?” Gu YuMian thought, “First drink fruit tea, since it’s hot. As for eating…”

Gu YuMian was thinking about it when he saw the plump berries from the little Orc girl and some other fruits.

He seldom used fruit in food. In addition, the berries from the Berry Festival smelled delicious, and they were all certified to be eaten by adults and children — they were also sold on STARNet, but they were not so fresh, and the price was very expensive.

It was rare to come here. Wasn’t it a pity not to eat them?

Gu YuMian picked up the cubs and kissed them on the forehead, “Berry tarts, 1 berry pie, 2 candy-coated berries, 3 which one would you like?”

Audience, “…”

Children hurry and make the choice!!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Berry tarts. (莓果挞)
  2. Berry pie. (浆果派)
  3. candy coated berries (拔丝浆果)  


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