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Chapter 112: Extra 9: ABO Parallel World

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is looking expectantly at the ABO parallel

Gu YuMian pushed the inhibitor into his blood vessel and exhaled.

He looked up at the tiles on the ceiling, waiting for the fever and desire in his blood to subside. After a long time, his pupils finally focused.

The scent of apricot pheromones overflowed the room and gradually faded with the air circulation device.

“Beep —” The automatic thermometer showed the result, 36.7 degrees.

It was finally normal.

He didn’t have the specific inhibitor for omegas so he had injected the one for alphas, which seems to work as well. At the same time, the communication terminal, which was placed on the sink, vibrated.



There was no sense of weakness in his tone. As soon as he got through, Fu shouted, “Fuck, monitor, guess who the school assigned to you as your new roommate? No one guessed that he would apply for the dormitory. No, it’s really… The girls in our college exploded after seeing the news on the official website.”

Gu YuMian listened patiently to what the other side said and asked, “So, who is it?”

Don’t be an alpha. Gu YuMian thought.

“Shuo Han. Our famous little prince who has been registered as an alpha since he was fourteen years old. I don’t think he needs to go to school… By the way, what no one says is that he has a bad temper…”

After that, Gu YuMian had no intention to continue listening.

There were only two keywords that were captured in his brain, one was ‘Shuo Han,’ and the other was ‘alpha.’


The house leaked when it rained at night.

He was afraid.

Gu YuMian was nineteen years old and he studied in the First Military Academy of the Empire. He was 1.81 meters. 1 He was the monitor and the head of the first class of the Strategic Command Department.

Until yesterday, his second gender test showed ‘alpha.’

In this world with the second sex, the average age when they would develop differences was sixteen, and the most obvious characteristic of an omega was their pheromones that released one or two times a month. As for betas and alphas, before the age of twenty, the main criterion was mental strength. Omegas and betas could only reach level B, so at the age of sixteen, Gu YuMian, who was rated as level S, was naturally classified as an alpha.

Gu YuMian, among others, had not thought about the possibility that he may be an omega whose differentiation would only come about a little later. The top military academy in the whole empire only enrolled students of the alpha gender. Although Gu YuMian was not classified as an omega, it was not hard to understand that about one thousandth of the population were omegas.

…Gu YuMian’s cold attitude didn’t affect the greedy betas and omegas around him. He had received a love letter in junior high school, which said he was ‘handsome, good-natured, and looks very suitable for marriage.’

Gu YuMian, “……?” What’s considered suitable for marriage?

His former roommate, who was also an alpha, moved in with his girlfriend as soon as he was admitted to school, so Gu YuMian had lived alone for the entire year and now learned that he was about to welcome a new roommate.

But… Shuo Han……

The name was a little familiar.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon and was the beginning of September. Since many new students were arriving, he could hear the noise of people outside the window coming from far away — there would be a cheer from time to time.

Every year, there were one or two new students that were very attractive. They could become the best with their high mental ratings, good faces and good family backgrounds. It was the same when Gu YuMian entered school last year.

Time passed quickly.

Without a proper inhibitor, Gu YuMian entered his first estrus. He slowed down, then walked out of the bathroom, moved to the bed and collapsed.

The base of his thighs felt sticky, which was disturbing.

Gu YuMian still believed his gender to be an alpha. Although he was lying to himself, he really thought he was also an alpha. Of course, he was not sexist. If he had been told he was an omega, he would have accepted it seriously and frankly, but he had been classified as an alpha for three years now. It was really…

Gu YuMian’s brain was in a mess, “Am I really an omega? I’ll go to the hospital for testing later and register with the human rights association. However, I haven’t heard of changing second genders at the age of nineteen. If it could be done earlier — “

If he could have been classified earlier, would he be married now?

No, no, no, no.

Don’t want to get married.

Just thinking about it made the base of his member thicken. 

Gu YuMian remembered that he had read about it in his physiology textbook, and had also seen examples of an omega’s special late differentiation before. Generally, after a late differentiation, their estrus would come fiercely, but he didn’t expect it to fall on himself.

Because of the impact on his worldview, Gu YuMian refused to think about the way he could marry an alpha. Gu YuMian suddenly remembered that he was engaged when he was a child.

Gu YuMian, a noble born man, had been engaged to a prince of the royal family.

They may have met a few times as a child, but he couldn’t remember. The royal family had a very strict set of etiquette and rules. There was no reason why they couldn’t go out of the palace before they grew up. It was a bit like a canary in a cage… No, according to their mental strength, it should be a T-Rex in a cage.

The little prince mentioned by a friend on the phone earlier seemed to have just become an adult this month. Gu YuMian didn’t expect that he would come to the Military Academy to study.

Gu YuMian didn’t like this arranged marriage. He had been struggling with no excuse to get out of it. He guessed that the other side was similar. It wasn’t until he was identified as alpha at the age of sixteen that he had reason to break the engagement. For him, it was a big stone in his heart.

“Human Rights Association… That’s right.” Gu YuMian’s current Star Network account was newly applied for as an adult. The account with an alpha identity couldn’t be accessed with an omega identity authentication.

This was the normal situation in this era. After turning sixteen, one’s second gender would be revealed and children would go to different schools, places, usher in different prospects, and bid farewell to the past.

Fortunately, Gu YuMian still remembered his previous account’s password.

With his memory, he boarded the Star Network account that he had used before the age of sixteen and had not logged in for three years.

It exceeded his expectations.

His family and friends knew that he had changed his account. Gu YuMian thought it would be silent when he logged on to this account again. However, as soon as he went online, the window from the communication logo in the lower right corner of the light screen shook violently!

There were so many communication messages. At first glance, there were thousands of them. All the message records came from the same person — Gu YuMian subconsciously clicked on them, and then began to scroll down from the first one.

The first one was three years ago:

[I didn’t agree to you dropping out. Are you not satisfied with me?]

[I heard the Secretary say your reasons for quitting. To be honest, it’s ridiculous.]

[Why won’t you reply?]

Gu YuMian took a deep breath before sliding the light screen to the latest message.

The latest message was from yesterday.

That message was——

[You will wait for me.]


It was very short, just five words, but somehow it made Gu YuMian feel a bit gloomy.

Then Gu YuMian remembered.

The previous engagement partner seemed to be the youngest prince of the royal family, whose name was Shuo Han.

That’s when…

There was a “beep” at the door of dormitory as someone passed the identity authentication, and then the door opened——

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Translator Notes:

  1. 5’9”


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September 26, 2020 1:08 pm

What is this so suddenly. Didn’t think this was coming.

September 26, 2020 3:48 pm

“From Fluff To Angst” 😏
dis chapter came out of nowhere…
*ShuoHan -still a royal even in a parallel world 😎😂😂
not gonna complain tho 😏👌
Thanks for dis chapter…

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
September 26, 2020 4:01 pm

Thank you for the chapter I wonder what’s going to happen

September 26, 2020 5:40 pm

I think I have to wait until this finishes translating 😂 The cliffhangers make me giddy. I’ll check on it next week. Thank you for the chapter!!

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WOW 😳 the ABO world version of them. Looking forward, although I have to admit that I was also looking forward to continuation of the yesterday’s chapter.😏
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Wow, this extra is really different. Will the other cubs appear too?
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This another world just came out of the blue..bit I will not complain

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Thank god this was not the original plot or I definitely wouldn’t have read it. I don’t like omegaverse in the first place and this plot also seems like the angsty type…

May 31, 2022 7:52 pm

Well, I’m intrigued. 🤣

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