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Chapter 59: Sunk in a Quagmire
Translated by Rui of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

He suddenly opened his eyes.

Gu Ting Yu felt weak as if he had just recovered from a terrible illness. He didn’t know how long he had been asleep for. He forced himself to lift his body up in order to lean against the bed with much difficulty. Even though he had an agonising headache, he still forced himself to recollect any previous events.

A long canopy bed curtain hung from the ceiling. Gu Ting Yu could faintly see the room he was currently in through the thin cloth.

He surveyed his surroundings. This room wasn’t too spacious. The walls were built from layers of cyan marble and the furnishings were very simple. Other than a table that emanated the scent of sandalwood, the only remaining furniture was the large bed he lay on.

Gu Ting Yu was covered in a soft silk blanket. The blood red bed made the paleness of Gu Ting Yu’s skin stand out even more. It seemed like his body had already been washed for he did not stink of a revolting stench. A set of clean clothes had been placed next to the bed. Gu Ting Yu randomly grabbed a few pieces of clothing and put them on.

The pungent scent of sandalwood became stronger and stronger. Gu Ting Yu held onto the edge of the bed and carefully stood up. Suddenly, a tremoring surge of power violently pierced through his brain. Gu Ting Yu slumped onto the floor —— something wasn’t quite right….

“What’s… wrong with me?”

His entire body felt even more frail. However, he didn’t just feel weak, it was as though a hole had been punctured in the depths of his soul. He was being provoked! This feeling of desire was perpetual. Gu Ting Yu just felt as though his body was so empty.

He climbed up again in confusion. He told himself that perhaps it was the intoxicating sandalwood scent that was causing the trouble….. Gu Ting Yu exited the room and slowly walked down the narrow windy hallway.

“Ha…. aha….”

He heard it. The waves of sound that resounded from the end of the hallway. The door was unlatched and Gu Ting Yu stopped on the spot.

Should he return… or continue to go inside?

What was hidden behind the cyan colored stone wall? Gu Ting Yu leaned against the walls as his heart continued to beat violently. It was as if a voracious beast was living inside his chest and constantly devouring his body heat. Gu Ting Yu’s fingertips were ice cold and his legs felt weak. He couldn’t suppress his desire for a warm hug…


Sultry, beguiling sounds of breathing resounded from behind the door. Gu Ting Yu could roughly understand what was happening inside. However, he didn’t turn around and leave. In fact, he did the opposite and stepped closer and closer…. before he pressed his ear against the door.

Snake: the guide to one’s downfall. Although he wouldn’t physically constrict others, he would leave behind a dark clue. He used thoughts to control people’s desire.

Pushing open the door, Gu Ting Yu felt his heart stop.

Both parties gazed at each other. Gu Ting Yu felt a chilling sensation seep into his bones. However, his eyes could no longer look away.

Zhuo Yin sat on the humongous stone platform in the centre of the palace. Two large pythons were curled beside him. One had blue eyes, whilst the other had red ones.

At the bottom of the stone platform lay a group of men and woman dressed in tattered clothing that were barely covering any skin. They kissed Zhuo Yin’s ankle and licked his skin. Zhuo Yin lazily rested his chin on one hand, completely ignoring their worship.

With a huge smile on his face, he made a hand gesture towards Gu Ting Yu who was standing by the doorway, “Welcome to our world.”

Gu Ting Yu instantly began to run.

“Catch him!”

The red-eyed python instantly dashed away and quickly constricted Gu Ting Yu to the floor before he could run far. Whilst this was happening, the other blue-eyed python in the corner merely remained still in his original curled up position.

“Ah!!” The venomous fangs of the red-eyed python pierced deeply into Gu Ting Yu’s shoulder. Under the influence of the strong venom, Gu Ting Yu’s focus slowly began to blur… His body felt hot and dry as if he was on fire…

The blue-eyed python lowered his head. During these past years, he had already seen too many humans that had succumbed to their lust and become toys…

Zhuo Yin narrowed his eyes. He made his way towards the blue-eyed python as if he had discovered something interesting.

Just then, the red-eyed cobra released Gu Ting Yu from his constriction, and slithered back next to the blue-eyed python.

“Hissss…” Master, he didn’t mean to do it on purpose…

Zhuo Yin did not allow his subordinates to feel any emotions. To his surprise, the blue-eyed python had just displayed sympathy towards Gu Ting Yu! Zhuo Yin smiled implicatively and nodded his head towards a few of the sturdy men beneath the stone platform behind him.

After receiving permission, the men harboured malicious intentions as they made their way towards Gu Ting Yu.

The venom of the Silver Jade Vermin had seeped into his soul. Gu Ting Yu’s limbs were no longer in his control and a curtain of haze shrouded his black eyes. Fine beads of sweat covered his forehead and his conscious gradually drifted away as his vision was clouded in darkness.

Gu Ting Yu’s legs felt weak and he couldn’t stop himself from falling backwards.

A few pairs of large hands caught Gu Ting Yu. The sounds of the men’s deep laughter echoed around him.

Gu Ting Yu tilted his head back and anxiously twisted his body. Right now, he had his mouth open wide, and his eyes were completely out of focus.

Zhuo Yin suddenly frowned and his beautiful phoenix eyes looked up towards the ceiling. The originally tranquil air was now spinning in an extremely strange manner on its own. A blinding beam of green light shot out from the center of the vortex and pierced directly through the sturdy man who was about to bury his large member inside Gu Ting Yu’s body.

“Aaahhh——” A shrilling cry resounded. The man’s hard member was now nothing but a bloody pitch-black hole.

At the speed of lightning, the men surrounding Gu Ting Yu were struck one by one. Just as Gu Ting Yu lost support and fell back weakly, a pair of gentle hands caught him.

Gu Ting Yu leaned against Huan Sheng’s embrace. A clear protective shield surrounded them.

“Wake up!!!” Huan Sheng shook Gu Ting Yu’s shoulders frantically in an attempt to drag him out of the shroud of dense fog.

However, what made Huan Sheng most worried was that Gu Ting Yu’s legs had wrapped themselves around his waist. The other person was rubbing his hard member against the front of Huan Sheng’s body.

Damn it —— This wasn’t like him at all!

Bang Bang

The horde of snakes constantly attacked the clear shield. They surrounded the two people, full of anger at the fact that someone had dared to disturb their feast.

Amidst his clouded conscious, Gu Ting Yu caught a familiar scent. He heard someone’s voice that seemed near yet far…


Huan Sheng was happily surprised when he felt that Gu Ting Yu still had a hint of consciousness. He held Gu Ting Yu tightly. However, when he turned his head around he discovered that they were in a bad situation. The light of the protective shield was so dim it could almost disappear any second….Some of the snakes had transformed into their beast forms and were circling around the four walls of the room. They securely trapped Huan Sheng and Gu Ting Yu into a dead end.

The only thing they could do was fight back with all they had. Out of the corner of his eye, Huan Sheng saw that the man sitting on the stone chair had not moved, however his penetrating eyes were staring at them as if they were prey.

What was Zhuo Yin thinking…?

The man in his arms suddenly trembled slightly. Huan Sheng quickly looked down, only to see Gu Ting Yu open his hazy eyes and gaze back at him. Gu Ting Yu’s hands that rested against Huan Sheng’s back also hugged him back tightly.

“You came to find me…,” Gu Ting Yu mumbled to himself.

Huan Sheng was about to reply, yet what he heard next tore apart his heart.


A fatal act of carelessness happened at that very moment!

The shield suddenly completely crumbled down. The snakes took this opportunity and rushed forward together. Huan Sheng knew that they couldn’t escape anymore. However, he used his body to tightly protect Gu Ting Yu who was beneath him, despite the fact that his own figure wasn’t very strong.

The power inside Huan Sheng’s body decreased dramatically. If he was in peak condition, then perhaps even these snakes and Zhuo Yin combined wouldn’t be able to stop Huan Sheng. However at this very moment, Huan Sheng was hanging by the thread after only merely breaking through the power of the barrier to enter this place.

He couldn’t leave…

He couldn’t leave him behind again…

Sharp fangs pierced through the artery on Huan Sheng’s neck. The smell of blood filled the air and Gu Ting Yu smelt the strong metallic scent. However, he felt as though he was wrapped in an extremely warm place. The clamors around him gradually disappeared.

“…Is this worth doing for a human who doesn’t even love you?” Zhuo Yin finally left his stone chair and walked over with a faint smile.

The snakes that surrounded the two people gradually spread apart. Beneath the dim light of the flame, a few broken shards of ice blades were stuck in Huan Sheng’s back as blood dripped everywhere. The most serious wound would have to be the shocking bloody bite on his neck.

“At least… I have the ability to love….” Huan Sheng suddenly lowered his head and coughed up blood. He paused for a moment before looking towards Zhuo Yin in contempt, “You on the other hand…”

Zhuo Yin’s pupils rapidly dilated. Not before long, he licked the corner of his lips and his smile became even colder than before, “Haha… love…”

Two pythons slithered out from the dark. They wrapped their bodies around the weak Huan Sheng. No matter how hard Huan Sheng tried, he could not break free nor destroy the constriction.


Zhuo Yin picked up Gu Ting Yu. He kissed the side of Gu Ting Yu’s face and looked towards Huan Sheng…

Huan Sheng’s eyes were red. He madly struggled and more trickles of blood dripped out of the corners of his mouth, “Wake up!! Gu Ting Yu!!”

“…” When Gu Ting Yu kissed Zhuo Yin back with his hazy eyes open, Huan Sheng could no longer speak.

His body gradually started to disappear. Just as he became completely see-through, a resentful cry exploded from deep within the Twelve Palaces. As if sensing that Huan Sheng was disappearing, the gush of despair penetrated through the barrier and dusky blue flames appeared from beneath the floor. They protected the unconscious Huan Sheng. The two pythons tossed and turned as they tried to escape. When the flames had extinguished, Huan Sheng was nowhere to be seen.

On the other hand, Gu Ting Yu had stopped in his movements. No matter what orders Zhuo Yin gave, he still remained standing as still as a statue.

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