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Chapter 60: Say That You Love Me

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Zhuo Yin frowned as he stared at the disobedient Gu Ting Yu.

“You……” Zhuo Yin was just about to speak but was interrupted by a crisp wave of zither melody.

Why do I hear the rhythm of a zither?!

The sound vibrated straight into one’s soul and not long afterwards it overflowed the underground cave like spring water. Zhuo Yin felt a revolting chill as he realized the origin of the sound, “The Yue Xuan zither!!!”

Under the effects of the zither, Gu Ting Yu slowly regained consciousness. If there were an antidote to the Silver Jade Vermin’s poison, then it would surely be the Yue Xuan zither.

Gu Ting Yu alleviated his gaze to meet with Zhuo Yin’s. The pitch-black eyes that Gu met aroused waves after waves of murderous intent. He has never hated a person so much in his entire life before. After being poisoned, he was unconscious, but he still remembered what went down in the dark cold cave.

……that included what happened to Huan Sheng.

He could not afford to waste any more time, as his strength was leaving him with every passing second. He gathered Ming Lei’s strength within him and conjured a sphere of turbulence with his right palm.

Lowering his eyelids to form a narrow line, Zhuo Yin let out a cold chuckle while grinning slightly.

The game has not ended yet.

Gu Ting Yu was in shock… Not even his fingertips had reached Zhuo Yin when his head was strike by a lightning of dark aura.

The hotness trickling down…it was blood…

With yellow eyes that bared no life, he collapsed onto the icy floor and the zither abruptly stopped playing. Zhuo Yin was pleased with the situation and licked the blood that splashed onto his mouth during the struggle. An idea came to him, he thought of an even more interesting game. Leaning down to Gu Ting Yu, he grabbed a hold of his bloodied head. He looked straight into the dull eyes and cast a spell.

The horde of snakes swarmed in a frenzy, as this was a rarely casted spell. In most instances, the prey would have submitted already before requiring Zhuo Yin to commit the taboo.

“Earth element: Heart Decaying Shadow.” The mantra echoed the empty cave.

This was an ancient taboo of the snake tribe, but Zhuo Yin still decided to cast it anyway. The target of this spell would unwittingly obey the caster’s command without even noticing that the spell was in effect.

In short, the spell was a kind of suggestive chant. He kissed Gu and murmured to his ear, “You will…fall in love with me.”



Woken up by the bed’s crackling, Gu Ting Yu slowly opened his eyes. Every part of his body was in pain and the whole world was spinning.


He collapsed back onto the bed as another wave of pain hit his already sore head. Zhuo Yin observed the weakened Gu Ting Yu and smiled with satisfaction.

He found this man weird, as it seemed that there was an intense flame inside of him, he also found it to his liking.

When Gu Ting Yu woke up again, the spell should already be in effect…

Zhuo Yin waited with anticipation, he wanted nothing more but to hear the man beneath him pant and beg for him. He leaned forward and said softly in Gu Ting Yu’s ear, “Is there anything you wish to tell me?”

Waking up again, Gu Ting Yu glared at Zhuo Yin and found himself speechless at Zhuo Yin’s statement. After a few moments of thought, he caught the right moment and bit down on Zhuo Yin’s shoulder, he bit at the exact location where he had bitten Zhuo before when they first met.

Zhuo Yin’s face turned grim. “Ha…” He smiled slightly, a smile that bared resemblance to an enchanting but poisonous flower.

Once night fell, Zhuo Yin would pin Gu Ting Yu down onto the bed and take him repeatedly in all kinds of embarrassing ways. However, Gu Ting Yu endured through all of it and bit down on his own lips, muffling any sounds that might slip out.

Zhuo Yin had never repeatedly harassed the same person before, the fact that Gu Ting Yu did not fall in love with him made him anxious. He could not comprehend how this could happen.

He was so focused on forcing Gu Ting Yu to express his love to him that he failed to realize the meanings in his actions. Gu Ting Yu was only hiding the painfulness of love inside him, he had stopped attacking Zhuo Yin and started to obey him… If Zhuo Yin paid even the slightest amount of attention, then he would of noticed the wound on his shoulder was healing with inhumane speed. That was a result of Gu Ting Yu using Ming Lei’s power to heal the wound.

Gu Ting Yu was not as weak as he might seem, he knew when Zhuo Yin was at his weakest after a few days of observations. Zhuo Yin always relaxed himself whenever he was hugging Gu Ting Yu so he had ample time to fatally injure the defenseless Zhuo Yin.

Yet he didn’t.

He continuously tried to resist the pain that surfaced in his chest. Night after night, Gu Ting Yu would quietly watch over Zhuo Yin when he was lying next to him. The cold smirks and gazes were gone without a trace when Zhuo Yin was asleep.

A single tear glided down his cheek and disappeared into the darkness.


Finally a day came when Zhuo Yin could no longer take it. He summoned his two most trusted subordinates, two huge pythons subsequently appeared and morphed into human form.

They were Zhuo Yin’s most capable subordinates, but the two pythons started to get very attached to each other. At the beginning, Zhuo Yin thought that it was because they despised the other lower ranking snakes and were avoiding them, but slowly he realised that was not the case…

Two beautiful males were kneeling in front of Zhuo Yin, one had blue eyes and the other had red ones.

“This human, I’m giving him to you guys.” Zhuo Yin declared coldly.

Suddenly, Gu Ting Yu clutched Zhuo Yin’s wrist. To his surprise, he saw Gu Ting Yu shivering while shaking his head. Hints of redness creeped out of Gu Ting Yu’s black eyes and for the first time he revealed a begging expression.

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Thank you so much for the update 🙂

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Finally I arrived at the latest chapter of this novel. u.u this story line makes me anticipate whay will happen next. I’m so thankful you guys translated it. bless all of you. I remember at chapter 40 something, I thought gu ting yu already reached seven or six beasts c’: when I counted back it’s only five. gosh. there’s so many beasts and I can’t wait to see them all! so far the white canine beast and the phoenix are my favs . Thank you again

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