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Chapter 91: Sixth World (15)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Looking at Bai Duan for a moment, and knowing that he didn’t intend to change his mind, Lestrot frowned and said in voice filled with disbelief, “You refuse? Why?”

“Because I don’t want to be anyone’s exclusive technician.” Without any hesitation, Bai Duan’s eyes were straight and clear, and he looked straight into Lestrot’s gaze, “So, I’m very sorry.”

Lestrot was silent. He looked at the beautiful, resolute and talented boy in front of him. Although he was angry because he was rejected, he wasn’t really truly angry with Bai Duan. He somehow thought that this was natural. Maybe Bai Duan was the first person who had truly attracted Lestrot’s heart, he was especially tolerant of him?

Although he was a self-centered Alpha, growing up in a large family like the O’dean’s with a complex environment, Lestrot couldn’t judge others’ emotions at all. He knew that his lower classman was refusing his help, since he was arrogant and disdained relying on others. Also, Bai Duan was probably unwilling to be in Lestrot’s debt. It was reasonable that Bai Duan, as a talented technician, didn’t want to be exclusive to someone.

As the exclusive mecha technician of Lestrot, although he could rely on the O’dean family, he would also be subjected to many constraints and restrictions. As the saying went, ‘you have to pay if you want to get something’, the O’dean family was not a charity.

Becoming an exclusive technician meant Bai Duan couldn’t repair and make Mechas for others according to his own will. He must obey Lestrot’s orders in every way, and new technologies developed by him needed to be delivered to his ‘master’, and he would not be allowed to use it for himself.

Those who were confident in their abilities would not like these restrictions, since these conditions sometimes became barriers to the progress of the mecha technicians. Therefore, it was not uncommon to refuse to be someone else’s exclusive mecha technician, and the results were mixed. However, most of the people who rejected were from noble families since they had their own reliance, while most of the commoner mecha technicians were more practical. Compared with the achievements that may be achieved in the future, they were more inclined to seize the immediate benefits.

However, the fact that the person he liked would not choose a path like normal commoners, was nothing strange.

Lestrot didn’t give up persuading Bai Duan, but he didn’t want to oppress the person he liked by force. Even if Bai Duan had talent, it was too difficult for a technician without a noble family background to get ahead. After all, he couldn’t succeed in the world just by immersing in research alone. The birth of new technologies didn’t only require talents, but also funds and backing, copyright protection was also important.

Lestrot thought Bai Duan was too naive, as a ‘child’ who just entered the school, Bai Duan didn’t understand the rules of the world. However, Lestrot believed that once Bai Duan grew some more and began to have more contact with the real world, he would eventually understand the importance of this compromise.

With a faint sigh, Lestrot took a step back, he wanted to indulge the youngster for now, “For this proposal, I hope you will continue to consider it. This invitation will remain in effect until you graduate.”

Bai Duan opened his mouth, but he did not continue to refuse. He didn’t want to sour his relationship with Lestrot completely. Bai Duan had already experienced Lestrot’s heavy-handed measures, so he knew that even if he straight up refused, it would not be useful.

Seeing Bai Duan’s head down and was silent, Lestrot’s expression eased up a lot. He looked at Bai Duan’s long, white neck, and his throat itched. Even though he knew that Betas could not be marked by Alphas, yet, the already degenerated glands hidden under Bai Duan’s neck were still luring his Alpha instincts. He wanted to lick, suck, bite, and mix his own pheromones in that neck, to soak Bai Duan’s whole body with his own scent.

Lestrot coughed involuntarily. His voice was a little hoarse, “There is another thing I want to tell you.”

Bai Duan rolled his eyes impatiently in his heart, “What’s the matter?”

Lestrot felt his heart starting to beat faster. He had this feeling when he first drove a mecha. The emotion appeared the second time when he first fought with others. He knew this emotion, it could be called ‘tense’ or ‘excitement’. During his time back in the main family house, he not only explained to his father his decision to invite Bai Duan as his own exclusive mecha technician, but also confided his special feelings for Bai Duan.

His father’s response to this was very calm. As long as Lestrot was willing to marry an aristocrat Omega as his wife, he would not interfere with his son’s affairs. He even agreed with Lestrot’s idea to deepen his relationship with Bai Duan. His father especially reminded him to grasp the direction, control Bai Duan’s jealousy, and never let him ‘turn love to hate,’ turning something good to bad.

Since his father did not object, Lestrot naturally had no scruples.

During this period of time, Lestrot was tickled by Bai Duan’s ‘hard to get’ attitude, and his desire for Bai Duan finally won over his pride as a noble child, Lestrot decided to take the initiative. Even if the other side didn’t promise to be his own exclusive mecha technician, it didn’t matter. As long as the two became lovers, they would eventually share anything with each other.

Taking a deep breath and steadying his restless heart. Lestrot stared at Bai Duan and said with a gentle voice, “I like you.”

Lestrot felt that his confession came naturally. After all, they had been in contact for nearly a year, and it was reasonable for him to have the same aspiration and mutual affection.

However, for Bai Duan, these four words are like a bolt from the blue.

It took a long time for Bai Duan to respond. Subconsciously, he asked, “What did you say?”

“I like you,” Lestrot took a step forward in Bai Duan’s frightened eyes, trying to hold his hand — but was dodged by Bai Duan skillfully, “Let’s go out together.”

Bai Duan was shocked by Lestrot’s confession. He took three steps backward and was not touched by the other’s ‘affectionate’ confession. Instead, he became more and more confused, “What are you talking about? Didn’t I tell you that I already have someone I like?”

Bai Duan refusing to become his exclusive mecha technician, Lestrot could understand that, but Bai Duan’s response to his confession was far beyond Lestrot’s expectation.

After opening his mouth, Lestrot’s pride as a noble Alpha stopped him from saying something as narcissistic and devaluing as ‘isn’t the person you like me?’ Although he really wanted to ask this, he didn’t. Trying to control his blunder, Lestrot frowned, “You… You really have someone you liked? Who is he?”

Bai Duan, of course, couldn’t say, ‘I like your previous wife’. He decided to let the self-conscious Alpha imagine the person himself, “The person I like is a Beta. He has deep and delicate features, he’s a beautiful and lovely boy. Sorry, Alphas don’t suit my tastes.”

The words Bai Duan said made Lestrot’s face blue and white. He tried to recall the investigation about Bai Duan, and soon locked in on a certain Beta that had a good relationship with Bai Duan. Although in Lestrot’s eyes, the male Beta had nothing to do with beauty and loveliness at all, just as they say ‘beauty was in the eye of the beholder.’ Bai Duan was pleased with him, and thought that he was good everywhere and Lestrot could not understand this, “That man, Jamie?”

Bai Duan knew immediately that the O’deans had investigated him. Fortunately, he had a good disguise with Lao Lin’s help, his background could be called innocent. Moreover, the O’dean family didn’t pay too much attention to Bai Duan, and the investigation was not in-depth.

However, the fact that Eddie was not exposed now did not mean that it would be safe if they continued to investigate. So instead of rejecting Lestrot’s speculation — which was certainly not true — Bai Duan frowned and said, “You investigated me?!”

After all, Bai Duan had gone through several worlds, in each of which he had reached the position of indisputable success with his lover. This kind of authority accumulated continuously, coupled with the pressure of mental force without trace, was not what Lestrot, a young man still studying in school, could bear.

Even though Alphas had a natural repression on Betas, Bai Duan was far beyond the limitations of normal Betas. Once he intended to intimidate the other, Lestrot immediately felt his heart quivering and shrinking. However, Lestrot didn’t think much about his strange reaction, just attributed it to the uneasiness after getting angry with his sweetheart, and even thought it was a little strange.

“Don’t think about it. I didn’t want to investigate you.” Due to this subtle ‘worry,’ Lestrot subconsciously explained, “It’s just because I wanted to invite you to be my exclusive armor technician. My family investigated your background slightly for security reasons, we mean no offence or threat…”

“Oh.” Bai Duan chuckled, but there was no smile on his face. Instead, he was slightly tired, so he mocked, “That’s why I refused to be your exclusive mecha technician. Once I agreed, I would no longer have any privacy or freedom from your family or from you.”

Lestrot wanted to refute, but he also knew that Bai Duan’s statement was true — an important position such as an exclusive armor technician, must be monitored at all levels. At least for Lestrot himself, Bai Duan must be completely transparent and secret free.

“Well, on this issue, I think we have reached a conclusion. There is no need to talk about it.” Bai Duan gently waved and stood up from his seat. “From this point onwards, senior, I think it’s better for us to keep a distance.”

After that, he turned around and walked away quickly. Lestrot stood there until Bai Duan’s back disappeared from his view, then he finally came to. Wait, they were talking about who Bai Duan really liked? How did it suddenly turn back to the exclusive mecha technician topic and that he had already come to a conclusion? How come something felt wrong?

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you go Bai Duan! H edidn’t even see that coming XD

Thank you for the chapter~

April 7, 2020 1:56 am

Burn! That was a complete shut down. No insults were needed. I’m so impressed. 😆

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Aifa Phoenix
May 8, 2020 5:28 am

Somehow I feel that it isn’t going to end here and I’m not sure what will happen when they meet actually

May 13, 2020 4:44 am

Suddenly becoming love square??

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It’s none of your business who’s the person MC likes. Lol. He has no obligation to satisfy your curiosity. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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