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Chapter 92: Sixth World (16)
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although Bai Duan refused without any leeway and even said ‘keep a distance,’ Lestrot still didn’t give up. Even though Bai Duan’s refusal aroused his predatory nature as an Alpha, the more rejected and alienated he was, the more he wanted to approach, grab, and possess.

If Bai Duan were just an ordinary Beta, Lestrot would probably take a tougher approach to force him to comply, but he restrained the impulse and didn’t want his relationship with Bai Duan to be completely frozen. For one thing, he was really happy. He was happy with how Bai Duan was as a person, plus he believed that there was still hope to make Bai Duan his own exclusive mecha technician.

Unable to use the means of coercion, and unwilling to give up, Lestrot, after a period of hesitation, actually chose to lower his value, and pursue him. After all, Lestrot thought he was so much better than the average, mundane Beta Jamie, even though Bai Duan may not like his gender, he didn’t care about Jamie as a rival.

Jamie was unattractive, nor powerful, he was even less talented, even though he and Bai Duan were young now, Jamie would eventually be left behind by Bai Duan. Bai Duan’s talent was bound to make him stand high in his life. Jamie didn’t know what Bai Duan was interested in, and he couldn’t integrate into the high-end class. Their impulsive and simple friendship in childhood would soon be tempered by life. And he, Lestrot, really knew Bai Duan and was the only one who could stand by him and help him.

With such confidence, Lestrot started to take action, which made the relationship between them more and more gossip-prone.

Originally, although Bai Duan and Lestrot were close to each other, their interaction was more normal, which could be explained by the caring of an upperclassman to his junior. Now, the alienation and avoidance from Bai Duan and Lestrot’s initiative, soon attracted the attention of others, and also made the relationship between them more ‘clear.’

No matter in good faith or in bad faith, the news spread very quickly, not only inside the school, but also outside to those who had paid attention to the live assessment.

Bai Duan was annoyed, but no one wanted to help, not even his mentor, Professor Zieger. He
advised him to be patient — after all, there was such a huge force, the O’dean family standing behind Lestrot. If Bai Duan really annoyed him, he would not benefit at all.

In desperation, Bai Duan could only plunge himself deeper into academic research, increasing the pace of his progress. He even successfully improved and upgraded several kinds of mechanical parts and won awards from the school and the government. He gave his parents the money he got and saw their happy smiles through the video. Bai Duan’s mood improved a little bit. He felt that his decision to leave his sweetheart was rewarded.

Although he had made a plan and was ready to endure until Lestrot graduated, Bai Duan did not think Lestrot’s pursuit for him would suddenly come to a halt. However, this was not because Lestrot’s patience ran out, but because the O’dean family was once again in trouble, so that he had no leisure for romance.

This time, it was the return of the Soul-Eating Ermines that had brought trouble to the O’dean family. A while ago, the Soul-Eating Ermines had been in a tussle with other old star thief groups, which gave the O’dean family a chance to breathe. However, this peaceful time did not last long, and the internal turmoil of the star thief groups subsided at an astonishing speed.

Star thieves kept their internal information very confidential, so no one knew the details of this infighting, but there was no doubt about the result.

The Soul-Eating Ermines did not collapse under the joint efforts of the old star thief groups, and instead even went further ahead. It swallowed several medium-sized star thief groups one after another, and was now ranked amongst the large-scale star thief groups, making them equals to the rest of the old star thieves. And those old star thieves also stopped their hostile behavior against the Soul-Eating Ermines, ignoring their arrogance and despotic ideals, some even had cooperation in mind.

Once again, the star thieves united and had the rest of the universe in its ropes. The now stronger Soul-Eating Ermines set sail again. The first business was to plunder the O’dean family’s transport fleet again, and then it was out of control.

Once again, the O’dean family was in a dilemma, but this time it had a brother-in-law, that is, the Flynn family with the same strength. The O’dean family and the Flynns had always worked happily together, otherwise they would not have decided to marry their children. However, Eddie suddenly changed from an Omega to a Beta, which really affected the relationship between the two families. Although the Flynn family was also a victim, it still suffered losses in front of the O’dean family due to the lax oversight. It not only paid a lot of benefits, but also allowed the O’deans to choose another healthy and obedient Omega from the family to continue the marriage. They also naturally turned a blind eye to Lestrot’s pursuit of a Beta.

In this way, the cooperation between the O’dean family and the Flynn family was still smooth and harmonious. This time, the two families were both targeted by the Soul-Eating Ermines, which was obviously not an ‘accident.’

The last time they were attacked by the Soul-Eating Ermines, the O’dean family felt that they were unlucky and were led on by them. But this time, the Soul-Eating Ermines completely revealed their ferocious tusks, and made no secret of their malice. They immediately made the two families frightened and restless — yet totally unaware of where they had offended this God.

It was true that, as the arrogant noble family, they had done countless bad things. It was not impossible for them to force anyone to leave and have to join the star thieves. But no matter whether the hatred could be resolved, they needed to first know who the other party was and what the hatred was.

However, no matter how the O’dean family and the Flynn family tried to contact the Soul-Eating Ermines, the messages they sent out were like a rock that had fallen into the sea, there was no response, and the other party’s actions against them did not have the slightest sense of convergence, it seemed that they would not stop until they were gone.

After trying to make peace failed, the O’dean and Flynns decided not to wait. Although they were still afraid of the strength of the Soul-Eating Ermines, and they didn’t know whether they would win, they couldn’t stay on the planet and wait for death. For the dignity, glory and future of the family, they had to make a bet to let the other party know that they wouldn’t be bullied so easily. What’s more, only when they showed their strength could they have more chips when they negotiated.

With such a mind, the O’dean family and the Flynn family had contacted all the forces that could be contacted and formed a huge Starfleet. As the next successor of the O’dean family and a highly talented mecha pilot, Lestrot naturally participated in it and became one of the leaders.

There was no concealment of O’dean’s and Flynn’s movements, and Bai Duan naturally heard the news at first time’s notice. As early as the Soul-Eating Ermines began to target the Flynn family, Bai Duan became more and more certain that it was related to Eddie. However, it was a pity that when he asked Lao Lin, he never gave him any useful response, which made Bai Duan anxious and helpless.

Originally, Bai Duan was worried about the attack from the other old star thieves, but was unable to get involved, or even get the exact information. Bai Duan could no longer sit still as the team led by the O’dean family gradually took shape. There was no way for him to go to Hobian and take part in the battle between the star thieves, but there were some ways for him to join the O’dean family.

Though annoyed with Lestrot, Bai Duan still found him and asked to join the team. After hearing Bai Duan’s words, Lestrot was stunned for a long time, and his first reaction was to refuse, “No, it’s too dangerous!”

Although the person he pursued rarely asked for help from himself, and Lestrot was eager to satisfy the other party, but reason stopped his impulse. How could he be willing to bring Bai Duan into danger, into a battle in which even he was not certain of victory and was prepared to die? Even though Bai Duan would not take active part in the battle, and would only be in the rear carrier, the carrier was still in danger of being destroyed by the ship.

“I know it’s dangerous, but I want to go.” Bai Duan was good at disguise, but was not eloquent with his words. He couldn’t say anything grand and pleasant, he could only emphasize it repeatedly.

Seeing Bai Duan so determined, Lestrot could not help wondering, “Why?”

“Because…” Bai Duan’s eyes flickered — he couldn’t say he suspected that his sweetheart was in the Soul-Eating Ermines.

“Because I’m very interested in its ship technology, I want to see it for myself.”

Although the answer was a lie, Lestrot had no doubt. After all, Bai Duan was clean in his eyes, pure, and the only thing he ever cared about was the pursuit and research of scientific and technological equipment. The ship science and technology of the Soul-Eating Ermines was famous across the universe, so Bai Duan’s desire to know more about it seemed to be understandable?

Although he was still worried about the safety of Bai Duan in his heart, Lestrot couldn’t refuse Bai Duan’s request. He also felt that it would be good for the O’dean family to allow Bai Duan to join the team, and maybe he could be used at a critical moment field experience. And let the other side see his heroic posture in the battlefield, and it could probably also help him in his road of pursuit.

Under the double consideration of pleasing the sweetheart and family interests, Lestrot nodded his head. Bai Duan was overjoyed. On one hand, he quickly got ready, he also passed his movements to Lao Lin. He asked Lao Lin whether Eddie was in the Soul-Eating Ermines again.

Lao Lin received a message from Bai Duan. After a moment of silence, he turned his hand and delivered the message to Eddie. Although he used to try bringing Eddie into his gang and cultivating him to help, his plan couldn’t catch up with the change. Lao Lin didn’t expect that the little monster he was looking after would grow so fast. In other words, it was not even growing up, but finally taking off the camouflage and exposing the sharp and fierce tusks.

Now, don’t even talk aboutLao Lin trying to get Eddie as his subordinate. Even he was almost swallowed by the other side — and Eddie’s mercy on him was probably due to Bai Duan.

After receiving Lao Lin’s report, Eddie’s eyes were bright and his mouth curved. Then he had two sweet dimples, which made his smile very intoxicating. “Then tell him that I am indeed in the Soul-Eating Ermines.”

“I see.” Lao Lin nodded. There was no more cynicism in his face. Instead, he was very serious. “He entrusted his parents to me for care…”

“Then take good care of them and make no mistakes.” Eddie squinted slightly. “I’ll send my men to take over soon.”

“I see.” Lao Lin burned an incense for Bai Duan in his heart, and silently apologized to his former partner — not that he didn’t keep his promise, but that the enemy was too strong, Lao Lin couldn’t bear it!

When the video communication was turned off, Lao Lin’s straight body suddenly collapsed, and he returned to the look of an old man. He opened the door and saw his old friend waiting at the door.

“Finished contacting Eddie? What’s his reaction?” He went to Lao Lin.

“So happy. So so happy. He can meet his sweetheart soon and bring him to his side, how can anyone be unhappy?” Lao Lin shrugged his shoulders, and found that his friend’s beautiful and heroic face sank with his words, which made him feel sympathy. “I have already told you this several times.

This little monster has been attached to him for a long time. Why don’t you give up?”

“Of course I know he has a sweetheart. I know how many people he rejected for this reason alone. He was very loyal to his feelings and kept himself like a jade for his love,” Kaleid raised his hand and ruffled his long red hair. His tone was unwilling and sarcastic, “I just don’t understand what’s good about Lestrot. Even after the betrayal, abandoning Eddie like that, Eddie still likes him — It’s impossible that I can’t compare with him.”

Hearing the old friend’s complaint, Lao Lin looked confused, “Wait, do you think Eddie’s favorite person is Lestrot?”

“Isn’t it?” Kaleid glanced at him. “A man as proud as Eddie is even willing to let go of his dignity.
What other reasons can he have besides liking him? Can you imagine him being so humble for a man?”

“I can’t imagine.” Lao Lin shook his head honestly and shivered with cold. “I don’t know the details, but I promise, even if the little monster once liked Lestrot, now he has already moved on to another person.”

“Moved on?” Kaleid was stunned for a moment — but he always sounded so loyal?

“Um.” Lao Lin shrugged his shoulders, “The one he likes is a young, beautiful, talented, gentle and lovely little baby. The key is he’s a Beta that can be loved wantonly under his body.” After a pause, he turned his snout away from Kaleid, “Isn’t it better than an Alpha, a tough guy like you, who can’t be pushed down onto the bed and can’t give birth? Besides, topping that little monster, Eddie, do you have this ability?”

Kaleid, “…”

It’s true. There’s no way he could argue.

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