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Chapter 95: Sixth World (19)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Bai Duan, of course, understood what his parents were thinking. He did not want his parents to be forced, but he also knew that this was a good choice for his family and Eddie — and all he could do was to do his best to show filial piety to his parents and let them live freely, safely and happily even though on Hobian.

Eddie, of course, knew that as well. Although Bai Duan had been away from him for more than two years due to his parents, Eddie still felt for their sacrifice for Bai Duan. Eddie vowed he would grow even more with Bai Duan and take care of Bai Duan’s parents just like he would for his biological parents. At the same time, he would maintain a good relationship with the country where they came from — not including, of course, the O’dean and Flynn families — as long as they wanted, they could return to their hometown and visit their relatives and friends, or even stay for a while.

With Eddie’s promise, Bai Duan’s parents felt at ease, but what they valued more than verbal commitment was action. However, this was not something that can be seen in a day, so the only thing they could do was to rush to their son’s side and take good care of him.

At the end of the conversation, Eddie and Bai Duan were satisfied with the result. The ship had returned to the mobile base of the Soul-Eating Ermines. After shutting down the communication equipment, Eddie couldn’t wait to take ‘Mrs. Bandit’ back to his base camp. Bai Duan who was held tightly by him, had a hesitant expression, “You… you’re just going to return so soon? Isn’t the fight not over yet?”

Eddie shrugged his shoulders and made no secret of his contempt for the Alliance, “Don’t worry, my men are not gentle, even without me, there will be no mistakes.” Eddie paused for a bit, then he continued after picking his eyebrows up, “What’s more, even their main ship at the back was robbed by me, what strength do the O’deans still have to fight back?”

Bai Duan saw that Eddie was so confident, so he didn’t say anything more, and he didn’t mention Lestrot’s matter — which made Eddie very satisfied. Although he knew that it was impossible for that garbage pig, Lestrot, to win Bai Duan’s heart, no one would want to hear the name of their love rival, right?

The star thieves in the mobile base had received the news that their boss had succeeded in robbing his lover and had returned. Now they were all waiting on the deck. It was not easy to wait for the ship to land and for the hatch to open, with how much anticipation they had. Yet, to their disbelief, what they saw was not the Alpha that they hated, but a beautiful, soft and harmless Beta? The star thieves watched their boss walk down the ship with his hands holding the male’s waist. He was full of spirits and got what he wanted. They thought for a while about who this familiar Beta was. Wasn’t that Lestrot’s little lover?

Their boss didn’t kidnap his old lover, but kidnapped his old lover’s lover? What was this?

Everyone couldn’t help but look at each other, but no one dare to speak out and ask their boss about his strange brain circuit. At last, Eddie, who finally got the beauty back and even got a father-in-law and mother-in-law, was in a good mood. He was in a hurry to pull his long-time separated lover to bed and do lovey-dovey stuff. Eddie didn’t notice the subtle expressions of awe on his subordinates faces. God knows, since he met Bai Duan and tasted his lover’s pheromones, Eddie was eager for physical contact with Bai Duan. Yet, before he could even eat the slightest bite of met, they were forcefully separated, for more than two years even! Eddie felt like he was going to be dead soon.

Seeing that their boss seemed to be in such a hurry to get a child, that he didn’t even give them a glance, the star thieves just watched them walk away, step by step, frozen. After a while, they reacted.

“Boss! Are you…?” The second-in-command cried out in a hurry, and finally managed to keep their boss, who was running straight to bed, with them.

When Eddie stopped, it suddenly occurred to him that it was not only important to got to bed with his lover, but also important to show his ownership of Bai Duan, especially to Lestrot. Turning around, Eddie raised his mouth, “By the way, send a notice to the O’deans — no, not just the O’deans, I want the whole country to know. He —” Raising his hand to Bai Duan and proudly waving his hand, Eddie raised his eyebrows and said firmly, “is mine from now on!”

With this sentence barely finished, Eddie held Bai Duan’s hand again, and hurriedly pulled him forward.

“Then your identity?!” Someone asked.

“Say it!” Leaving two impatient words behind, Eddie and Bai Duan disappeared, leaving all the star thieves with a confused face, wondering what this statement meant.

A moment later, a star thief slapped his own thigh and seemed to realize, “The Boss’s move was wonderful! That kid of O’dean must be so angry that he’d cough up blood right now!”

The star thieves turned to look at him. After a while, they nodded their heads as if they knew something.

Just as the so-called ‘good horse doesn’t eat the grass from behind,’ how could a proud person like their boss keep a scum who abandoned himself and trampled on him? And what if he didn’t want to see the other get married either? Then grab that new lover! If the other side liked one person, they would grab one. After they kidnapped said person, they would treasure them by their side and love them. Then they would let the whole country know about this. Can they not be angry? One after another, his lover was gone and he would be restless for the rest of his life.

The more the star thieves thought about it, the more they realized how out of the box this thinking was. However, it was especially in line with the brain circuit of their boss. They couldn’t wait to know the reaction of Lestrot and others when they got the news.

With such a schadenfreude mentality, the action of the star thieves was quick. They soon designed and recorded the speech, and then skillfully cracked the star net signal that the humans had already changed a number of times. They sent this statement from the Soul-Eating Ermines to all human empires, and mainly focused on the two families, O’dean and Flynn.

There were even star thieves of other races who were interested in translating the video into their own language, and then spreading the gossip to their own ethnic groups.

In the statement, the star thieves angrily denounced the social system split by the ABO system, the cold-blooded ruthlessness of the Flynn family. Of course, more space was used to ridicule and satire the fact that Lestrot was totally abandoned on all sides, and solemnly declared that the hatred the Soul-Eating Ermines for the O’dean and Flynn families would not die. Once Lestrot found a new lover, unless that lover never left the planet, they would kidnap every single one that flies out to space! No mercy!

So, after the big news of the defeat of the United Army and the loss of most of their armor and crew members, another news soon took over the headlines and caused a great uproar among the human Empire and even the intelligent race except human beings. This was not because of how domineering the Soul-Eating Ermines were, but because it forcefully turned a grand and heroic star war into a dog blood star war of a love triangle. The drama attracted all the people, everyone who had seen it was speechless and choked, they thought deeply that ‘everything was possible in due time’ was true.

This amazing star love story fully showed the world what was ‘love can be a grave’. With Lestrot and Bai Duan as two examples, all the Alphas who liked to play with the Betas and all the Betas who relied heavily on the Alphas couldn’t help but shiver. Although it was not serious enough to make them stop, it also left a psychological shadow, for fear of encountering another Beta as unusual as Eddie and destroying their ‘life’ and their family.

As for Lestrot, he had also fallen from being the Beta and Omega’s god to the state where everyone was afraid of him and avoided him. No one dared to get involved with him, for fear that he would be robbed and humiliated like Bai Duan. After all, this was the interstellar age. No one could guarantee that he would not ride the interstellar ship in his life.

Not to mention, everyone wondered how the O’dean family and the Flynn family would react when they got back, after bitterly losing their fleets. Also, how Lestrot, who had been seriously injured in the battlefield but was able to pick up a life, would be stunned by this and have a twisted expression. The whole interstellar was expressing this opinion around this statement, quickly pushing it into the universe’s hottest topic list.

The rest of the interstellar civilizations were triumphantly mocking the deformity of human society, and there was no consensus among humans.

Some people thought that Lestrot’s abandonment led to retaliation. Others thought that he was also the victim of cheating. After all, it was difficult for anyone to accept his Omega bride suddenly becoming a Beta. Some people thought that Eddie shouldn’t conceal his gender for marriage; others thought that he just wanted to protect himself and be reasonable. All in all, there were different opinions, and the only unified point was for the innocent victim involved in this love hate feud.

The sympathy for Bai Duan.

Long before Bai Duan knew Lestrot, Lestrot’s marriage with Eddie was over, so there was no problem of cheating. Poor Bai Duan had a good relationship and went to the front line to fight bravely for his ‘boyfriend’, but unexpectedly he stabbed the wasp nest and was directly kidnapped by his boyfriend’s ‘ex-wife’ who turned into a star thief and led it. It was almost like karma.

No one knew what Bai Duan would face. However, it was not hard to imagine how a person who was deeply mad and publicized his lovelorn relationship would treat his lover’s new love.

As soon as people thought about what happened to Bai Duan, the brilliant and talented mecha technician who had not fully grown up yet, but would also never have the chance to grow up, everyone started wanting to pray for him. Pray that he would be able to get out of this unscathed and return home safely.

Bai Duan, who was worried about by the public, was in deep water at this moment.

Despite Eddie’s small and lovely body, it didn’t mean he would give up his dignity as a seme.

On one hand, Bai Duan felt guilty and pitied Eddie’s small statue that was covered with scars; on the other hand, Eddie had the strength and flexibility to hold Bai Duan down and flip him over with just one hand. Eddie made use of both his strength and cute disposure to firmly occupy the top position, he was very content when he sent his member into his lover’s body and tasted the joy of combination in this life.

The consequences of holding it back for more than two years was terrible. As soon as the ban was lifted, they went out of control. Plus, his physical strength and energy after two years of harsh exercise was way ahead of the delicate appearance he had now.

When Eddie finally satiated himself and his lover, his mouth was opening and closing to gasp for air as he lay on the bed. Bai Duan had already collapsed, covered with purple kiss marks and was unconscious.

Hmn… Maybe this was not much different from what people imagined, Bai Duan had rough days ahead of him? →_→

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March 24, 2020 9:52 am

Are they going to have children of their own in this life time? I hope so, and thank you for your hard work.

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Thanks for the chapter! Poor, poor BD… 😏😂

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October 8, 2021 10:29 am

I really don’t get why authors exaggerate sex so much they need to say that one of the parties passed out from it. Is that supposed to be attractive? I don’t think I’d like to do something that would make me pass out? Sex where one ends up half dead doesn’t sound enjoyable tbh. At least not for me.

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