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Q: Would you, or have you ever named a pet after a BL character? Which one?


caicaicat —I haven’t but it’s definitely not ruled out. I have named pets from books and stories before. I had a cat named Fremen and another named Silmaril in the past. My gf… She named the smart and big bluejay that keeps figuring out all the new feeder arrangements first “Wei Bluejay from the Bluejiang Clan”….

gaeatiamat — I name all my cats after Greek mythology, have been since I was twelve. I had to take a class to get more names cause I ran through all the common ones when we had indoor/outdoor cats. That’s why I have Pollux and Laya (Penthesilea) now.

caicaicat — My dog was Cassiopeia 

gaeatiamat — Had a cat named Cassandra. A kitten named Perseus followed by Andromeda, Persephone, and Achilles. When the time comes for another cat, if I find a gray cat I like it will be Athena. She had more brains than all the gods. Same with Artemis.

caicaicat — If you get another new cat that Athena doesn’t like, you can always pull a Cassiopeia out of the name bag lol. But like tbh, Athena might end up being a vengeful cat lol. You can’t resist the biggest kitties

gaeatiamat — True. 😜 And if I get a Maine Coon I can name it Leviathan.

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July 25, 2022 8:49 am

I have been owned by various cats for many years. I haven’t named them after a BL character so far, but I might in future.

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