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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The following day, the maid knocked on the door and brought in a hearty breakfast for Yu Chu.

Yu Chu thought to himself as he ate, It looks like the family usually eats their own food, so this is perfect.

The family didn’t take Yu Chu seriously, but they did a good job of keeping appearances; at least the closet was full of clothes.

Yu Chu only glanced at the fabric texture and cut quality, and it was clear that these clothes were very expensive. The color was light and the style was very simple, they were either basic sweatshirts or shirts.

In the original world, Yu Chu’s clothes were very sophisticated and classy, always at the forefront of fashion. Now looking at these clothes, he was slightly disgusted as his hand rifled through them. He finally picked out a light blue shirt with beige thin material pants and casual leather shoes.

He pulled open the door; the passage was empty, the whole building was tranquil, and when he went down to the first floor, he only saw two busy maids in the hall. He walked across the hall to the steps outside the door, pretended to look up at the sky, took a quick look around, and then calmly walked towards the gate of the old mansion.

A few thugs were guarding the gate, and they only greeted Yu Chu when they saw him, so he was usually free to come and go. He stopped and smiled when he heard the greetings from the thugs, but his eyes looked elsewhere. Even though he was reluctant to get along with people, he had to return the greeting.

The thugs returned the smile as a matter of course and turned their heads to look in other directions again.

Yu Chu kept his pace unhurried, walking along the wooded road on both sides until he was sure the thugs had lost sight of him, then he picked up his pace.

Zhou Mu had been beaten last night and wouldn’t be able to get up from his bed today. With no one to watch over him, he could now go to the pier and see if he could find a boat to leave the island.

The weather was a bit gloomy, and it looked like there was going to be heavy rain, with the salty seawater and the fresh scent of the woods mingling in the air. Yu Chu walked along the main road for a while, then suddenly turned around without warning, abruptly surveying the area behind him.

——The path he came from was empty, except for the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves; all he could hear was his own breathing.

Good, there was no one behind him.

Yu Chu walked for another ten minutes or so, the sound of the sea became distinct, and after turning a corner, several moored boats appeared in front of him. He quickly hid behind a tree and poked his head out to take a quiet look.

It was a small dock with a small cruise ship and a few speedboats floating gently with the waves. There was a small building on the shore, and several people who looked like thugs were sitting in front of the building, smoking and talking. One of them got up to serve tea at the round table, and when he sat down, he revealed a gun holster at his waist.

Yu Chu watched them for a while, and saw the distance from here to the nearest yacht, and calculated in his mind the possibility of taking them down and getting onto a boat. He glanced at his own thin body and thin arms and legs but finally dismissed the idea, chagrined at how he got into such a frail body.

Although he looked slim before, he had amazing combat power in his original world, and it wouldn’t be difficult for him to get on board. But, in this body, it would be quite troublesome, since just walking from the mansion to here left him gasping for a while. His old fighting skills and combat reflexes were there, so he would just need to build up his physical strength when this was over.

Yu Chu hunkered down in the bushes, like a panther waiting for an opportunity to move, waiting patiently for a chance. The weather was more overcast, with dark clouds rolling in and seabirds flying low, occasionally diving into the sea and picking up a struggling fish then rushing back to a low altitude.

One of the hired thugs took a sip of beer and said to the man beside him, “It’s going to be stormy again and it doesn’t look like any boats will be arriving today.”

Another said, “Wait until the waves pick up, don’t let anything happen while we’re on watch.”

“Yes, let’s wait, don’t care about the time.”

The rain on the island came suddenly, without beginning or excess, and as they spoke, the rain started pouring down, instantly forming a curtain of rain between heaven and earth. The thugs shouted in alarm, moving the round tables and chairs in a frenzy, and rushed to hide in the building.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! I lost all my britches yesterday, but I’ll win them back today!”

“Should we leave a man outside to guard?”

“Who needs to keep watch? Or maybe we should send Hou San. His hand is too explosive these days, he’s not allowed to play.”

“Fuck you, I’m not staying, I’m not afraid of anything! Who’d want to leave the island in this shitty weather?”

With loud laughing and joking, the group of people left cleanly. There was no longer even the shadow of people on the small pier, only a few boats on the rough waves that rose and fell.

Yu Chu hid motionlessly behind a bush, letting the rain trickle down his forehead and soak his body with coldness. He waited for a few more minutes to make sure no one else was coming out, then dashed out from behind the trees where he was hiding and prepared to dash for the nearest motorboat.

Just two steps out, a sense of crisis came over him, and without looking back, he swung his right hand backward, a silvery-white glint between his fingers.

——The knife that he had stuffed into his trouser pocket at breakfast was not sharp enough to hurt anyone, though.

His right hand was only half an arc away when it felt like it had been squeezed with steel pliers, while the back collar of his shirt was grabbed and lifted upward, and both his feet instantly left the ground, hanging in the air with no footing.

Yu Chu’s pupils tightened at that instant, and goosebumps covered his skin. Although he was lifted in the air and his arms were restrained, he still kicked his legs backward, kicking hard at the knee joints of the person behind him.

The man behind him reacted with extraordinary agility, and his legs were joined together, pinning his kicking foot. Yu Chu tried hard to pull his foot out, but the man’s leg was like a copper statue cast in cement, firmly standing on the ground, and no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t budge.

Yu Chu was angry and frightened but was like a small leopard in the air, grabbed by the scruff of his neck, paws also restrained, not given the slightest way to break free. When he noticed that the man didn’t make any further moves, he went a little quieter, and struggled to turn his head to look back.

“What? Still want to bite?” The face of the person behind him couldn’t be seen, but the low magnetic voice was very familiar to Yu Chu.

It was Zhou Mu.

“What are you doing? Put me down quickly.” Yu Chu crumbled out these words from his teeth.

The capture wasn’t painful, but it was highly insulting, and his beautiful eyes were filled with hostility, intending to make this man suffer as soon as he was released.

Zhou Mu didn’t embarrass him for long and released his hands and feet like he was told. Yu Chu had just gotten free and landed on the ground when he immediately turned around and punched Zhou Mu hard in the chest.


The fist was like hitting an iron plate, and the soreness caused by force spread rapidly upward along with the fist, and his entire arm was instantly numbed.

Zhou Mu stood still, only slightly lowering his eyes to look at the fist stagnating on his muscular chest and then expressionlessly looking back at Yu Chu.

Yu Chu used all his strength to keep his face from distorting, and when the pain subsided, he swept his foot into his opponent’s calf.


There was a muffled sound as his foot collided with his calf, and Zhou Mu stood steady in the rain, his body not even moving a bit.

Yu Chu’s eyes showed a fierce light, staring at him from the bottom up, rainwater trickling down the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, not even lifting a hand to wipe it. A few moments later, he tilted his head and moved his neck, hooked up a self-consciously implied threatening smile.

After enduring the bone-crunching pain, he could finally take a breather. And now that it was raining, the rain perfectly covered the watery look that appeared because of the pain under his eyes.

“I just want to check out the boat, play around the island, and then go ashore.” He knew he couldn’t fool the other party, but he said it with the mindset of trying and seamlessly switched his expression after he finished, looking innocent and harmless.

He didn’t know that because of the pain his face was blue and his lips were white, and his pair of eyes were also red and teary. Now, although he had forcefully calmed down, he still revealed an inexhaustible grievance.

Zhou Mu slowly spoke, his face calm, “Young Master Yu, the sea is windy and rainy, it’s not safe to go out to sea, so stay onshore. Besides, Master has explicitly forbidden you to leave the island.”

This was the longest sentence Yu Chu has heard from Zhou Mu since he met him, including last night’s whipping, although his tone was still cold.

His eyes rolled up, and he said in a regretful tone, “Okay, okay, I know, let’s go back.” After saying that, he bypassed the person in front of him and walked in the direction he was coming from before. After taking a few steps, he turned around slightly and saw Zhou Mu following behind him.

Yu Chu stopped, put his hand on his forehead, and turned around and ordered loudly, “Zhou Mu, this rain is too unbearable, go find me an umbrella.”

Zhou Mu was still wearing his black T-shirt and pants, which were now stuck to his body, revealing his beautiful, smooth muscles. He frowned slightly, glanced at the small building on the pier, and turned back, “Then come with me.”

Yu Chu’s face sank, and he said unhappily, “I don’t want to go. You go get it for me.”

Zhou Mu stood still. Obviously, asking him to get the umbrella by himself was impossible.

Yu Chu didn’t expect him to leave him alone and pointed to the banana tree on the left, saying, “Then go and break me a leaf, I’ll put it on my head.”

Several banana trees were on the left, about seven or eight meters away, and Zhou Mu’s eyes skimmed over Yu Chu’s shirt that was clinging to his body, hesitating for only half a second before walking towards the nearest one.

Yu Chu held his breath slightly, his gaze fixed on his tall back, and just as he reached out to press a leaf stalk downward, he suddenly moved his legs up and turned his head, running towards the sea like a whirlwind.

Run! Run for it!

This was the only thought left in his head.

The wind whistled in his ears, and the rain pelted his face, blurring his vision. Every alveolus seemed to explode, his temples gurgled, and his mouth tasted fishy and salty. He couldn’t be bothered to wipe the rain from his face and just ran ahead, in the direction of the boats.

In his hazy vision, the outline of several dark objects appeared, rising and falling in the sea.

Almost there! Those are boats, almost there!

Hope is not far away!

Yu Chu’s heart was about to pop out of his throat, his two legs like a motor, running so fast he was close to flying.

But just when the boats were getting clearer and clearer, and he was only a dozen meters away, he felt a tightening of the back of his neck, and a familiar sensation hit him. His brain had alarm bells ringing, but his body didn’t have time to react, and his two feet suddenly left the ground, dangling in the air.

He was grabbed by the collar and lifted up again.

Yu Chu’s legs were still running in the air with inertia, as his heart cursed in despair: Fuck me!


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Thank you for the translation! Banger chap!

November 10, 2021 10:07 am

Yu Chu needs to shape up to his former fitness; he’s no match for Zhou Mu or any one else! (Though his brains seem to be.)
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 10, 2021 9:18 pm

YC running away attempts is so adokrable🤣🤣🤣

November 10, 2021 11:52 pm

Even though it’s futile he’s still trying. Looks like he’ll have to shape up first than try to escape again, or try so other plan. And the bodyguard is great he was able to do all that after being whipped. I just wonder how the original behaved and whether this Yu Chu’s behaviour is different enough to cause people wondering?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 3, 2022 7:14 pm

I imagine the impact of his fist vibrating all the way down to his spine lol

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His legs were still running in the air!! Lol I’m ript🤣

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Noooo this is too funny and sad 😂😭 HE CAN’T ESCAPE FROM HIS BODYGUARD HHHHH what a powerful watcher though OwO why did his dad place ml next to him 🤔 or are there stronger bodyguards

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