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Chapter 66: Second Brother’s Abnormality

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


A few days after visiting the general Zhenguo’s office with Cheng Yan, Lin Mo found something wrong with his Second Brother, especially the day when he got the test results. In addition to eating and sleeping every day, Lin Mo was worried that his Second Brother had been bewildered like in his past life.

Lin Mo went to the door of the study, left the boy behind him outside, and pushed the door in.

It was rare for his Second Brother to be holding a book but not looking at it.

“Second Brother.” Lin Mo went over and called out.

“A-Mo? Why are you here? ” Lin Xiu turned and looked up at his brother.

“I can see there’s something wrong with Second Brother lately. Are you worried about the imperial exam?” Lin Mo sat down beside him and asked.

“… It has something to do with it. Second brother will deal with it. Don’t worry about it, A-Mo. ” Lin Xiu said after a few seconds.

“The test results…” Lin Mo hesitated. The day before yesterday, he knew the result of the Second Brother’s examination, ranking second in total. The first was Yu Yange, the legitimate son of the Yu family. When they went to the Imperial City for the exam last time, the young scholar had come along with them.

Lin Mo has heard about Yu Yange, who had been mentioned by Cheng Yan. It was said that this year’s title of the imperial examination champion was most likely to fall on him.

“He’s a man of great talent and learning. Compared with him, I’m a little worse.” Lin Xiu smiled.

“Second Brother is not much different from him.” Lin Mo retorted.

Although he didn’t know how his Second Brotherhad placed first in the previous life, he could see his talent. However, Lin Mo suddenly thought of a series of things that happened when they rushed to the capital. Several groups of people in black tried to ambush them and assassinate them. Second Brother was implicated by that group of people.

There was no Cheng Yan in the previous life. Second Brother didn’t have any accidents on his way to the Imperial City for the exam. How did Yu Yange of the previous life escape? Or maybe he didn’t?

“The Prime Minister’s business involves Cheng Yan and his brother, even if Second Brother can’t be like before…”

“A-Mo! Be careful…” Lin Xiu suddenly interrupted his brother and whispered.

Lin Mo looked at his Second Brother in a daze. When he saw his obscure eyes looking at something, Lin Mo suddenly remembered that he still had a shadow guard around him. Lin Mo had a cold sweat for a while. If his Second Brother didn’t stop him in time, he could imagine Cheng Yan’s reaction after hearing the news.

“Yes… I’m sorry, Second Brother. I forgot.” Lin Mo still had some fear in his eyes.

Lin Mo’s shadow guards rarely showed up and hid well. Most of the time, Lin Mo ignored his shadow followers. Lin Mo had some doubts. Did Cheng Yan know what he and his Second Brother had talked about before? He didn’t know when Cheng Yan would arrange the shadow guards around him. If he and his Second Brother discussed the arrangements before…

Lin Mo tried to calm himself down. Cheng Yan hadn’t asked him. There was nothing wrong with him. He didn’t know if he wanted to tell Cheng Yan about it.

“Now things are different from what Eldest Brother said. You know that you have both of us. A-Mo, you just need to be good. We have everything handled.” Lin Xiu appeased him.

“But…” Lin Mo wanted to continue.

Maybe because of the scene in his dream, he had to pay attention to the Prime Minister’s office and the things related to Su Qingran. Until Su Qingran died, and the Prime Minister failed, Lin Mo would not be able to settle down.

Lin Mo had no memory of his previous life in this ancient era, but only heard the description of his previous life from his Eldest Brother and saw fragments of it in his dreams. He couldn’t leave all these things to them. He didn’t know if Su Qingran would let them survive.

Zero One had taken away the golden finger from her, but Lin Mo was not sure if there would be any other golden fingers on Su Qingran.

“Even if Second Brother can’t get the top prize, our family is different from the past, and A-Mo, you now have status in the country, so the situation is better.”

Lin Mo listened to his Second Brother’s advice. He didn’t speak for a while. He said, “I know.”

“After the examination is your wedding ceremony with Cheng Yan. After that, you will be an official royal. Be careful with your words and actions. Don’t let people grasp the handle… ” Lin Xiu solemnly reminded his brother.

But at the thought of Lin Mo’s temperament and Cheng Yan’s attitude towards him, Lin Xiu didn’t go on. Careful words and deeds… For my brother, I don’t think he needs to be told…

Lin Xiu thought about it and finally said, “Cheng Yan is so indulgent to you, I think A-Mo shouldn’t be stressed. It’s better to let go of the past.”

Lin Mo walked out of his Second Brother’s yard, walked back to the main hall along the bluestone road, sat in the yard and seemed out of his mind. As soon as Cheng Yan came back from the barracks, he saw Lin Mo sitting not far away. He was all alone, his lonely aura heavily surrounding him, keeping everyone away.

Cheng Yan was stunned, his eyes were slightly restrained, and he walked towards him.

Lin Mo heard the familiar footsteps and looked back, shaking off his thoughts with a smile. “Just came back?” 

Cheng Yan went to sit beside him, hugged him and whispered, “Mn.” 

He should always be on his side to watch him, using all of his attention. In that way, there would be no extra thoughts he shouldn’t have, which would only increase his troubles. Cheng Yan wrapped his hands over Lin Mo’s, and Lin Mo’s cool little hand was slowly dyed with his temperature.

Lin Mo thought it was no wonder that Cheng Yan always stuck to him. He put his head on his shoulder.

“How come you’re back so early today? You didn’t even change your clothes.” Lin Mo said. Although there was a slight dislike in his tone, he still remained in Cheng Yan’s arms.

Since visiting his grandfather, general Zhenguo, and his cousin Fu Yunchang, Cheng Yan was called by his cousin to the military camp to train the general and soldiers. As a marshal in the army, he had been missing for so long, and he needed to help. Of course, it was a group of generals who had just escorted the town general back from the border.

Fu Yunchang would not be back for long this time. Although they were safe from several countries now, there must be someone guarding the border. Fu Yunchang was planning to leave the Imperial City after the big marriage between Cheng Yan and his Wang Fu. His father had been at the border before, and then his cousin Cheng Yan. Now it was time for him to go. He couldn’t let someone’s newly married husband leave without allowing the couple to spend time together right?

As for his father? His father had asked him to find a daughter-in-law as soon as possible, Fu Yunchang, who was cold and reticent, didn’t listen to him.

“I didn’t have anything to do in the army. I came back early to accompany you. Do you want to go out for a walk?”

Lin Mo looked up at him and asked, “Where? Haven’t we been all over the Imperial City?” 

In the past, Cheng Yan was always busy. He didn’t have time to accompany Lin Mo for several days. After those times, Cheng Yan felt guilty for ignoring him and so he would take Lin Mo out of the house to play. He played with him all day for several days.

When Lin Mo went to the Imperial Palace to find An Jinyuan, he was afraid to face the Emperor. He felt that he was a siren who let the God of War, who was in charge of military affairs, waste his government time.

In this way, Lin Mo felt embarrassed.

“Go to the ancestral house of the Lin family and have a look. It’s basically finished. We can go and see what’s missing and buy them together. And when your family comes, they can live in the house directly.” Cheng Yan suggested.

“Already?” Lin Mo was a little surprised. It was not long since Cheng Yan and he had given instructions to repair the place. Wasn’t it too fast?

“There are more people involved.” Cheng Yan didn’t say much either.

“I’d better not go. I’ll be glad when we can go together with my family later.” Lin Mo refused. Cheng Yan said that there were basically no big problems. Lin Mo believed him.

As for the ancestral house of the Lin family, it would be better to give it to father and elder brother. That’s where they would live in the future, so it would be better if they arranged it by themselves.

“Then go to the royal manor? Some time ago, I heard from the housekeeper that the cherry blossoms formed and the peach tree has green peaches. Didn’t you mention that you wanted to pick some green peaches and marinate them?”

“Cherries?” Lin Mo thought of some things with interest. What fruit trees and flowers were there that he didn’t know?

“A few years ago, when other countries made friends with Yu, there were these strange seeds in the gift. Later, when A-Yuan knew about it, he pestered me and my brother to grow them in the manor.” Cheng Yan explained.

“Those trees in Daling village…”

“At the junction of several countries and near the sea, Mudin county has the earliest contact with new things.”

“Ah.” Lin Mo thought.

“So let’s go to the manor in the afternoon? We can also call Second Brother too. I don’t think he’s in good shape recently.” Cheng Yan knew that although he had been busy in recent days, he had heard Lin Mo mention it several times.

At the same time, A-Yuan pretended to mention Lin Xiu several times in front of him and his brother. Thinking about what the people in the Imperial City had discussed in recent days, Cheng Yan thought, maybe he guessed something.

“Then I’ll go to the manor and make some cherry sauce for the children. Xiaoya should like it.” Lin Mo had a smile in his eyes.

“Mn…” Cheng Yan replied, swallowing what he wanted to say.

The Lin family was half a month away from arriving to the Imperial City, half a month earlier than he expected. It was better to hide it from Momo, and surprise him then. Cheng Yan touched Lin Mo’s hair and his lips were slightly raised. He could now expect that when Momo saw their faces, he would have an adorable expression of surprise.

Although the current Momo had made him addicted to it, Cheng Yan still wanted to dig out more of Momo’s moods, the best were the happy ones.


After driving for more than half a month, the group of elite soldiers in the hands of Cheng Yan naturally did not feel anything. But it was different for ordinary people, not to mention the few children and two women in the team.

The people in it were very important to the Lord, otherwise they would not be sent to the Imperial City with a team of soldiers. Some of the chief generals were worried that they would not be able to bear the journey, but much to their surprise, even after hurrying for half a month, their faces were still rosy.

The head general thought this was a little strange. Their Wang Fu’s family seemed to be in good health. Wasn’t this the family that stayed indoors?

Arriving at the next county town, the group had a two-day rest before continuing on their way. The general led the soldiers to take the Lin family to the official residence of the county, took out the token and asked people to arrange a residence as soon as possible.

It was not just a team of elite soldiers who protected the Lin family while going to the Imperial City, but also dozens of shadow guards in the dark. Of course, there were not many people who knew these things. The chief general was one of them.

He thought to himself, it was really painstaking for the Lord to let the Lin family not worry about other things, but also to be protected from being hurt. After settling in, Mama Lin put some ginseng slices into the water to boil, and let everyone drink a bowl after cooking.

This ginseng was brought to Mama Lin by Mo’ger before he left. He said that if he was injured or sick, he would take a few pieces to boil and drink. Now they were in such good spirits. Although they didn’t know why the jar of ginseng Mo’ger gave her had such a good effect, Mama Lin still didn’t study it deeply. It was better to be confused about some things.

“Grandma, when can we get to Fourth Uncle?” Xiaoya took a drink with the cup and then asked.

“Soon, I’m sure we can catch up with Fourth Uncle and Uncle Cheng.” Mama Lin touched her granddaughter’s head and laughed.

The story of Cheng Yan and her son had been made clear in the letter sent, which was also the reason why Mama Lin shortened the trip to the Imperial City in order to hurry up. Although their son and Cheng Yan had already been married, this was Cheng Yan’s wedding as Prince Cheng and her son’s wedding as Prince Cheng’s Wang Fu. Mama Lin still wanted to arrive ahead of time.

Her son, she knew, would be upset if his family was not around.

And this time they would be attending their son’s wedding banquet as the Lin family of the Imperial City. They had to be the base of their son. Although their background was not comparable to that of the royal family, Mama Lin did not want her son to think that the gap between him and Cheng Yan was too large.

“How is it? Do you feel sick? ” Mama Lin looked at each of them carefully to see that their faces were not different. She was still a little uneasy. Although she was anxious to go to the Imperial City, Mama Lin did not neglect her family’s physical condition. If someone was not feeling well, Mama Lin would slow down the speed of the journey.

“We’re okay. This ginseng is a good thing. After drinking it, I feel that I’ve become energetic.” Sister-in-law Lin finished drinking the ginseng water and said with emotion.

“It should have cost him a lot of money before Mo’ger left.” Mama Lin nodded.

“Then my brother and I will play with the uncle in black.” Xiaoya said, seeing that they had all drunk water, held the handle of the teapot in both hands.

“Go ahead, be careful not to fall, and carry it with your brother.” Lin Cheng warned.

Lin Xiaoya’s uncle in black was the one who protected them in the dark. They had once met an ambush on the way. At that time, everyone was forced to disperse. Although the time was short, it was a very dangerous situation at that time.

Xiaoya and Xiaonan were brought back by them,. Lin Cheng had not known of the existence of these people before. But for that accident, their family didn’t know that it was such a powerful person who protected them.

They didn’t know if someone would ambush them on the way again. Lin Cheng thought that maybe on the way to the Imperial City for the exam, Cheng Yang, Lin Mo and his Second Brother also met those dangerous people in black.

He hoped they didn’t get hurt then.

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