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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After leaving the fourth floor, Feisha struggled to adjust to the darkness of the fifth floor. A powerful red and blue beam emerged from the dark and shadowy city and shot straight toward the sky.

“Fireworks?” Feisha used his hand to block his eyes.

Isefel stopped in mid-air. “It is Abaddon and Asmontis.”

Abbadon, he knew. He was one of the seven demon lords of Hell. To be able to keep pace with Abbadon, Asmontis must be a demon lord too. So he very bluntly asked, “What sin?”


Feisha asked in a small voice, “Lust to what degree?”

Isefel replied, “Masturbate.”

“…..” Feisha couldn’t understand. Was Heaven a place where you weren’t even allowed to masturbate? Although right now, his body was now immortal, who didn’t have a ‘what if’? If he died very unfortunately during the prime of his years, he wanted to go to Hell. Of course, even if he was sent to Heaven, he wasn’t afraid, masturbating was something he was very familiar with.

Feisha saw that the light around his hand was gradually dimming and slowly put his hand down just in time to see them spread their black wings and fly over.

“Should we prepare for battle?” He tensed nervously.

Isefel said, “No need.”

Abbadon grinned as he rushed over: “Isefel, you’ve really left that goddamn place and you’re here! When Mammen told me, I couldn’t believe it.”

Asmontis landed behind him, his handsome face a little bashful.

He really fell for sin? Feisha once again felt suspicious. Was his case a once-in-ten-thousand-years miscarriage of justice?

Isefel, “You were battling?”

Abbadon’s eyes tightened and he quickly said, “No, just now, in the arena, we exhausted ourselves fighting. We came up here to enjoy the wind.” Afraid that Isefel wouldn’t believe him, he even shook his collar, “Ah, how refreshing.”

Feisha remembered a game ID called ‘When the Wind Blew, JJ Felt So Refreshed’ in a book he’d read and couldn’t help but suggest, “It’ll be even more refreshing if you take off your pants.”

Abbadon said to Isefel, “In the past, he was at worst wretched, now, one could even say he’s bold.”

Feisha ignored him. He was rather interestedly watching Asmontis look so bashful that he looked like he wanted to disappear into the ground.

Abbadon frowned and said, “Don’t tell me during your honeymoon, you’re having an illicit affair?”

Feisha: “…..”

Isefel, “Shall we have an actual battle?”

Abbadon gaped and then shook his head, “We’ve been friends for so many years, but for the sake of a human, you actually… you’re really too much!” (1)

Feisha said, “As the only human here who has the power to speak up, I don’t think he’s too much. In fact, it’s cough cough cough that’s…”

Abbadon retorted, “Don’t you think your nerve is growing bigger and bigger?”

“This is the classic ‘fox assuming the might of a tiger’. I know.” I’m a scoundrel, so what? was written all over Feisha’s face. (2)

Abbadon looked at Isefel and said, “I take back what I said, he’s still wretched.”


On the way to the arena, Abbadon gave a simple introduction of the fifth floor. The most famous thing on the fifth floor was the arena. In here, there were no lesser than five thousand big and small arenas. The most most famous one of them all was the one Abbadon had opened, “Absolute Death.”

The arena was prepared especially for those who were addicted to fighting and killing. Within it, there were two types — one was a machine recording the total stats of a competitor and then creating a virtual body which the competitor’s consciousness would be transplanted into. The competitor would then be able to fight hand-to-hand with his opponent. The advantage of this method was that no matter how much flesh was chopped off from either competitor or opponent, so long as they left the arena, they would have sustained no injuries. This was the most most civilized method.

The other method was as Isefel had proposed, an actual battle. However, there were many races in Hell, so to prevent interracial battles, participants in the actual battles had to sign a life-death disclaimer before entering into battle. If one participant died in battle, their family and friends were not allowed to use any means to avenge them. If someone violated the agreement, Abbadon, the Chief of this arena, would appear to ‘uphold justice’.

“How is it?” Abbadon delightedly drank in Feisha’s amazement.

“Have you played games before?” Come on, this was obviously a scene in a game!

Abbadon said, “Tch. What is the fun in those? Borja doesn’t even play.”

As he spoke, they reached a building that was a storey high.

Feisha chose his words deliberately, “Eh, the scale of your business is rather… cautious.” Didn’t they say that ‘Absolute Death’ was the biggest arena on the fifth floor? Why was it looking so pitiful?

Abbadon blankly said, “What does that mean?”

Asmontis opened his mouth, “He’s saying, when we look at this, the scale isn’t big.” When he spoke, his voice was very soft, like a gentle breeze in summer. It gave one the misconception that it would break off at any second.

Abbadon chuckled, “Because many people like to fight the actual battles outside. To prevent them from destroying my arena, I built the entire arena belowground.”

Sure enough, the arena’s first and only floor was singly occupied with a receptionist desk and registration area. In the middle was a row of wide and spacious stairs leading straight down.

“No elevator?” Feisha asked as he walked.

Abbadon said, “There is, but no one takes it.”

“Why?” He wanted to take it. Feisha thumped his waist in pain.

Abbadon replied, “Because sometimes when they fight too vigorously, the elevator would become stuck.”

“…..” Just how vigorous was it that the elevator would become stuck? Feisha had no words.

After walking down god knew how many floors, suddenly there was a gigantic roar of cheering. Countless voices shouted: “Abbadon, Asmontis, Abbadon, Asmontis…”

Abbadon smiled and waved.

Feisha looked at the numerous and densely packed heads before him and speechlessly said, “Is it ok if they just shout the leaders’ names?”

Isefel replied, “It depends.”

“…they’re in touch with the people huh.”

Abbadon led them towards the crowd and people began to automatically fall to the sides, splitting into two. In the midst of the crowd was a square platform. It looked rather like an arena, but it was bigger, taller and grander than that. Compared to Beelzebub’s Esophagus Hall, it was different because the audience here was standing. Also, they gazed up at the platform.

Abbadon walked to the side of the platform and flew up with Asmontis and the cheers became even brighter and louder. Feisha and Isefel picked the first spot where their vision wasn’t obstructed and watched the show. Feisha watched them tunnel into a two to three meters tall grey egg and after a while, an Abbadon wearing black armor and an Asmontis wearing silver and green armor reappeared on stage.

The cheers thundered.

Feisha tried to shout to Isefel quite a few times, but he was always drowned out. Just as he was about to give up, all noise suddenly disappeared.

Isefel had lowered his head and was looking at him, “What did you say?”

“I said… eh.” The sudden silence made it hard for him to adjust, “I said did Asmontis only wear a silver, green armor, and it wasn’t some lust?” He was still struggling with this question. No matter how he looked at Asmontis, he felt that lust and Asmontis couldn’t be related. Comparatively, Mammon was a more likely candidate.

Isefel replied, “He did indeed commit the sin of lust because he fell for a human woman called Sarah.”

Whenever Feisha came across gossip, his entire face immediately emitted brilliance, one couldn’t find a more cooperative audience.

“He loved her yet he didn’t dare to confess. Whenever Sarah married, he killed her husband on the night of their wedding until no one dared to marry her.”

“Isn’t this more likely to be jealousy?”

“But his jealousy is borne from his desire towards her.”

“To be honest, if he wanted to eat, just fall!” Asmontis’ face couldn’t be compared to Isefel’s, yet his standard was not too bad, there was always the chance Sarah would take one look and fall in love and the two of them would be inseparable, living lives of incomparable bliss. (3)

“And if he’s worried that this flavor is too plain, then he can add some salad sauce on Sarah.” (4)

“Adding salad sauce on Sarah?” Isefel looked pensive.

Feisha urged him on, “And then what happened?”

“When God knew of this, He sent Raphael to bring Asmontis back for questioning.”

Feisha regretfully added an ending to the story, “And in the end he fell. What happened to Sarah?”

“Under God’s arrangements, she married someone else.”

“What a tragedy.” He looked sympathetically toward the stage, at Abbadon and Asmontis who were fighting like it was life and death, “Don’t tell me that he lived all these years depending on masturbation?”

Isefel fell silent for a long while and replied, “This sentence is a joke.”

“…..” Feisha suddenly asked, “His relationship with Abbadon is rather good?”

“Because they have a common language.”

“Lost love?” Oh yes, he didn’t seem to have heard who Borja’s mother was? Was it ‘beautiful women suffer horrible fates’? (5) If that was the case, these two bachelors sure could bond together.

“No. They have a common enemy.”

Feisha blurted, “Raphael?”

Isefel nodded.

Feisha said very regretfully, “The relationship between Heaven and Hell is really unable to be cut, difficult to be understood, huh.”

Right as they had finished their gossip session, a winner emerged on stage. Abbadon suddenly appeared above Asmontis’ head, using his body weight to crush Asmontis down.

Isefel dissolved the barrier. Deafening whistling, shouting, clapping sounds assaulted them.

Feisha jumped but he saw that the figures on stage had already disappeared. After a while, Abbadon and Asmontis reappeared from the gray egg.

“Abbadon, Abbadon, Abbadon…” The crowd went wild.

Abbadon was very proud of himself and waved his hands on stage, Asmontis stood by his side without making a single sound, silently watching on. Even if he had lost the competition, there wasn’t a sliver of annoyance or dejection as though he was long used to all this. Abbadon suddenly turned around, grabbed him around the neck and then forcefully dragged him to the center of the stage. Asmontis’ face became a little red but he went along very naturally.

Thus, the cheers that were dominated by ‘Abbadon’ finally showed a little ‘Asmontis’. Could it be that Abbadon was much easier to pronounce than Asmontis, so others were scrambling to shout?

Feisha looked left and right and then looked front and back and discovered that in the sea of cheering, he and Isefel were unusual and incompatible. Just as the curse of the golden of the golden flower, except they didn’t have sock puppets. (6)

Should he also play along? When in Rome, do as the Romans do after all. As he thought of this, Feisha finally slowly raised his hands, intending to clap and dance along with the others but Abbadon suddenly made a gesture for silence. Thus, all the hands lowered, only he was blankly raising his hands. In the midst of countless gazes, he very calmly and composedly stretched lazily.



(1) Actually Abbadon implies that Isefel is making him too angry.

(2) This is a Chinese idiom that means that one uses another’s powerful connections to intimidate others, thus the fox (Feisha) assuming the might of the tiger (Isefel).

(3) The actual term here is, ‘living lives where they would not envy mandarin ducks nor would they envy immortals’. In Chinese culture, mandarin ducks are the symbol of a happily married and affectionate couple because it’s believed that mandarin ducks mate for life.

(4) It’s a pun. In Chinese, Sarah’s name is 莎拉 shālā, which is a homophone for salad 沙拉 shālā.

(5) An idiom in Chinese — Feisha’s wondering if this is the fate of Borja’s mother.

(6) Curse of the Golden Flower is the movie

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