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Translated by satellite of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Mani surveyed the room.

Feisha and Isefel were high in the air, looking down on the entire scene. Locktini, Antonio, and Layton stood together, staring at the faerie, Houllier, and Asa. Lanka stood at the very front, surrounded by the guards that had turned against him. The guests had begun wandering about both factions.

Lanka’s appearance had obviously shaken their previously firm determination. Today’s battle was no longer a defense of Genesis as a nation, but rather a civil war within Genesis itself. The positions of the people were also subtly changing.

“Is Hughes doing okay?” Mani’s right hand lightly stroked the ring on his left thumb. (1)

Lanka knew every trick of his like the back of his hand. He knew that every time Mani touched his ring, it meant that he was beginning to feel nervous. “He’s doing very well.”

At Lanka’s answer, the entire crew from Noah’s Ark let out a collective sigh of relief.

Mani asked, “Doesn’t he miss Gin?”

The relief that Feisha and the rest of them felt was immediately withdrawn.

Lanka replied, “I haven’t told him about that yet.”

Mani smiled and said, “So he still doesn’t know that Gin came to Genesis searching for him and has since vanished?

Lanka calmed replied. “That’s correct.”

“Even if you can hide it now, you won’t be able to hide it forever. How are you planning to explain it to him once he finds out?”

“I’ll definitely find him first.”

Mani sighed. “What if I told you he’s already dead?”

Feisha’s heart pounded, and he looked towards Asa. Even if he was a spy, after so many years together, he must have developed at least some true feelings towards them.

Asa was staring hard at the ground, as if the marble had suddenly turned to diamond.

Feisha couldn’t help but be disappointed. He shouldn’t have forgotten that not only was Asa a spy, but also one with extraordinary acting ability. A spy like that would be far more apathetic than the average person.

Antonio’s eyes burned with rage, his entire body readied to attack.

Lanka spoke. “Gin is the second highest ranking member of the Blood Clan after Lord Cain himself. I trust that Father will take great care and caution before doing anything.”

Mani said. “Cain has been asleep for thousands of years, and no one knows when he’ll wake. Now the Blood Clan is led by Leslie, and from what I’ve heard, the relationship between Leslie and Gin isn’t very good.”

Feisha spoke loudly. “If one day you suddenly turned up dead, even though Hughes and Lanka don’t have very good relationships with you, they’d still reluctantly step forward to avenge you.”

Mani coldly replied. “Other than that smart mouth of yours, do you have anything else?”

Feisha quickly retorted. “Other than a head full of evil schemes, do you have anything else?” (2)

Mani thought through all his experiences and knew that bickering with Feisha wouldn’t give him any sort of upper hand so he gave up further pursuit. Instead, he turned to Lanka and said, “My dear son, are you really deciding to stand on the enemy’s side, against the entirety of Genesis?”

Lanka replied. “Father, do you really then that the enemies of Genesis are those standing behind me and not those before me?”

Behind him, Feisha gave him an impressed thumbs-up. That was a pretty eloquent response!

Just as he was thinking this, he saw the scene before him begin ascending. Isefel was already lowering him down, and pushed him behind Antonio.

Feisha whispered in worry. “Was it taking too much energy?”

Isefel replied.  “It’s too easy a target up there with nothing to act as a shield.”

The ‘shield’s response: “……”

Feisha complained. “Too bad the view here isn’t great.”

The ‘shield’ spoke. “I’m so sorry I’m not from an invisible person. Being shielded and enjoying the view are two separate features– you’ll have to choose one.”

“Could I choose the view when it’s peaceful but choose the shield when the battle starts?”

Antonio replied. “If you find something that convenient, remember to get me one too.”

While they were quietly discussing this on the side, Lanka and Mani’s conflict was intensifying towards its climax.

With a wave of his hand, Mani stopped Lanka from further attempts to persuade him. He calmly stated, “Lanka. Since we can’t seem to persuade each other through words, we’ll let the facts prove who’s right and who’s wrong.”

Lanka was saddened. The impassioned spark faded from his eyes, slowly revealing the quiet determination hidden within.

“Then bring out all your chips, Father.”

Mani retreated towards the chair step by step, then sat down slowly.

The sense of superiority after resuming his seat settled his heart and the restless uncertainty was once again locked away safely. “Lord Houllier, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you to step forward.”

The situation before him was actually quite unfavorable. Houllier was disobedient, the faerie was rather weak…Asa wasn’t one of his own and thus wasn’t under his direct command. He could only be considered an assistant at best. On Lanka’s side, just Isefel alone was enough to give him a headache.

Houllier finally stepped out of his role as a spectator and resumed his post. “I’m afraid this might be a bit difficult.”

Mani was extremely unhappy with this, but kept his expression neutral. “Oh?”

“Isefel, Antonio, Locktini, Lanka…” Houllier shrugged his shoulders and spoke rather lightly, his tone a sharp contrast to his words. “I won’t be able to handle so many of them alone.”

Layton peeked out behind Locktini and correct him rather disgruntledly. “You left one out!”

Feisha quietly thought to himself. “Left two out.”

Houllier laughed. “I can take care of that one for free– consider it a gift.”

Mani replied, “That’s alright, I still have Sheldar, right?” (3) He smiled at him.

Sheldar was, of course, the faerie. His eyes inadvertently caught Locktini’s, and then quickly darted off. He answered in a low voice. “Yes.”

“Tell me why.” Locktini demanded.

Sheldar’s body trembled and he quickly shook his head. “There’s no reason.”

“How could there be no reason for a peace-loving light faerie to fall so low as to be at the command of someone like Mani?” Two massive flames ignited in Locktini’s hands. The blazing flames lit his face in flashes of red.

Sheldar bit his lip nervously.

Mani’s face suddenly became very gentle and warm. “Sheldar, don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

When Sheldar looked up, his panicked gaze found that gentle smile, finally calming him.

Feisha just shook his head at the scene playing out in front of them. “This is the fairy tale I hate the most– beauty and the beast. This is a perfect example of the most annoying saying I know– a flower growing in a pile of cow dung. This is what I hate seeing the most in reality– an old bull taking delight in fresh grass. And alas it’s an especially vulgar and shameless old bull with a head full of evil schemes. And to such a pure and naive, innocent and helpless blade of tender grass.” (4)

Isefel suddenly asked in a rather odd fashion. “You really hate old bulls eating fresh grass?”

Feisha suddenly froze and he hurried to explain. “Well that depends on the person.”

“Oh? How so?” Isefel asked.

Layton leaned over and said, “Of course with people like Mani it’s not okay. But someone like Lord Isefel, then there’s no problem at all.”

“Layton.” Feisha chided quietly, but the gleam in his eyes was telling him: well said!

Isefel didn’t respond.

Because Locktini and Sheldar had already started to fight.

Antonio also began his attack at the same time, aiming for Houllier.

Without any other choice, Houllier was forced to dodge. “Well, I thought I already looked pretty marginalized.”

Antonio brandished his six claws mercilessly, then said apathetically, “Obviously I want to see you cremated more.”

Houllier gently stroked his fingers over his neck. “Oh? Don’t you think it’d be a pity? My technique in bed is absolutely first rate you know~”

Antonio coldly replied. “You’re the first one I’ve met.”

Houllier’s eyes lit up. “Is that so?”

“That’s because he’s only ever met super rate people before!” Feisha explained loudly from behind.

Antonio’s claws suddenly extended and went straight for his face! (5)

“Now you can close your eyes and die in peace!”

Locktini and Sheldar’s battle was completely devoid of suspense.

Under Locktini’s barrage of fire, Sheldar didn’t stand a chance. When he was once again knocked onto the ground, he turned and looked desperately towards Mani. But Mani was completely focused on Isefel and Lanka. Asa stood beside him.

Locktini slowly lifted the flame in his palm. “As the second prince of the faeries, I, Locktini, I sentence you to be burned at stake. You may choose to kill yourself to escape the pain of being burned.”

Sheldar slowly bowed his head. Under the light of the flames, his orange hair hung like rivers of blood.

“Apologies, Your Highness. I cannot die like this……” He suddenly lifted his head, and an inverted cross flashed on the clean skin of his forehead!

Locktini’s expression suddenly changed. “You actually……”

Sheldar closed his eyes. “I will bind my soul in eternal servitude, in exchange for guarding this man until the moment his life is extinguished!”

The inverted cross on his forehead suddenly flew out, turning into a beam of silver light that shot into Mani’s forehead.

Mani shook a little and turned to look at Sheldar, but saw only a lifeless face before him.

“Dead?” He subconsciously touched his forehead. Mani had obviously decided from the very beginning that he was just a tool to be used, so why was there suddenly a trace of sorry in his heart now? But he quickly set aside those feelings and refocused his attention on Lanka.

Based on his understanding of his son, there must be another reason why Lanka hadn’t made his move yet. If he was guessing correctly, that reason should be…Gin!

His lip curled and he slowly stood up. As long as Lanka was still concerned about Gin, the fear restraining his attack, then Mani could avoid conceding the advantage.

Locktini looked towards Mani’s indifferent expression, then looked down at Sheldar’s corpse. The flames in his hand was like a flame burning in his heart as it intensified.Mani didn’t even have the chance to speak before he felt two balls of flame heading straight towards him.

The flames weren’t flying very fast, but they were massive, larger than his entire person. Asa made to move, seemingly torn between the decision to act or not. In the end, he chose to wait and see.

Just as Mani was about to be swallowed up by the flames––

He suddenly felt his forehead heat up, and a silver light surrounded his entire body in a thin, delicate sheen like a cicada’s wings.

At the same moment the light appeared, two water dragons also emerged from the wall behind him, just in time to block the flames.

After the water dragons, more than twenty fully armed soldiers in black armor, carrying long spears, slowly marched out. The armor was medieval styled, heavy and intricate– it covered their entire bodies, leaving only two slits for their eyes.

They were followed by a dozen clerics wearing grey robes. (6) Compared to the black soldiers, their outfits looked a lot weaker. But Antonio didn’t look at them in scorn, and instead looked very grave.

For the clerics of Genesis were just as famous as the warlocks.

The clerics weren’t the last ones though– the final members of this army were four more black armored soldiers. But unlike the soldiers in the front lines, they weren’t holding weapons. Instead, they were lifting a crystal coffin.

The coffin was completely transparent, and the contents were easily visible.

Thus Feisha and the others could tell from a single glance that inside the coffin, lying still and serene, was none other than Gin.

Antonio immediately went for the coffin, hoping to seize it, but the clerics’ electric barrier and the black soldiers’ spears together forced him to retreat.

Houllier took the opportunity to retreat into the ranks of the spectators. Although Antonio didn’t really injure him yet, he’d like to avoid ending up in a rather sorry state. In terms of speed, werewolves put the rest of the nine worlds’ to shame.

The black armored soldiers silently carried the coffin over and placed it before Lanka. Then they returned to their positions, standing in front of Mani.

Feisha and the the others stared at him suspiciously.

Mani smiled and said, “I’ve already brought out what you wanted. But please allow me to remind you that this is not your average coffin. Without the correct password, it will send everything within it to somewhere unknown.”

Antonio rushed beside the coffin, looking it up and down before letting out a sigh of relief. “Still alive.”

Layton mumbled in disbelief. “How?”

Feisha asked quietly. “Is this kind of thing very powerful?”

Layton replied. “This crystal coffin is actually a space transmitter. You see that thing on the side that looks like a calculator?”


“That’s the X lock. If you entire an incorrect password, everything inside will indeed be transported away.”

“To where?”

“Don’t know.” Layton said. “This is actually a defect product. So the transport location is random.”

“Fuck. Who sells a defect product!? What kind of unethical business is that!” This was just like showing a starving man a burger, but just as he’s about to bite into it, he’s told that he must first guess correctly. Feisha was so angry he was ready to beat someone up.

Layton nervously raised his hand.

Feisha’s face went slack with disbelief. “No way.”

Layton scowled miserably. “I’m sure I threw it in the recycling bin.”

Feisha sighed. “Don’t you know that unless you empty the Recycling Bin, anything inside it can be restored?” (7)


Translator Notes

1. The ring is a 扳指 (ban zhi) which is an ornamental thumb ring, usually made of jade that was worn by archers to protect the thumb when drawing a bowstring. Usually it was on the right thumb, so Mani might be left handed.

2. Originally the expression for Mani’s evil schemes was “一肚子坏水” (yi du zi huai shui), literally a bellyful of “bad water” (evil tricks/schemes). Basically the same meaning, but translated it to sound a bit more natural in English.

3. The original name was “谢尔德” (xie er de), which I’ve rendered as “Sheldar.” Those characters are used for the real names “Schilder”, “Shields”, and “Sheldrake” to name a few, but I went with a name that seemed to fit a bit better in with the other faerie crew.

4. Ho boy there are a bunch of Chinese metaphors here. I translated most of them literally because they more or less make sense in context.

“鲜花插牛粪”, a flower growing in cow dung, is an expression for a beauty that’s wasted because they’re with someone so ugly. “老牛吃嫩草”, literally an old cow/bull eating fresh/young/tender grass, is used to describe someone older that preys on someone young. Not necessarily illegally, but imagine a 50-year-old man having an affair with a 25-year-old woman…that kind of thing. Because it’s referring to age difference, Isefel…well haha.

Also the evil schemes is the same “bad water” metaphor from note (2) above.

5. Antonio’s claws were said to extend one 尺 (chi) which is the Chinese foot (~one third of a meter).

6. The Chinese term used was actually “法师” (fa shi), which usually refers to a Buddhist who’s mastered sutras but in this context is a bit more generic ‘mage’. I’ve gone with “cleric” to sort of keep the implication of religious power.

7. It took me a moment to realize since I use a MacBook these days where their trash bin is called the Trash instead of the Recycling Bin, but Feisha’s cracking a bad computer joke right here.

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