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Chapter 38

Translated by “Can Ra remain ded?” of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Zhou Du found out the gift his mother bought for Xia Yao was a new cell phone. He finally understood his mother’s intentions; she purposefully asked Xia Yao to accompany him to get the gift so that he could have a chance to apologize to Xia Yao.

October passed in a blink of an eye, November came with a genuine clear and refreshing autumn weather.

After the second period of the afternoon ended, Wang Hao kicked the little chubby away, then he came closer to Xia Yao and whispered, “Tomorrow is Zhou Du’s birthday, did you know?”

Xia Yao had been in love with Zhou Du for so many years, and then lived together with him for so long—of course he knew about Zhou Du’s birthday. However, when Wang Hao asked him like this, he could only shook his head with guilty conscience, “I don’t know.”

“I’m sure that if Zhou Du knows, he will start acting up again. I have an idea; hey hey, care to listen?”

Xia Yao asked, “What is it?”

Wang Hao saw that Zhou Du wasn’t in the classroom, so he came closer to Xia Yao and lowered his voice, “I read from the news that there’s going to be a meteor shower tomorrow, how about we go to the outskirts then to celebrate Zhou Du’s birthday? That way we can also watch the meteor shower while at it. It will be very romantic.”

“A meteor shower?”

“That’s right, we can also drag Zhang Yang along. Geez, I don’t know if that little brat took some bad medicine lately or something, but he didn’t pay attention to me at all.”

Xia Yao turned his head and looked at Zhang Yang’s direction. He noticed Zhang Yang was looking at him with an expressionless face, with a trace of…ill intention in his eyes.

Xia Yao thought he must have misread it, so he turned around and continued talking to Wang Hao, “At what time should the meteor shower appear?”

“Around 11pm, or later.”

“That’s too late.”

“It’s fine.” Wang Hao laughed, “We have a tent; I have never camped a night outside in the wild before. I’m so excited just from the thought.”

Xia Yao hesitated, “I should go home and inform my mother first.”

“Of course!” Wang Hao patted Xia Yao’s shoulder, “But you should personally tell Zhou Du. If I were the one asking him to go see the meteor shower, he would definitely ignore me.”

“I should tell him?”

Wang Hao nodded repeatedly.

Xia Yao pondered a bit, “I will try, but if he doesn’t want to go, then I can’t do anything about it.”

“If it’s you asking him, he’ll definitely agree! Except his mother, Zhou Du only listens to you.”

Hearing him say that, Xiao Yao couldn’t help but blush.

After school, in the afternoon, Zhou Du and Xia Yao walked back home side by side. When they came around an empty alley, Xia Yao stopped and said to Zhou Du, “Tomorrow is your birthday.”

Zhou Du glanced at Xia Yao and pretended he didn’t care, “Yeah, but I only see my birthday like any other day, you don’t have to give me anything.”

Xia Yao paused before continuing, “Then, how about we go watch the meteor shower tomorrow night?”

“Watching a meteor shower?”

Xia Yao nodded, “Yeah, but we will just go to the outskirts, and will probably have to camp outside for a night.”

Zhou Du’s heart leapt with joy; the two of them camping outside in the outskirts? Just the thought of it was enough to give him a thrill.

“If you want to go, then let’s go,” he acted as if anything was fine.

Xia Yao saw his expression and thought that Zhou Du had no interest in it, so he continued, “It’s fine; if you don’t want to go, we won’t go.”

“Let’s go!” Zhou Du hurriedly said. “Why are you like this? Saying let’s go and then let’s not go, going back and forth. If you already said let’s go, then we must definitely go.”

Seeing how Zhou Du changed his expression so fast, Xia Yao nodded his head and said, “Then, let’s go.”

Zhou Du proudly smirked.

The next night, when he finally arrived to the outskirts, Zhou Du noticed both Wang Hao and Zhang Yang had been already waiting there; his expression turned dark. “What are you two doing here?!”

Wang Hao excitedly rushed toward Zhou Du, but he was kicked away by Zhou Du. They chose a wetland park in the outskirts, there were cars passing by ten meters away from the park, so it wasn’t that remote.

Of course, Wang Hao’s parents didn’t feel at ease letting their baby son camp outside in the outskirts all alone. Only after they learned that Zhou Du was to come later, they let a chauffeur-and-also-a-bodyguard drive Wang Hao there.

On the surface, the chauffeur pretended to listen to Wang Hao and drove his car away, but in fact, he drove his car under a big tree next to the road only a little further, ready to hide in the car and sleep for the night.

He was the baby son of Wang family, of course they wouldn’t rest easy seeing him staying outside alone for a night.

That chauffeur was a military veteran, dealing with some thugs was no problem. He stopped at the area where he could see Wang Hao and his friends clearly, so that he could quickly run to them if something happened.

“Of course, to see the meteor shower together! Also, to celebrate your birthday while we are at it. So? Didn’t Xia Yao tell you about it?”

Xia Yao definitely had told him, but Zhou Du thought it was only him and Xia Yao watching the meteor shower. He angrily stared at Wang Hao and threw the tent which had been prepared in advance onto the ground.

Zhou Du knew his Xia Yao wouldn’t have camping equipment, so he deliberately brought a sleeping bag for two, thinking that the two of them could sleep together for the night.

Seeing Zhou Du take out only one tent, Wang Hao clicked his tongue, “Zhou Du, you are such a stingy man, you didn’t even prepare a tent for Xia Yao! Lucky for you, I have come fully prepared!”

He pointed at the tent next to him and said to Xia Yao, “Tada~! I have prepared four different tents, haha, each of us can sleep in one!”

He pulled Xia Yao over enthusiastically, and he spoke as he picked up the tent, “They are all simple-structured tents, so they can be easily built, and there’s absolutely no problem with being protected against the cold. But I think no one will be able to sleep tonight, hahaha.”

Zhou Du was so angry, he regretted not being able to kick Wang Hao to Siberia.

Zhang Yang remained silent; he looked at the tent on the ground which Zhou Du brought, and he pointed at it, “Let’s put this up first, who knows if we’ll need them tonight.”

Zhou Du mulled it over; he thought Zhang Yang’s words seemed to make sense. He must sleep together with Xia Yao tonight no matter what. After all, as long as Zhang Yang didn’t think anything was wrong, he couldn’t care any less about how Wang Hao felt.

Wang Hao was so excited, he looked just like a monkey. A moment ago, he wanted to set up the barbecue rack, but was stopped by Zhang Yang. After a while, he wanted to set up the telescope.

Zhang Yang saw that Wang Hao had no intention of setting up his tent himself, so he sighed and began to prepare a place to sleep for Wang Hao.

It was a little after 9pm when everyone had finished preparing. Wang Hao took out a big bag of snacks, then pulled out a cake and brought it in front of Zhou Du, “Come here, blow out the candles and make a wish.”

Zhou Du was so annoyed by him, he blew the candle to get it over with, then waved his hand to let him take the cake away.

“You haven’t made a wish yet! Quick!” Wang Hao insisted.

“Can you stop bothering me?!”

“Hurry up!”

Zhou Du had no choice but to close his eyes and make a wish.

Only then did Wang Hao finally let him go. But he didn’t stay quiet for long, as he seemed to remember something, and shouted, “Oh damn! I think it was making a wish first before blowing the candle.”

“If you keep forcing me, I’m going home!” Zhou Du snapped at him, and after that he sadly sat down next to Zhang Yang; he picked up a bag of potato chips and stuffed his face like a hamster.

Zhang Yang raised his hand, wanting to pat his head, but his hand stopped midway; he stood up and increased the distance with Wang Hao, then went to the telescope alone.

Wang Hao found no-one beside him, and he hurriedly follow Zhang Yang.

Both of them left, leaving Zhou Du and Xia Yao behind.

Zhou Du waited until both of them were out of sight, he then came closer to Xia Yao, “Are you cold?”

Xia Yao was wearing a thick coat; he shook his head, “I’m not.”

“Oh,” Zhou Du murmured.

Xia Yao thought for a bit. “Are you cold?” he asked.

Zhou Du wanted to say he also wasn’t, but he saw that Xia Yao was looking at him with concern, so he switched his answer, “I’m ok right now, but I will definitely be cold when we sleep tonight.”

“Is your sleeping bag not warm enough? I heard Wang Hao say that the sleeping bag he gave me can keep you warm. Shall we change?”

Zhou Du originally wanted Xia Yao to say, ‘If you are cold, how about sleeping together,’ but he didn’t expect Xia Yao to advise him to switch to another sleeping bag.

“No need,” he said gloomily.

Xia Yao looked at him and said, “Zhou Du, are you afraid of the dark?”

Zhou Du thought, I’m a man at 1.8 meters in height, why would I be afraid of the dark ah? He was about to deny when he suddenly came up with an idea, “That’s right, and it’s quite scary in the wilderness.”

“Don’t worry.” Xia Yao continued, “If you are afraid of dark, Wang Hao said you can sleep with him tonight.”

Zhou Du angrily puffed out his cheeks, turning his head to the other side.

Xia Yao laughed behind his back. He patted Zhou Du’s shoulder, “What happened? You don’t want to sleep with Wang Hao?”

Zhou Du moved a little further away, and continued ignoring Xia Yao.

Xia Yao teased him intentionally, “Zhou Du.” He poked Zhou Du’s back, “Why are you ignoring me?”

Zhou Du turned his head and glared at him.

Xia Yao sighed and said, “Actually, I’m afraid to be alone as well, do you want to sleep with me tonight?”

Zhou Du’s eyes instantly overflowed with joy; he suppressed his imaginary tail that was about to reach the sky and then glanced and Xia Yao, “You are already a grown man and you are still afraid to sleep alone. Forget it, I’m your boyfriend now, I have to try my best to help you sleep.”

Xia Yao laughed in his heart, “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome,” Zhou Du waved his hand.

Xia Yao suddenly came closer, and whispered into Zhou Du’s ear, “Zhou Du, let’s kiss.”

He didn’t wait for Zhou Du to react, as he laid the kiss on his mouth first. Zhou Du looked at Xia Yao in front of him in a daze. When he was about to give one back, Wang Hao just happen to be heading back to their direction.

“Cough cough!” He saw Zhou Du’s nervous appearance toward Xia Yao and he coughed several times, “What are you doing? Don’t just ignore everything just because everywhere else is dark.”

Xia Yao stood up in embarrassment and stepped to the side while Zhou Du was staring at Wang Hao in anger. Xia Yao saw Zhang Yang was playing around with the telescope. Out of curiosity, he went there to take a look.

He had just gone up to Zhang Yang and the man suddenly opened his mouth and asked, “Are you gay?”

Xia Yao suddenly felt a chill inside his heart.

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