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Translated by satellite of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The air filled with countless claps of thunder, resounding through the entire sky, and the clouds were rolling like the currents of a torrential river.

To the west, the sky flashed with hundreds of intertwining lightning blades, far outshining even the brilliance of the rising sun in the east. It rushed towards them in the wake of the rolling clouds, riding a grand and imposing air.

Baal’s expression finally changed.

In the center of the blue and white flashes of lightning was an awe-inspiring figure, its form like a God of the Heavens himself. It spread a pair of splendid white wings and descended from the clouds in a flash faster than lightning!

Feisha could only stare, completely dumbstruck, watching the scene before him unfold in disbelief. “Isefel?”

Did he say he couldn’t leave Noah’s Ark? And, weren’t his wings black? Unless he’d started hallucinating in terror? Only hallucinations or dreams could mess with his head like that right?

Feisha looked around, then suddenly stepped on Locktini’s foot.

Locktini frowned. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing much. That kind of hurt.” If he could still feel pain in his feet, then this wasn’t an illusion right? That meant Isefel was really here! Feisha proceeded to lift his head, watching in rapt attention as the figure came closer and closer.

Locktini’s gaze darkened, his stubborn pride and helplessness twisting about inside him until it was a thick, coiled rope, pulling at the ends of his heart. He wasn’t particularly heartbroken– it was nothing like the time he lost himself in heartache after finding out Almedande had set his sights on Dea. But the bitter failure of once again losing the one he liked was a heavy, almost unbearable weight upon his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Gin’s thoughts were obviously much simpler. He kept a careful eye on Baal, making sure he wouldn’t be able to pull any underhanded tricks, while gesturing over towards Isefel. “You’ve already been cleansed of your sin?”

Isefel crossed the sky in a wide arc, landing on the ground and pulling Feisha towards him in one smooth motion. He checked him over carefully, looking him up and down several times to make sure that all the pieces were there. Only then did he turn and nod towards Gin.

Gin looked between him and Feisha, then raised his hands in defeat. “Seems like my question was unnecessary.”

If he hadn’t been able to cleanse his sin of indifference, how could his wings have returned to white? If he hadn’t been able to cleanse his indifference, how could he have left Noah’s ark? If he hadn’t been able to…

The first two reasons already explained it all!

But still… He stared at Feisha suspiciously. So that means, it was all thanks to him? He succeeded, and his one-sided longing was returned in a mutual, passionate love? He succeeded in melting this iceberg of ten thousand years, one that God himself had already forsaken?

Pinned on Gin’s forehead were the big bold letters spelling out ‘incomprehensible.’

Isefel turned to Baal. “Are you going to leave on your own, or do I have to come over?”

On Baal’s face, the rather lax manner from before had vanished completely, leaving only a grave respect. “You’re so certain you could win against me?”

Isefel raised an eyebrow, as if deigning to answer that kind of question was a waste of time.

Baal continued. “Even though your sin has been cleansed now…don’t you think the God who condemned you was wrong from the very beginning? All the rights and wrongs, rewards and punishments of this world were dictated by Him alone. Anything he disdained was deemed as Sin, anything he wanted to deny us was deemed as Sin. Just like Adam and Eve, they just wanted to experience love, but for that they were banished from the Garden of Eden.”

He pointed to Feisha. “Have you never resented the short, transient life you were cursed with? Don’t you want to return to the eternal blissful, carefree life of Eden?”

Feisha coughed once and said. “First of all, you’ll have to excuse me for declining to live the life of a prodigal child, squandering away the family money endlessly on food and drink. It’s not like Eden just appeared out of thin air– it was a creation of God Himself. Freeloading there and indulging in its food is too shameful to even think of. Secondly, even though Adam and Eve were banished from Eden, they were still created by God himself. In other words, if it weren’t for God, forget about Eden, they wouldn’t even have had the chance to appear on this world at all. And lastly…weren’t you in a hurry? Weren’t you just saying something about bringing an end to this as quickly as possible?”

Baal was scolded into silence.

Isefel frowned and said, “I’m in a hurry too.”

His words were barely out when a fully visible blood red barrier appeared in front of him.

Baal, standing on the other side of the barrier, wore a menacing smile. “Isefel, did you really think I would be afraid of you? You might be an angel of war, but all your prowess in battle is only useful if you can reach your opponent. As for me, my specialty is in barriers!”

Gin pulled back his sleeves. “Well, I’m so sorry then. I don’t like much of anything, but I do so love taking apart barriers!”

They watched as he opened his mouth, revealing two razor sharp, knife-like teeth. One step at a time, he began approaching the edge of the barrier.

Feisha watched on in shock. “Is he planning to chew through the barrier?”

Gin stumbled midstep, then turned back to yell at him. “You think I’m some kind of weasel?”

Feisha glanced over at Hughes, then looked back at him. “I’ve always thought you were more of a…degenerate wolf really.” (1)

“Hmph!” Gin suddenly lifted his leg and kicked countless times at the the barrier. (2) Each kick landed in rapid succession with fierce impact, as if he were venting out his anger. Under the force of his kicks, the barrier really did begin to retreat slowly back towards Baal.

Feisha rubbed his chin in thought. “My teacher once taught me a saying that describes this situation exactly.”

“What is it?” Hughes asked.

“Even a foolish old man may move mountains.” (3)

Gin’s feet stopped for a moment as he cast a deep look over at Baal. Then he leapt into the air, lifted his leg, and kicked forcefully outwards. The barrier shook, then vanished like a puff of smoke. And in that exact moment, Isefel attacked.

He raised his hand and a bolt of lightning split the skies. Unlike the flashes of blue and white lightening from before, this bolt gleamed with a golden brilliance, shining like the rising sun on the horizon. It landed squarely in the palm of his hand, like a bright halberd of pure gold, and he cast it towards Baal.

Baal was busy trying to set a new barrier. But Layton, who had been sitting off to the side, forgotten by everyone, shoved him forwards, causing the barrier to be drawn several meters off mark.

The lightning fell directly over his head. Baal raised his head, his eyes widening, and, with a tremble, his whole body crumbled.

Feisha, who had been hiding behind Isefel, peeked out and asked, “It’s over already?”

Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of heaven shaking, earth shattering battle that struck fear in the hearts of man and ghost alike. And then both sides would be down to their very last breath…or even if it wasn’t quite their very last breath, they should at least be drenched in sweat and heavy with exhaustion. How could it be that a single lightning strike was gg for the terrifying boss? (4) How was that supposed to make all of them feel!? The bunch of them had fought like tiny insects, struggling fiercely just to hold ground.

Isefel replied. “Not yet.”

Gin walked over to the corpse and checked it over. “One hole on his head, two more at the bottom of his feet……the body’s definitely dead.”

Lanka slowly walked forward, bent down, and gently lifted the body. And thus this so-called light of life was extinguished. No matter what Mani had done before, at the moment he died, all the sins committed no longer belonged to him. All these sins would only exist in the memories of the living.

Lanka looked down at the body, which had returned to the form from when Baal had drained it dry. A blunt sort of pain lodged deeply in his heart, making it impossible for him to speak.

This was his father, his father…….and yet he could only watch, completely helplessly, as he was murdered right before his very eyes!

Hughes walked over and was just about to reach out to him to comfort him, when his hand was snatched away by Gin, who had been watching for long enough from the sidelines. Gin placed his hand instead on his own shoulder. “After kicking so many times, my shoulders are sore now.”

Hughes looked to him rather helplessly. “You used your legs to kick, and your shoulders are sore?” Despite his tone, his hand began gently massaging at Gin’s shoulder.

Gin laughed along and said, “Well, I mostly wanted you see my cool and heroic side, so I was trying to keep a handsome posture for you.”

Feisha said, “You sure you were trying to strike a pose with those kicks over there? I thought you were in a rush or something and that’s why they were so hurried.”

“…….“ Gin looked over at Hughes. “You wouldn’t be as blind as him. You didn’t miss it right?”

“Even though he’s saying ‘blind’, what he means has nothing to do with eyesight at all.” Feisha corrected quietly. (5)

Gin said. “I think we should all start searching for where Baal went.”

Lanka suddenly looked up. “Baal’s still not dead?”

Gin replied. “Baal is said to be an Undying Spirit. Even if the entirety of Genesis were to be demolished, it wouldn’t kill him. But he can’t have gotten very far. What Isefel used just now was the divine punishment that can only be dealt by angels. It’s the most effective weapon against someone like Baal. He’s probably crying painfully in some corner right now.”

Isefel said. “Even if we were to find him, it’d be impossible to imprison him again.”

Gin was started for a moment. “Why?”

“When he was imprisoned before, it was because part of his soul was sealed inside the invisible people to gather more spiritual power. Now, he’s collected on that.”

Feisha said, “So, could I assume that means he’s gotten stronger?”

Isefel nodded.

Feisha continued. “Then what can we do now?”

Isefel replied. “Find ten black star stones.”

Gin was taken aback. “Ten? It has to be ten?” Back then he had wanted just one and he couldn’t get his hands on it. His eyes drifted back towards Feisha’s chest, and he asked in shock. “What happened to your black star?”

Isefel seemed to think of something, and his face paled.

Feisha replied. “We already used it to break Baal’s barrier.”

Gin said. “Then when you say we need to find ten black stars, we really need to find ten black stars?”

Feisha praised him. “You’re math’s improving! You know that ten and ten are equal to each other, not greater than or less than.”

Gin looked to Isefel with a glimmer of hope and asked. “Do you have any more black stars?” He originally didn’t care much as to whether Baal lived or died, or sealed away. But Genesis was Hughes’ home. He couldn’t have Hughes worrying every day, thinking constantly about it.

Isefel’s answer was cut and dry. “No.”

Lanka stood and said, “You’ve already helped us so much. Let us finish off the rest ourselves.”

Hughes frowned. “But that many black stars…”

Lanka continued. “Black Star stones are a specialty of Hell, while Baal is a wanted criminal of Hell. I think I can use this as a bargaining chip at least and strike a deal with them.”

Hughes said, “Even if that’s the case, even if you obtain the black stars, you still need to be able to subdue him first.”

Lanka was silent. Even though he wanted to prove that he could do it, to allow Genesis to truly stand proud and independent, he had no confidence when it came to facing Baal. Since Genesis didn’t have the power of beings like Lucifer, Michael, or Cain.

Isefel suddenly looked up. “I’m out of time.”

Feisha’s heart tightened. “What?”

The dark clouds covered the sky suddenly gave way to a brilliant, golden beam of light, landing upon Isefel.

“Welcome back to Heaven…my child.” A divine and gentle voice descended from the skies, like the spring breeze and the moonlight, so that all who heard it couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of peace and tranquility. The aftermath of the great battle, and anxiousness at Baal’s escape, all of it faded and vanished in the span of just a few words.

Feisha felt as if this voice had granted him a new life. Isefel stared at the dazed Feisha, then suddenly lowered his head and placed a gentle kiss upon his lips. Feisha’s eyes widened, and his already fuzzy thoughts were reduced further into a confused haze.

The kiss was light, so light that Feisha’s heart itself began to sway. “….Isefel?”

Isefel gazed at him without blinking even once, as if he was trying to engrave this image, this moment, deeply in his mind.

Feisha gazed back, watching as the corners of those lips lifted just a little, forming a small but indescribably beautiful smile. He gazed on as the pair of wings spread and flew away towards that light.

Translator’s Notes

1. Some of you might remember this joke from much earlier in the book about Gin being a pervert/wolf. Gin asks Feisha if he thinks he’s a “黄鼠狼” (huang shu lang). This one of the common Chinese names for the Siberian weasel, but the characters read separately are literally “yellow-mouse-wolf” (their attempts at describing what the animal looks like haha).

So Feisha says he’s always though Gin was a “色狼” (se lang). It means pervert/lecher, but the characters taken literally as “colorful wolf” so it’s playing off the “wolf” in both words. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of a good English equivalent.

2. Gin is actually using a specific kungfu move called “连环腿” (lian huan tui), literally a “chain of legs.” You can look it up online, it’s a move where you kick multiple times in succession. It seems like it’s also called the “shaolin combination kick” in English.

3. Feisha cites the idiom “愚公移山” (yu gong yi shan), which, when you separate the characters translates literally to “a foolish [old] man [can] move mountains.” It’s a proverb from the Warring States era and comes from this allegorical story about an old man who was digging up a mountain. He didn’t shy back from the hard work of this seemingly impossible task, and eventually the Heavenly Emperor was moved by his perseverance and moved the mountain away.

4. Feisha uses some Chinese gamer slang here “歇菜” (xie cai) for “game over!” or “you’re dead!” so I translated over as our English “gg.”

5. The word Gin used was “缺心眼” (que xin yan), which when taking each character separately, means “lacking heart and eye.” The “心眼” (heart and eye) part is a word that refers to a cleverness or conscience in matters of feelings (whether your own or someone else’s). So to be missing that, “缺心眼”, refers to being dim-witted, stupid, “blind” to matters.

Feisha’s basically saying that even though the character for eye “眼” appears in the word, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with his eyesight literally. Statement of the obvious.

Just in general, this chapter was definitely the most poetic one I’ve translated for Spirit Hotel so far. I’m not sure I managed to capture it very well, but as soon as Isefel descended the language suddenly got a massive upgrade with all these very expressive idioms and metaphors…most of Spirit Hotel’s pretty slapdash comedy and the writing reflects that. There’s definitely a departure here haha.

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