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Main Story Part 16

When I wake up in the morning I see Ye CanSheng sitting by my feet, holding my ankles while day dreaming. In his hand, he’s also holding the chain that’s been tied to my foot for three whole days…

His expression shows that he’s in a bit of a quandary, and he should be, the skin around the chained ankle has already been abraded quite a bit. Out of the three days of being chained, I’ve used the chain to vent out my anger a lot for the past two days, so the wounds are quite severe.

He must have the cruelty in order to put the chain back on.

I still see Ye CanSheng as a child, his eyebrows are slightly knitted together with a struggling expression, he also plays with the chain every now and then. This action of his immediately fires up my morning temperament and I kick him in the face.

It’s obvious Ye CanSheng has been trained before, he catches my foot, presses it down and turns his head to look back at me. A pair of black eyes stare directly at me and he actually slightly blushes.

Just like that of a child who’s been caught doing something wrong, he doesn’t say anything.

I know he’s hesitating about whether or not to tie the chain back onto my foot…

I straighten my figure and scratch my head, my overly long hair is in a complete mess. I slept with wet hair, so I can imagine just how messy my bird nest head must be, this is one reason why having soft hair isn’t good.

I yawn, divert his attention and say to Ye CanSheng who’s still secretly in a tangle, “At times like this, aren’t you going to say anything?”

Ye CanSheng thought about it for a long time with a face full of seriousness and says, “I love you.”

Pffftttt, I laugh out loud and pull at his black hair that’s messy like mine, bringing his head close to me so I can properly kiss the side of his face before teaching him, “At times like this, you should say good morning.”

He lets go of my foot, drops the chain in his hand and looks at me solemnly. He then extends his hand and holds my face in a serious manner. He draws himself closer to my face and his lips come in contact with the corner of my wounded ones. I can feel his tongue sensually licking at the wound.

He then lets go and with a pair of beautiful black eyes staring at me, he says, “YunSheng, good morning.”

Clearly his actions just then were so sensual, yet his expression is so pure.

I push his handsome face away and burrow under the blankets blushing and silently cursing at myself, Chou XiaoZi, who told you to get all horny first thing in the morning.

As soon as I go under the blankets, I hear the sound of the chain and my body instantly becomes upright again like an arrow being shot back. After I straighten up, I immediately draw back my foot, and just I predicted, I see Ye CanSheng looking at me with a beaming expression…

So he really did tie the chain back onto my foot!

“YunSheng…,” he says.

“In your dreams!” I scream.

“….” He feels like he’s been wronged.

Under normal circumstances, you usually can’t tell that there’s something wrong with Ye CanSheng, in fact he’s more childish than normal people. He yearns for your care and attention but when he sees it, if by chance you don’t become his or don’t solely look at him, he will hurt you and display tyranny to make you understand that you can only belong to him, you can only love him, and even to the point where you can only look at him.

This kind of feeling makes you feel scared and safe at the same time.

That day, my body was still sore and weak all over. I lazily lean against the luxurious bed and play with Ye CanSheng’s hair while Ye CanSheng intensely stares at my ankle…

That kind of look where it feels like he can see right through you makes me feel uncomfortable from head to toe.

I pull the blanket on Ye CanSheng’s body away and drape it over my foot, “I don’t allow you to use chains!”

“I can change it to a different type.”

“That’s not the problem…”

He still doesn’t let it go, “I won’t hurt you anymore.”

This gets me curious, “So what do you intend to do?”

“It won’t hurt at all if I change it to a leather one…”

“…” The truth proves that I shouldn’t have pampered him.

I later then covered myself in bed sheets and ignored him for two whole hours.

After that, he pitifully threw the chain away silently.

It was only then that I took him out to buy food that night. After I took him out, I realised, bringing this ‘thing’ with me is a really challenging thing to do…

You don’t know where a wild cat would suddenly jump out and attract his attention, and when one did, I had to follow him through more than half of the night markets just to chase after a wild cat…

After I finally caught up to him with much difficulty, he spouted out seriously, “Can I adopt you?”

The cat then got scared by him and ran away…

That day, was a rare instance when I saw a faint trace of a smile on Ye CanSheng’s handsome face. Under the dimly flashing lights of the night market, it seemed obscure and charming. His black hair slowly rises with the wind, I then smell the shampoo coming from his hair, it smells particularly nice…

I had originally wanted to ask him what shampoo he used, but then I realised that this ‘thing’ uses the same brand as I do!!

So if that’s the case, then why is Ye CanSheng’s hairstyle so neat, yet mine still looks like a bird nest, baring it’s fangs and brandish claws and flying everywhere on my head even though we use the same brand of shampoo and both go to sleep with damp hair at night…

Ye CanSheng looks at my head multiple times and tries to stifle a laughter…

I say, “What are you laughing at ah.”

That face still continues to smile beautifully and says, “You, you’re pretty.”

“If I’m pretty then why are you still laughing!”

That ‘thing’ is actually really straightforward, he hugs onto my head, kisses it and then still tries to stifle a laugh…

I push his head away, turn a corner and see a bunch of frightened DaYe[1] who are selling squid…

In order to give some mental compensation, I bought ten squid skewers from the DaYe’s squid shop. I gave five skewers to CanSheng and the other five to XiYan who has been quietly following us the entire time.

He’s surprised for an instant, probably because he didn’t think I would discover him. He actually hid very well, it’s just that the moment when CanSheng smiled he actually ended up standing in the middle of the street without moving…

I smile as I try stuff the skewers into his hands and say, “It’s on me.”

He throws the cigarette butt in his hand onto the ground, takes the skewers and says with a smile, “Remember to add chilli pepper next time.”

I nod and reply, “Next time you pay.”

Ye CanSheng bites at the squid in his hands as he watches me walk towards him. His face shows no particular expression but I can tell that he’s actually pretty happy.

When we head back and Ye CanSheng is waiting next to the DaYe for more squid, I ask why Ye CanSheng never has any money on him. XiYan says, “Young Master doesn’t know how to use it, he usually just gives it to his most trusted subordinate, who will then share the money with our brothers from lower levels.”

“For example, you?”

“Yes, LaoDong, LaoNan and LaoBei[2] all have a share.”


I decide to let XiYan pay for everything when we go out in the future…

That night, Ye CanSheng hugged me as he slept. He uses his chin to caress the top of my head and says, “YunSheng, let’s raise a cat …”

Yet at that time what I cared about was why this XiaoZi was taller than me and stronger than me. It wasn’t until his hands slipped inside my pants that I snap out of my daze, grab onto his hand and say, “If you don’t touch me today I’ll agree to raise a cat.”

The thing in his pants stops at my behind obediently after that sentence. I let go but before I even have the chance to feel proud of myself, my pants are ripped off in one go and my body is pressed down by him. The sound of his voice resounds next to my ears.

“Then I still want you.”

That night he didn’t really lose control, but he still couldn’t change his bad habit of biting me, just like a dog — a big wolf that’s good at getting into heat.

As he props up my legs and wantonly violates my body, I look at his face, one full of satisfaction and purposely tease him, “You’ll probably, ah, … on my body…die from sex….”

This brings him back to earth, he straightens his back and looks at me. His black hair is unbelievably stunning under the light of the moon, it’s like moonlight is hidden beneath his skin.

He grabs onto my member and I’m startled. My abdomen instantly tenses up, my two hands grab at his wrists and I shake my head hinting for him to stop.

However, he then goes to control both my hands single handedly, the strength in his hands is still extremely strong. Suppressing my rebellion is as easy as pie for him.

He secures my hands above my head and licks his lips in an evil manner, that has almost become his signature move…

However, no matter how many times he does it, it still a distinctive flavour to it.

With my member in his hands, he scrapes along it with his fingernails in a slightly cruel manner. My naked body trembles nonstop under his merciless teasing, my whole body is under his control.

Although it’s very painful, the delightfulness after the pain is even more seductive. My mouth is wide open, panting heavily in and out.

“CanSheng, enough ah, enough, enough already…”

I twist and turn my body in order to try and escape his grip, but the more I struggle, the more excited he gets and the more strength he exerts, sometimes he would even hit me. The side of my face is a bit swollen because he hit me last time.

My struggle proves to be fruitless, I think to myself that if this continues, I have a feeling I really will become a masochist, or more specifically Ye CanSheng’s masochist.

Ye CanSheng looks at me as I look like I’m drunk to death, yet with an unbearably painful expression I still cling onto him. He once again cruelly uses his fingernails to scrape against it. He can even poke at the small hole down there and then climax while watching my painful tears and suffering…

He still likes to use violence to express his love…

I had never experienced the so called intense love making before, one with pain, one with hurt…

But Ye CanSheng tells me that this is a way to express love…

For that, I can bear with it because he loves me and I choose to love him back.

When I wake up the next day, it’s already the afternoon. There’s no clothing on me, just a thin blanket.

I don’t understand how Ye CanSheng has such good stamina, clearly we’re doing the same thing but every day when I wake up still in a semi-conscious state, he’s always looking at me with a face full of energy…

And just as I walk out of the room today, I see Ye CanSheng holding a…

What is that?

“Woof Woof ~ ~”

When that thing sees me, it lifts its head from within the crook of Ye CanSheng’s arm and barks twice at me.

Fuck, it’s a dog…

And it’s a small golden terrier?

“Did I allow you to raise a dog?” I lift my hand and rub against my forehead as I feel a headache starting to form. The white shirt that was only buttoned up a bit instantly falls off one shoulder. I walk over and sit down beside him. I pat the dog’s head, it’s not shy with strangers and wags its tail in enjoyment…

“Because you didn’t allow me to raise a cat.”

The hand resting on the small golden terrier’s head stiffens and I lift my head up to look at Ye CanSheng. Chou XiaoZi, I didn’t allow you to raise a cat because you touched me yesterday, but now what?

I roll my eyes, “If I don’t allow you to raise a cat, does that mean you can raise a dog?!”

“You didn’t say no.”

How innocent…

I sigh, “Should I just apologise and say sorry to you then.”

“You don’t need to.”

“Chou XiaoZi!!!”

After I finish eating, I lie down on the couch and look at a magazine on the table that I haven’t touched in a long time. I don’t know when this magazine was taken out, I guess it’s probably Ye CanSheng who read it. On the other hand, that small golden terrier ate a few pieces of meat and is now lying on my stomach and happily sleeping.

As for Ye CanSheng, in order to pay the price for raising the dog, all the dirty dishes are his…

As I flip through the magazine, I suddenly see a page that’s been folded in the corners by someone. When I flip to that page, I see many cats and dogs.

The page has a nice title: No family is complete without a pet.

I dumbly look at the title, the happiness that rises from the bottom of my heart that instance spread to all my cells. Just then, the sound of dishes breaking rings out from the kitchen. I laugh as I curse out, “Chou XiaoZi, for every dish you break, I’ll get XiYan to pay me back three!”

After I finish scolding him, I gently cover my face with the magazine and then the corners of my mouth uncontrollably slowly lift up. My eyes gradually become wet, I use my hand and caress the pile of fur on my stomach…

I think to myself, a home ah…

CanSheng, perhaps in your eyes, I gave you a home, but to me, that’s not correct.

Something like a home, I once had many, but the only one that truly gave me the feeling of home is the one you gave me…



“No! No!!! Get lost!! Who are you?!! I’m Liu LiLi[3], you guys must have found the wrong person!!!!”

“Liu LiLi ah, haha, you’re the one we’re looking for.”

“Who are you!? How did I offend you guys?!”


In an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town, the cries of a woman scare away the sparrows who are foraging nearby.

The door of the warehouse is kicked open, a person wearing a pair of leather riding boots walks out. He uses his hand to wipe away the blood on his face. A pair of eyes look at the blood on his hand before he extends his tongue and licks at it.

After licking it, he spits out a pile of spit that has traces of blood in it and curses, “This blood is disgusting…”

He grabs a piece of gum out from his pocket and throws it into his mouth while dialling a number.

“Hello, XiYan, that woman’s been taken care of.”

“Geez, I know already, you shouldn’t be worried when I, LaoDong, take action. I’ll do it well, even if the police were to look into it, they definitely won’t be able to link it back to our ShiNiang[4], YunSheng.”

“Yes, no one has found Young Master’s location yet.”

After hanging up, the man leans against the door frame, chews at his gum leisurely and gazes at the sky from time to time. He then shouts in the direction of the warehouse impatiently, “Be more efficient for LaoZi.”

The boundary line between hell and heaven is merely just the separation made by one door. Liu Lili would never have imagined that the plan of using the opportunity of her current boyfriend’s orders to get close with YunSheng to take some photos to use as blackmail would fail. Nor did she expect to be rejected by the man who loved her so much at the beginning to the point where he would do anything. She definitely didn’t think that this trip would actually cost her own life…


[1] 大爷 Title for an old man.

[2] 老东、老南、老北 These are the names of the other three most trusted subordinates of Ye CanSheng, the ones who came from the island with him. The 老 word at the front (Lao), is a similar sense as LaoZi, symbolising a high status/rank. Including 西谚 (XiYan), their last names respectively 东、南、西、北 are the four bearings East, South, West, North.

[3] 刘丽丽 Remember YunSheng’s ex-girlfriend? Yeah, and how she was called XiaoLi? Well Liu LiLi is her full name. Surname Liu, first name LiLi (Lily).

[4] 师娘 Title given to the mistress, so a.k.a boss’s wifey 🙂

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