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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


His vision blurred, and after a moment, the scenery became clearer, bit by bit. When Finch looked around at his familiar surroundings, he almost cried tears of joy!

He had finally returned!

Finch was just about to say that he was about to die and for Cesar to send him to the hospital, but when he looked down, he was stunned. He was still wearing what he had been wearing before he had entered the book, and his clothes weren’t damaged nor even wrinkled. There was no wound at all, either.

Cesar appeared next to Finch and noticed this at the same time. The next moment, Cesar suddenly hugged Finch tightly!

Cesar’s arms were very strong, and he was also trembling, practically imperceptible.

Finch froze and let Cesar hug him.

Cesar said hoarsely, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Evidently, the injury had only been created by the projection field, and as long as they left the field, then it would disappear… When Cesar saw that Finch was unharmed, he finally had time to understand just how much he worried about Finch, how much he cared about him.

He couldn’t lose Finch.

Cesar calmed down a little and slowly let go. He looked away a little uneasily and coughed lightly.

Finch came back to his senses and stared straight at the side of Cesar’s face.

Even though Cesar’s grim face didn’t look that different from usual, just then, they had just gone through a life-and-death situation together! Finch’s heart pounded fiercely, and he suddenly grabbed Cesar’s hand and looked into his eyes. “Do you still like me?”

Cesar pressed his lips together, paused, and then exhaled softly through his nose with a slightly derisive, “Hmph”.

As if to say ‘don’t flatter yourself.’

But Finch didn’t think so at all! He believed that Cesar was just trying to save face because, at the time, it was Finch who had ruthlessly dumped him. Cesar was a tall and handsome billionaire, so what was wrong with trying to save face? Perhaps it was his first time being dumped by someone!

Finch understood self-esteem!

Finch completely understood what Cesar was worried about, but his notions had been confirmed, and Finch didn’t want to give up that easily. He didn’t want it to be like last time… He wanted to put in more effort, so he said persistently, “If you don’t like me, then why would you save me like that?”

Cesar said, “I was just…”

Finch interrupted, “I understand! You only did it because you have an admirable sense of justice, and even if you saw a kitten or a puppy, you’d still save them!”

Cesar’s expression stiffened for an instant, and he didn’t know if he was supposed to nod or not.

Finch seemed to have already seen through his stubbornness as he grinned, saying, “Fine, let’s just say you saving me just now wasn’t that big of a deal. But you must’ve had something to do with Mr. Luo helping me? He’s a businessman, so there’s no way he would’ve spent all that effort and money to help a little-known celebrity like me.”

Finch wasn’t really that dumb enough to be completely clueless, and even if Cesar hadn’t purposely arranged anything, Luo JinYi probably felt that helping Finch would lead to him gaining Cesar’s favor. Otherwise, how could Luo JinYi be so charitable? Even rich people didn’t waste their money like this.

Before, Finch hadn’t said anything about it and had only pretended to be muddled about it. Sometimes, when no one wanted to talk about something, then it would just never be brought up.

But now, Finch suddenly didn’t want to let this slide anymore.

He didn’t give Cesar the opportunity to deny it again and instead continued, “You’ve saved me three times and indirectly provided me with resources. You’ve spent money and effort, helping me time and time again… If you don’t like me, then why else would you have done so?”

Finch looked directly into Cesar’s eyes, wanting to see every bit of his emotions.

Cesar was silent as he gazed back at Finch.

It was tranquil around them, but the moonlight was bright, making it so that there was no way to hide anything.

Finch’s palms began to sweat out of nervousness, and although he believed that he knew the answer, before he heard it from Cesar himself, then Finch couldn’t be completely sure. And after he finished speaking, he was worried that he had been too eager and rushed…

Cesar asked, “Do you really want to know the answer?”

Finch nodded slowly.

Cesar suddenly smiled very faintly and he leaned forward slightly. He could sense Finch’s heartbeat quicken, and after a while, he said with amusement, “Well, what about targeted poverty alleviation?”

Finch was speechless. Fine, you’re great, you win, I’m speechless!

But did you think you can dismiss me just like that? Finch immediately sighed and said emotionally, “Oh, so that’s how it is. I understand.” Finch held Cesar’s hand tightly with both of his hands like he was a subordinate shaking hands with his superior.

Finch wobbled a little out of excitement and spoke like he was a poor farmer that had just won the lottery. “I hope that, in the future, Mr. Yu can give me one-on-one aid and help me win the battle against poverty soon so everyone can move towards a wealthy, harmonious society!” Then, Finch blinked innocently. “Whether I can make a fortune or not depends on you!”

The veins on Cesar’s forehead bulged ever so slightly, and his smile gradually disappeared. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly really wanted to leave…

But before he could speak, Finch took out his phone and exclaimed, “Wow, we spent a few days in the book, but in reality, only a few hours passed by! But it’s already ten p.m. now, I should go home!”

Cesar was speechless. Is it even possible for your performance to be more hypocritical and exaggerated?

When Finch realized that he had been missing for a few hours, he wondered if anyone was worried about him. He wanted to go home, and anyway, Cesar had never changed his phone number, so contacting him wouldn’t be difficult.

Cesar remained silent, but when he saw Finch turn around and leave, he suddenly said in a low voice, “I will be gone for a while.”

Finch turned back, a little stunned and disappointed. Could it be that his guess was wrong?

The hint of a fond smile gradually appeared in Cesar’s eyes, as well as some sort of persistence and depth. “Wait for me to come back.”

Finch was stunned, and he nodded eagerly.

It turned out that this was why Cesar had come here today, and if Finch hadn’t run after him and entered that book, then Cesar probably would’ve just left without saying anything. But not anymore.

Because Finch would wait for him to come back.

When Cesar saw Finch turn around again and walk off, he chuckled softly.

Wait for me to come back.

Because this time, I won’t let go of you again.


Cesar waited until Finch disappeared from his line of sight completely before dialing Gong YaoYing’s phone number.

Gong YaoYing, who had received Cesar’s call in the middle of the night, said nervously, “What is it? What happened?!”

Cesar didn’t disappoint as he said dully, “I just encountered a grade A projection field.”

Gong YaoYing was so scared he nearly fell out of his bed, and his hand trembled. “What? Are you sure it was grade A? Where did you discover it?”

“Right in this city. I’m sure it’s a grade A, because I almost didn’t make it out.”

Even though he had been very calm in front of Finch and the world looked normal and safe, it actually wasn’t.

First of all, normal supernatural events wouldn’t create a world as complete as that one, and with the exception of the people not being three-dimensional enough, everything else had been exactly like the real world, which clearly meant that it was a very strong field.

Secondly, the world had been extremely dangerous, with killing machines everywhere. If it wasn’t them who had been drawn in, then whoever did end up entering would’ve probably died. 

The paper NPCs looked simple and crude, but they were endless. If one didn’t follow the plot, then they would be killed, and if they did follow the plot, then they would still meet a tragic ending.

Cesar continued, “The energy of the plane collisions are increasing, and they created a practically completed, sealed space. Moreover, there were endless killing machines in it, and they even attack based on people’s actions.”

Gong YaoYing paled and said halfheartedly, “Fortunately, you were there, or else it would’ve been a disaster…”

If there were a large number of casualties in such a densely populated city like this one, then it would be catastrophic. Fortunately, the danger had been nipped in the bud. However, they couldn’t relax at all, because if there was a first time then there would be a second, and everything was making it clear that that day was getting closer and closer…

Cesar laughed lightly and said, “I can’t take credit for it this time.”

Gong YaoYing was shocked. How could Cesar not take credit? Could it be that someone else had been with Cesar and had gotten them out? Could an expert like that really exist?!

He wanted to ask who the expert was, but Cesar had hung up, and Gong YaoYing couldn’t get through anymore.

Gong YaoYing was speechless. Only saying part of it is a terrible thing to do, okay?!


The next day, Finch woke up from a good night’s sleep and went to the set.

It was fortunate that time flowed differently in that world. Otherwise, if he had been missing for a few days, then that would be quite hard to explain, and the police probably would’ve gotten involved. But now, he just had to make something up and no one would think twice about it.

Xie Yan walked past Finch, and when he saw him, he smiled and said casually, “Was it your friend that came here to see you yesterday?”

Finch paused before realizing that Xie Yan was probably talking about Cesar. But at the time, Xie Yan had clearly been filming, so how did he notice Finch… Finch felt quite flattered.

Being noticed by one’s idol was truly a nice feeling…

When he recalled everything that had happened yesterday, as well as what Cesar had said at the end, Finch was in a good mood and grinned, saying, “Yep.”

Xie Yan smiled and said meaningfully, “You two look quite close.”

Finch puffed out his chest. “Of course!” He wanted to say that Cesar was his boyfriend, but when he thought about it again, he technically wasn’t, and Finch wasn’t close enough to Xie Yan to tell him such private matters. Thus, Finch only smiled reservedly.

Xie Yan walked off.

They began filming.

The day flew by. Today, Finch had acted quite well, and even Ji XueFang didn’t have anything to say.

When they wrapped up for the day, Xie Yan complimented warmly, “You were really good today, I knew you had potential.”

Finch was overjoyed at having received his idol’s praise, and he said modestly, “I still have a lot to learn from you.”

Xie Yan smiled politely.

He watched as Finch walked off and grinned thoughtfully before walking to the side to take a call. Xie Yan saw that it was Luo JinYi, and they chatted about some work-related things. Luo JinYi asked how Finch was doing.

Xie Yan said that he was doing quite well.

Then, Luo JinYi said mysteriously, “Originally, I was a little worried Ji XueFang would dislike him and secretly thwart him, but I’m sure you won’t let anyone bully him.”

Xie Yan said lightly, “What do you mean by that?”

Luo JInYi guffawed. “What are you still pretending for? You’ve known who Little Finch is long ago, right? I asked around and found out that you were the one who asked someone to give the invitation card for the cruise to Finch, so why would you care so much about him if you didn’t know him? If I had known he was your friend before, then even if he didn’t’ have anything to do with Cesar, I still would’ve looked after him. We’ve worked together so many times, so just tell me things directly! Why bother being so secretive?”

Xie Yan was silent for a few seconds. Then, he laughed lightly and didn’t deny it. “Because it wasn’t that big of a deal, so I thought there was no need to bother you. Besides, aren’t things pretty good the way they are now?”

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