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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The filming of the movie went very smoothly, and two months later, they wrapped it up.

Since Cesar was on a business trip, he was quite busy. Finch occasionally texted him, and sometimes, he would only get a reply a few days later. However, no matter how late he replied, Cesar would never ignore Finch’s texts, though he always replied with only a few words.

Although he didn’t ask, Finch felt that because of Cesar’s mysteriousness, he was probably experiencing many dangers, so Finch was still a little worried.

Knowing that Cesar was okay, Finch relaxed, and could be at ease as he waited for him to return.

When the production of the movie was finished, everyone was quite happy, and the director and lead actors went out for a meal together to celebrate. As the second male lead, Finch naturally joined in.

During this period of filming, besides Ji XueFang, who still disliked Finch, everyone was already quite close to him. Moreover… everyone knew that Finch had a good connection, so befriending him was normal.

Finch was very happy that not only had he been able to participate in such a popular movie, he had also filmed together with his idol, and had made a lot of friends. He toasted a lot of people, and when people toasted him, he never refused. His alcohol tolerance wasn’t very good, so he got drunk quite quickly.

Xie Yan was sitting next to him, and when he saw Finch’s unfocused gaze, he raised a hand to decline one of the other male actors that was coming over to persuade Finch to drink some more. Xie Yan said, “He can’t take any more.”

When the male actor saw that Xie Yan was refusing for Finch, he naturally didn’t press the matter and left with a smile.

Everything looked hazy to Finch, but he was still uncomfortable at declining others, so when he saw this, he smiled gratefully at Xie Yan. Finch’s lips were stained with a little wine, making them shine with a seductive luster.

Xie Yan’s gaze dimmed a little, and he turned around, pouring a glass of milk for Finch and saying gently, “Stop drinking so much.”

Finch sipped the milk and said, “Thank you.”

Xie Yan chuckled softly and said, “You’re welcome.” 

Then, after a while, he seemed to suddenly remember something and said to Finch, “Right, I suddenly remembered why that person that came to pick you up last time looked so familiar. I’ve seen him before.”

Finch froze and said in surprise, “You’ve seen him before?”

Xie Yan nodded. He took out his phone and found a news article online before handing his phone to Finch, saying, “I’ve seen him before when I was reading the news. My memory is quite good, so usually, I’ll remember people I’ve seen before. Last time, when I didn’t recognize him, I thought about it later and realized where I had seen him.”

Oh, so he had seen Cesar in the news? Why would Cesar be in the news? Finch felt that Cesar was usually quite low-profile, and he’d never seen Cesar in the news…

Finch looked at Xie Yan’s phone, and his jaw dropped in shock.

The news article said that the LC Foundation had donated ten million USD to a college’s quantum physics laboratory. The Foundation’s spokesperson was a handsome young man, Cesar.

The article went into detail about the Foundation’s and Cesar’s background. Even though it might only be based on rumors, it was still shocking.

The LC Foundation stood for the Life Coexistence Foundation, and they were devoted to charity work and the advancement of humankind’s scientific knowledge. They even promoted the protection of endangered animals and similar things. All in all, they did quite a lot, and had branches all over the world. Cesar was one of the Foundation’s honorary directors, and he had obtained this position because it was rumored that he was a wealthy Chinese American businessman and had donated tens of billions of dollars to charities, devoted to the advancement of the human race…

Tens of billions of… dollars.

Finch almost fainted at seeing that. When he looked closer, his hand trembled. Did the news reporter get the units wrong? But even if they did 1, it was still a scary amount…

The Foundation, having so much money and still being so low-profile, seemed to be very powerful. While other people thought that it was a charitable organization, Finch, who had experienced those absurd events, felt that perhaps it was some mysterious research institute…

Cesar was so dedicated!

He did charity in the day and slayed demons in the night, rushing about to maintain world peace. So Cesar wasn’t the domineering CEO Finch had thought he was, nor a ghost hunter, but instead a charitable pioneer…

No wonder Cesar had said it was targeted poverty alleviation. Finch had been way too clueless, and he didn’t even know what his own boyfriend did, and he hadn’t thought to check. On the contrary, it had been someone else to show him…

Compared to Cesar, Finch was really shallow, and his dedication was as empty as his wallet…

When Finch read the article, he felt both excited and dejected, and he was bursting with things he wanted to say to Cesar. He couldn’t restrain himself, so he excitedly started texting Cesar.

[You’re my role model!!!]

[My respect and admiration for you can’t be described in words!]

Cesar had just happened to get off a plane, and as soon as his phone had signal again, he received Finch’s texts. He was baffled and wondered if Finch had taken the wrong medicine or something.

He was just about to go see Finch when he saw that Finch was still sending text after text.

Cesar faintly smiled a little helplessly, but this time, when he saw the text, his expression suddenly changed, and his expression became stony.

[I suddenly feel like I’m not worthy of you, wahhh…]

As Finch sent this excitedly, he felt that he didn’t have as much money, character, or dedication as Cesar, but Finch would definitely work hard on getting closer to Cesar’s level!

Finch wanted to text him some more, but Xie Yan pulled the phone out of his hands and said wryly, “You’re drunk, don’t say so much.”

Finch looked at Xie Yan hazily and grinned foolishly as he nodded.

That’s true, Finch decided to wait until Cesar returned to say these things to him.

Xie Yan lowered his head slightly and moved closer to Finch, gazing at Finch’s fair, handsome face, and got closer to his cozy, warm aura… Xie Yan said, “It’s getting late, I’ll take you home.”

Meanwhile, the director and the others were still drinking, and when they saw Xie Yan stand up to take Finch home, they didn’t think too much of it. Besides, they were assured precisely because Xie Yan was taking Finch home, because that’s just how reliable Xie Yan was.

Xie Yan put Finch’s arm around his own shoulders to help him get up and walk outside.

Finch was disobedient when he was drunk, and as he leaned against Xie Yan, he walked very slowly, his head bumping against Xie Yan’s shoulder with every step. Finch was still grinning foolishly as he repeated, “Thank you, sorry for the trouble…”

Xie Yan smiled. “You’re welcome.”

After Cesar received Finch’s texts, he quickly made a call to determine his location. Then, he headed there, wanting to ask him what he meant by saying that so suddenly. Could it be that Finch wanted to indirectly break up with him?!

This time, Cesar wasn’t going to let the past repeat itself and let go of Finch so easily.

Cesar’s expression was dark as he abruptly slammed the brake of his car in front of the bar. He spotted Finch practically hanging on Xie Yan’s body, and Finch’s face was crimson and his eyes were unfocused, clearly very drunk…

Cesar strided towards them without hesitation and looked at Xie Yan coldly. “Let go of him!”

When Xie Yan looked up and saw Cesar, he suddenly laughed lightly and raised an eyebrow. “Don’t misunderstand, he’s just a little drunk…”

When Finch heard this, he looked up semi-consciously and saw Cesar suddenly appear in front of him. He thought that he was dreaming and laughed. “Yep, I’m drunk…”

Cesar grabbed Finch’s wrist and pulled him into his arms.

Xie Yan let go to show that he really wasn’t doing anything.

However, Cesar didn’t plan on letting go of the matter that easily. He hugged Finch tightly, and stepped closer to Xie Yan, hissing, “I don’t know what you said to him, but you shouldn’t have done this.”

Xie Yan didn’t appear scared or uneasy in the slightest, and he seemed to have expected that Cesar would act like this. “I only said a little bit, things that he would’ve known sooner or later. I’m really surprised he didn’t even know about them until now…”

Cesar’s gaze hardened, and he said icily, “That’s between me and him, so there’s no need for others to intervene, especially you and the people behind you.”

He paused before continuing, “I know your secret, and just because I didn’t do anything about it doesn’t mean I cannot. So you’d better behave yourself, or else no one will be able to protect you.”

Xie Yan shrugged carelessly, his eyes twinkling. “You’re overthinking it. I don’t have any malicious intentions towards him, you can rest assured.”

However, Cesar didn’t believe him. He gave Xie Yan one last contemptuous glance before leaving with Finch, helping him into his car.

Finch rolled over impatiently in the backseat of the car, and as he looked at the man with the grim expression in front of him, he wondered if he was dreaming. How could Cesar have returned on such a short notice? Perhaps Finch missed him so much that he was hallucinating…

But if this was a hallucination…

Then no matter what Finch said or did, it wouldn’t matter… right?


Cesar was worried Finch was uncomfortable, so he drove quickly and arrived at his villa soon afterwards. He got out of the car and went to carry Finch.

Just as he reached out, Finch’s arm snaked around Cesar’s neck, and Cesar inhaled Finch’s breaths that were still mellow from the wine… Finch’s dark-colored eyes were shrouded with a layer of mist as he looked dazedly at him.

This glance made Cesar’s heart melt, and his anger from just then had already disappeared completely…

Finch couldn’t protect himself at all, yet he still drank so much…

Don’t you know I’m worried about you?

Cesar carried Finch into his villa and gently placed him onto the bed. He got up to get a towel to wash Finch’s face, but he discovered that Finch was refusing to let go of him. His arm was still looped around Cesar’s neck, and Finch suddenly said huskily, “Don’t…”

Then, Finch lifted his head and gently kissed Cesar on the lips.

Cesar’s pupils immediately dilated.

He stood there stiffly. This was the first time… Finch had been so adamant about making him stay, and it was the first time after they reunited that he had initiated the kiss. Finch was drunk, but he told Cesar he didn’t want him to leave.

So Finch really did want him to stay.

A feeling that Cesar had been suppressing for a very long time suddenly surged, on the verge of breaking free. As long as the person in front of him wanted something, what wouldn’t Cesar give?

As long as you want me to stay…

Cesar got a lump in his throat, and after a while, he said huskily, “I won’t go.”

He would never leave again.

Then, he grabbed Finch’s wrist, pushed him into the bed, and kissed him passionately.


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Translator Notes:

  1. If they got the units wrong by writing USD instead of yuan (which I don’t think they did), then it would still be equivalent to around 1 to 2 billion dollars… which is still a lot.


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