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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He couldn’t put it into words, but the man’s embrace could bring him some momentary peace of mind.

The man didn’t reply.

His lower body was thrust in over and over again, meeting with the hot mucous membrane which couldn’t be broken through. The membrane wrapped around the member weakly and stubbornly, refusing to leave a gap.

The meat cavity was getting more and more moist, some liquid dripping out. Ren Huan simply wrapped his legs around the man’s waist and freed one of his hands to lift his shirt, exposing his nipples. He rubbed them against the man’s chest.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…”

Ren Huan was very excited, his insides stretching and contracting. He leaned his head against the man’s shoulder. The man also sped up his thrusts.

Under the man’s guidance, Ren Huan shot out shortly afterwards. His mind was blank for a while from the intense pleasure. The man stopped his thrusts, and the two embraced silently and tenderly. A warm liquid started dripping on the man’s shoulder. Ren Huan’s eyes were warm. As he gradually recovered, he realised he had unconsciously started crying.

Regardless of the embarrassment showing on his face, he put his legs down from the man’s waist. Ren Huan stood straight to let the genitals buried in his body withdraw. He turned around, away from the man’s arm. He put his hands against the wall and pushed his ass back towards the man, not realising the man couldn’t see it in the dark.

“Come on, just do it… ah!”

His buttocks were rubbed by the man, then spread out. The man’s genitals were rubbed against Ren Huan’s moist hole, sometimes shallowly pushing inside to halfway through. After a few times of this, Ren Huan couldn’t stand it anymore. He was about to speak up, when the man paused, then suddenly thrust in fiercely, his whole member penetrating Ren Huan.

“Ah… ahh… hey…”

Saliva flowed out of the corners of Ren Huan’s mouth uncontrollably. He raised his head, gasping for breath.

His tight flesh cavity was split open, filled ruthlessly all at once, his prostate rubbed roughly and deeply. Ren Huan felt achy and pleased. He pressed his fingertips in between the gap on the wall, crying and moaning.

The man reached his hand forward, touching Ren Huan’s face. The hand was wetted by cold tears.
“Doing it with me… does it really hurt?” the man asked.


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June 22, 2021 4:31 pm

I wonder why he is crying? His emotions seem to be confused??? Let’s see what happens next chapter!

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