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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“…” That voice… it felt so familiar…

Ren Huan knew he was forgetting something crucial, but was unable to think clearly at that moment — and the memories just wouldn’t come forward.

Ren Huan subconsciously shook his head, not wanting to upset the man by ignoring the question.

“It doesn’t…”

It was just that, although his body couldn’t say it on behalf of his mind, the man was not the senior.

“You, um… don’t you have someone you like…” The man, who stopped just as he asked the first question, thrust again, hitting Ren Huan in a sensitive spot. Ren Huan started moaning.

How could this man easily have sex with strangers? Ren Huan then quickly realised this question was a stupid one. He felt embarrassed, and couldn’t help but get tighter. The man behind him grunted.

“Yes.” Ren Huan’s body shivered as he replied.

The man’s hand reached under Ren Huan’s shirt, which had fallen back down after switching positions. He grabbed Ren Huan’s soft pecs, tightened his hands and kneaded them. The nipples were too small to grasp, which gave even more pleasure to the man. He thrust into the lower body with satisfaction, making Ren Huan drift into even more pleasure. Between Ren Huan’s moans, the man replied casually.

“Mh, I see…”

The clear and mellow voice flowed to the bottom of Ren Huan’s heart, and was quietly absorbed as if by a layer of thin paper. On the other hand, Ren Huan hesitated to reply.

“A student, yeah…”

His mouth was covered shut. His butt was glued to the man and dripping with liquid. After rubbing for a while, the man let go of his swollen, hard nipples, and moved back to the already ravaged buttocks.


The man’s movements confirmed Ren Huan’s impossible guess. He eagerly wanted to ask to make sure of it, but his mouth was covered by the man. Ren Huan stretched out his tongue and licked the man’s palm softy to win his pity. However, the man seemed determined to end the conversation there, and was focused on using his member to penetrate Ren Huan over and over again. 

The almost endless pleasure put an abrupt stop to Ren Huan’s desire to ask questions, his whole body stuck to the wall. As he was fucked, he started sobbing.

“No, mh, no more…”

The man pressed against him tighter, as if to leave no gap between the two intertwined bodies.


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June 22, 2021 4:42 pm

I’m trying to understand what was the man trying to confírm???

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