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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


That was probably the case. Good endings always come about in such ridiculous ways. He felt happy, and it was such an abnormal feeling for him.

“I don’t blame you, senior.”

There was already fluid that had overflowed and ran down from the connected area, onto Ren Huan’s thigh. Ren Huan tried to withdraw from the senior’s hold, but was held tighter in response. At the same time, the senior’s member enlarged, filling the insides as if it was stuck, blocking any means of escape.

“As long as it’s you, senior… you can… no matter how you treat me.” Ren Huan had to rest his head on top of the man’s. Because of the current state, his hair, which was sweaty, continuously rubbed against Ren Huan’s face. This made Ren Huan’s face wet, but he didn’t dislike it. The two kept leaning lightly on each other.

“Whether it’s rough or gentle, if it’s with someone else, I’ll find it unbearable, but if it is with you, senior, I will like it very much. I…I like you, senior,” Ren Huan said. “I thought I’d have to hide it in my heart forever, but now that I can be so close to you… I am really happy.”

Those gloomy feelings of self-loathing and even the numb desire to be taken advantage of by strangers… at this moment, they all dissipated, and Ren Huan’s head cleared up. In response to Ren Huan’s words, the man gave him a warm kiss.

Their lips parted, their breathing becoming more regular.

“What about me? Can you accept me?” As the man spoke, his voice sounded mature and magnetic. Probably because he had contrasting personalities, the habits and ways of speaking of both his personalities were different, and easy to distinguish.

“…” The senior’s dual personality had been very self-assured. Ren Huan completely understood why the man said he wasn’t himself when he had approached Ren Huan on the first day… Ren Huan’s eyes flickered.

“Accept you?”

If he accepted the senior, he would have to accept both of his personalities. Ren Huan felt frustrated by the fact there was no means of going around this issue.


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June 23, 2021 10:30 am

I would not have guessed it was the senior but just dual personalities!

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
June 23, 2021 11:19 am

Hahaha…. Just accept him Ren Huan! You like both of them, don’t you? The rough mature magnetic one and the gentle one. You definitely enjoy both!

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