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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


When Xiahou Lian returned to Shen Manor, it was already dark. Probably because he had been so busy these past few days his feet hadn’t even touched the ground, he hadn’t been able to rest well, so his head was a little dizzy when he dismounted, nearly falling down from the horse. Fortunately, a servant came to help hold him up, so he didn’t actually fall down to the ground.

“Sir, go back and get a good rest, even an iron man can’t handle how busy you are,” said the servant. 

“I’m okay.”

Xiahou Lian waved and loosened his collar as he turned around the screen wall, passed the side courtyard, and happened to see that the lights in Shen Jue’s study room were on. Xiahou Lian’s eyes lit up, and without announcing himself, he pushed open the door and walked inside. Shen Jue was sitting by a rosewood writing desk, and his hands were hanging down as he flipped through documents. He wasn’t wearing a crown or tied up his hair, so his long and straight hair draped down, covering half of his face and revealing a little bit of his contour. In the halo of the dim candle, there was a quiet and elegant beauty.

Xiahou Lian simply leaned on the doorframe, looking at him with a slight smile.

Shen Wenxing came in carrying tea and encountered Xiahou Lian. He smiled and greeted him. “Why don’t you go inside, my godfather was just asking how long it would be until you came back.”

Xiahou Lian smiled, and only then did he enter the door. Shen Jue glanced at him lightly, yet he didn’t acknowledge him.

“Why did you leave the palace today?” Xiahou Lian sat down next to him and blew on the tea for him, only handing it to him after he made sure that it wasn’t scalding anymore.

“The Datong Guard’s underlings returned the documents, so I went to the Eastern Depot and saw that it was late, so I didn’t go back to the palace.”

“What happened in the Datong Guard that you’re reading about?” Xiahou Lian was taken aback. “Liaodong is still in chaos and the North isn’t peaceful?”

Shen Jue said no. “Last time, I just asked people to investigate that little marquis of the Baili clan. The old and young in her clan died cleanly, only leaving behind such a crooked seedling. Before, I guessed whether this girl had used some means to obtain this title of marquis.”

Xiahou Lian recalled that girl’s silhouette under the sunlight. Seeing her expression when she said that her brothers and sisters had all died made one heart feel suffocated. He pondered for a while before saying, “I ran into her today. She’s a little violent, but the children of wealthy families are used to being arrogant, so it’s not strange that she has this temper.”

“Mn, the old marquis indeed pampered her greatly. He was afraid she would die young, so he even specially invited a master to be her godmother in a nunnery on Xue Mountain.” Shen Jue crossed his hands and placed them on the bridge of his nose. “Five years ago, the marquis manor had a bout of smallpox, and she happened to be on the mountain, escaping the catastrophe. However, the entire family of old and young caught the disease and died, and only then did she obtain the title of nobility. It looks like there’s nothing suspicious about it.”

“Five years ago, she was only seven years old, she probably didn’t even read all the characters,” said Xiahou Lian.

Shen Jue placed his brush on the desk and leaned against the back of the chair, pinching the center of his eyebrows. “You ran into her at Yunxian Building? A dignified marquis actually mixes together with the people in Yanzhi Alley. Forget it, she’s not in the imperial family anyway, it’s not my business.”

“You already know about it?” Xiahou Lian said, “Although, you can’t say it like that. There are also good women in Yanzhi Alley, and they didn’t voluntarily go to that type of place.”

Shen Jue lifted his chin toward the curio shelf. “They even sent gifts here to thank you, how could I not know about it?”

After saying this, he raised an eyebrow. “What, I say a few sentences and your heart aches? Although that prostitute is an old acquaintance of yours, saving her is enough, what does fetching bathwater for her mean?”

Xiahou Lian stood up and took a look. There were several jars of wine underneath the curio shelf, and he picked a jar up, smelled it, and smiled. “It’s Autumn Dew’s White from Shandong’s provincial administration commissioner, good guy. In the past when I worked at Yunxian Building, they wouldn’t even let me touch it, but now they’ve sent ten jars over in one go. I heard that this wine is brewed with lotus dew, you have to taste it.”

“I don’t like drinking wine.” Shen Jue waved for Shen Wenxing to come over and use a needle to test for poison. Only after testing did he let Xiahou Lian take a sip. “Did you hear what I said just now?”

“Isn’t it just fetching bathwater, it’s not like I haven’t fetched it before.” Xiahou Lian disagreed, “It’s no matter.”

However, Shen Jue’s expression darkened. “What’s wrong with you, you’re even addicted to fetching bathwater for people. Or is it because that A-Chu looks good, so you’ve taken a liking to her?”

“Where did you go with this?” Xiahou Lian didn’t know why Shen Jue was losing his temper for no reason. She had suffered such a large grievance; so what if he had consoled her a bit? He wanted to say more, but he saw that Shen Jue’s expression wasn’t good, so he closed his mouth, picked up a jar of wine in both hands, and went outside. “Never mind, I still have to get up early tomorrow to go to work, I’ll drink a bit of wine and go to sleep. You should also sleep a little earlier, don’t revise orders for too long.”

Shen Jue watched him exit the door with a dark expression. He would usually accompany him to revise documents together, yet today he was going to sleep alone. Shen Jue felt irritable and turned his gaze to see Shen Wenxing standing next to the candlestick with his hands in his sleeves. He picked up a brush and threw it in his direction, saying, “What are you standing here for, get out!”

Shen Wenxing hastily shrunk his head and slipped away.


Xiahou Lian was sitting on a marble railing in the night wind as he drank the wine. The weather at the beginning of the third month was very varied; the sun even came out during the day, and it would start raining at night, the fluttering raindrops landing on the ground, imprinting water marks the size of a copper coin. Xiahou Lian finished drinking the two jars of wine and felt warm all over before heading back to his own room. He lived in a wing house next to Shen Jue’s main house; Shen Manor was very large, so going from the study to Shen Jue’s courtyard, one had to go around a long winding corridor and then pass two doors. Palace lights hung below the corridor, having glass shells and paintings of flowers and birds pasted inside; they revolved amid the gentle breeze and light drizzle.

As he was walking, he felt that his body didn’t feel too right. It was as if a cluster of flames had risen in his lower abdomen, burning sizzingly, and there was a vaguely expanding tendency. He wasn’t a child who knew nothing about the world, and he had lived in Jinling’s Wanxiang Building for a time. Thus, he understood the matters between men and women very well, and he instantly understood what was happening to him.

Fuck. What thoughts had Yunxian Building given him? He cursed inwardly a few times and quickened his steps as he walked toward the wing house. Soon, there were heavy shadows in his vision, and his heart rate was abnormally fast. The thing between his thighs quietly erected, and it wasn’t even convenient to walk. He glanced down; his robes were thick, so nothing could be seen. He sighed inwardly in relief and finally entered the courtyard. He even forgot to wash up and directly went inside, climbed into the carved bed, and closed the curtains firmly.

Shen Jue went back to his courtyard only after finishing reading the documents he should read. He walked past the hallway and passed Xiahou Lian’s room. It was dark, and through the diamond-patterned window, he couldn’t see a hint of stirring, so he was probably already sound asleep. He still felt suffocated, yet it was as if Xiahou Lian didn’t even care, and he didn’t know to apologize and admit his mistake. He humped coldly and decided to go to the palace early in the morning tomorrow so he wouldn’t see Xiahou Lian in person.

Shen Wenxing ignited a light and bowed as he retreated out the door. Shen Jue took off his belt and hung it on the clothes hanger. He turned his gaze and saw that the bed curtains were closed, and the sounds of Xiahou Lian’s breathing were coming from inside. He was stunned for a while, and a smile couldn’t help but hang at the corners of his mouth; it turned out that this brat had been waiting here for him. He sat down on the daybed and took off his boots, coughing lightly. “Why did you come here to lie down, go back to your own room, I don’t have time to deal with you.”

After waiting for a long time, Xiahou Lian still didn’t make a sound. There was only his breathing that got heavier and heavier, and it sounded a little strange. Shen Jue felt suspicious as he walked onto the footrest with bare feet and pulled open the curtains. Xiahou Lian was lying with his back facing him and his collar was half pulled open, revealing his wheat-colored shoulder, and it was even trembling slightly.What is he doing? Shen Jue had a faint answer in his heart, but he still didn’t dare to believe it. He pressed his shoulder and rolled him over; sure enough, he saw that his right hand was hidden in the waist of his trousers. There was a bulge in that place, and it was moving up and down. Shen Jue couldn’t hide the shock in his heart, and his gaze shifted upward, seeing his dazed eyes. He had already completely lost his senses, not even knowing that Shen Jue was in front of him.

Was this the heavens showing kindness, pitying his unrequited love of many years, and sending the person directly to his lips? He sat down on the edge of the bed and was actually blank for a while. No, no, how were there pies that fell from the sky for no reason? It was the Autumn Dew’s White that Yunxian Building had sent; there was something wrong with the bawd that had come to send the gift. He seemed to understand something in his mind, and he got up, about to go outside to call Shen Wenxing. However, before he could even take a step, a pair of iron clamp-like arms looped around his waist, dragging him onto the bed.

The curtains were sent down from the hooks, hanging down like a fan, and the light in the alcove bed was instantly obscured. In this hazy light, Xiahou Lian leaned over and pressed down on him, and his burning lips descended without warning.

Shen Jue’s pupils shrank. In that instant, there was a booming sound in his mind, heaven-shaking and earth-moving, and he actually forgot to resist.

However, he came back to his senses the next moment. Xiahou Lian without his senses was like a hungry and thirsty wolf, insolent and rough, completely without gentleness. His panting was rapid and heavy, like box bellows being pulled at full speed. 

Kissing wasn’t enough; Xiahou Lian still wanted more. There was a fire in his crotch, practically making his entire body burn to ashes. He lowered his head and tugged on the decorative closures on Shen Jue’s collar. He tried to undo it for a long time, but he couldn’t get it open. He felt angry and simply used his teeth, biting through the frog closure along with the gold thread. The front of the robes was suddenly opened, and the area of cold jade-like skin burst into his vision.

He couldn’t see anything anymore. In his sight, there was only that well-proportioned and slender body, perfect and flawless, just right. And that person was lying in the light and shadows, looking at him fixedly. The corners of his eyes were tinted red from being bullied, making the tips of his eyes appear even deeper and longer, every fluid glance containing his unique aura.

“Xiahou Lian, don’t regret this,” Shen Jue said hoarsely.

“Regret?” he murmured in confusion. Why would he regret this? He didn’t regret it; he wanted even more, he wanted it all.

He lowered his head, leaned over, and continued.

Shen Jue embraced him, letting him leave one love bite after another on his body. His lips were too warm, and as they wandered on his body, they seemed to set a fire, unscrupulously burning everywhere. But Shen Jue tolerated it. He couldn’t have Xiahou Lian yet; this brat had such an unyielding temperament, so how could he stand to be pleasured under a man’s crotch? Thus, he had to compromise and let Xiahou Lian think that he had been bullied and ravaged; only then could a long-term possibility.

Xiahou Lian was pulling at his sweat towel now. He propped himself and sat up, bit the tip of his finger, and dripped a few drops of blood onto the mattress. He looked down at his body and saw that the love bites covered his entire body like plum blossoms. There was enough evidence, so it was time for him to take control of the situation.

Xiahou Lian had pulled off his sweat towel, and his waistband slipped to his knees. He was about to straighten his waist when Shen Jue grabbed his wrist and brought him into his arms. He wanted to struggle, but an icy hand reached between his thighs and grasped his Little Xiahou.

That was practically like the meeting of ice and fire, and Xiahou Lian’s entire body trembled.

His lifeblood was already being held by someone else; no matter how fierce he was, so what? Shen Jue slowly tightened his grip, and the member in his hand moved up, its tip so red it seemed to be about to bleed. Xiahou Lian’s entire body went soft, like a snake being seized at its heart, completely controlled by Shen Jue. Shen Jue stroked him as he licked the scars on his neck and shoulder. His tongue brushed past ferocious scars, leaving behind faint water marks that gleamed in the candle shadows, unparalleled in their charm.

“A-Lian, are you comfortable?” Shen Jue called into his ear.

Xiahou Lian closed his eyes and raised his head, the smooth lines on his neck appearing in the dim lights and shadows.

Shen Jue bit his Adam’s apple lightly. “Say it, are you comfortable?”

“Not comfortable,” Xiahou Lian leaned against him and breathed, “pleasured.”

“Call me gege,” Shen Jue enticed him in a low voice, “and I’ll pleasure you even further.”

Shen Jue exerted another bout of strength. Xiahou Lian couldn’t help but moan, but he still didn’t call him gege.

Shen Jue angrily bit his ear and pushed him onto the bed, making him lie on his side on the pillow. He held his own member and rubbed it against his buttocks, his other hand not forgetting to stroke him.

Xiahou Lian felt he was too slow, so he reached his hand over and held his hand to increase the speed. Shen Jue kissed his back, and small shivers arose on his shoulders and back. It was too itchy, so he arched his back, clearly wanting to resist, yet he sent his body to Shen Jue’s mouth.

The rain outside had grown heavy, pattering as it struck the eaves. The spring tide and sounds of rain surged in the narrow space. Shen Jue pressed against his buttocks, often nearly unable to stop himself from sending himself inside.

At the end, Xiahou Lian had come three times, and the majestic Little Xiahou had been satisfied, finally winding down.

Shen Jue’s hand loosened, and he also fully came inside Xiahou Lian. After pulling over a uniform’s sleeve placket and wiping it clean for him, Shen Jue laid down and embraced Xiahou Lian in his arms.

Xiahou Lian was already tired, and he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. Gazing at him under the lights and shadows, his normally sharp features were soft at this moment, as if they had melted in the dim light. Shen Jue kissed him, and his arm naturally moved onto Shen Jue’s waist.

“A-Lian.” Shen Jue gently caressed his lips.

“Mn?” Xiahou Lian was really tired, and his voice was as small as a mosquito buzz.

However, Shen Jue still wanted to tease him. “Do you still remember who I am?”

Xiahou Lian looked up at him. His senses still hadn’t completely recovered, so everything looked hazy. In the flickering light, Shen Jue’s long eyelashes were lowered. Those eyes were black and deep, and contrasted with his reddish and uplifted eye tips, they were alluring for no reason.

Xiahou Lian couldn’t help but hook Shen Jue’s neck and pull it down, his lips imprinting on his.

Amid the rustling rain, Shen Jue heard Xiahou Lian sigh, “I remember, my Missy.”

There was a boom in his mind, like something had collapsed. Shen Jue turned his head slightly and looked at him in disbelief. “What did you say?”


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Totally wasn’t expecting this! I felt like I was in an oasis after walking in the desert for so long lol now I’m like will there be a misunderstanding since he says my missy!?? But wait did they fully do the deed? I’m not clear as it said that SJ nearly couldn’t contain himself from entering, but then it said he fully came inside?? Such a great treat! Thank you for the translation and editing! 😁😁

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