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TN: I finally finished translating the extras!! Sorry it took so long!

Chapter 135 (Extra): Graceful Beauty Emerging From Water

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

There was a damp taste in the early morning air, as the shops on the streets awakened, removing their shutters with clatters. The alley had a bluestone road and a large pagoda tree at the entrance, and an old man sitting under the tree to relax in the shade. Bits of light filtered down through the pagoda tree’s shade, and the old man squinted his eyes, waved his cattail leaf fan, and watched peddlers carrying shoulder poles pass by. 

Xiahou Lian led a horse as he walked over, and the old man lifted the cattail fan at him. “Big dark kid, you’re back from horse riding!”

“I’m back!” Xiahou Lian smiled.

The old man handed him a handkerchief for him to wipe his sweat. “Kid, you’re quite diligent, I see you get up every day before dawn to go horse riding.”

Xiahou Lian took the handkerchief and wiped his sweat, saying, “I was laying down for three years, my body’s gotten feeble from laying down, so I can’t not go riding. Sir, you also get up early.”

The old man waved his fan and said, “How is the master at home?”

Xiahou Lian said, “He’s well, thank you for your concern.”

The old man looked back in the direction of Xie Manor and shook his head as he sighed, “I didn’t expect that Sir Xie would still have a descendant left behind, the heavens were watching. You don’t know, but at the time, the Xie clan was a large clan here, and Sir Xie was an official in the capital before. Ah, good people don’t live long, Scoundrel Wei exterminated the entire clan of Sir Xie, and the doors of Xie Manor were closed for thirteen entire years. The heavens pitied them and let your master escape from death, and at long last he returned to his homeland.”

His wife who was sitting on the door threshold washing clothes heard and sighed deeply. “What use does returning to his homeland have? He still won’t have offspring.”

“Mother! What nonsense are you saying!” His daughter-in-law heard and hastily rushed out, apologizing to Xiahou Lian, “Sorry, she’s confused in her old age, forget what she said.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Xiahou Lian waved and led his horse back to the manor.

The matter of Xie Jinglan returning to Nanjing had caused an uproar, and although he closed the doors and declined visitors once he returned, not receiving anyone, the streets had filled in the tale of those times on their own, saying that he had escaped from death and in order to avenge his father, he had entered the palace as a eunuch to regard the enemy as kin. The folk singers on Qinhuai River even specially wrote a script, which was popular for quite a long time. Somehow, the imperial court had taken it seriously and sent people on a special visit to him saying that they would construct a memorial archway for him. However, Xie Jinglan said that that was the Grand Secretariat thanking him for going to the North and killing Baili Yuan. This matter was still a secret to this day, so only the Grand Secretariat, the young emperor, and the people from the Eastern Depot knew; after all, this business of the imperial court engaging in assassination really wasn’t reputable.

At the time, he had decided to return to his old house only because the water and soil of Jiangnan were healing, plus Mingyue was here, so it was easier to think of ways to cure Xiahou Lian, and it was also to avoid the capital and find a quiet place to arrange Mr. Dai’s manuscripts. Probably even Xie Jinglan hadn’t expected that a traitorous official who had once committed all kinds of crimes like him would now become a legendary filial son whose fame had spread far and wide. 

Xiahou Lian had completely become unknown to the public. The bureaucrats in the North consuming Bliss Fruit had been a huge scandal, and in order to conceal this matter, Zhang Zhao and Shen Wenxing had destroyed all administrative archives related to Garan of Seven Leaves. With no news for three years, his name had already been covered by the bright younger generation in the martial arts world. Moreover, Nanjing was too far from the capital, so the love stories of him and Xie Jinglan couldn’t spread across the mountains and rivers, and outsiders only regarded Xiahou Lian as Xie Jinglan’s servant.

The other courtyards in Xie Manor had been sealed, with only Qiuwu Courtyard, the back garden, and a few small courtyards open. Xiahou Lian returned to the courtyard and took off his clothes, standing next to the well as he poured water onto himself, and he considered the three splashes as three showers. Dripping with water, he went back inside to dry himself and change clothes. A bowl of his tonic medicinal soup had been placed on the table for eight, and he pinched his nose as he gulped it all down before going to the kitchen to ask where Xie Jinglan was.

Lian Xiang cut vegetables as she said, “The young master went outside the city to pick wood.”

“Why is he picking wood? To carve characters himself?” Xiahou Lian leaned against the doorframe and said, “Is the owner of Xingye Bookshop not willing to publish Mr. Dai’s manuscripts?”

“Yeah, he said they wouldn’t earn money. When the former master was still here, didn’t we have Xiuwen Hall? The movable type system is still there, and after getting it out and seeing that it’s still new, the young master said that he might as well carve the characters himself.”

Right, at least he wouldn’t need to dispute with those owners. Xiahou Lian made an “oh” and grabbed a handful of melon seeds before wandering around the house.

When Xie Jinglan returned, he had only properly tidied Qiuwu Courtyard, as he hadn’t had time to repair the other areas. A lot of the wood lacquer on Wangqing Pavilion had fallen off, so the columns were mottled. Although it had been swept, since no one usually came, there was still the smell of dust. Yanbo Pond was still the same, smooth and tranquil, like a mirror of wandering daylight and cloud shadows. Xiahou Lian looked at the shore, where a small path was concealed amid sporadic short trees; at the time, he and Xie Jinglan had run on it before.

“What are you looking at?” Xie Jinglan walked in from outside, looking down at the blotches on the red-painted railing. “Tomorrow, I’ll find some time to repair this place. You’re awake, so the manor should have some liveliness.”

Xiahou Lian pulled Xie Jinglan to sit down beside him, and the two of them were shoulder-to-shoulder as they watched the boundless misty water. Xiahou Lian said, “I’m not picky, I can even sleep in the wilderness, there’s no need to spend so much effort.”

Xie Jinglan glanced sideways at him. “You overestimate yourself. Who’s repairing the garden for you? I’m doing it to receive guests.” He looked down and adjusted his sleeve. “A letter came from rural Suzhou, your shidi said that after a month has passed since his wife gave birth, he’ll come to Jinling to see you. He just had a daughter the day before yesterday so I don’t know if he’ll bring her here for you to see, but his son is already one and a half years old, so he’ll probably bring him.”

“That would be nice, have you seen his wife before?”

“No, when he got married he sent an invitation, but at the time I was in Quanzhou searching for Spanish medical books, so I didn’t have time to rush back.” Xie Jinglan said, “Also, your shixiong Tang Shiqi’s widow said that she’s coming to see you. At the time, you went unconscious before you read the last note Tang Shiqi left for you. It said that he hadn’t completely spent the money you gave him, and that half of it was still hidden in a private den at the base of the south wall of Liuzhou. I had people dig it out and give it to his wife. But I didn’t say it was your money, I only said that Tang Shiqi left it for the two of them.”

“Don’t let them come, they’re women, so traveling isn’t convenient. After a while, I’ll go to Hangzhou to visit them.” As Xiahou Lian spoke, he reached out and wrapped his arm around Xie Jinglan’s shoulder.

“And Chi Yan…” Xie Jinglan paused before saying, “I’ve entrusted Shen Wenxing to search for him for a long time. Three years ago, someone saw someone who looked a lot like him exit the border, but after that, he hasn’t received any information about him.”

The wind quietly blew toward them, and ripples spread out on the surface of the pond in circles, the sunlight scattered on them like bits of fragmented gold.

Xiahou Lian watched for a while before saying, “It’s okay. My brother said that we would eventually meet. He never breaks his promises, so I’ll wait.”

“Mn.” Xie Jinglan nodded.

“Okay,” Xiahou Lian forcibly pressed Xie Jinglan’s shoulder, “everyone has been taken care of, how nice.”

Xie Jinglan laughed in ridicule and took out a thin yellowed paper from his sleeve. “Don’t be happy yet, your business isn’t over. You had just woken up a few days ago so I didn’t trouble you, but seeing that you can run and jump now, vigorous and lively, there are some accounts we should settle.”

Xiahou Lian’s heart thumped, and he had an apprehensive feeling. He asked tentatively, “What is it?”

“Do you still remember when we were in Xue Mountain, you rendered me unconscious and sent me onto a carriage, and you also gave me a last letter that said ‘Young Master, I’m sorry, I’ve let you down this time.’” Xie Jinglan lowered his eyes, joy or anger indistinguishable in his tone. “I only want to ask you, what were you thinking at the time?”

Xiahou Lian was stumped, and memories from three years ago arose, as if they had been yesterday. He gazed at the distant sky and said, “I only wanted for you to not like me anymore. If I could make you hate me, perhaps you wouldn’t miss me.” He turned his head to look at Xie Jinglan, but Xie Jinglan was impassive, though he definitely wasn’t very happy. He paused before saying, “Young Master, I know that you must really hate me for doing that. However, I think that no one can predict the future, but if you’re dead then everything would really be gone. If you’re alive, then at least there is still hope.”

At the time, he had already been hopeless, and the heavens had only given him a lifeline out of pity, but Xie Jinglan had to have hope.

The two of them were silent for a very long time. Xie Jinglan lowered his eyes and folded up the last letter, putting it back in his sleeve. Xiahou Lian watched and scratched his head as he said, “What are you still keeping that thing for, why don’t you throw it away?”

“Throw it away?” Xie Jinglan raised an eyebrow at him. “This is evidence of your disloyalty, why would I throw it away?”

He rolled up his sleeve, revealing the three scars on his left hand. The scars were already faded, yet one could still see how it had dripped with blood at the time. Xiahou Lian’s heart ached as he touched them, asking, “Is the scar-removing cream hard to use? I’ll ask Lady Mingyue if there’s a way.”

“I’m not removing them.” Xie Jinglan sneered, “I’m going to keep these two things. In the future, if you don’t listen to me, I’ll put them in front of you. A-Lian, what do you think?”

It was over now, his tail was in someone else’s grasp. Xiahou Lian was dumbfounded and said blankly, “Young… Young Master…”

Xie Jinglan calmly rolled down his sleeve and smoothed the wrinkles, saying, “Do you remember ‘Pleasure in the Imperial Bedchamber’? There’s a position in the tenth volume called Upside-Down Golden Hook, let’s try that position tonight.”

Xiahou Lian was so shocked he nearly fell from the loft. He had read the complete set of ‘Pleasure in the Imperial Bedchamber,’ so of course he knew the position Upside-Down Golden Hook. A rope was hung from a beam above a bed, on which a prostitute was suspended by her ankles. Her legs were open toward the world, and an erect man was standing in front of her.

He didn’t even have to think to know that Xie Jinglan certainly wasn’t willing to be the suspended one, so there was only Xiahou Lian to suffer. Xiahou Lian shouted, “No!”

Xie Jinglan impassively rolled up his sleeve. Xiahou Lian immediately became subdued and said with a gloomy expression, “Okay…”

After eating lunch, Xie Jinglan continued to watch the workers whittle wood. Xiahou Lian felt a little dizzy, so he took a nap inside. He hadn’t laid down for long when his entire body didn’t seem to feel right, a wave of coldness and a wave of heat arising. Xiahou Lian drank a few sips of water, but it didn’t get better and he felt even worse, as if something was lodged in his throat, difficult to endure.

It can’t be Bliss Fruit, can it? thought Xiahou Lian. He touched his forehead, which was covered with sweat, and he stood up with difficulty, wanting to call for someone. Something surged up in his throat, and Xiahou Lian bent over by the side of the bed, vomiting all over the ground.

Yu-jie’er heard the sound and came in. When she saw Xiahou Lian vomiting there with a pale face, she shouted as she ran out, “Uncle Xiahou threw up! Uncle Xiahou has one! Uncle Xiahou is pregnant!”

Xiahou Lian was still muddled from vomiting, but he was so angry his vision turned black.

Upon hearing this, everyone surged into the room. When Lian Xiang saw that Xiahou Lian had thrown up the food he had eaten during lunch, she became agitated and hastily told Miaozhen to get Xie Jinglan back. Miaozhen couldn’t explain the symptoms clearly, so Xie Jinglan anxiously returned. When he lifted the curtain and saw Xiahou Lian lying there with a pale face, his heart sank.

Xie Jinglan stepped onto the footstool and took his pulse carefully. He had performed checkups with Mingyue for these past three years, as well as read medical books himself, so Xie Jinglan was very good at medical consultation, and half of Xiahou Lian’s medicine for nourishing his vitality and health had been prescribed by him.

Miaozhen stood on the side, crying. “What happened to Uncle Xiahou?”

Yu-jie’er also started feeling perturbed, but she still said, “He’s pregnant, right? The patients from my family’s medical clinic are all like this. They come to the clinic, throw up, and give birth to a chubby baby when they get home.”

“Are you stupid?” Miaozhen’s eyes were misty with tears, “Uncle Xiahou is a man, how can he get pregnant?”

Yu-jie’er said in confusion, “Uncle Xiahou can even marry Uncle Xie, why can’t he get pregnant?”

Xiahou Lian weakly pointed at Yu-jie’er. “You… you shut up.”

After taking his pulse for a while and seeing that his entire body was sweating, cold for a time and then warm for a time, it had nothing to do with Bliss Fruit; he had caught a cold. Xie Jinglan sighed in relief and lifted his head to ask Lian Xiang, “What did he do today?”

Lian Xiang said, “Xiao Lian went horse riding this morning and showered with three buckets of well water.”

The well water was the coldest, and this guy had even gone outside in the wind after showering. Xie Jinglan looked down at Xiahou Lian and said fiercely, “Stop trying to show off, you don’t know how you are right now, do you? So weak yet you still dare to shower with cold water. The poison in your body was removed by me and Mingyue doing everything possible and trying medicines one by one, and from start to finish we changed the prescription five times. The medicine has side effects, so the poison has come out, but there are still side deficiencies. Do you think you’re still the same as before?” He asked someone to write the prescription with a brush and paper and said, “Showering once is fine, what did you shower three times for?”

“Bathe three times a day…” Xiahou Lian said hoarsely.

“Your bathing is a cold shower?” Xie Jinglan said in surprise, “What about rubbing the dirt off? You don’t even use soap?”

“I use soap in the evening when I’m taking a proper bath, what’s rubbing dirt?” Xiahou Lian said in confusion, “Garan doesn’t have this practice of bathing.”

Xie Jinglan: “…”


Xiahou Lian was sick, so Xie Jinglan couldn’t yell at him for not even scrubbing and laying beside him. Suppressing his anger, he instructed people to boil medicine for him. After seeing him drink the medicine, close his eyes, and fall asleep, Xie Jinglan touched the quilt on the bed and impassively thought that he would need to change the bed.


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