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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


“By order of the Olin Truth Church, those who suffered from Sunset Face were thrown to the uninhabited island to fend for themselves. They said it was God’s will that Hellas would recall her frail servants. Zhou Zhou, in fact, they were killing people.” Chu Feng finished this part and continued on, his shoes tapping against the ground, the corner of his trench coat slightly turned up.

Luo ZhouZhou watched his back and followed closely behind him.

“Later, the people began to rebel, and after several years of struggle, they finally pulled the Olin Truth Church off the altar. On the day of the Archbishop’s execution, the Tylen Alliance was formed and abolished the royal family, electing its own president, the Honorable Calgar. After the death of the Archbishop of Olin Truth, the remaining members of the Church fled in all directions. Some were caught and put on trial, while others have not been seen since.”

Chu Feng stopped abruptly and turned around, and Luo ZhouZhou almost ran headlong into his arms. “Zhou Zhou, the insignia of the Olin Truth Church is a pentagon.”

Up on the first floor, Chu Feng walked out of the police station and said, “I have work to do tonight, so I’ll take you home now.”

After taking two steps, he noticed that Luo ZhouZhou was not following him, so he stopped and gave him a questioning look.

Luo ZhouZhou said, “I want to stay a little longer.”

He couldn’t tell if he wanted to wait for Chen SiHan or simply didn’t want to leave.

“It’s eight o’clock at night, won’t General Luo be looking for you?” Chu Feng looked at the terminal and asked.

Luo ZhouZhou shook his head and said, “He hasn’t bothered me for the past few days.”

Luo Pei was very busy these days and came back to the villa late at night every night. When he came back, he went straight into the study, locked the door and nobody knew what he was doing. Every day, he could only see him at breakfast, and he would not ask Luo ZhouZhou about his daily routine as usual, just mindlessly stirring the oats in front of him and acting as if he had a lot on his mind.

Luo ZhouZhou thought that if he got home later, Luo Pei would never find out, and even if Linda knew, she would not tell on him. Seeing Chu Feng’s disapproving expression, as if he was about to say no, Luo ZhouZhou took a few steps forward and picked up his hand that was hanging at the side of his leg.

Chu Feng didn’t know what he was going to do, so he remained still and let him move, only looking down at the top of his head. He looked at the fine, soft hair, glistening softly in the light, and the small, white outline of his ears.

Luo ZhouZhou parted Chu Feng’s fingers, took the car keys out of his palm, and put them back into his trench coat pocket. Then he tilted his head up and looked at him.

Chu Feng reached into his pocket with a blank expression.

Luo ZhouZhou’s gaze turned to pleading.

Chu Feng removed his hand, and after a few rustling cellophane, he put an object into Luo ZhouZhou’s mouth. His finger touched the soft lips unexpectedly, and he paused his movements. Luo ZhouZhou pushed his tongue against the object and felt a fragrance of orange bloom in his mouth.

It was candy.

Chu Feng kept looking at him, and after a few seconds, he smiled. The smile was fleeting, but he turned around, walked back, and said, “I’ll give you one more hour.”

Luo ZhouZhou was delighted and hurried to catch up.

At the sheriff’s office, Chu Feng took off his trench coat and hung it behind the door, revealing a black shirt with a belt that tied the hem of the shirt into his pants, accentuating his slender figure. He walked straight to his desk and turned on the projection, talking to people on the phone, crisply laying out various tasks.

Luo ZhouZhou took it upon himself not to disturb him and walked over to the wall and sat down on the couch. The couch was wide, and he unbuttoned his small burgundy suit and leaned back to play with his terminal. He wasn’t familiar with it yet, and apart from calling and texting, the only thing he could grasp was the clock function.

After fiddling with it for a while, he lost interest and let the display hover in front of him, his eyes following Chu Feng closely.

As Chu Feng checked the projection, he gave various commands. His usual carefree, serious tone and sharp face looked a bit impersonal. Luo ZhouZhou was in a trance for a moment, feeling that this was not the Chu Feng he knew.

“Autopsy again, right away, I’ve marked out a few locations and checked for any subcutaneous bleeding that isn’t obvious there.” 

“Colonel, you immediately take men to the Ava underground marketplace, there is evidence of a recent infestation of suspected Olin Truth followers there, bring them all back.”

“William, go to my military office and send the files from locker one to the Bayard Police Station.”

“This is Chu Feng, go to the information bank now and send me all the documented information material on the Olin Truth Church.”

“Jenny, send over a cup of coffee and a glass of milk.”

Luo ZhouZhou heard Jenny’s name and snapped back to his senses.

He saw Chu Feng pressing the intercom on the desk, but looked at him and said, “Just a cup of coffee and milk with two spoons of sugar for the kid.”

Luo ZhouZhou was not upset that he was called a child, and was even secretly relieved. This annoying tone was the same Chu Feng he knew.

Jenny quickly brought over the coffee and milk.

When she put the milk in front of Luo ZhouZhou, she smiled and asked, “Would you like some animal cookies with it?” Then she added, “The ones in the shape of animals, the kind of cookies that kids love.”

Luo ZhouZhou subconsciously looked at Chu Feng. When he heard Jenny’s words, the corners of his mouth hooked up even though he continued to slide his finger on the display.

Luo ZhouZhou’s face warmed up for no apparent reason, and he said to Jenny, “No, thank you.”

After Jenny left the room, he took a small sip of the hot milk and held it in his hands.

He thought to himself, I haven’t had a sip of blood since I came into this world, so I forced myself to quit. When he missed the taste too much, he just asked Butler Li to squeeze a glass of tomato juice to top it off. But the good news was that the tomato juice was still useful, and he gradually found the milk or juice to be very sweet.

In his original world, this would have been impossible, and even if he didn’t drink blood for a week, his body would ache all over. It was probably because his body knew it couldn’t drink blood, and was slowly adapting itself.

As he poured the last drop of milk into his mouth, the glass was suddenly picked up by an overstretched hand. Chu Feng arrived at some point and sat down on the couch opposite Luo ZhouZhou with the empty glass in his hand.

“Zhou Zhou, next time you break in, you don’t need a fake beard.” He crossed his legs and said with a smile on his face, “Just ask for a glass of milk.”

Luo ZhouZhou was annoyed to hear him mention that again and glared at him with a straight face.

Chu Feng looked at him with a deeper smile on his lips, then opened his terminal and pressed a few buttons at him.

“What are you doing?” Luo ZhouZhou asked warily.

“Taking a picture as a souvenir,” Chu Feng said.

Taking a picture? Is he taking pictures of me? No one had taken Luo ZhouZhou’s picture yet, and he suddenly felt a surge of nervousness, pursed his lips, and no longer looked annoyed.

Chu Feng dropped his legs, came over, and squatted in front of him. Then he reached out his hand and put his index finger on his lips.

“What-what’s wrong?” Luo ZhouZhou was first shocked and then asked in a low voice.

His face grew red, his eyes became more and more watery, and his eyes darted around, avoiding Chu Feng in front of him.

Chu Feng looked at him with great interest, until he became even more flustered. Then he raised his index finger, which was stained with milk, and said, “What are you thinking about? You have milk foam on your lips.”

Afterwards, he took the tissue out of the coffee table paper box, wiped his fingers, turned around and walked back to his desk.

Luo ZhouZhou, flabbergasted, reacted a long time ago and said angrily, “Chu Feng, you are really annoying!”

Chu Feng sat behind his desk, not talking back and not getting annoyed, but just smiling at him. Then he opened the terminal again and pressed a few buttons at him.

Luo ZhouZhou jumped up and went to grab the terminal, but as soon as he reached the center of the room, the door opened and someone walked in.

“Chu Feng.” The man closed the door and greeted Chu Feng. Luo ZhouZhou saw the tailored sheriff’s uniform and gentle glasses, and as if he had been immobilized, he instantly stopped clawing and frothing and froze.

“SiHan, is the meeting over?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, it’s over.” Chen SiHan made his way to his desk, only to realize that a person was standing in the middle of the room.

“You…” He sized up Luo ZhouZhou and pronounced his name correctly after only a split second of thought. “You must be Luo ZhouZhou.”

“Oh? How do you know his name?” Chu Feng leaned back in his swivel chair and gently turned his body.

Chen SiHan gave him a meaningful look and smiled, “The whole police department is saying that General Chu has a pretty little tail, and his name is Luo ZhouZhou.”

Chu Feng also laughed, looking at Luo ZhouZhou while doing so. The smile on his face remained unchanged after this glance, but his eyes were slightly narrowed.

Luo ZhouZhou was still standing there, looking at Chen SiHan with unblinking eyes.

At this moment, these words were echoing in his heart, This is Chen SiHan.

This is Chen SiHan, my mate.

He didn’t realize that Chen SiHan had gone to the restroom until the turmoil in his heart had passed. And Chu Feng was still sitting behind his desk, looking thoughtfully at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Luo ZhouZhou felt a little guilty for some reason and asked.

Chu Feng did not reply, his face inscrutable.

Luo ZhouZhou stood at a loss for words for a moment and then asked, “Why are you looking at me?”

This time his voice was much quieter.

At that moment, Chen SiHan came out of the bathroom and said loudly, “Chu Feng, as soon as I entered the lobby just now, my men were saying that you had an operation planned for tonight. Is there progress on the case?”

“Yes, there is a major discovery, come and see.” Chu Feng didn’t look at Luo ZhouZhou anymore, but pointed his finger at the light screen and began to tell Chen SiHan what had happened.

Before they noticed him, Luo ZhouZhou went back to the couch and sat down. Thinking about the look on Chu Feng’s face just now, he felt uneasy for some reason.

Had he sensed something?

The two men were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t care about anything else. After a while, Luo ZhouZhou started to secretly check out Chen SiHan.

I have to say, he is also very good-looking, a different kind of handsome from Chu Feng.

But when he thought of embracing him for the first time, not only was he not as excited as before, but there was a kind of resistance.

What’s wrong with me?

Luo ZhouZhou was at a loss.


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