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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“A sense of reassurance?” Ning Yangze put his hand on his chin, with a little surprise in his voice, “Why is there a sense of reassurance?”

Xu Yiyao shook her head, “It’s not just a sense of reassurance, it’s very lively inside, there are cheers everywhere.”

“That’s not right.” Ning Yangze pulled up the message sent by the Inspection Unit just now and looked at it again, “If it’s really the mental playfield Flower, it’s impossible for large cheers to appear inside. Xia Leyu, how long has the playfield been open?”

“Two hours and forty-three minutes.” Xia Leyu hurriedly looked at the clock that was keeping count since the beginning.

Ning Yangze’s face was serious as he guessed what was going on inside, and the more he thought about it, the odder he felt.

Although Ning Yangze had not experienced the mental playfield, he had heard a lot of rumors about it. This playfield would affect human beings to act on their obsessions hidden in their hearts, and there were tens of thousands of people inside, most of them were residents living here, and the relationship was very complicated. Ning Yangze was convinced that it must’ve been extremely chaotic there.

How could there be cheering? Even if there were individuals who were happy because they gave in to their obsessions, most should’ve regretted it, otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many Survivors who lost their desire to survive after being affected.

Just then, there was a click, Ning Yangze froze, and they turned their heads to look at the playfield wall behind them. At that moment, the phone rang and Ning Yangze answered it.

“Team Leader! The wall of the playfield cracked!”

“I saw it, didn’t you guys do it?” Ning Yangze waved his hand and instructed the people around him to get ready. No matter if this playfield expanded or was going to crumble, it had to be well guarded.

The other side sighed after a big gasp, “It wasn’t us, the wall cracked from the inside.”

“Cracked from the inside?” Ning Yangze’s eyes widened, “Does that mean…?!”

Does it mean that those three S-Rank Survivors found a way to demolish this spiritual playfield completely?! Not bad for an S-Rank Survivor! When he was in the unlimited flow world, he often heard that advanced Survivors could do anything, but he never thought that even the mental playfield could be taken care of so easily.

“What’s going on?” Xu Yiyao put her gloves on. Her voice was calm and steady, and the surprised look just now disappeared from her face.

Compared to the S-Rank Survivors, who were so rare that they could be counted on one hand, the A-Rank Survivors were no slouches, and they were also the top brass in the unlimited flow world.

“The playfield is cracking from the inside, and it’s estimated to fall apart soon.” Ning Yangze hung up the phone and proceeded to issue a call to everyone on standby around him.

“Everyone listen, the playfield will break soon! You guys keep an eye on the people! Not a single person inside can be let go!”

“Yes, Team Leader!”

Xu Yiyao was slightly relieved. She reached up and pressed her hair behind her ear, she was clear on the reason why Ning Yangze gave this order.

Only a Survivor who had spent time in the world of unlimited flow knew how much psychological trauma a mental playfield would cause. Neither the Special Unit nor the higher-ups would let these people return to live normally in society, and… Their aroused desires would emanate out and they still needed to be purged.

Just then, subtle sounds came into Xu Yiyao’s ears, those cheers grew louder and louder, and Xu Yiyao closed her eyes.

“Here it comes.”

Boom, crack.

The wall of the playfield collapsed with a bang, Ning Yangze stared at it with a grave face. In the enclosed playfield, countless people were standing there looking at the sky. The ground was covered with withered flowers, mixed with mottled blood, the moment the wall collapsed, the smell of blood poured out.

The sound of the wall collapsing startled the people inside, and they subconsciously looked back outside, followed by those people scrambling to run out.

“We can get out! Run!”

“I don’t want to stay here!”

Ning Yangze exhaled heavily, and then he raised his hand, “Everyone start moving, don’t let a single person go!”

The walls of the playfield slowly turned to ash, and instantly disappeared into the air with the wind, not leaving the slightest trace at all. After the playfield, it was as if the place had turned into another purgatory, with screaming or injured people who were sent for treatment, people who intended to escape; the whole place was a mess. Ning Yangze and Xia Leyu were so busy with the aftermath, they were overwhelmed.

Xu Yiyao smiled gently, it didn’t matter if the aftermath was tough, as long as there were no major casualties.

She closed her eyes and her emotion-sensing instantly spread over the entire venue. As a mental ability Survivor, she was able to accurately feel the emotions of everyone present.

At the entrance of the flower shop, Bai JunYi was regretting his long-dead flowers, Jian Nian and Xi Luo didn’t stay in the same place, there was also a Survivor who was still full of fear even in a coma, and…

Xu Yiyao’s eyes snapped open, and she turned to look to her right.

The young man being guided by the Survivor had white hair, but it should have been dyed since the black in the roots of his hair was already faintly visible. His head was lowered, his gray jacket was dry and clean, completely different from the wretched people inside. Xu Yiyao turned her eyes to his arms to the little girl she was holding. The girl was quietly lying in his arms, her big black eyes looked around.

The owner of that reassuring feeling?

That means!

Xu Yiyao widened her eyes to look at the youth holding the girl. Was this the person that the girl believed to be a god?

What exactly was the reason why a young man of a modest age would fill a little girl with a sense of reassurance and be called a god?

Seemingly sensing Xu Yiyao’s line of sight, Shen Si turned his head to look in her direction, and Xu Yiyao silently averted her eyes the moment they locked eyes.

Forget it, she just needs to report it truthfully, let the Special Unit have a headache about it.


The people who were trapped inside the playfield were isolated. They were not allowed to go out, in addition to preventing these people from having psychological problems, the Special Unit had to clear up the things those people did in the playfield. Even if they were affected by the playfield, they couldn’t be treated as if nothing had happened.

This was modern society, not a world of unlimited flow of the weak and the strong.

Shen Si was also isolated in a separate room. He behaved normally and had no complaints. A rare great guy who cooperated with the Special Unit.

Because the electricity and signal were cut off, and a large number of people involved, it was hard to tell what really happened. They were still constantly investigating and collecting evidence, the community opinion was very big, many people didn’t understand why there was so much fuss and why the victims even needed to be quarantined.

Not until the public announcement that the three S-Rank Survivors were also being quarantined without discrimination, did those people calm down a little.

But the panic and discontent was still spreading.

In the Special Unit, Ning Yangze pressed his temples and leaned back in his chair. He stared at the file in his hand, and the more he looked at it, the dizzier he felt. He had worked overtime for three days. A lot of times he could only have a sip of water and had almost fallen asleep, and the quarantined people were still protesting.

Throwing the file on the table, Ning Yangze frowned and closed his eyes.

This time they put everyone under surveillance not just because of the danger and psychological problems they might have suffered, but also for another reason: to determine how many people inside gained special abilities.

With such a large number of people entering the playfield, there were definitely people who could get a Survivor’s ability. The Inspection Unit had clearly told them that ordinary people entering a playfield had a low probability of getting an ability, but how low that low probability was could not be fully tested. It was definitely not more than 5%.

Bang, click.

“Team Leader!” Xia Leyu kicked the door open and ran in.

“What?” Ning Yangze was taken aback as he looked at the person who barged in in a huff, “Xia Leyu? What are you doing?”

Xia Leyu was panting, so he drank some cold water before speaking, “I’ve finished my work here!”

“Is that so?” Ning Yangze’s eyes lit up.

In the aftermath, Ning Yangze was responsible for arranging the quarantine of tens of thousands of people and concealing information, and Xia Leyu was responsible for understanding the whole picture of the playfield and dealing with the protesters outside appropriately. Neither of them had much rest in the past three days and were busy as dogs with dark circles under their eyes.

Xia Leyu nodded, “I learned from most of the Survivors that this playfield was destroyed by God of Light, Bai JunYi. He was flying in the sky with his wings open, and the collective cheering was because of that.”

“That’s right!” Ning Yangze suddenly realized, “At that time, their emotions were still manipulated by the playfield, so they seemed extra excited, which is why Xu Yiyao only felt the cheering.”

“As for the sense of reassurance, I thought at first that it was because of God of Light that someone was experiencing this kind of emotion, but Xu Yiyao clearly told me that it wasn’t so. So I went to check it out.” Xia Leyu rubbed his forehead helplessly, “Eventually I sought out the God of Light to ask, and that’s how I found out that God of Light is not the one who destroyed the playfield.”

Ning Yangze froze, “It wasn’t the God of Light?”

“Exactly.” Xia Leyu nodded, “It wasn’t the God of Light that made those flowers wilt and caused the playfield to break down straight away, it was Shen Si’s herbicide.”

Ning Yangze, …???

“What did you say?” Ning Yangze asked, extremely surprised, “Herbicide?”

“According to Shen Si, that is the improved herbicide experiment that he accidentally created or something. It’s extremely toxic, so he sealed it up for later disposal. This time he suggested to the God of Light to try it, so he took them out, but he didn’t expect it to really work. He asked the God of Light to sprinkle these drugs in the playfield. “

“So the playfield was destroyed… just like that?”

Xia Leyu nodded seriously, “Yes, I went to verify. During Shen Si’s university years, he was particularly fond of plants, and once followed the university professor for a year. According to his roommate, his whole balcony was filled with flowers, but one day, his flowers died overnight. I asked for details, and the playfield in the flowers died basically the same way.”

“That is to say, Shen Si inadvertently created a herbicide that could poison the plants in the playfield when he was in college?”

“That’s right.”

Ning Yangze narrowed his eyes slightly, “If that’s the case… Couldn’t we ask Shen Si for the formula?”


“Yes, that’s right!” Ning Yangze’s eyes lit up as he spun around, his eyes full of expectation, “Since it’s all true, let’s not worry about how Shen Si mindlessly blended this concoction, let’s first buy the method of mixing this stuff from Shen Si and then…”

Ning Yangze pounded his fist on his palm.

“Mass production!”

As long as it worked and didn’t cause harm to humans, wherever it came from, they needed to mass produce it and sell it abroad at a high price!

No one could refuse a way to destroy the flower playfield completely!


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