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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Chu Feng understood the meaning of Chen SiHan’s statement. The best way to soothe an Omega in heat was not an inhibitor, but a mark. He looked at Luo ZhouZhou, who was tightly wrapped around his waist and slid his gaze down the top of his hair to the back of his white neck.

There was soft flesh there, and a gland hidden beneath, emitting an endless stream of tantalizing scent. Chu Feng’s Adam’s apple moved and he averted his eyes.

“Hold on a little longer, Zhou Zhou, the inhibitor is coming.” He ruffled Luo ZhouZhou’s wet hair and used his sleeve to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

In the middle of the action, Luo ZhouZhou suddenly felt something and buried his face deeper into Chu Feng’s arms, then climbed on his shoulders and sniffed all the way up. He almost collapsed in the middle of the journey, but Chu Feng held him in his arms and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

Without speaking, Luo ZhouZhou sat up on his knees along with his uplifted arm and lay his head near his neck.

The tip of his nose grazed Chu Feng’s skin, sniffing greedily at the warm folds of his shoulders and neck.

Here it is.

Right here.

Through the thin layer of skin on the side of his neck, he could see the bulging veins beneath. Without tasting it, he could imagine how sweet the blood inside must be. Luo ZhouZhou let out a quick gasp, his heart pounding.

He tried to open his mouth, trying to show his sharp teeth.

It’s Chu Feng, and I’m going to bite him.

As soon as he put his open mouth on it and pressed his teeth against the flesh, he paused.

Only his consciousness reminded him that the scent belonged to Chen SiHan, not to Chu Feng.

Luo ZhouZhou struggled in his mind to close his mouth, put his arms around Chu Feng’s neck, and straightened his upper body to see his face. The man in front of him, with his deep eye sockets and handsome face, was a familiar face to him.

But how could Chu Feng have the smell of his mate?

Luo ZhouZhou licked his lips, reached out suspiciously, and touched his face, which was as hot as his own. Then he slid his hand down his cheek to the side of his neck and gently pressed the blood vessels there.

The blood veins were bulging and drummed beneath the fingers.

This was real, not an illusion.

Chu Feng took the hand that was groping around and brought it down.

“Zhou Zhou…” He said in a restrained, hoarse voice.

Hearing this voice, Luo ZhouZhou was even more certain.

Chu Feng was the owner of the smell, his mate.

He whimpered happily, pounced, and rushed to find Chu Feng’s blood vessels on the side of his neck. He panted impatiently as he resisted the urge to explode, and at the same time he kept soothing, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll… just take a bite, let me have a sip of blood, it won’t hurt.”

Luo ZhouZhou opened his mouth wide and pressed his teeth against Chu Feng’s neck. The skin beneath his mouth was delicate and tight, with a vigorous heat that sent shivers down his body.

“Don’t be afraid.” He said again, vaguely, and bit down. He closed his eyes and waited for the first embrace to come.

However, his mouth did not taste the warm liquid he expected. Confused, he unclenched his mouth and went to look at the spot. There were only two rows of tiny teeth marks, and no blood was oozing from the pointed teeth.

Luo ZhouZhou quickly shifted his position and moved his mouth up an inch.

He bit again.

Still no luck.

Ah, my fangs are broken and can’t come out.

Luo ZhouZhou became anxious and kept testing the skin with the tips of his tiger teeth, gnawing and biting again. When he found that that piece of skin would not break, he continued to try other places.

His head hunched over Chu Feng’s shoulder and his mouth shuttled back and forth across the neck, leaving a trail of wetness and deep and shallow teeth marks.

Chu Feng’s eyes were slightly downcast, his usual easy face a mask of patience. He kept his head tilted back and exposed his neck for Luo ZhouZhou to nibble on, his hands clasped vaguely around his waist to keep him from falling over.

Just as Luo ZhouZhou didn’t know what to say and began to whimper anxiously, Chu Feng let out a low moan from deep in his throat, pushing him a little farther away, face to face with him.

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng, I feel so bad, Chu Feng.” Luo ZhouZhou was suddenly pushed away and became anxious.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and touched his forehead, “So what do you want to do? Zhou Zhou.”

“I’m going to bite you.” Luo ZhouZhou spoke incoherently, “I want to bite you.”

“How do you want to bite me? Gnawing on my glands?”

“I can’t bite,” Luo ZhouZhou whimpered.

Luo ZhouZhou whimpered in aggravation and burrowed back into Chu Feng’s arms.

“Zhou Zhou, I want to mark you temporarily. Is that okay?” Chu Feng’s chin rested on top of his head, his eyes filled with red threads, and he asked huskily.

Luo ZhouZhou raised his head, looked at him with moist eyes, and sobbed, “Yes.”

He didn’t know what a mark was, but now whatever Chu Feng said, he would answer yes.

Chu Feng felt in that moment that his inhibitor had failed, and his heart was once again beating wildly and uncontrollably. Without hesitation, he pressed Luo ZhouZhou’s head into his arms, exposing the white back of his neck, and bit down decisively on the soft flesh.

The sharp teeth instantly pierced through the epidermis and into the gland, and the Alpha pheromones in his body were frantically injected into Luo ZhouZhou’s body. The moment Luo ZhouZhou’s gland was gripped by Chu Feng, he suddenly went rigid.

Like a small animal with claws and teeth, he was lifted up by the back of his neck.

When his teeth pierced the gland, he shuddered and gave a low cry, and then went limp on Chu Feng’s shoulder, held firmly by his arm. With only his mouth open, he gasped for air like a dying fish on the beach.

It took a long time for Chu Feng to release his mouth. He gasped, gazing at the white skin with two small droplets of blood oozing from it, sticking out his tongue and gently licking them away.

It wasn’t until it stopped bleeding that he gently laid the quiet person in his arms down flat on the couch.

“Zhou Zhou, are you feeling better?” Chu Feng’s shirt was wet again, and his voice was thick with lust, but his tone was still soft.

Luo ZhouZhou could no longer speak; his eyes were wide open, and he was looking straight ahead, distracted. Chu Feng stroked his forehead, lifted his wet hair, and slowly leaned over, touching him.

Like a swallow’s wing sweeping across the water, it was light and shallow, and a touch was all it took.

“It’s going to be okay, everything’s going to be fine.” He whispered in Luo ZhouZhou’s ear, “I’ll go get you a glass of water.”

He got up and went to the water dispenser and touched his sore and itchy neck, which was covered with teeth marks from his gnawing.

When he touched the back of his neck, he stalled.

His gland patch was gone.

He guessed Luo ZhouZhou had gnawed and bitten on it and rubbed it off. He went to his desk, opened a drawer, and took out a gland patch and reapplied it.

Knock, knock, knock.

There was a knock on the door.

An Alpha police officer who had been given a suppressant shot said loudly and fearfully through the door, “General Chu, the suppressant used by Omegas is here for you.”

The police officer waited for a moment, but there was no movement in the room. He looked helplessly toward the end of the passage, where two other police officers stood, gesturing far away, and said, “Keep knocking.”

He only raised his hand stiffly, ready to knock again.

At that moment, the door suddenly opened. Chu Feng left the door open just a little way, and his whole body was blocking the view.

He held out his hand to the police officer, his face calm. Except for his hair and shirt, which were soaked through, he looked as usual. The Alpha cop moved the inhibitor forward and couldn’t help but look through the gap into the room.

He could see the couch from this position.

He saw someone lying on it, wrapped in a blanket, with only a thin white hand resting on the edge.

Before he had time to take a closer look, he suddenly felt a pressure and anger coming down on him, chilling from the soles of his feet. He wanted to flee, but he was immobilized, trembling with fear.

This was the absolute suppression of a top ranked Alpha.

Chu Feng took the inhibitor, looked at him, and slammed the door with a bang.

When the pressure was removed, the Alpha cop felt light and stumbled a few steps outside before he regained his composure.

The temporarily marked Luo ZhouZhou was finally calmed down for the time being, but Chu Feng knew that he was in heat for the first time and that he was too uncontrolled, so he had to be reinforced with a suppressant. However, with the temporary mark, another injection would be enough to stabilize him until the end of his heat.

Chu Feng walked over to the couch and slowly injected the inhibitor into Luo ZhouZhou’s thin white arm. He leaned over and watched him for a moment before going to the wall and turning on the air ventilator.

The strong pheromones in the room slowly dissipated, and fresh air filled the room.

Luo ZhouZhou had fallen completely quiet and tiredly into a deep sleep. His face was still flushed, his mouth was slightly open, and his lips looked a little dry.

“Zhou Zhou, drink some water before you sleep.” Chu Feng lifted him up into his arms and held the water to his mouth.

Luo ZhouZhou was thirsty in his sleep because he had lost a lot of water. When he heard Chu Feng’s voice, he didn’t open his eyes and drank the whole cup in one gulp.

Chu Feng fed him all the water, dried the water stains around his mouth, and helped him to lie down.

“Go to sleep.” He whispered softly after covering him with the blanket.

As Luo ZhouZhou fell asleep in an instant, Chu Feng quietly got up and tried to put the glass away. He didn’t even take a step, when his pants leg got tugged on. He trailed his gaze down his leg and found a hand tightly holding onto him.

Luo ZhouZhou frowned in his sleep and mumbled, “Don’t go.”

The pheromones in the room had all but dissipated, leaving only occasional wisps.

Chu Feng took the glass of water in his hand and sat down again on the edge of the couch. He looked toward the window and stared at the dark gray curtains in a daze.


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