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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


The needle was instantly pushed into a blood vessel, Chu Feng pulled out the empty syringe and threw it on the ground, hanging his head and slowly breathing a sigh of relief.

Someone tentatively threw a few more punches at him, shouting, “He won’t fight back, let’s go!”

Chu Feng had just beaten them senseless, and several of them were still lying on the ground, either dead or alive. Although they couldn’t kill him, it was good to beat him up and break his limbs to take out their anger. But when Sky Wolf saw his injection, he suddenly became nervous and slowly backed away from the crowd.

Chu Feng was surrounded by people kicking and punching him, but he still stood with his head hung down, offering no resistance.

Someone grabbed his arm and tried to fold it back, but even though he seemed relaxed, not using any force, his arm wouldn’t budge.

The man was trying to apply more force when he heard a cracking sound from his bones.

When everyone heard this strange sound, they stopped and looked at each other.

After a few seconds, Chu Feng slowly raised his head.

“Ah!” The two men standing across from him shouted in alarm and took two steps backward.

The others hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?”

“Hi-his face…”

When everyone looked at Chu Feng’s face, their mouths were open in horror as they stood there motionless. The pupils of both of his eyes turned red, and his skin was so pale that tiny blue-violet veins could be seen. 1

A normal person would never look like this.

“Is this… a fucking living person?” Someone screamed out.

At that moment, no one could see what Chu Feng was doing, but all they could feel was a flash of light, and the two closest to him flew out of the sky and crashed into the stone wall on the side of the road with a muffled crack of bones.

Everyone had the instinct to flee as far away as possible.

But they were frightened by the scene in front of them, their feet didn’t listen to the command, and their teeth chattered as they stood frozen on the spot. Under their terrified gaze, Chu Feng suddenly jumped up, took a step in the air, and leaped towards the car more than ten meters away. He landed again, landing firmly on the roof of the SUV.

The SUV made a loud bang, shook twice, and two footprints sank into the roof.

One of the two people in the car was dragging the unconscious Ding An out of the car, while the other was moving Luo ZhouZhou. When he was shouted at by Sky Wolf, he felt a bit of a drum in his heart and wanted to move the Omega, who was still hanging out of the car, to the seat to lay him down.

He was inside the car, and didn’t pay attention to what was happening outside. It wasn’t until a loud bang was heard overhead and the car shook that he let go of the seat and stared upward in stunned silence.

After two seconds of suffocating silence, he tried to peer up to the roof of the car, but before he could do so, he saw a shadow flash in front of the door. After a moment of dizziness, he realized that he was hanging in the air with his feet off the ground, and reacted by screaming loudly in fear.

Chu Feng grabbed the man by the chest, yanked him out of the car, lifted him up into the air, and threw him to the ground with all his might. A heavy crash and the man’s howl were followed by Chu Feng’s fall from the air, knocking him hard on his chest with one knee.

Blood spurted out of the man’s mouth with fragments of internal organs.

Another person in the car, seeing the scene before him, was so frightened that he crawled and fled out of the other car door.

Chu Feng didn’t care about him, he just took a few steps forward and carried Luo ZhouZhou out of the car, whispering, “Zhou Zhou, Zhou Zhou.” 

Luo ZhouZhou lay lifelessly in his arms, his eyes tightly closed. 2

Chu Feng gently patted Luo ZhouZhou’s cheek and called out again, “Zhou Zhou, wake up, Zhou Zhou.”

The people finally came to their senses, and Sky Wolf whispered the order, “Quickly go.”

A group of people lifted up the several thugs lying on the ground and quickly put them into the car, not knowing whether they were dead or alive. As for the man who was flung down from the air by Chu Feng, he was too close to him to move the body, so they just left him there.

“Come on, let’s go, he can’t care about us now, it’ll be too late later,” he said.

Chu Feng, oblivious to the sound of the car starting up and then fleeing, quickly lowered Luo ZhouZhou to the ground in his arms.

Kneeling beside him, he started pressing down on his chest, one after another, with a firm grip on his strength.

The sweat ran down Chu Feng’s forehead and onto Luo ZhouZhou’s white cheeks, dripping onto the ground.

His red eyes locked onto Luo ZhouZhou’s face and his mouth kept repeating, “Zhou Zhou, wake up, Zhou Zhou…”

Ding An also woke up, looked around, picked up the jack that had fallen and moved to the other side of the cross-country. He immediately saw Luo ZhouZhou and Chu Feng lying on the ground, and saw that there was no one else around, only a corpse lying not far away. After being stunned for an instant, he stood beside them without making a sound.

“Zhou Zhou, wake up, you are so strong, you will wake up for sure…”

As the minutes ticked by, Chu Feng’s face grew paler and paler, the movements under his hands continued as he kept calling him.

A few strands of sweat-soaked hair fell, shifting lightly on Luo ZhouZhou’s forehead as he moved.

“I’m going to teach you how to drive and take you shooting. Look how good you are at shooting, and then we’ll go to the shooting range to practice. No one will be your opponent.”

“And I’m going to take you to the beach, live in a cabin by the sea, and dance on the beach at night.”

“Uncle Liu’s tomato noodles are going to be there too, I’ll make them for you too, I’ll make them for you every day if you want to eat it.”


Ding An was watching and couldn’t help but gently whisper, “General Chu, maybe he’s… already…”

Chu Feng didn’t stop, still looking down at Luo ZhouZhou’s face, only spitting out a cold sentence, “Go away.” 

Ding An didn’t dare to say anything else, silently took a few steps backward, squatted down, and sighed softly.

 “Cough, cough.

Luo ZhouZhou, who was lying motionless, suddenly let out two choking coughs.

“Do you like the Ferris wheel? I can—” Chu Feng’s words were suddenly cut off.

But Luo ZhouZhou didn’t move again. He felt like he had hallucinated the sound he had just heard. He didn’t dare to ask Ding An if he had heard it, for fear of getting a bad answer, and only kept his back stiff and motionless. 

“It was him coughing, and I heard it too.” Ding An exclaimed in surprise as he stood up.

Chu Feng released his hand from pressing on his chest and called out with a trembling voice, “Zhou Zhou, Zhou Zhou,” And then looked at him with bated breath.

Cough, cough…” Luo ZhouZhou made continuous choking noises again and gulped in air with difficulty.

Chu Feng patted him on the back and continued to call out his name, “Zhou Zhou…”

Luo ZhouZhou coughed again, and his breathing calmed down. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the person in front of him, his eyes gradually came into focus.

“Chu Feng…” His voice was almost inaudible, then he deflated and cried after calling out Chu Feng’s name.

Chu Feng’s tense spine relaxed and he sat back on his knees, closed his eyes and tilted his head up.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes, grabbed the man in his arms, kissed him eagerly on the top of his hair and forehead, and mumbled, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay…”

“Am I still alive?” Luo ZhouZhou whispered, his voice too hoarse to be heard.

“You’re fine now.”

“I just thought I was going to die and never see you again, and my eyes were getting dark and I couldn’t hear…” Luo ZhouZhou said in a droning voice. Lying in Chu Feng’s arms, feeling the after-effects of the attack and the sense of security, he began to feel uncontrollably compelled to talk.

“Mn, Zhou Zhou is very brave… amazing…” Chu Feng echoed.

“Where are those people?” Luo ZhouZhou turned around and looked around, only to see a surprised looking Ding An not far away.

Chu Feng said, “Don’t worry about them, they are all gone.”

Luo ZhouZhou suddenly remembered something and pulled his head out of his arms, looked up at Chu Feng’s face and reached out to touch his eyes, but Chu Feng held his hands. He was confused and surprised, “Chu Feng, how did you become a vampire?”

“It’s fake, do I look ugly and scary like this?”

Luo ZhouZhou spoke in a soft voice, “How can it be scary? It’s so pretty.”


“Really. I used to look like this and had two pointy teeth. How come you don’t have any pointy teeth?”

“Ah, it’s a bit of a shame I forgot to put them on.”

“But the color of your eyes is slowly fading.”


Little by little, Luo ZhouZhou sensed that something was wrong. Chu Feng gradually lost his voice in the midst of the questions and answers, and his arms around him became looser and looser, hanging down weakly.

Luo ZhouZhou propped himself up with his hands on the ground and saw Chu Feng leaning back against the SUV, his head resting on the door, his eyes pale and closed, his whole body looking very abnormal.

“Chu Feng, what’s wrong with you? Chu Feng.” Luo ZhouZhou nudged him.

Chu Feng didn’t react at all. Luo ZhouZhou thought of something, turned pale, lifted up his clothes and went to check his body.

Luo ZhouZhou looked all over his chest and back, and mumbled in confusion, “No injuries, are you asleep?” 

While he was talking, Ding An stepped forward and tried to drag away the barricades. The barricades were all iron products and very heavy, so he couldn’t drag them away after a few tries and had to give up.

It was when he started walking back that he saw a silver-white lighter that had fallen in two pieces on the ground. He bent down to pick up the lighter and found a small empty syringe next to it, with half a tube of liquid left inside.

Ding An squatted on the ground and looked closely at the half-empty syringe, then suddenly remembered something and his face paled instantly.

“General Chu, look at this. When I went to the church in Bavo to deal with the aftermath for the Special Forces, I saw the exact same empty syringe in the corner.”

Ding An picked up the syringe and strode back. When he got close, he paused and asked Luo ZhouZhou in confusion, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, all of a sudden he’s like this, did he suffer some kind of internal injury?” Luo ZhouZhou asked anxiously.

“I just woke up, too. I’m not sure what had happened just now.”

Luo ZhouZhou saw the lighter in his hand and asked, “Is that Chu Feng’s lighter you’re holding?”

“I don’t know, I saw it over there, but it was already split into two pieces.” Ding An handed him both the lighter and the syringe and said, “The syringe was next to the lighter, is it also General Chu’s?”

Luo ZhouZhou took the lighter and the syringe, looked at Chu Feng, and then brought the syringe up to his eyes to read the fine print on it.

Benzedrine, 2ml.

Benzedrine Extract, Benzedrine…

He looked at the lighter in his hand, which had a cylindrical space for the tiny syringe. Chu Feng was injecting himself with Benzedrine.

Luo ZhouZhou suddenly recalled the words he said before.

“…There is a limit to the amount of Benzedrine the human body can receive, and that the total amount cannot exceed that degree… But the amount of Benzedrine we had accumulated in our bodies was almost up to the limit…”

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng, how are you? Wake up.” Luo ZhouZhou began to shake him in panic.

Chu Feng fell forward without reaction and fell into his arms.

“What should I do? What should I do?” He was shocked and said to Ding An, “He may have injected Benzedrine.”

Ding An stood there helplessly and said, “I… I don’t know, what is that?”

Luo ZhouZhou cradled Chu Feng’s head in his arms and reached out to touch his cheek, which was cool and wet to the touch.

“Chu Feng, don’t scare me, what’s going on,” Luo ZhouZhou asked in tears, “No, no, I have to think of a way to save him. Calm down and think about it, there must be a way…” Luo ZhouZhou forced himself to calm down, although his whole body was shaking.

“He said, he said there was a member of the team who was saved. It was Qi Fen, that’s right, Qi Fen, look for Qi Fen.”

Ding An saw Luo ZhouZhou start to dial the terminal and hurriedly ran to the barricade with his jack, smashing the signal jammer placed there.

“Pick up, pick up, please, Director, I beg you, pick up.”

The terminal rang only three or four times, but Luo ZhouZhou felt as if he had been waiting for a century.

“Luo ZhouZhou, if you don’t have something serious to say, you’re dead.” Qi Fen’s cold, icy voice suddenly rang out.

When Luo ZhouZhou heard his voice, it was as if someone pulled Luo ZhouZhou from the cliff and he shouted hoarsely, “Qi Fen, Director Qi, please save Chu Feng. He overdosed on Benzedrine.”

Qi Fen reacted instantly and asked loudly, “You mean Chu Feng overdosed with Benzedrine?”

“Yes, he’s unconscious, quick! Hurry!” Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t help but bawl his eyes out, crying and shouting, “Hurry up, hurry up!” 

“I’ll leave immediately and get here as fast as I can. Zhou Zhou, calm down, and send me your current location.”

Luo ZhouZhou hurriedly sent the current address, his hands shaking so much that he couldn’t press the exact place several times, and repeatedly tried until he sent it successfully.

“Please hurry, please hurry…” He trembled and begged, whimpering like a wounded animal.

Qi Fen didn’t say much, and hung up the terminal after receiving their location.

Luo ZhouZhou cradled Chu Feng’s upper body in his arms, caressed his cold cheek, and murmured, “Are you cold? Cold?”

After saying that, he quickly took off his coat and put it around Chu Feng’s shoulders. His coat was too small for Chu Feng, and only covered half of his shoulders. He reached out and tugged here and there, trying to cover more.

When he realized that he could not cover Chu Feng in any way, he stopped in vain, sobbed, pressed his face against the top of Chu Feng’s hair, and slowly closed his eyes.

It was as if time had stopped passing, and Luo ZhouZhou held Chu Feng in his arms, unmoving.

He didn’t know how long it took, maybe ten minutes, maybe less, before the sound of sirens came from afar, piercing and sharp, accompanied by the roar of cars increasing in power.

“Someone’s coming, someone’s coming.” Ding An threw away the jack and shouted happily to Luo ZhouZhou.

The police car came to a screeching halt in front of the roadblock. Before it stopped completely, Qi Fen jumped down from the top with a medical kit in his hand, running and shouting, “Luo ZhouZhou, what’s the situation?”

Then Chen SiHan jumped out of the driver’s seat, and the two of them ran in his direction one after the other.

Luo ZhouZhou then reacted and slowly raised his head, his blank eyes rekindling the light.

As he watched Qi Fen’s running figure, tears rolled down his face and he cried out, “Hurry, he is very cold…”

Qi Fen rushed to his side, opened the medical kit in his hand, took out a needle, and quickly stuck it in Chu Feng’s neck. At the same time, he put his hand on another blood vessel on the side of his neck and snapped at Luo ZhouZhou, “Quiet! Don’t disturb me!”

Luo ZhouZhou was biting his lip, holding his breath to hold back the sound of crying, staring at Chu Feng with blurred tears, not wanting to miss even the slightest change.

Chen SiHan also rushed to the front, sweating all over his face, and asked Qi Fen anxiously, “How is the situation?

“Quiet! Don’t disturb him!” Luo ZhouZhou shouted at him. 

Almost imperceptibly, after the injection, Chu Feng’s pale face gradually filled with color, and his chest rose and fell. 

Luo ZhouZhou touched his cheek and felt some warmth in his fingertips, and he no longer looked like a lifeless corpse resting coldly in his arms.

Qi Fen observed Luo ZhouZhou again, looked at the syringe and said, “Fortunately, he knew the proper measure, and the remaining half was not injected, and the dose was just over the limit and not irreversible.”

He looked at Luo ZhouZhou again and said, “It’s also fortunate that you were smart enough to inform me to save him.”

“Is he okay?” Chen SiHan asked cautiously.

“He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t give himself another injection of Benzedrine, unless he wants to die.” Qi Fen put the empty syringe into the medicine box and coolly added, “I gave him other drugs to hold his life for now. To completely remove the drug, a blood transfusion is needed.”

“A blood transfusion?” Chen SiHan asked.

Luo ZhouZhou also raised his head to look at Qi Fen.

“Benzedrine interacts with the bloodstream, giving birth to a series of changes in the body. This change, if it occurs in a Sunset Face patient, can curb the rapid growth. But if a normal person is injected with Benzedrine, he or she must exchange blood for partially clean blood until the Benzedrine concentration in the body drops to within normal values.”

“So when can we give him a blood transfusion?” Chen SiHan asked.

“The sooner the better.”


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