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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Chu Feng ended the deep kiss, slowly parting his lips. Luo ZhouZhou was enclosed in his arms with his eyes closed, his lips glistening with crimson color. He sensed the tightly pressed lips leaving and grunted twice in discontent. He unskillfully searched all the way up, but did not feel the warmth and softness again.

Only when he heard two low chuckles did he open his eyes aggrievedly.

“Come on, let’s go downstairs, it’s a bit cold on the roof.” Chu Feng gave him another peck on the lips.

Back in his room, Chu Feng went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he came out in a clean T-shirt, he saw a movie playing on the projector. It was a war movie, with guns blazing and flesh flying, and Luo ZhouZhou was nestled on the sofa, watching it with rapt attention.

Chu Feng wiped his wet hair with a towel and couldn’t help but ask, “Do you like watching this?”

Luo ZhouZhou replied without hesitation, “I like it.” 

After drying his hair and throwing the towel back into the dirty laundry basket in the bathroom, Chu Feng walked over to the couch and sat down, still smelling like shower gel. Luo ZhouZhou quickly rolled into his arms, resting his head on his chest.

“What about romance movies? Do you like watching those?” Chu Feng bowed his head and asked him. 

“Like them.”  

“What about comedies?”

“Like those too.” Luo ZhouZhou continued to nod.

“And tragedy?”

“Like them.”

Chu Feng asked many kinds of questions in a row, and Luo ZhouZhou said he liked them all.

“So what don’t you like to watch?”

“…Let me think about it.” Luo ZhouZhou was lost in thought, but his eyes were getting increasingly confused.

“It seems you don’t pick and choose, you watch everything.” Chu Feng laughed, and said, “Okay, then I will watch the movie with you.”

He said he was watching a movie, but Luo ZhouZhou only concentrated on the movie for a while, and then his mind wandered. He looked at Chu Feng every now and then, and from time to time, he even reached out to touch his face.

When Chu Feng grabbed his mischievous hand and held him tightly in his arms, Luo ZhouZhou leaned in close and asked, “Are you going to kiss me?” 1

“Yes, going to kiss you,” Chu Feng said and immediately put his words into action.

They spent the day in the living room on the sofa, kissing from time to time. They watched several movies, but couldn’t tell the plot of any of them. Only when the soundtrack became tense would they watch it seriously for a while.

“The bad guy was right behind her, but she didn’t notice.” Luo ZhouZhou raised his volume a bit anxiously to the projection, “Would you turn around and look at it? You’re going to die!”

“It’s okay, she’s the main character, she’s not going to die.” Chu Feng patted him on the shoulder, comforting him.

Luo ZhouZhou was relieved that the heroine of the movie was finally out of danger and ran into the bright downtown area. In that second, a silvery white light crossed his eyes, and he tilted his head curiously to see Chu Feng playing with the lighter again in his hand.

He thought that the lighter had been thrown away, but Chu Feng screwed the ends of the lighter back on and brought it with him.

“Why are you still carrying this? Throw it away quickly.” Luo ZhouZhou commanded with panic and anger. When he saw the lighter, he remembered Chu Feng’s face as he lay dying in his arms, and what Qi Fen had said that day in the hospital room, ‘If you inject even one milligram again, not to mention me, even God can’t save you’.

Luo ZhouZhou reached for it and said nervously, “Give me the lighter, I’ll throw it away.”

Chu Feng quickly sat up straight and said, “Zhou Zhou, there’s no more Benzedrine in it.” He quickly unscrewed the end of the lighter and showed Luo ZhouZhou the middle part, explaining, “Look, there’s nothing in it.”

Luo ZhouZhou took a closer look and was relieved to see that there was nothing but a long hole where the syringe used to be.

Chu Feng added, “This was Wang Jun’s. I’m used to carrying this with me. It’s just a protective talisman.”

Luo ZhouZhou finally felt completely relieved, stopped making a fuss about throwing away his lighter, and quietly continued to watch the movie.

When it was time to eat, Chu Feng went to the kitchen to cook, and when it was ready, the two of them ate and chatted in the dining room. It was basically Luo ZhouZhou talking while Chu Feng listened, and they finished the meal like that in an hour.

After the meal, Chu Feng cleaned up the dishes with Luo ZhouZhou sticking behind him, holding his waist and following in his footsteps.

Chu Feng cleared the kitchen table with great difficulty, and then helplessly stood up and said, “Little Tail, let me go so I can put on my coat, okay?”

“Put on your coat for what? I’m not going.” Luo ZhouZhou rolled his face left and right on Chu Feng’s back and slurred his words.

Chu Feng said, “You’ll surely want to come. I’ll put on my coat and take you to space.”

“To space? That’s a lie.” Luo ZhouZhou was unmoved, still not letting go.

“Really, you’ll know when you go.”

Luo ZhouZhou let go, looked at him suspiciously, and said, “I’m already full, so only if I can have ice cream at the space restaurant.”

“We aren’t going to the Starry Night Restaurant.”

“Is it another restaurant then?”

“Not a restaurant.”

“A dessert store?”


“What about ice cream?” Luo ZhouZhou’s mind was full of ice cream at the moment after talking about ice cream from space.

“…Okay, I’ll buy you ice cream on the way,” Chu Feng said.

Luo ZhouZhou immediately let go of him and urged, “Then go put on your coat.”

“You also put on your coat,” Chu Feng instructed, “It’s cold outside at night.” 

“Got it.”

The two of them went downstairs and drove out of the neighborhood in the military SUV. The car had just been repaired, and the bullet holes and dented footprints on the roof were gone. A few mechanics only gathered around the footprints on the roof of the car and debated about it for a while, but didn’t question exactly how it became like that.

They went downtown, merging into the river of headlights then went through the checkpoint to Aleisha. The car sped along Aleisha’s flat, wide avenue and soon reached the Phil River.

This was a scenic spot on the banks, and usually it was very crowded, which didn’t thin out even though it was night now. While Luo ZhouZhou was still in the car, he could see a tourist ferry moving on the river, a huge Ferris wheel, slowly turning across from the brilliantly lit riverbank. He couldn’t tear his eyes away as he stared out the car window.

Chu Feng pulled into a parking space on the side of the road and locked the door, but Luo ZhouZhou was already eagerly running to the riverbank and leaning over the railing to look.

Chu Feng slowly walked over to him, saw him looking at the ferries, and asked, “Do you want to go for a ride?”

“No.” Luo ZhouZhou shook his head then asked, “What about the space you mentioned? And what about ice cream?”

Chu Feng held his forehead, stood still and looked around, trying to find out if there were any ice cream shops nearby. Luo ZhouZhou glanced at him quickly, then waited beside him. Chu Feng searched all around and mumbled, “I remember there is usually an ice cream truck, so maybe it’s too late today. Why don’t we find a restaurant and ask if they have any?”

Luo ZhouZhou was about to say ‘Let’s go ask’, when he passed by a mother and her son who were talking loudly.

The child, five or six years old, was crying and wailing. The young mother took him by the hand and said, “Look around, there’s no place that sells ice cream, because it’s very cold now Won’t your stomach get cold from it? Wait until summer to eat it.”

The child continued to cry, “No! I want to eat now, let’s go look for it.”

“There’s no ice cream anywhere now, believe it.”

The child stopped walking and tried to fall to the ground, but his mother grabbed him and dragged him along by his feet.

“Actually, I don’t really want ice cream, I just said it in passing, let’s go,” Luo ZhouZhou said. 

Chu Feng quirked the corner of his lips and said, “Okay.”

The two of them walked towards the nearby Ferris wheel and sat on it. After ascending, Luo ZhouZhou looked at the lights in the distance and at his feet and asked excitedly, “Is this space?”

“Wait a little longer.” Chu Feng took him by the shoulders and together, they watched the sky through the window.

When the Ferris wheel was halfway up, a soft female voice from inside the closed compartment prompted, “Now, the journey begins.”

Journey? While Luo ZhouZhou was still trying to figure out what this meant, he saw the walls of the surrounding compartment slowly disappear, and even the floor turned clear, as they were suspended high in the air.

“Don’t be afraid of the effect, it’s not real.” Chu Feng tightened his arm to reassure Luo ZhouZhou.

“I’m not afraid.” Luo ZhouZhou said with a little excitement as he looked at the lights beneath him. How long had it been since he had enjoyed the feeling of being in the air?

When he was still a vampire, he loved flying into the air in the dead of night, climbing to the top of high churches, or leaping to the top of mountains, running on the branches of those tall trees.

Ever since he arrived in this world, he never experienced such a feeling again. They were only sitting on a Ferris wheel now, but it wasn’t so bad.

“Look above your head.” Chu Feng pointed.

Luo ZhouZhou tilted his head up to see, “Wow!” 

Then he opened his mouth and didn’t move. Overhead was a vast starry sky, some stars were far away, but some were so close it seemed like you could pluck them by just reaching out. Although he knew it was fake, Luo ZhouZhou was still shocked, “Are these all images?” 

Chu Feng explained, “It’s a mixture of real stars and images.”

The stars were flickering and twinkling. Luo ZhouZhou looked above his head and felt like he was speeding through space. It wasn’t until he looked down at the Phil River, which was flowing quietly, that he felt the reality of being back on the ground.

“Chu Feng, I feel like I am really in space.” 

Chu Feng didn’t answer him, still looking down at the ground.

After a few moments, he quietly said, “Zhou Zhou, it seems that we have been stopped here and aren’t moving.”

Luo ZhouZhou also looked down at his feet for a moment and replied, “Yes, my feet are in the same place as they were before.”

Then, the female voice sounded again, “Dear visitors, our spaceship has encountered a little trouble, and it was stopped so our engineers can repair it. Don’t be alarmed, you are safe now and can continue to enjoy the beautiful view of the Phil River.”

“What to do? We’re locked up at the top.” Chu Feng laughed.

“How long is that for? If it goes on all night, General Luo Pei will be looking for me,” Luo ZhouZhou said with some concern. 

Chu Feng answered, “Half an hour at most, not that long, don’t worry.”

Luo ZhouZhou calmed down and said, “That’s fine then.”

The two of them were questly suspended in the air, looking at the starry sky above and around them for a while, and then at the Phil River below them, constantly switching between dream and reality. Luo ZhouZhou looked outside for a while, but his eyes couldn’t help but fall back on Chu Feng’s face.

In the twinkling starlight, the side of Chu Feng’s face was well-defined, and his expression was calm. Luo ZhouZhou’s gaze slid down the bridge of his nose and rested on his thin lips.

Luo ZhouZhou licked his own lips and couldn’t help but lean forward.

Just as he got closer and closer to Chu Feng’s lips, a candy with a sweet orange flavor was shoved into his mouth. 

“Doesn’t your mouth hurt from today? Here, have a candy.” Chu Feng helplessly said.

Luo ZhouZhou put his tongue against his teeth and sucked, before answering, “It’s a little painful, but it’s not that bad.”

“Don’t insist. We’ll kiss tomorrow, okay?” Chu Feng whispered.


In the next moment, a rattling sounded and the Ferris wheel shook then began to turn slowly.

“It’s fixed,” Luo ZhouZhou said a little regretfully.

Chu Feng rubbed his head and said, “I’ll bring you here more often.”

Getting off the Ferris wheel, Chu Feng took Luo ZhouZhou back to the General’s residence.

“I’ll have to go with you tomorrow.” Luo ZhouZhou stood outside the driver’s side, hovering over the open window of the car, sounding very reluctant.

“Then I’ll pick you up early, so you don’t have to wait for the bus.” Chu Feng warmly said. 

“Okay.” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t mind waiting for the bus, but he was happy to see Chu Feng earlier.

“I will teach you how to drive tomorrow.” 

Luo ZhouZhou nodded and said, “That way I can pick you up later, and you can sleep in the passenger seat.”

Chu Feng smiled at that, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

As Luo ZhouZhou pushed open the villa door while humming, he found Luo Pei sitting on the sofa with a serious look on his face, and quickly shut up, standing nervously in the doorway.

“Zhou Zhou, come here.” Luo Pei’s tone was unexpectedly gentle, as he called him over. When he walked over apprehensively, Luo Pei pointed to the sofa across from him and said, “Sit down.”

Luo ZhouZhou did as he was told. But when he sat down, Luo Pei didn’t say anything, just stared at the white porcelain cup on the coffee table in a daze.

“General,” Luo ZhouZhou called out to him a little uneasily.

Luo Pei seemed to come back to his senses just then, looked at him calmly and asked, “Zhou Zhou, are you returning from Chu Feng’s?”

Luo ZhouZhou reflexively wanted to shake his head, but thought better of it and refrained from moving.

But Luo Pei didn’t scold him, he only wiped his face with his hand. A little while later he said in a hoarse voice, “Zhou Zhou, tomorrow at dawn, go to live with Chu Feng.”

“What?” Luo ZhouZhou suspected that he had heard wrong.

As it turned out, he had not misheard, because Luo Pei went on to say, “No, you go now, I will ask Assistant Qin to send you to Chu Feng’s right away.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked at him in astonishment, completely unable to react.

“No, no, no, you go by yourself, and don’t let Assistant Qin send you. Go on, now go upstairs and pack your things.” Luo Pei pointed to the second floor.

“General, I… I will come back a little earlier, don’t be angry.” Luo ZhouZhou stammered.

Luo Pei looked at him and solemnly said, “Zhou Zhou, Dad is not angry, nor did he say anything against you.” He also urged, “Go upstairs and get your luggage, just pack up quickly, before it gets even darker.”

Luo ZhouZhou replied mechanically with an “…Oh.”, then got up and went upstairs. After taking a few steps, he felt that something was wrong, so he stopped again and asked, “General, did something happen?”

Luo Pei didn’t reply, but lowered his head as if he was thinking.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at his face and felt nervous again.

A little while later, Luo Pei looked up, sighed, and said, “Zhou Zhou, because I’m going on a secret mission, I’m going to leave the house for a while. This mission will involve some people, Dad is in a high position and is worried that they will come to me for leniency and you and Mom will have to deal with it, that’s why I want you to go.”

“And will Madam be going to Chu Feng’s too?” Luo ZhouZhou asked doubtfully.

“Madam won’t go to Chu Feng’s place, Dad has arranged another place for her.” Luo Pei waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, as soon as this mission is over, Dad will bring you back.”

“I feel that you are hiding something from me.” Luo ZhouZhou hesitated.

This was so strange. Luo Pei clearly forbade him from seeing Chu Feng, so why did he change his attitude so quickly and let him go to Chu Feng’s place?

Seeing his suspicious face, Luo Pei helplessly smiled and said, “Child, would Dad lie to you?

“But don’t you dislike Chu Feng? Why do you still want me to go to his place?” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t think it was as simple as he said.

Luo Pei turned his head and said uncomfortably, “Although Dad doesn’t like Chu Feng, he also sees that ZhouZhou cares a lot about him. I can’t ignore your wishes just because I don’t like him, can I? I’ll be out for a few days, and I’ll take this opportunity to see if Chu Feng can take care of you, so I can trust you to him later.”

“Really?” Luo ZhouZhou heard Luo Pei say that he wanted to observe Chu Feng, and his heart moved.

“Of course it’s true.” Luo Pei replied, “You and Chu Feng spend a lot of time together, and Dad knows it, so he won’t force you to stop seeing him.” Smiling again, he added, “I’ll let you stay at his place for a while, so I can observe.”


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  1. MonkeyNote: Damn, Zhou Zhou, you became a legit kissing demon. Way to go!


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