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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Luo ZhouZhou was walking to the bus stop with Precious in one hand and a turtles’ box in the other. Butler Li was quietly following him, holding a large suitcase. It was late in the winter, and there were no more pedestrians on the road in the villa area and the streetlamp cast a long shadow on him and Butler Li.

He stopped suddenly and looked at the General’s residence. The General’s residence was hidden in darkness, with only one room on the second floor glowing red-orange. The window was open, and there were two people standing there, looking over at him.

Luo ZhouZhou knew that it was Luo Pei and Linda.

Seeing him stop and turn around to look at the villa area, the man at the window retreated and drew the curtain back. Butler Li walked ahead and, noticing that the young man wasn’t following, turned around.

“Young Master, what’s wrong?”

“Do you know why the General suddenly asked me to stay with Chu Feng?”

Butler Li still didn’t have any expression and said flatly, “Young Master, don’t think too much, the General just doesn’t trust others to take care of you, Chu Feng is with him in the army, and is a general, so he thought he wouldn’t treat you badly, that’s why he let you stay with him.”

Luo ZhouZhou asked hesitantly, “Then is it true that nothing has happened to the General?”

“Yes.” Butler Li replied, looking directly at him.

Luo ZhouZhou was not reassured because of his words, but walked forward with his head buried in worry. Butler Li was behind him, watching his back, and sighed softly.

A cab stopped at the bus stop, and Luo ZhouZhou waited for Butler Li to put the suitcase in the trunk before getting into the taxi with Precious and the two turtles in his arms.

“Goodbye, Butler Li.” Luo ZhouZhou waved through the window of the cab.

“Young Master, take care.” Butler Li bowed to him.

Luo ZhouZhou gave the driver the address, and it wasn’t until they were almost at Chu Feng that he remembered he hadn’t told him about it. Only a short while after they said goodbye and parted, but they were going to meet again so soon. I wonder if he’ll be surprised?

The cab stopped in front of the neighborhood, and the driver helped Luo ZhouZhou out with the suitcase and drove away. Luo ZhouZhou carefully placed Precious and the turtles’ box on top of the suitcase, and began to call Chu Feng’s terminal.

Chu Feng’s voice came on the other end of the terminal after a few rings, “Zhou Zhou, are you still not resting?”

“Not yet.”

“Then what are you doing?”

“I’m downstairs at your house.”

“Huh?” Chu Feng didn’t seem to understand what he meant.

So Luo ZhouZhou repeated, “I’m downstairs at your house right now.”

There was silence in the terminal for a few seconds, and then there was a noise, as if he had run across something in a hurry. Chu Feng said briefly, “Stay where you are and wait for me to come down.”

After hanging up the terminal, Luo ZhouZhou picked up Precious and the turtles’ box and stood quietly next to the large suitcase. The night was cold, the exhaled air was white, the street was empty of pedestrians, and only a few cars passed by.

Big Crow and Little Crow were woken from their hibernation and restlessly moved around in their box. Luo ZhouZhou comforted the turtles, “Don’t be afraid, we are going to Chu Feng’s house, and you know him too. You can go back to sleep after we get there.”

About a few minutes later, hasty footsteps came from the building. Luo ZhouZhou looked up and saw Chu Feng, wearing a single coat, running towards the front door on the tree-lined neighborhood road.

Chu Feng also saw Luo ZhouZhou, Precious in his arms, the turtles’ box in his hands, and a large suitcase at his feet. But when he stopped in front of Luo ZhouZhou, he didn’t ask any questions, and his expression didn’t look different at all. He just reached out, swept him into his arm, patted his back and said, “Come on, let’s go home.”

Then he picked up the suitcase with one hand, held Luo ZhouZhou’s with the other and walked into the neighborhood.

Once inside the house, Chu Feng turned up the temperature, took off Luo ZhouZhou’s coat and scarf, and hung them on the coat rack.

He touched his face and said, “Luckily, it’s not freezing.” Then he took the large suitcase to the master bedroom, asking, “Zhou Zhou, will you stay in this room?”

Luo ZhouZhou followed him in, found the room he had slept in last time, and asked, “Is this your bedroom? I want to stay with you.”

Chu Feng opened the suitcase, took out Luo ZhouZhou’s clothes and placed them on the bed, replying, “Yes, this is my bedroom.”

After taking all the clothes out of the suitcase, he pulled open the wardrobe door on the side. The light inside instantly came on, and the large wardrobe was empty, with only a small section of clothing and shoes and hats on the right and the entire left side unused.

Chu Feng hung his clothes on the left side, and Luo ZhouZhou suddenly said, “Put them next to each other.”

“What?” Chu Feng stopped what he was doing.

Luo ZhouZhou pointed to the clothes and repeated, “Put our clothes together.”

Chu Feng laughed and said, “Okay, next to each other.” Then he hung all the Luo ZhouZhou clothes to the right, next to his own.

Shaking off one of his coats, he asked, sounding casual, “Zhou Zhou, does General Luo know that you’re here with me?”

Hearing him ask about it, Luo ZhouZhou answered, a bit excited and confused, “He’s the one who asked me to come to you.”

Chu Feng made a sudden jerk, “Oh, why?”

“He went to the military headquarters to help them investigate something so he asked me to come live with you so that I wouldn’t be disturbed by others.”

After Luo ZhouZhou finished, he pursed his lips and asked Chu Feng, “Is it true what he said? I felt as if there was something I was not being told.” 

Chu Feng straightened Luo ZhouZhou’s shoes and casually said, “It’s true, I just remembered when you said that. Don’t worry, your father will be home soon.”

With Chu Feng’s assurance, Luo ZhouZhou was completely relieved and looked relaxed. He flew back to the living room, carried Precious in, and put him on the bed.

Luo ZhouZhou took the Big Crow and Little Crow out of their box and asked Chu Feng, “They need to sleep, can you find a bigger cardboard box for me?”

Chu Feng was in the kitchen with two oranges, squeezing juice for him, so he put down what he was doing and started to search through the boxes. His house was so empty that he could see the top of everything, and in a few tries, he had gone through all the storage places, but he couldn’t find any cartons.

“Then let them stay in their box for the night, and I’ll go buy a fish tank tomorrow.” Luo ZhouZhou said, squatting beside the turtles.

Chu Feng stood and thought for a while longer, then suddenly said, “Here.”

He quickly pushed open the study door, took down some things from the bookshelf, and carried them to the living room.

“Use this to make their nest.” He showed Luo ZhouZhou the object in his hand.

It was a round transparent crystal container, with numerous prismatic shapes on the outside, very beautiful, and a base underneath, which made it look like a trophy.

Luo ZhouZhou held it up to examine it carefully and asked, “What is this? It’s very beautiful.”

“It’s just an ornament. It doesn’t have much use, just make a nest for your turtles,” Chu Feng said. 

“Yes, this nest is much more beautiful than the old fish tank.” Luo ZhouZhou put the crystal cup next to the crane machine.

Chu Feng took out two brand new towels from the cabinet, spread them out them in the crystal cup, and squatted down beside Luo ZhouZhou, watching the cup with him.

After testing the temperature at the bottom of the cups, Chu Feng said, “Let’s use the towels for today, and I’ll go down to the river tomorrow to find some fine sand, so they’ll be warmer.”

Luo ZhouZhou carefully put the two turtles in and nodded, “Okay, tomorrow I will go with you to the river.”

Chu Feng looked at the time and said, “It’s late, and you had a tiring day, go take a bath and go to bed.”

“Okay, you go to bed early too.” Luo ZhouZhou yawned, with tears hanging in the corners of his eyes, “Where will you sleep? On the sofa?”

“Well, the bed in the guest room is not made, so I’ll forget about it today and sleep on the sofa and make the bed tomorrow,” Chu Feng replied. 

Luo ZhouZhou hesitated and said, “Why don’t you go sleep on the bed?”

“What about you?” Chu Feng asked offhandedly, casually fiddling with the two turtles.

“We can sleep in the bed together.” 

Chu Feng’s hand paused, and he lost his smile, “What a silly thing to say.” He rubbed Luo ZhouZhou’s head and urged, “Go take a bath and go to bed, I’m tired and want to rest early.”

“Okay.” Luo ZhouZhou got up and went back to the bedroom to take a bath and go to bed. After two steps, he stopped in place again and looked back at Chu Feng without moving.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng asked.

Luo ZhouZhou scratched his face and looked away without answering.

Chu Feng thought about it and said, “Good night, Zhou Zhou.”

Luo ZhouZhou withdrew his hand and looked over, “That doesn’t seem to be enough.”

“What would be enough?” Chu Feng’s voice carried a smile as he stood up and took two steps forward, stopping in front of him. Luo ZhouZhou reached out again and started scratching his face, but he stopped himself and put his hand down.

“I think we need to add a goodnight kiss,” Luo ZhouZhou said.

“Is there a goodnight kiss missing?”

Luo ZhouZhou felt his gaze was a little hot, and was suddenly embarrassed. Looking to the side, he whispered, “Two is also okay.” 

Chu Feng softly laughed, lifted his chin, and tenderly touched their lips together. He paused there for a moment, then slowly parted, “There, now you can go to bed.”

“Isn’t there another one?” Luo ZhouZhou asked. 

Chu Feng put their foreheads against each other and whispered, “There can only be one goodnight kiss.”

“And is the other one owed?”

“Yes, I owe you one.”

When Luo ZhouZhou returned to his room, Chu Feng’s face sank. After sitting on the sofa, deep in thought, he lowered the stairs that led to the rooftop and walked up. As he took the stairs, he paced to the edge of the rooftop, leaned against the glass fence, and began dialing on his terminal.

It was as if the other side had been waiting for him, the phone was answered just as soon as it rang.

“Chu Feng, this is Luo Pei,” Luo Pei’s voice came from the other end of the terminal.

Chu Feng didn’t mince words and got straight to the point, asking in a deep voice, “General Luo, what happened to you?”

Luo Pei said, “My terminal is tapped and I’m using a signal jammer, but it’s only going to drag for about ten minutes.”


“I’ll be arrested and imprisoned, so I had Zhou Zhou go to your place.”

“What the hell happened?”

Luo Pei hesitated for a few seconds and said with a slight urgency in his voice, “I have discovered a secret, a secret that could overturn the Tylen Alliance. They want to arrest me and force me to hand over the evidence I hold in my hand.”

“There is no one else who could arrest you, what big secret did you learn about and what evidence did you obtain that’s enough to threaten him?”

Luo Pei said, “Don’t ask, I can’t tell you.”

Chu Feng sneered and said, “General Luo, if you try to save your life by keeping a secret, something will happen sooner or later.”

“But there’s no other way for me to do it.” Luo Pei’s voice was very low, “The good news is that as long as I don’t hand it over, they won’t dare to touch me.”

“You have other ways. You know I’ve been looking for evidence.” Chu Feng said in a deep voice, “General Luo, if you don’t blow the dark clouds away, you will always be gripped by fear.”

“I don’t dare and I can’t… it doesn’t matter if something happens to me, but what about Zhou Zhou and Linda?” Luo Pei seemed to have choked up.

Chu Feng held the terminal, looked at the lights in the distance, and didn’t speak.

Luo Pei calmed down, and then said: “If Zhou Zhou asks, don’t tell him and conceal it for as long as possible. Chu Feng, my only concern now is that they’ll catch Zhou Zhou to blackmail me, but as long as you protect him, I will tell you what I know about the cause of death of your twenty-eight comrades—”

Chu Feng interrupted Luo Pei’s words and said, “General Luo, I’ll also make it short. First, even if you don’t offer a deal, I will do whatever I can to protect Zhou Zhou. Second, the cause of my comrade’s death doesn’t need your clues, I probably already know them.” 

“Then, please protect Zhou Zhou—” Luo Pei’s voice was cut off before he could finish his sentence, only a beeping sound could be heard.

Apparently, the signal jamming time was over, and the call was automatically cut.

Chu Feng stood for a while longer, peeled a piece of candy and tossed it into his mouth, quietly watching the distance in the cold night. It was only when the hem of his clothes became a little wet with mist that he opened the rooftop passage and went back to his room.

In the night, it was quiet all around, and the sound of cars driving by could be heard on the distant street.

The bedroom door was gently pulled open, and Luo ZhouZhou, wearing a brown robe with a bear on it and holding Precious in his arms, carefully walked out. In the light of the street lamp filtering into the room, he saw Chu Feng lying on the couch with a blanket between his chest and stomach, as if he were asleep.

He tiptoed to the edge of the couch and stopped, then slowly squatted down and placed his ear above Chu Feng’s chest. The sound of his heartbeat was calm and strong, like that of its owner.

Luo ZhouZhou listened for a moment, breathed a reassuring sigh of relief, hugged Precious, and gently lay down on the plush carpet in front of the couch, curling himself up.

“Zhou Zhou,” Chu Feng’s sudden call broke the silence.

Luo ZhouZhou immediately looked up at him and asked apprehensively, “Did I wake you up?”

“No, I wasn’t asleep yet either.” Chu Feng sat up and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid of the dark when you sleep alone?”

“Not really.” Luo ZhouZhou also sat up with Precious in his arms.

“Then why did you—” Chu Feng suddenly thought of the way he listened to his own heartbeat, and the sentence ended abruptly, breaking off in his mouth.

After a moment of silence, he whispered, “Idiot.” 

Chu Feng got up, grabbed Precious with one hand, pulled Luo ZhouZhou up from the carpet with the other, and said, “Go back to bed, it’s cold out here.”

When Luo ZhouZhou tried to open his mouth, Chu Feng added, “I’ll stay with you.”

A few moments later, Chu Feng lay flat on his back with one hand under his head and his eyes closed. Luo ZhouZhou was sleeping on the inner side of the bed, tossing and turning to change positions.

“Not used to it? You’ve been moving around a lot.” Chu Feng suddenly spoke. 

Luo ZhouZhou’s body stiffened and he stopped moving. 

Then, he was swept into a warm, solid embrace, and Chu Feng’s voice whispered above his head, “Go to sleep, I’m here, be good.”

Luo ZhouZhou was instantly surrounded by a familiar scent, and the arms around his body also put him at ease. He rested his head on Chu Feng’s chest and let out a long yawn. The last thought that came to his mind was that it was okay not to sleep under the bed.

The next day, when Luo ZhouZhou woke up, it was just dawn outside the window, about six or seven in the morning. The chest he had been using as a comfortable pillow all night was gone and had turned into the soft belly of Precious. He turned over, feeling lazy, like his limbs were soaking in warm water, and didn’t want to move at all. However, thinking that he had to go to work today, he had to force himself to get up from his bed and sit straight.

When the bedroom door was pushed open, Chu Feng stood in the doorway and asked, “Are you awake? Come and eat breakfast.”

Luo ZhouZhou ignored him, sitting on the edge of the bed with his eyes staring straight up, a few dull hairs flying up on his head, looking dazed.

Chu Feng walked in, leaned down and looked at him for a moment, then snapped his fingers in front of his eyes.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at him slowly as if he had just regained his senses, slurred his words, and said, “I’ll sleep for ten more minutes. Call me in ten minutes.”

After saying that, he fell backwards on the bed and instantly fell asleep again.

Chu Feng was stunned for a few seconds. Dumbfounded, he lost his smile.

He put Luo ZhouZhou’s feet, which were still hanging off of the bed, under the covers, covered him with the blanket, and then exited the room and closed the door. After putting the breakfast on the table into the insulated box, he dialed on the terminal in his hand.

After a few rings, a clear and cold voice spoke, “This is Qi Fen, whoever you are, if you don’t have something serious to say, you’re dead.”

“Director Qi, I’m Chu Feng.”

Qi Fen paused and asked, “What can I do for you?”

“I want to give Luo ZhouZhou a few days off,” Chu Feng said.

“Why do you want to take a leave of absence? Didn’t I give him a leave of absence for that injury two days ago?”

“The wound on his neck wound has been treated, and there is no problem.”

“Then why do you need a leave of absence? Does he need psychotherapy?” Qi Fen said coldly.

Chu Feng was silent for a few seconds and said, “Something may have happened to General Luo, I have to guard Zhou Zhou for the next few days, I am afraid that he may be in danger.”

There was no sound from Qi Fen’s side, and after a while, he replied, “I understand.” After saying that, he hung up the terminal.

Chu Feng looked up and out the window. The sky was darkening again at some point, like it was going to rain. He was on his way to the kitchen, but before he could take two steps, the terminal rang again.

He looked at the number, his expression instantly froze as he became motionless. Only when the ringing was almost over did he go to the bathroom, threw some water on his face, and pressed the button to connect with his face filled with an inexplicable emotion.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?” With his usual genial smile, Calgar appeared in the 3D image in front of him.


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