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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Mrs. Jiang’s slender figure was quietly elegant and dignified. At first glance he wasn’t able to identify her age in the slightest, perhaps because of the characteristics of the dragon race.

Shi Yu was nervous, but still quickly adjusted his expression. “Auntie, hi.”

Mrs. Jiang nodded with a smile and greeted Shi Yu. She reached out to gently stroke his cheek. “What a beautiful child.”

Shi Yu was busy handing over the gifts Shi Lan had prepared. Mrs. Jiang lost her smile. “You are already the best gift for our family. No need to bring these.”

The compliment came sooner than expected.

“Mom, don’t scare him.” Jiang ChengLi followed behind him with a gentle reminder.

Mrs. Jiang glared at him. “How can I scare my future son-in-law? Your father is waiting for you upstairs. Go up.”

Jiang ChengLi looked helplessly at Shi Yu, who whispered obediently, “You just go up first.”

He wasn’t very good at dealing with elders, but liked dragons. The dragon horns on Auntie Jiang’s head were enough to appease him for half a day.

Having seen her son go upstairs, Mrs. Jiang smiled and led Shi Yu to the sofa. The little white cat was still tilting its head to look at its other master, who hadn’t returned home for a long time, when it was directed to the floor by her with a raised hand.

“Come, sit here. I heard you like dragons a lot, right?”

Shi Yu’s body stiffened. Mrs. Jiang’s words were like a straight shot to his heart. He wasn’t sure how to answer, wasn’t quite ready to admit this little fetish of his.

Mrs. Jiang saw right through him. There was an ice fog from the side and the corners of Shi Yu’s eyes condensed with frost which forced him to close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, a beautiful blue ice dragon was sitting in front of him.

It was the size of a pillow, and sat in a dignified and elegant pose. The pride and dignity of the Lord of Winter was revealed. She was very naturally flapping her wings. “Want to touch it?”

Shi Yu was silent. He faltered, then raised his hand.

But unlike when he was petting Jiang ChengLi, he only dared to lightly stroke the back of the lady’s long neck and spine, and wouldn’t presume to touch anywhere else.

This was his future boyfriend’s mother. He couldn’t kiss her dragon’s horns, or touch the tail, not to mention the belly.

Mrs. Jiang was very pleased with his actions and gently crouched in his arms. “No wonder my little cub likes to cling to Shi Yu.”

Shi Yu wasn’t sure if this was a compliment, but now he felt extremely flattered.

The mother of my future boyfriend is showing her form and complimenting me on the first meeting.

Mrs. Jiang took advantage of Shi Yu’s loss of concentration and slowly raised her head to sniff at his collar.

Shi Yu looked down and instinctively felt a hot sensation on his collarbone.

“This is the smell of the life contract ChengLi signed with you, right?”

The corners of Shi Yu’s lips pinched slightly and he nodded.

“Did you ask ChengLi?”

“Mn, he didn’t seem to remember.”

“That’s as it should be. He imposed an immature contract on you at an early age. The price of the contract was memory depletion. He doesn’t remember you.” Mrs. Jiang was a bit helpless. “Otherwise we would have brought you along when we first came to this world.”

Shi Yu’s eyes lit up. “Is it really him?”

Mrs. Jiang’s tail was gathered around her feet, her posture casual. “It’s him.”

Shi Yu pursed his lips. In fact, his own memory of this period wasn’t too clear.

His parents died when he was young and he was alone for many years. Later on, in the dead of winter, he went into the mountains on a mission for the academy, and then could not be found found.

During that time, he was ill and his memory was foggy, and could only have been taken care of by someone else. When he woke up again, it was three months later. It was spring and he’d collapsed in a forest, where he was picked up by a passerby.

The only difference was that he had a dragon-related contract on his body, right at his collarbone.

The people there didn’t know that it was a ‘life contract,’ and just treated him as the Chosen One of the dragons, so that he could escape from his past poverty and live a smooth life.

Shi Yu told Mrs. Jiang all the memories he had of dragons and bowed his head regretfully. “That’s all I can remember.”

“I don’t blame you, son.” Mrs. Jiang smiled sadly. “That time is a period of training that every descendant of the dragon clan must go through, and ChengLi had already suffered a lot before he met you. Besides, his spiritual power was not mature at that time…The life contract he signed with you was not complete, and there were many costs.”

Every offspring of the Ice Dragon Clan was put out to pasture in their infancy. After all, if one wanted to rule the winds and snow, they had to go through the test of winds and snow.

By the time he met Shi Yu, Jiang ChengLi was already scarred. They met in the snow and wind and redeemed each other.

“The boy’s limited spiritual power at the time caused him to sign a contract with you. In the end, it was not for a shared life, rather, it was a life offering. The price of the deed of dedication was memory loss, so neither of you has your full memory.”

The price for Shi Yu’s life to continue was to eat away at Jiang ChengLi’s lifespan.

This was why they came to another time and place. Mrs. Jiang and Mr. Jiang couldn’t find anyone to sign a life dedication contract with their son in the first place, then they had to flee in order to keep their son, whose life was hanging by a thread, alive.

In this time and space, it delayed the backlash of the contract.

Shi Yu was affected by the life dedication spell. The person who renewed his life in that past time and space was no longer there, so he accepted the call of the contract to come to this world.

Shi Yu went a little pale. “So, I’m alive now because Jiang ChengLi gave his life for me?”

The fog rose and Mrs. Jiang changed back to her original form and gently stroked Shi Yu’s bangs. “Yes, child. Everything about you is related to Jiang ChengLi, including the pheromones. Your two pheromones are 100% compatible because your lives are of the same origin.”

Shi Yu sat frozen in place.

Mrs. Jiang smiled and touched the top of his head. “So, are you willing to give up something to break the spell?”

Shi Yu didn’t even think. “I’m willing. What do I need to give up?”

“Past memories…Also, the feelings that came from receiving the life contract.”

“…What happens after I give them up?”

“Leave everything after that to me. With his father, I’ll find a way to break the spell in this world. You just need to sleep.” Mrs. Jiang softly touched the side of his face. “Once you wake up, the contract between you and ChengLi will be unlocked, the dedication contract will expire, and you and he will both be alive and well.”

Only after that, for Shi Yu, he and Jiang ChengLi would become normal classmates.

“What are you talking about?” Jiang ChengLi happened to come downstairs, holding the white cat who leapt to the ground and walked up to his mother and Shi Yu.

Mrs. Jiang was smiling and laughing, but Shi Yu’s face looked rather bad.

Instinctively, Jiang ChengLi reached out and took hold of his fingertips, which were cold, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Yu raised his head and looked at Jiang ChengLi’s gentle eyebrows. The cold on his fingertips stung his heart. Jiang ChengLi turned out to have given so much for him. He quickly collected his emotions and took Jiang ChengLi’s hand. “Nothing, it’s a little cold.”

Jiang ChengLi and his mother looked at each other as he led him to the backyard. “Did my mother change back to her original form?”

Shi Yu lost his smile. “How do you know?”

“She’s still colder than me. She just came back before saying she wants you to…I don’t care, you can’t touch the other dragons.” Jiang ChengLi snapped his fingertips. “You can only touch me.”

Shi Yu stared at him for a moment, slowly lowered his eyes, and whispered, “Jiang ChengLi, I like you. Later, I will also only like you.”


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Sue R
Sue R
August 29, 2021 6:29 pm

They are really bonded.

August 29, 2021 9:30 pm

What a complicated past😫😫😫

August 29, 2021 10:12 pm

Oh, so it’s not just this world but the previous one too… complicated but I’m happy they’ve found each other again. Let’s see what happens next.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 29, 2021 10:36 pm

It sounds like—will they break up?will JCL F forget SY?

August 29, 2021 11:55 pm

I seems after the spell is broken, they will forget their feelings caused by the contract 😥 Let see how deep their feelings are for each other an they fall in love again. Thanks for the chapter 🙏

August 31, 2021 5:06 am

Quite a sad past for both of them.
Even if the contract is broken, Shi Yu’s pheromones won’t change and their personalities won’t either, so hopefully their attraction to one another will remain 🤞🤞
If not, without memories, at least there shouldn’t be heartbreak (unlike now).
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 27, 2022 6:51 pm

Wow. No wonder Shi Yu asked JCL true origin before. He had inkling but isn’t sure. JCL though had totally forgot it. I wonder after the spell is broken, will Shi Yu revert back to beta? Because it seems his body is forcefully differentiated after meeting JCL as “Shi Yu of the contract”. And I wonder if JCL will still have the same feeling, after all we saw how indifferent he is in the beginning. Well, not like Shi Yu is any warmer 😅. I wonder how both will react.

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