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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Luo XiaoLou was stunned, then couldn’t help but smile, “That’s good! I mean, if the prince could give us a back door, everything would be much less hassle.” And there were energy stones to be earned. Luo XiaoLou studied the three Grade 5 energy stones in his hand, and the more he looked at them, the more he liked them. Normally he wouldn’t be able to meet such a generous guest.

Li Suo looked at Luo XiaoLou with surprise. Normally, wouldn’t it be the right time for a young man of this age to blindly worship power and titles? If you have a little more blood and passion, and try to act in front of the prince, you might even be able to get a good position.

“What do you… think of this status of a prince?” Li Suo asked indefatigably.

“Well, he’s simply awful, overbearing, irrational, grumpy, and always misunderstanding problems according to his own thought pattern – ahem. That- let’s continue to talk about the problem with the temple.” Luo XiaoLou began to feel embarrassed after unconsciously complaining a few times, and was busy bringing the conversation back to the matter at hand.

“…Maybe you and Yuan Xi really are perfect for each other.” Lin Suo sighed as he thought of his own apprentice with the awkward personality. “Next, as long as Yuan Xi performs well enough, or as long as the Yi family’s team makes it to the top ten, you’ll be able to enter the temple.” 

“Yuan Xi will definitely be able to do it.” Luo XiaoLou hadn’t seen Yuan Xi fail yet. And of course, he had put in efforts that others couldn’t imagine.

“Let’s hope. If I could, I wish I could come with you,” Lin Suo said sentimentally.

Seeing that it was already past noon, Luo XiaoLou took 125 with him to the Level 3 energy stone area where Yuan Xi and the others were. He estimated that the ship’s overhaul would be almost finished in about a week. Now the energy box and materials were more important.

Besides, he could give a surprise to Yuan Xi.

Luo XiaoLou wrapped up the energy sword, took water and food with him, and went out to District D. 

125 complained, “You haven’t been too nice to Yuan Xi. You should have your own restraint. Isn’t it a husband’s duty to always rush up to give things away?”

Luo XiaoLou was surprised and asked, “But, isn’t it all made already? You can’t just leave it there on display, can you…”

“Hey! Don’t you ever pay attention to me? I’ve been walking on your back since you were still spitting bubbles in your crib. My poor tail, you chewed on it every day back then! Didn’t you ever think of giving it to me? Even if I’m a mecha, I’m still hurt by you!” 125, with tears in his eyes, shouted indignantly.

“…” With that figure of yours, holding up an energy sword would be an even bigger waste. Nevertheless, Luo XiaoLou recalled all the features of the Energy Sword that had triggered 125’s collecting fetish.

Finally, Luo XiaoLou tried, “Then I’ll give you a Level 5 Energy Stone?”

“Dear, dear, is this true? How’s that for a good idea?! You can give it to me when we go back tonight, then.” A well-behaved voice said in a subtle tone, “As for energy swords and such, they’re only suitable for someone as terrifying as Yuan Xi.”

By the time Luo XiaoLou arrived at the Level 3 Energy Stone area, the three warriors had been waiting for him for a while, and Yuan Xi insisted on waiting for Luo XiaoLou to arrive for dinner, so the other two were looking at the food in front of them with grumbling eyes.

When they spotted Luo XiaoLou, Yuan Xi sat still, but Li Jay jumped up, “Luo XiaoLou, you’re finally here, hurry up!” He said coming to help Luo XiaoLou move the things in his hands.

Because of putting away the energy flame, the weight of the sword was not small, and Li Jay asked in surprise, “What is this? Your new instrument?”

“Of course not, this was brought for Yuan Xi.” Luo XiaoLou gave Yuan Xi an anxious glance. The sword looked a bit too much to hold.

Yuan Xi raised an eyebrow. With an expressionless face, he reached out and took it from Li Jay’s hand.

“Why don’t we eat first?” Luo XiaoLou greeted with a guilty conscience.

The group was actually hungry already after a morning of activity, and there was their usual lunch on the floor. When Luo XiaoLou took out the extra meal, a box of fish and two dishes, Yuan Xi handily placed it directly on his side. Li Jay and Xiao Qiao swallowed, not daring to squeak.

After the four of them ate their lunch, Li Jay lay down comfortably on the spot and moaned, “Following Yuan Xi these past few days has been a real workout.”

Xiao Qiao got up and slipped away. She also ate a lot of the food Luo XiaoLou had brought, she was much fuller than usual.

Yuan Xi tugged Luo XiaoLou to his side before picking up the large black package and started to unwrap it, to reveal part of a huge energy sword.

Yuan Xi’s gaze changed and he quickly ripped the rest of the wrapping off, revealing the entire energy sword, with a sparkling fifth-grade energy stone embedded in the center.

Xiao Qiao shrieked as Li Jay rolled over and jumped right up when he saw the sword.

“How did you get this?” Yuan Xi stared up at Luo XiaoLou.

Luo XiaoLou whispered the morning’s experience and added, “It’s a bit tasteless, but it’s the first one I’ve made that has a decent performance-“

“It’s ugly as hell, especially this energy stone.” Yuan Xi commented, holding the sword in his hand as he weighed it.

Luo XiaoLou was slightly relieved to see that Yuan Xi wasn’t complaining about the shape of the sword.

“If he doesn’t want it, I do!” Li Jay said excitedly, “It’s so pulled together! That’s what a man uses an energy sword for. I want it, I’ll pay for it!”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want it.” Yuan Xi’s words were like a splash of cold water on Li Jay, and he realized that Yuan Xi’s hand hadn’t left the energy sword the entire time.

Luo XiaoLou, on the other hand, perked up, “That’s great! Let me know how it works after the trial. You can use it this afternoon, my dear…”

Yuan Xi stopped what he was doing and thought for a few seconds, “Since you want something from me, I should ask for something in return.” Yuan Xi whispered a few words in Luo XiaoLou’s ear, and Luo XiaoLou almost jumped away in shock, but he was quickly hugged back by Yuan Xi.

That afternoon, probably because the Ancient Martial Arts Tournament was approaching, more and more people came looking for Luo XiaoLou to upgrade their weapons. And there was no shortage of people from advanced districts who had good weapons and paid relatively more. Whether it was energy stones or materials, Luo XiaoLou welcomed them all.

The materials brought by the people from the advanced districts were more precious, and Luo XiaoLou planned to take as much as he could. When they went out later, there would be no way to find these things.

When Yuan Xi and Li Jay returned, Luo XiaoLou noticed the huge energy sword in Yuan Xi’s hand and was delighted, while Li Jay was devastated.

Yuan Xi handed Luo XiaoLou ten Level 3 Energy Stones and turned to Li Jay, “Let’s try the Level 4 area tomorrow.”

Li Jay was stunned and raised his head, asking blankly, “Can we?”

“What is the purpose of your visit to the Ancient Martial Tournament?” Yuan Xi asked.

“Of course it is to get advanced energy stones, advanced materials, and preferably a ranking-” Li Jay stopped talking. He had realized what Yuan Xi meant. If they didn’t even have the ability to enter the fourth level energy stone zone, how could they get advanced items? How would they get a ranking?

“Okay, Yuan Xi. We’ll all listen to you.” Li Jay said with a bite, and Xiao Qiao didn’t object.

That night, Luo XiaoLou gave a fifth-grade energy stone to 125, who cheered up and went back to its experiments.

Luo XiaoLou, on the other hand, took advantage of the night to pick some of the materials out again to make a second energy sword. The material wasn’t as good as the first weapon, but the construction was improved.

Finally Luo XiaoLou installed the energy stone to test the levels. Luo XiaoLou sighed, the grey energy in the material was really important. This weapon was not as good as the first one, but it was still good.

When Yuan Xi opened his eyes after practicing his internal energy, Luo XiaoLou had already fallen asleep beside him. Despite not receiving the payment demanded during the day, Yuan Xi looked at Luo XiaoLou twice and went into the bathroom by himself.

When he came out, Yuan Xi saw the energy sword on the table, then after a few glances, Yuan Xi went back to bed and cuddled Luo XiaoLou.

The next morning, Yuan Xi said to Luo XiaoLou, “That new sword, give it to Li Jay.”

Luo XiaoLou muttered, “Mn, you decide. These only serve as practice anyway…” he wanted to make a more advanced one for Yuan Xi. Plus, if he could, he wanted to try to convert Cloudy Sky’s weapon to positive energy sword mode.

Li Jay was so surprised and happy that he wanted to hug Luo XiaoLou and kiss him twice, but he took two steps back when saw Yuan Xi standing in front of Luo XiaoLou after having yanked him back, saying, “Yuan Xi, Luo XiaoLou, thank you so much, you have helped us so much.”

Yuan Xi nodded, “There’s no need. In the very beginning, you took us in.”

That being said, Li Jay moved all their materials over in one go.

Xiao Qiao was watching with envy and desire, but she didn’t have the good sense to say anything. After all, the energy stones on the swords alone were expensive enough that she and Li Jay couldn’t afford them.

Then Li Jay couldn’t stand it any longer, and yelled that he had to eat quickly and go to the Level 4 area to practice.

On the morning of the third day, Xiao Qiao had her own energy sword, also level 5, and it was so handsome that she was surprised.

This energy sword was just the way she wanted it! The energy swords that you usually bought were like they were all cast from the same mold, and women’s swords were rare, and they were in low demand and much more expensive.

This sword of hers, it was like it was tailor-made for her.

Since they all had advanced weapons, they all stayed in the fourth level area for the next few weeks, and while it was a bit of a struggle, none of them had any intention of changing back.

The challenge was big, so the progress was big.

Luo XiaoLou continued helping people upgrade their weapons every day as usual, collecting more and more energy stones and materials.

The ship had been completely repaired, and with the joint efforts of him and 125, the ship’s power system was completely converted to energy stone power supply. 

Shortly thereafter, His Highness the Second Prince sent a large package of materials, along with a weapon sale permit.

Luo XiaoLou was shocked, a sword wouldn’t need so much. But he took it anyway, in case the first one failed, he still had the chance to make a second one.

However, Luo XiaoLou smiled as he picked up the license to sell. This was a good thing.

Luo XiaoLou didn’t rush to make the Energy Sword for that Second Prince, who had said that it would be fine as long as it was completed before the Ancient Martial Arts Competition.

Luo XiaoLou casually mentioned while upgrading his weapon that he could create an energy sword, but the materials would need to be provided. Immediately a few people offered to order one. They usually had Luo XiaoLou upgrade their swords, so of course they trusted his craftsmanship. Moreover, just by looking at those odd instruments, there was a sense of mystery. Maybe Luo XiaoLou was a disciple of one of the weapon masters.

As such, Luo XiaoLou groped around to practice his skills and started making mostly third- and fourth-grade energy swords. Of course, this had something to do with the materials as well, what those people provided was naturally different from the materials full of grey energy that Luo XiaoLou had purposely selected.

But the people were satisfied, and slowly, by the time Luo XiaoLou started to make a Grade 5 energy sword, the people who came to order an energy sword from him already needed to line up.

Luo XiaoLou took orders for one energy sword a day, no more and no less.

Luo XiaoLou let 125 help put away the extra materials – it insisted on its independence and autonomy, by helping out.

During the last three days before the Ancient Martial Arts Tournament, Yuan Xi and the others had fully acclimated to the Level 4 Energy Stone Zone and were among the experts.

And while the three of them were focused on improving, the ancient martial arts sects in each district had already begun to upgrade their weapons for their teams, even spying on each other.


District B, a large courtyard’s study room.

A skinny middle-aged man said, “Oh? And they have hired outside help?”

“I sent someone over to observe, and this foreign aid is not even close to the second young master of the Yi family. We only have people prepared to deal with Ino this time, and that foreign aid-” another round-faced young man said with narrowed eyes.

“Hmph, what’s there to be afraid of? We have to be in the top ten this time, or we won’t be hanging around District B either,” The old man behind them said grimly, “If we really can’t, save that guy from the Zhu family to deal with that foreign aid, and let him waste there as soon as he comes out. Since he’s similar to Ino, he’ll definitely not be a match for that person.”

The round-faced young man laughed, “Grandpa, your plan is so calculating. By getting rid of Ino, the Yi family would fight us to the death. But getting rid of the foreign aid, at most, would make us spend a little.”

“It’s settled then.” The middle-aged man showed a smile.


Luo XiaoLou laughed and stretched, “I’ve decided not to follow you out for a few days. I’m going to spend three days making weapons, and do that noble guest’s weapon that I haven’t started on.”

Yuan Xi looked a little ugly, but agreed.


At this time, 125, on the other hand, ran over with his tail up and leaned in to Luo XiaoLou’s ear and said, “I’ve finished researching my potion.”


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