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After the doctor finished the follow-up treatment, Lan Yu was pushed out of the delivery room and Luo Yang, who had been playing games with Lu RanKong’s body, squeezed Lu RanKong back in.

After Lu RanKong returned to his own body, he was still a bit confused, sitting on the bench in a daze, looking exhausted. It wasn’t until Lan Yu was pushed into the room by the nurse that he stood up holding the wall.

The round-faced nurse who saw him sitting outside the delivery room playing a game at first, turned her back and skimmed her lips disdainfully, rolling her eyes.

“The baby is healthy, and you’re recovering well from the therapy device, but you still need to rest.” The doctor admonished Lan Yu.

After everyone left the ward, Lan Yu extended his hand to Lu RanKong who was still standing at the door. Lu RanKong walked over to him, sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down, burying his head between his neck.

“You’ve worked hard. Get some sleep and rest.” Lan Yu turned his head sideways, and kissed him on the ear.

“Aren’t you going to watch the baby?” Lu RanKong asked, keeping his posture unmoving.

The baby was in the crib next to him, sleeping soundly and not making a sound.

Lan Yu whispered, “Later. Right now I just want to hold you.”

Lu RanKong didn’t reply, and Lan Yu felt his face moving against his shoulder; he should be smiling.

The ward was large and luxurious, with all the necessary facilities, and Lan Yu asked him, “Do you want to sleep in the next room?”

Next door was the family bedroom, which was connected to this one and also had a bed.

Lu RanKong shook his head and said, “I want to sleep in the hospital bed, since I have to sit for a month.”

Lan Yu moved to the side and said, “Then come up and sleep with me.”

The single bed in this hospital was quite large, so the two of them were squeezed together just right, and Lu RanKong and Lan Yu were lying face to face, each looking at the other. Lu RanKong’s eyes were dark and deep, like a deep lake, and Lan Yu couldn’t help but kiss them again, holding his hand over them and saying, “Get some rest.”

Lu RanKong caught his hand down and held it, closed his eyes, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Emperor ChengFa named the baby Gu ZhuXiao. Gu ZhuXiao ate and slept and ate, sometimes farted. He drank a bottle of milk every two hours, only to cry from hunger when the two hours were up. Then he ate more, and then pooped more, so Lu RanKong would have to get up to serve him seven or eight times.

After he came home from the hospital, although Lu RanKong said he wanted to sit out a month without the baby, things still fell on his head. The two didn’t want too many outsiders in the family, so they only asked Uncle Chen to send a trusted servant to come to work every morning and return to the palace at night, just like clocking in and out.

Lan Yu saw Lu RanKong worked hard, and had even lost weight. His cheeks had a sharper contour, making him very heartbroken. No matter what his objection, he directly asked Uncle Chen to send two servants to live in the house and let them both take the child at night.

When Gu ZhuXiao was hugged by those two and cried, he refused to drink milk, closed his eyes and howled with anger. If Lu RanKong didn’t go to hold him, he could cry until his voice was hoarse, even if Lan Yu went to coax him.

By the time he was more than two months old, Gu ZhuXiao seemed to finally realize that he was a human being and stopped tormenting his father, drinking milk only once in the middle of the night and sleeping until dawn.

After this period of recuperation, Lan Yu’s body had recovered as before, and Lu RanKong started to go on the missions sent by Liu Deng. But the good thing was that those tasks weren’t too tricky, and they were all on Sasu Planet, so Lan Yu could sometimes go to help.

After a while, he was inexplicably hired by Liu Deng as a consultant again.

The first time he went undercover for Lu RanKong, he got mixed up in a film base and was actually seen by a major director who invited him to play a role in his new movie. Lan Yu hadn’t shot a movie in a while, and was a bit tempted, but thought of Gu ZhuXiao at home, and politely declined.

Gu ZhuXiao was already more than half a year old, and stuck to him tightly. This time, with Lu RanKong carrying out undercover missions, he hadn’t seen him for two days and missed him very much.

Lan Yu secretly found an opportunity to communicate with Emperor ChengFa’s terminal, wanting to send Gu ZhuXiao over. As soon as GuZhuXiao saw his mother, he jumped up, reached out to the floating screen to touch his face, anxiously shouting, “Hug! Hug!”

Gu ZhuXiao looked like Lu RanKong, and realizing that Lan Yu didn’t hug him, his small mouth deflated and his dark eyes suddenly overflowed with water.

Emperor ChengFa hurriedly hung up the terminal, picked him up and coaxed him for a long time.

When Lu RanKong heard about it, and on the way back to the main city after the mission, he sat in the car and asked Lan Yu, “That director is inviting you to do a movie. Do you want to go?”

“No, I don’t want to go.” Lan Yu said, “I’m tired of filming, I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Lu RanKong observed his expression and said, “Lies.”

“It’s true.” Lan Yu replied.

Lu RanKong said, “Your expressions and eyes can fool everyone, but they can’t fool me.”

Lan Yu looked at him sideways and didn’t say anything.

Lu RanKong spoke again, “When you said you didn’t want to shoot, there was no glow in your eyes.”

Lu RanKong took him into his arms, gently kissed the top of his hair, and said, “I’m free during this period, so you go shoot, I’ll take care of Xiao Xiao at home.”

“But I want you to rest, and you don’t like taking care of kids the most.” Lan Yu bumped him lightly with his forehead.

“I want to see you happy more than with the child. Besides, Xiao Xiao is so sturdy, he’s easy to bring up. He can eat a lot and poop a lot, and the nutrition can manage a meal without mixing with juice.” Lu RanKong said.

When Lan Yu looked up and stared at him, he added, “Of course, with nutrients that’s impossible, I will certainly make him a delicious and tasty supplement.”

With Lu RanKong’s repeated reassurance, Lan Yu finally agreed to that director’s invitation to fly to Puloksang to shoot a movie. Lu RanKong drove him to the docking pad. Gu ZhuXiao thought he was going out for fun and was so excited all the way, sitting in the baby seat looking out the window and gabbing meaningless words out of his mouth.

It wasn’t until Lan Yu dragged his suitcase to security that he became anxious as he was held still by Lu RanKong. He kicked and stomped his legs and pointed his fat finger at Lan Yu, turning his head to look at Lu RanKong and urging him to follow him while screaming.

Lan Yu went through the security check and turned his head to look at the father and son. Lu RanKong was looking at him blearily, Gu ZhuXiao was already crying and fussing, struggling desperately in Lu RanKong’s arms, and holding out his two hands to Lan Yu for a hug.

From birth to now, Lan Yu only occasionally accompanied Lu RanKong on a mission, and would leave Gu ZhuXiao at his grandfather’s place for a day, but they hadn’t been separated for a week or two like this.

Hearing his heartbreaking cries, Lan Yu stopped in his tracks and he hesitated whether to stop filming. But Lu RanKong turned around decisively, hugged Gu ZhuXiao and headed out. Lan Yu watched the backs of father and son disappear around the corner, and only then did he drag his suitcase onward.

When he was far away, Lu RanKong hugged Gu ZhuXiao out of the corner and wiped his son’s tears with his big hand, saying: “Why are you crying? Dad didn’t shed his tears or cry.”

After coming to the set, Lan Yu quickly got into the shooting. His scenes weren’t too many, but it was very important and a test of acting skills. It only took him a few scenes to conquer the actors, the director, and all the staff who were watching him.

The director made an immediate decision and added a few more scenes for him, and this time it was estimated that he wouldn’t be able to finish shooting for half a month.

During the lunch break, he went to an unoccupied corner and dialed Lu RanKong’s terminal.

“Baby, are you coming back tomorrow? Which starship are you going to take? I’ll pick you up.”

Lu RanKong held the camera to his face in an unappealing angle, but even so, he still looked handsome.

Seeing his face full of expectation, Lan Yu was a little unsure how to speak. Lu RanKong looked at him as if he wanted to say something, and his face gradually collapsed.

“You can’t come back tomorrow?”

Lan Yu nodded his head with a little bit of guilt and self-condemnation.

“The plan was to go back tomorrow, but the director added some more shots. The point is that I think they were added very well and make the film present a fuller content, so it’s…”

Lu RanKong knew that Lan Yu was very dedicated, so he didn’t say anything else, only telling him to do his best. Then lowered his eyes to look down.

Lan Yu was also full of thoughts for Lu RanKong, gently exploring his hand to touch the floating screen, to trace the outline of his face.

“What are you doing?” Lu RanKong noticed his small movement.

“I’m touching your face.” Lan Yu replied.

Lu RanKong’s expression softened and he moved his face closer, so close that Lan Yu could only see two nostrils.

“Touch it like this.” He said.

Lan Yu had to reach out and pretend to make a face touching motion.

The two of them had a few more moments of love before Lan Yu asked, “Where’s Xiao Xiao? Is he sleeping?”

“No, he’s playing in the garden.” Lu RanKong said.

“What is he playing in the garden alone? Quickly let me see.”

The picture on the display started to shake and Lu RanKong was walking towards the yard. When the screen stopped, Lan Yu saw that Gu ZhuXiao was sitting in the garden, digging the soil on his hands and knees, his shoes had stirred off and he was covered in mud. Gu ZhuXiao plowed a few times and then fell to the ground, rolling happily from side to side.

“This…” Lan Yu looked at his mud monkey-like son and opened his mouth.

“See, he likes to play like this.”


Lu RanKong added, “Then you can shoot the movie without worrying. You see that Xiao Xiao is quite well, he only noisily looks for you at night when he sleeps.”

“Mn, thank you for your hard work, I’ll soon—” Lan Yu stopped talking and said urgently, “Look what he’s stuffing into his mouth!”

Gu ZhuXiao crawled to a corner and sat down, pulling out a round object from a paper bag and stuffing it into his mouth.

“It’s the seeds of purple glucosamine that Uncle Chen brought last time! I haven’t planted it yet, but wrapped it in a paper bag and put it there! Quickly get it out of his mouth!” Lan Yu exclaimed.

Lu RanKong took two steps over, one hand pinched Gu ZhuXiao’s mouth, two fingers reached in, and picked out the flower seeds.

Gu ZhuXiao cried out loudly, and his mouth screamed, “Dad, bad!”

Lu RanKong held his gray-headed son and told Lan Yu, “I’m going to give him a bath first, we’ll talk later.”

“Go ahead.” Lan Yu was afraid that Gu ZhuXiao would see himself even more unable to close the scene, so he hung up after saying goodbye hurriedly.

That night, Lan Yu and Lu RanKong chatted for two or three hours, until late at night before hanging up reluctantly, lying in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep. He thought about Lu RanKong and Gu ZhuXiao, and he thought about it so much that he couldn’t wait to book a ticket to fly back immediately.

The next day’s shoot was a relationship scene, in which Lan Yu played the role of a cannon fodder for the heroine’s years of crush silent concern, when the heroine encountered a setback, he was the first to arrive at the scene, and hugged her to confess his feelings.

The actress opposite him always failed to find a feeling and acted very unnaturally, shooting back and forth several times but didn’t pass. The director called her aside and started to analyze the character’s heart, while Lan Yu walked to the side of the scene and picked up a bottle of water and drank it silently.

This was a small town in Puloxing, the houses were very low and old, an ancient town landscape. They came here to shoot a scene, and there were many local residents observing, some even with their rice bowls, while eating and watching.

Lan Yu sipped his water, his eyes unconsciously turned to the crowd, suddenly widened his eyes, a mouthful of water almost spurted out of his mouth.

In the crowd stood a tall man wearing a jacket that stood out, with a little boy looking at him with a grin on his shoulder.

It was Lu RanKong and Gu ZhuXiao.

Lu RanKong grabbed Gu ZhuXiao’s two fat legs with his hands and looked at Lan Yu with a bright gaze. Gu ZhuXiao was bouncing around excitedly, and his hand, which was holding Lu RanKong’s head, was stretched out in front of him, and his mouth shouted, “Hug! Hug!”

Lan Yu’s heart was beating so fiercely that he took a few steps to run over, separated from the crowd, and pulled father and son to the side behind a large tree. He didn’t care if anyone would pass by, and kissed each of them hard on the face.

“When did you two leave?” Lan Yu took Gu ZhuXiao into his arms and buried his face in his body, sniffing the milk smell.

Lu RanKong wrapped his arm around his waist and said, “After I ended the terminal call with you last night, I checked the starship flight and left in half an hour.”

“Then you didn’t have a good rest?” Lan Yu gently bit Gu ZhuXiao’s hand that was curiously touching his face. He had toned his skin a little darker because of his makeup, like a real townie. Gu ZhuXiao felt that he was familiar and strange, and seemed to be different in some way, and couldn’t help but reach out to touch his nose and face.

“I rested on the starship. Xiao Xiao was carried out from the quilt, wrapped in a small blanket on the starship. He has been sleeping, and woke up on Pule Planet. I also have a house and a car in the main city of Pule Planet, so I drove here…” Lu RanKong rambled on about what happened.

“Ready, ready! Start over again.” The director picked up the trumpet and started shouting.

Lan Yu put Gu ZhuXiao back into Lu RanKong’s arms, took him to the resting place of the crew at the side of the venue, and brought a chair for him to sit down.

“Wait for me for a while. I just have to finish filming this part, and I’ll take you back to the B&B to rest.” Lan Yu said.

“Go ahead, we’ll watch from here.”

Soon the shooting started again and Lan Yu put his arm around the female lead. The heroine went through the emotional immersion and the director’s explanation, and this time the shot went well. She was trembling in Lan Yu’s arms, Lan Yu patted her back, and the suppressed emotions eventually turned into a kiss that fell imperceptibly on the top of her hair… 

“Xiao Xiao, quickly shout out to mom. Quickly shout, reach out to him for a hug.” Lu RanKong said sourly to Gu ZhuXiao.

Gu ZhuXiao eyed Lan Yu, sucking on his fingertips without making a sound.

The next shot went well, and finally the shots in the town were all completed, and the crew began to pack up their things, ready to leave for the mountains in the afternoon to shoot another scene.

Lan Yu went to the father and son and squatted down in front of them, lying on Lu RanKong’s lap, holding Gu ZhuXiao’s fat hand, and said apologetically, “Just wait for me in the town for a day, I’ll finish the shots in the mountains and return, and we’ll go home together.”

Lu RanKong said, “We’re going too.”

“But the conditions in the mountains are very bad.” Lan Yu was a little hesitant.

“Am I afraid of poor conditions?” Lu RanKong said in shock.

Lan Yu nibbled on his knee and said, “Of course you, the thick-skinned one, aren’t afraid, but Xiao Xiao is.”

“I brought everything with him: a small sleeping bag, a small blanket and toys, so don’t worry.” Lu RanKong thought about it and said, “The anti-mosquito water is loaded in the car, and we also brought your favorite fruit.”

Lan Yu laughed and looked up at him, “Why are you so thoughtful all of a sudden?”

Lu RanKong was heated up by his smile, leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and said, “I don’t have to be careful when you’re around, but I have to be careful when you aren’t.”

The crew quickly moved on, and, because it was a temporary addition to the scene, the script wasn’t yet completed, so Lan Yu had to ride in a car with the director and scriptwriter, listening to them discussing and explaining the scene to each other, and occasionally mentioning a sentence or two of insight.

His proposals weren’t many, but each of them was on point, and the perspective was also very unique, so the director, who had always been silent,  was so happy, he also talked a lot.

Lan Yu from time to time opened the car window to look behind them.

A black SUV followed the end of the convoy, with a leather box on the roof, and a small yellow chicken doll tied to the outside of the box, with its head twitching along with the bumps, and its red mouth open, as if shouting for help.

“Xiao Lan, what are you looking at?” The director stopped talking and asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Lan Yu smiled and sat back. After all, he was only an unknown supporting actor, and when Lu RanKong arrived on the set just now, no one else noticed except for one or two crew members beside him.

After two or three hours of driving on the rugged mountain road, the film crew finally stopped at the foot of a hill. There was a small river running across it, and the aspen forest across the river was the scene they were going to shoot at.

After Lan Yu got out of the car, he saw that the black cross-country at the end of the convoy had also stopped, and Lu RanKong carried Gu ZhuXiao to the side of the road and skillfully peeled down his pants to urinate.

Gu ZhuXiao had obviously just woken up, with his soft black hair sticking out and rubbing his eyes.

Lan Yu wanted to go over, but the director was urging him, “Come on, Lan, go over and get your shot first.”

There was only one old suspension bridge on the river, creaking, some places didn’t even have wooden planks, only a hole to jump over.

Lan Yu just absent-mindedly stepped onto the suspension bridge, someone beside him asked him, “Scared? Do you want me to hold you?”

The person who spoke was a good-looking Alpha, the second male character in their play.

“No, thanks.” Lan Yu walked straight ahead, his footing was smooth, and when he didn’t see a trace of fear, the Alpha smiled and followed him.

The actress in front of him suddenly stepped on her feet and fell down with a scream, and Lan Yu grabbed her arm quickly and held her steady. The next half of the bridge, the actress had been firmly grasping Lan Yu’s arm, the whole person hanging on his body across the bridge.

When she stepped on the ground, she thanked Lan Yu with a white face, and Lan Yu waved his hand, saying you’re welcome. He stood at the end of the bridge and watched as Lu RanKong also carried Gu ZhuXiao onto the bridge, and when the bridge was empty, he deliberately stepped on both sides and shook, and Gu ZhuXiao was so excited that he kept screaming.

While the staff set up the site, Lan Yu slipped to the side.

As soon as Lu RanKong and others arrived, he took off one of the two milk bottles hanging around his neck and handed it to Lan Yu, saying, “Drink some hot milk to warm your stomach.”

“…Is this not Xiao Xiao’s?”

“No, Xiao Xiao’s is this one, that’s just the one I prepared for you.” Lu RanKong pointed to the milk bottle in Lan Yu’s hand with his chin, “I couldn’t find a hot water bottle, so I simply used Xiao Xiao’s spare bottle to fill your milk. It’s convenient and insulated.”

Lan Yu didn’t eat anything today, and bumped on the mountain road for two hours, and then immediately started shooting again, so after drinking some milk, his stomach felt much more comfortable. He smiled and took a mouthful of hot milk, deliberately swallowed to make a sound, and glanced at Gu ZhuXiao with his eyes.

Gu ZhuXiao looked at him blearily, his mouth also followed the sucking action, a string of saliva dripping out along the corner of his mouth. Lu RanKong hurriedly took out a small handkerchief to wipe him clean, and took the other bottle hanging around his neck, and put the pacifier into his mouth.

“All actors in position, let’s start work.” A crew member shouted loudly.

Lan Yu shoved the bottle in his hand into Lu RanKong’s hand and said, “I only have a few scenes left, so I can finish them today. Let’s not wait for them, we’ll leave when we’re done.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Lan Yu soon put his heart and soul into his work, seriously shooting his own few scenes, and Lu RanKong, holding the child standing on the edge of the field, father and son, didn’t look away from him for a single moment. 

There were occasional breaks in the middle, but because it was a current episode, Lan Yu wasn’t familiar with the lines, so he didn’t go over and took the opportunity to quickly memorize the lines.

When he was concentrating, the second male who asked him on the bridge if he wanted to hold onto him came over, holding a bottle of water in his hand, and said gently, “The conditions here are a bit tough, drink a bottle of water.”

Lan Yu looked at him and was about to refuse, when he heard Gu ZhuXiao on the side milking out, “Mom!”

Both of them turned their heads, and Gu ZhuXiao met Lan Yu’s eyes, grinning with two small teeth, while Lu RanKong looked to the side, as if admiring the distant scenery. When Lan Yu turned around, he also turned his eyes back and kissed Gu ZhuXiao on the cheek, “Good son. When Dad asks you to call Mom again later, you have to keep calling.”

“Thanks, I’m not thirsty.” Lan Yu re-read the script, mumbling and reciting while walking to the side, the alpha looked at the water in his hand and reluctantly leaned over again.

“What are your plans after this drama is finished? I have—”

“Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!”

The second male’s words were interrupted and he turned his head to look at the child, only to see that he was staring at Lan Yu and holding out both hands for a hug. And the tall Alpha who was holding him was looking at him with a warning face, his gaze so cold that it made his heart flutter.

“This is—”

He turned his head to look at Lan Yu, and before he could finish his sentence, he saw that he had already walked over to that father and son, and said helplessly, “Let me recite my lines for a while, okay? You stinky baby.”

The second male saw him kissing the child on the cheek, and the child was so happy that he kept jumping in the arms of the Alpha. And the Alpha also declared ownership by kissing Lan Yu’s lips, eyes faintly glanced at this side.

The second male instantly understood, smiled to himself, picked up the water and walked away.

After shooting the rest of the scenes, Lan Yu went to speak to the director, who looked at Lu RanKong’s side and nodded understandingly.

“Let’s go, let’s go home.”

Lan Yu picked up Gu ZhuXiao and tossed him towards the sky. He giggled loudly, causing people around him to look his way.

“So that’s Xiao Lan’s Alpha and child. I thought it was Wu Da Xing’s, I never dared to ask.”

“Yeah, that’s what I guessed. Did you see his car? The limited model X that  just came out, you can’t even buy it with money!”

“What exactly is Lan’s identity? You see that Alpha is young and handsome, I haven’t heard of such a person before…”


Lan Yu and  the other two didn’t know about these people’s discussion. They got in the car, and speedily drove on the road back. The sun was sinking in the west, the clouds in the sky looked like golden fish scales, and the lake connected with the sky was shining.

The SUV stopped at the roadside, Lan Yu hugged Gu ZhuXiao and got out of the car, pointing to the distant scenery to teach him to speak.








Gu ZhuXiao was a little distracted, and no matter what Lan Yu said, he said ‘Ah.’, so Lan Yu smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Looking into the distance and listening to Gu ZhuXiao’s still ongoing ‘Ah.’, Lan Yu felt his heart was filled to the brim.

He was no longer all alone searching for his past, time and again waking up from dreams because of the weightlessness of having no place to go. He had the company of Lu RanKong and Gu ZhuXiao, and with a home, he felt more grounded and content than ever before.

A small blanket was placed on his shoulders, then he was swept into a strong, warm chest, and the familiar scent lingered at the end of his nose.

“Are you cold? If not, we can stay here for the night. I brought a tent. Xiao Xiao can stay with us in the tent, or you can bring the car over and let him sleep in the car. Of course, he better not bother us, just sleep in the car. No, what I mean is that it’s warmer in the car.”

Gu ZhuXiao didn’t know that his father had arranged for him to sleep alone in the car, and gave him a silly smile across Lan Yu’s shoulder.

Lu RanKong also smiled at him, “Son, you can.”

Lan Yu held Lu RanKong’s hand on his chest and turned his head to look at him, “Lu RanKong…”

Lu RanKong slightly bowed his head, showing a questioning look.

Lan Yu came up to his ear and whispered, “I love you.”


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Lol…the father and son are not really different but how dare you betrayed your son you traitor Lu Rankong 😂so you’re making plan to let him sleep alone in car while you’re with his mum alone 😂, how could you do that to your partner in crime that didn’t allow another alpha flirt with your lover,Don’t worry Gu Zhuxiao

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