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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After the sleepover at the Jiangs’ house, Shi Yu had no contact with Jiang ChengLi for almost a week. Sometimes while he was sitting alone in his study writing exercises, Shi Yu would automatically pick up his phone and when he looked back, he’d already opened Jiang ChengLi’s dialog box.

The other party obviously hadn’t contacted him, but he always felt that he should say something. The previous chat records had been cleaned up, as it was a habit of Shi Yu’s. He looked at his phone for a while, but still hadn’t found anything to talk to Jiang ChengLi about.

On New Year’s Eve, Tang Yi was learning how to make dumplings with Shi Lan and Shi Yu’s two brothers who grew up abroad. For once, Alice knocked on Shi Yu’s door.

The girl in the little dress first put a candy on the table for him, saw that Shi Yu hadn’t refused and opened the conversation. “Tonight, Jiang gege come?”

Shi Yu looked at the candy. “Jiang ChengLi?”

Alice nodded her head.

“I don’t know.” Shi Yu was a little curious. “You like him a lot?”

Alice looked at him for a long time, made a face, then turned her head and ran downstairs.

Kids were so incomprehensible.

The cell phone on the desktop lit up slightly. It was Lian Jing, who was sending a message to ask him if he wanted to come out to the flower street.

Every year before New Year’s Eve, the South City opened an evening flower market. They could enjoy the flowers, play games in small stalls and wait for the countdown. In short, it was very exciting.

Shi Yu wanted to refuse, but then Lian Jing added a message: [Jiang ChengLi will also go.]

The meeting was at eight o’clock in the evening. Shi Yu wore a white down jacket and wrapped his neck in a cream scarf. His skin looked white and delicate under the winter sun.

President Jiang was a tall man with striking features, and he wore a plain gray sweater.

Shi Yu wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, but he felt like Jiang ChengLi saw him before everyone and smiled at him. When he looked down and approached, a girl was talking to Jiang ChengLi. With the surrounding noise, Shi Yu only intermittently heard him say, “Sorry, I have someone I like.”

Shi Yu halted and unconsciously stared at the side of Jiang ChengLi’s face for a long time.

President Jiang also has someone he likes? He was obviously a Kaolin Flower.

The girl hadn’t understood what she heard, but glanced in Shi Yu’s direction and walked awkwardly away.

Jiang ChengLi strolled up to Shi Yu with his hands in his pockets, looked at his reddened ear tips and whispered, “Are you cold?”

“Fine.” Shi Yu muttered in a low voice. His eyes lifted. “Where are they?”


The two walked a long way before they reached a small stall, a hoop stall, where Lian Jing was staring intently at a little golden pig in the corner. He was taking aim.

Li Chen waited for a long time nearby, saw he wasn’t making a move and suddenly declared, “Time’s up!”

Lian Jing was so frightened that he threw the ring out with a shaky hand and got a lonely set.

Xiang Wuzhu and He Huan laughed. Xia ZhiNing rolled up her sleeves. “Let me do it, it’s just a little golden pig!”

The result was still ten rounds, all empty.

Lian Jing cheaply insinuated himself next to her. “Sister, we are both stubborn. Bronze players hold hands, whoever gets the pig first is the dog.”

“Fuck off.” Xia ZhiNing saw Shi Yu and shoved the ten circles in her hand into his. “You are my strongest foreign aid! Help me put a piggyback on it!”

Xia ZhiNing and Lian Jing were two big speakers, and cheered to attract many children and peers that passed by. Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi’s faces looked good, so the people around them gradually also came close.

Shi Yu was unable to hold out, the way Xia ZhiNing pestered him. He aimed at the little gold pig, its circle compared slightly to the next, then tossed forward…

Unfortunately, the plastic ring bounced a little too hard and hit the bunny.

Shi Yu frowned and tried again. This time he hit the small hairpin in front.

After almost a hundred throws, none of them had any chance with the little golden pig.

Lian Jing huffed, “I don’t know if you have golden hands or stinky hands… But at least you’re certainly not bad.”

Shi Yu was a little distracted by the end, and he hesitated to take a shot with the last hoop.

Someone from behind snaggged the other end of the circle. Shi Yu looked and saw the side of Jiang ChengLi’s face close at hand.

“I’ll help you.”

The warm, deep voice was like goose down brushing against the earlobe, crispy and tickling, very provocative.

Shi Yu’s hand involuntarily let go.

Jiang ChengLi’s preparation wasn’t much. He took the ring in his hand, weighed it, then threw it out.

A shot into the soul and the sound of awe-inspired clamor came from behind.

The boss reluctantly handed the little golden pig to Shi Yu and said, not too politely, “Fine. Fine. Go to another stall, I don’t have any more little golden pigs here.”

The little gold pig was in Shi Yu’s arms. He unconsciously gave it a slight hug. He looked at Lian Jing and Xia ZhiNing as an afterthought. “Do you want it?”

Xia ZhiNing and Lian Jing, Who dares?

Shi Yu saw that neither said anything and carefully gathered the piglet into his arms.

Jiang ChengLi took in his small movements and the corners of his lips raised slightly. “Come on, let’s go shopping again.”

Lian Jing soon found a new game. It was in the balloon corridor. A two-person team would find a balloon with clues to poke, and then take the clues to exchange for fruit for the partner to eat.

First place got to pick any gift.

Xiang Wuzhu and He Huan teamed up. Xia ZhiNing dragged Lian Jing. Li Chen thought about it, then signed up for Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu as well. Shi Yu was still a bit confused when he was pushed to the starting line, but when he looked back at the excited Xia ZhiNing and He Huan, he was too embarrassed to spoil the fun.

Jiang ChengLi saw through his expression and stood behind him to help him block the crowd. “If you don’t want to play, then quit.”

Shi Yu turned around. Jiang ChengLi’s eyes were as soft as the moonlight on New Year’s Eve, deep and long. The unique aura of alpha was a thin, soft shield that separated other pheromones from Shi Yu, who was enveloped by him alone.

The small brother nearby blew the whistle, and the starting line of people scrambled out. Shi Yu wavered for two seconds, then instinctively reached out and clasped Jiang ChengLi’s wrist. “Let’s go!”

Jiang ChengLi looked at the hand that lightly held his own and the corners of his lips curled in a smile.

The balloon bridge was wrapped with colored lights and decorative lanterns, so it wasn’t easy to find the balloons with clues hidden in them.

Lian Jing and He Huan were like flying chickens, and began to randomly pinch the balloons.

Jiang ChengLi just walked up, found a cloud of shadows in the upper right corner of a balloon, then took it off and put it in front of Shi Yu.

“You found it!” The omega’s eyes were a little bright. “Quickly. Go and see what is inside, ah.”

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes, smiled and turned back to the staff to poke the balloon.

The note inside read, ‘Cherries.’

He took two cherries and walked back to the teenager, his fingertips slightly curled. “Open your mouth and I’ll feed you.”

Shi Yu hesitated, while Li Chen at the finish line, waved hugely. “Hurry up! No one has reached the finish line yet!”

Jiang ChengLi was just about to give him the cherry secretly, when Shi Yu leaned over and lowered his head.

The cherry fell off the stalk and Jiang ChengLi stood there, lost in thought. His eyes were filled with the bright red tip of Shi Yu’s tongue that just stretched out to bite the cherry away.


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Sue R
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Lovely. They’re coming together naturally.
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