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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


When Mundi’s group reappeared in the public’s view, about half an hour had passed.

The organizers had continued reporting on all of the teacher groups’ situations, but within that time, there was about fifteen minutes when Mundi’s group had cut off their own cameras themselves. While the organizers explained this to the viewers, they continued putting up the videos of other groups.

Every group actually had the power to cut off their camera feeds, with a maximum time limit of one hour, and the time duration depended on their situation. One reason was to protect their privacy, and the other was to prevent the military from understanding their condition straightaway to form an unfair counter-play.

But because eight teachers were eliminated not ten minutes after the opening, the remaining teachers were all clearly on high alert in such a harsh environment.

Every group had strangely similar ideas on overcoming this obstacle, with the majority biding their time or observing the situation quietly. Like this, five minutes passed, and the names of those two partial groups of the ten had dimmed.

The comments section suddenly bustled with excitement.

[No elimination, then those two had given up on their groups and joined other groups?]

[Wah, it’s shown it’s shown! There’s an extra person in Professor Vanda’s group. I think it’s probably lieutenant general Manda. Professor Vanda seemed to hold these three lieutenant generals in high regard.]

[The others seemed to be scared by this formation… I think they know their stockpiles are not enough, otherwise there’s nothing to see anymore… the military really put a lot of pressure on the teachers this time.]

[Now Mundi’s group is probably the most focused on. But the host just said that they cut off their video feed, who knows what happened? Will they go to the water reservoir?]

[They probably went to the water reservoir. I feel like they’re done for QAQ, My Teacher Mundi ahhhhhhh eliminated this early, who will I watch for the next nine days QAQ]

Just as all the viewers collectively anticipated the performance of Mundi’s group, the five darkened cameras suddenly opened all at once.

The first shot that the host had cut to was Chen YiBai’s camera feed. He seemed to have just finished adjusting the camera. After seeing the device start working, Chen YiBai threw a sly smile at the camera, then waved his arm, showing off his group members hiding in the grass.

[They’re in the direction of the water reservoir!]

[Oh my gosh, that’s the water reservoir! They really went there! The military will definitely track their location with the tracking devices!]

This time, even the host had yelled in surprise.

“They already knew the last two groups were wiped out by the ambush at the water reservoir, but they still chose to go there!” The host’s amazement had stirred up all the viewers, and they couldn’t help their emotions from bubbling along with the host’s, “Then, will Mundi’s group be the first courageous and strategic group to strike down the military’s elites, or will it be reckless–  They moved! They moved!”

The instant the screen zoomed in on them, Faye and Mundi suddenly rushed out at lightning speed. Carlyle was obviously responsible for logistics, as he tapped on his light screen nervously in the grass. From the cameras, everyone could see him pull up the surveillance from the water reservoir.

“They’re really going… then having Mundi and Faye attacking is a good choice, but the back row is clearly too weak.” The host watched the video and nervously analyzed the situation to the viewers at the same time.

At that time, the camera suddenly switched to General Stephen, who was also watching the battle. When he saw Faye and Mundi rushing out to attack, and the scene stopped at Carlyle, a hint of disdain flashed across his face.

Obviously, he thought Mundi’s group arrangement was very irrational.

“If the back row is attacked now… it’s extremely risky!” The host felt her forehead almost sweating with the tension and used her hand to wipe it while explaining, “The back row they left behind is Chen YiBai, Waldo and Carlyle respectively. Teacher Carlyle has already infiltrated the water reservoir’s system, so they could definitely make their move anytime. Coupled with Teacher Waldo’s detection, they could even avoid the military’s tracking, but the location tracking devices on their hands would put them at a disadvantage… if they get caught, then the back row– Oh my god!”

Accompanying the host’s surprised yelp, General Stephen’s expression also flashed a hint of astonishment, and all the viewers’ had their hearts stirred as well.

“They actually cut off the tracking devices!” The host widened her eyes. “Although this isn’t against the rules, no one has ever done this before… Putting that aside, according to the latest update, their devices have been cut off since five minutes ago! Which means, before the signal was completely lost just now, they had time to arrive at some place farther away!”

“Don’t get too excited.” The host’s excited voice had just died down before Stephen coolly added, “Five minutes and the distance they could go at their fastest speed, the elites would be able to make a judgement very quickly. Their camera view just now revealed a location very close to the water reservoir, so even if they have the praiseworthy courage to cut off their location tracking devices, their luck will run out very soon.”


Accompanying General Stephen’s cold explanation, Waldo was also nervously doing his detection work in the video. Because his mental energy was highly focused, his head started sweating profusely.

Looking at Chen YiBai, who was comfortably leaning on a tree not far away and waiting, he couldn’t help but ground out, “If we fail this time, just you wait. I will definitely make you quit this competition immediately!”

Just two minutes ago, not only had he pulled Carlyle into agreeing to Mundi’s suggestion of going to the water reservoir, he even voluntarily pointed out that two people must go together for speed as well as to take care of each other. And, only Faye and Mundi could be the fastest and have the highest efficiency.

At that time, Waldo refuted saying that if something happened they wouldn’t be able to escape. But this Chen YiBai insisted that the military wouldn’t find them, and even if they were found, they could handle it and such.

Mundi had disagreed at first, but then he somehow believed this guy’s crap, and even took Faye with him. Waldo was so pissed that if this attack failed, he vowed to try to leave this group. With Chen YiBai here, he bet that the remaining ten days would be completely ruined by this wisecrack.

Mundi will absolutely regret trusting someone like him after the competition ends!

“Someone’s coming.” Chen YiBai said as he leaned on the tree, as though he hadn’t heard Waldo’s scolding. He looked down at the time.

Five minutes had passed since they had opened their cameras.

In those five minutes, Mundi and Faye theoretically should have arrived at the water reservoir. The opponent should only have fifty people as well and must be moving in a scattered manner. Instead of going to brawl with Mundi and Faye, they would definitely choose to come and take out the seemingly weak ones of the back row.

Three, four… six people.

Chen Bai’s eyes flashed.

“What nonsense are you talking about, not yet!” Waldo now detested everything Chen YiBai did and wanted to rebuke everything the other said. But just as he finished saying that, Chen Bai scooped up the bag on the ground and threw it at Carlyle.

“Let’s go, Teacher Carlyle,” he said nonchalantly, then looked somewhere far behind him. “According to our plan, you guys should go around to the back door and meet up with Mundi. Be quick.”

Their plan was to let Mundi and Faye scout out the situation around the water reservoir, then bring Carlyle and Waldo in. It would be best if they could control the water reservoir, but if not, they would have to quickly fill up their water and run out. They needed to be familiar with the water reservoir to do this, which was the important reason Chen Bai used to convince Mundi and Faye to go there together.

Having the both of them go together was the fastest way to finish this.

When Chen Bai said this, the signal receiver on his wristwatch flashed a green light. It was from Mundi, signaling them to go to the water reservoir.

“Then you…” Carlyle saw it too and reached out to hug his bag. He had already done what he could with the water reservoir, and everything seemed to be progressing smoothly for now.  Though Waldo said no one was coming, he still saw Chen YiBai’s gaze carrying hints of worry.

“Ignore him!” Waldo still didn’t detect anyone nearby. To him, Chen YiBai was just like a crazy person. But the words Chen YiBai said just now suited his tastes very well. If they both went to find Mundi, their safety would be guaranteed. And for Chen YiBai? He could go wherever! If he was eliminated, it’d be for the best! Then, their group would have one less massive obstacle.

After Waldo finished speaking, he pulled Carlyle along and dashed madly to the water reservoir. Chen Bai waved his arm lazily at Carlyle, and after sensing the rough location of those six elites, he suddenly sprinted towards one direction.

[Is Chen YiBai planning to sacrifice himself for his group?]

[So awkward… feels like he’s trying too hard to get a clean slate… if he can’t do it, he shouldn’t have told the organizers. Taking on something he can’t handle, then trying to garner sympathy, he must have great ‘skills’ huh. But I just feel disgusted.]

[Didn’t Teacher Waldo say there’s no one? He insisted on saying that there was and even ran off by himself. Is he planning something?]

[I heard Aldia’s students saying his mental energy is good… but he’s probably not as strong as the experienced Teacher Waldo. Don’t know what he’s planning.]

These kinds of comments bombarded the screen, but less than a minute later, the comment section suddenly turned another direction.

[F*ck! What just happened!]

[F*ck f*ck f*ck! Chen YiBai counterattacked? What actually happened?]

[F*ck was that really the military’s elites…?? Didn’t he see where Chen YiBai was!]


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Sue R
September 1, 2021 11:59 am

Hahaha 🤣🤣 it’s time for Chen YiBai to give them big surprise. Go for it.

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I think teacher waldo will be the 1st “killed” in that teacher group😑😑😑

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No one teally knows CYB; that seems to be about to change!
Thanks for translating and editing.

September 1, 2021 10:24 pm

Looking forward to self-faceslapping by those offenders! Teacher Chen went into action! I think Waldo is the very first who needs to slap his face for not believing in Chen Bai! Thank you for the chapter!!!

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See, General Stephen sounds like an a** and hardcore “weak is trash” side. Or am I the only one reading too much? Hooo Bai is on the move~. Too bad fanboy Heinz is busy that “Bai Bai is the best” isn’t online, gushing their love 😆.

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