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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi ended up getting first place. Shi Yu gave way to Jiang ChengLi when it came time to pick the prize. Jiang ChengLi looked at him. “You don’t like it?”

“I don’t need anything.” Shi Yu dropped his eyes and found a cherry in his hand. “You pick.”

Jiang ChengLi swept through the row of gifts on the wall. His eyes fell on a small white dragon in the corner.

Shi Yu was a little curious about what Jiang ChengLi wanted, but hadn’t expected him to directly choose his favorite dragon. His heart swelled with a rather wonderful feeling. It was the same thing he was looking at.

The boss smiled and handed the little white dragon to Jiang ChengLi. He held it in his arms and rubbed it a little. It wasn’t too heavy and felt fine in his hand.

Lian Jing and Xia ZhiNing were still struggling. Li Chen congratulated Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu, then ran to cheer the others on. Shi Yu stared at the little dragon cub in Jiang ChengLi’s arms and suddenly wasn’t enamoured with the little golden pig he was holding as much.

Jiang ChengLi said something to him. He wasn’t able to hear it because it was too noisy, so he tilted his head to get closer. “What did you say?”

The two were so close that Jiang ChengLi seemed able to smell the taste of his lips, a faint sweet scent of cherries.

“I said, do you want to change?” Jiang ChengLi lowered his head and exhaled against his ear. “This is a little big.”

Shi Yu felt his ears burn a little and ducked his head. He tucked the little golden pig in his arms, then also held the little dragon in front of him as he wished.

Jiang ChengLi gazed at the side of his face and thought about how Shi Yu’s eyes were even more gentle when he hugged him.

“Like dragons a lot?” Jiang ChengLi asked in a tentative manner.

This time Shi Yu’s answer wasn’t frank, but said with some hesitation, “…I like them.”

Even though he had no memory, he still liked dragons unconditionally and worried that his hobby would be laughed at if he said so.

Jiang ChengLi thought Shi Yu was very cute like this. “Do you still want to eat cherries?”

“You eat it.” Shi Yu looked down at the little dragon cub. “It’s quite sweet.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows slightly and brought the cherry to his lips only when he looked up. Shi Yu hadn’t understood the other meaning of his action. He only asked, “Is it sweet?”

Jiang ChengLi tasted it with the tip of his tongue. “Yes.”

Shi Yu nodded and continued to hold the little dragon cub in his arms as he carefully observed the details and decorations on it.

When a laughing child ran by, Jiang ChengLi lightly pulled him to his side and said, somewhat vaguely, “Be careful.”

His voice was a bit muffled. Perhaps because he was eating cherries. After a long time, Jiang ChengLi leaned down to his ear again. “I can tie a knot with a cherry stem.”

“Huh?” Shi Yu’s attention wavered. He looked up to see Jiang ChengLi’s thin lips open slightly and a thin stem wrapped in a circle held between his white teeth. He blinked. “…That’s awesome.”

“Some people say that being able to tie a knot with a cherry stem means–” Jiang ChengLi stopped halfway, smiled and wrapped the core and stem in tissue paper. “It’s quite childish.”

Shi Yu thought. So you know that too.

Unconsciously, he pressed the tip of his tongue against his palate. He also wanted to try.

Lian Jing and He Huan expended a lot of effort to find the balloon, but unfortunately they only got two consolation prizes, strings of tanghulu. 1 They strolled around and ate, before gradually reaching them.

“Let’s go to the front of the flower market, there will be fireworks at zero o’clock.” He Huan said excitedly. “New Year’s fireworks are especially gorgeous!”

Lian Jing was so excited that he ran away. “Then we have to go and take our place. I need to see the front row!”

Several people suddenly went from a walk to a run. Shi Yu wasn’t interested in fireworks. He held the little dragon cub in his arms and slowly followed their backs. Jiang ChengLi stayed beside him and glanced at the scarf around his neck.

Shi Yu happened to be a little hot as he held the little dragon cub in his arms, so he raised his hand and tugged it. “Are you cold?”

Jiang ChengLi followed. “A little.”

Shi Yu gave him the little dragon cub, then took the scarf off his neck. “I’m a little hot. Do you want to take it with you?”

Jiang ChengLi’s lips curved in an unknown way. “Is that okay?”

“Do you mind?” Shi Yu was stroking the scarf, but paused momentarily. “It’s my first time wearing it.”

The scarf was wrapped around the back of his neck and easily soaked in the scent of pheromones. If he didn’t fully trust him, he would not exchange it without permission.

This meant that not only would Jiang ChengLi smell his pheromones, but because of the soft and gentle fabric it would have traces of both their pheromones.

Was it because he liked it, so he didn’t care?

Jiang ChengLi lowered his eyes and took the scarf. It held a residual warmth, and when it was wrapped around his neck, the omega’s pheromones were substantial. It was an intimate, lingering moment, like when a lover clung to the neck.

After he wrapped up, Jiang ChengLi asked, while he pretended to be casual, “If Li Chen went out today and said it was cold, would you also lend him a scarf?”

Shi Yu asked in a puzzled tone, “Didn’t I lend it to you?”

Jiang ChengLi smiled. “Mn. I’m warmer already.”

When the two of them reached the place to watch the fireworks, the countdown had already started on the screen in the square. The closer they got to the crowd, the louder they heard the countdown to New Year’s Eve. From ten onwards, each number was more enthusiastic than the previous one.

Shi Yu looked up at the big screen. His heart rippled with a strange sense of excitement. It seemed like the first time in life he felt this.

“Nine, eight, seven….Three, two, one!”

The fireworks rose into the sky.

Before Shi Yu had time to look up, his ears were gently covered.

Because it was a live event, the sound of the fireworks was very ear-splitting. Many people were startled even if they were mentally prepared. Shi Yu tilted his head slightly and leaned into Jiang ChengLi’s chest behind him. The cool fingertips left the side of his face after the fireworks were in full bloom.


“No.” Shi Yu held the little dragon cub. “You blocked it.”

Jiang ChengLi lowered his head, half of his face lightly buried in the cream scarf. Before, when he was wearing it, Shi Yu thought that this color and his temperament would be slightly contradictory, but hadn’t expected it to be so suitable for Jiang ChengLi.

There seemed to be no color unsuited for him.

Jiang ChengLi tilted his head. Shi Yu saw the reflection of his pupils in the shadow of his eyes. Everyone else was watching the fireworks, so Shi Yu felt a little out of place. But he didn’t feel sorry. The light in Jiang ChengLi’s eyes was also very nice.

Lian Jing and He Huan squeezed out of the crowd and gathered in a noisy pile. “Happy New Year!”

Shi Yu was surrounded and in the middle. He forcibly received blessings from all sides and helplessly gave a smile. “Happy New Year.”

“Good friends for the new year too!”

“We’re going to the same university!”

“Friendship lasts forever! Don’t forget the love of your classmates when you get rich!”

Li Chen was also cheerful. “New Year’s true love! We will have a family soon!”

Shi Yu was also encouraged by the mess of prayers and wishes. After he thought for a while, he also said, “All the best.” Then he looked back at Jiang ChengLi. “What about you?”

Jiang ChengLi gazed into his eyes, and Shi Yu felt his heart beat two times faster than he could count. He said, “Like you, I hope everything goes well in the new year.”

Shi Yu smiled and turned back. He didn’t see as the person behind him moved his lips, “Happy New Year, love you.”

The author has something to say:

Xiao Jiang: Being able to tie a knot to a cherry stem means good kissing skills.

(Addis: And BJ skills.)

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Translator Notes:

  1. Tanghulu is a traditional Northern Chinese snack of candied Chinese hawthorn. It consists of fruits covered in hard candy on bamboo skewers. Tanghulu are often mistaken for regular candied fruits; however, they are coated in a hardened sugar syrup. This sweet and sour treat has been made since the Song Dynasty and remains popular throughout northern China.


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I really wish I could try tanghulu, it always looks so good! Thank you for the chapter!

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Stuffed with sweetness again😍🤣😍🤣😍😘

Sue R
Sue R
September 1, 2021 9:33 pm

I have something quite the same with tanghulu in my country, also in Australia and Canada they have apple coated with had candy put on wood stick to hold it’s very yummy.

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Addis you naughty girl! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu are even sweeter than hardened sugar coating on tanghulu candies!
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Always beautiful!

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I’m loving how this is turning out.
Great skills 😉😏
Thank you for translating and editing.

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That’s my only talent XD first tried it when we ate a banana split with a cherry stem included

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